Climate Change, Boomer

Climate Change, Boomer

Why this 25-year-old politician said 'OK Boomer' during speech on climate change

Why this 25-year-old politician said 'OK Boomer' during speech on climate change


Why this 25-year-old politician said 'OK Boomer ' during speech on climate change

The latest viral generational clap back phrase has moved from the court of public opinion to parliament. A young member of New Zealand parliament quickly dismissed a member of the opposition with a viral internet phrase that calls out people from the baby boomer generation with two simple words. The

The generational divide in the room became clear when Chlöe Swarbrick, 25, said"OK Boomer," during her speech on climate change for the Zero Carbon Bill.

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She will get old too As you can see, the boomers in this comment section are triggered. okboomer = eyeroll it's a really weak diss. I'm not sure this is quite the sick burn they think it is. WallpaperWednesday WebSummit WednesdayThoughts WednesdayVibes WednesdayWisdom ExtraordinaryYou ElectionResults2019 EuropaLeague TruthOfEdoViolence innovation In2020IDoubtIWill Obsession OdoBra amapiano DoTheMostWithInfinixS5 FantasyGold

okboomer we are your grandparents ....we gave you all you have. You shouldn’t diss us.

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