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Why the Set of Something Borrowed Was Such a Hotbed of Romance and 18 More Film Secrets

5/6/2021 4:29:00 PM

Why the Set of Something Borrowed Was Such a Hotbed of Romance and 18 More Film Secrets

Engagements, cast dinners, an unpaid bet. Something Borrowed director Luke Greenfield, author Emily Giffin and star Colin Egglesfield share why filming the 2011 rom-com was something awesome.

Smith was the first to suggestJohn Krasinskias Rachel's quippy best friend Ethan, "which was such an inspired idea," Swank continued. Director Greenfield, tasked with, as he put it to E!, "kind of roping these people in," agreed: "I have a huge love for John Krasinski, he's one of the most talented people I've ever worked with."

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Bobby Bank/WireImage4.Colin Egglesfieldproved to be the wildcard. They wanted to cast someone "fresh" to play Darcy's fiancé and Rachel's eventual love interest, says Smith, "because we couldn't think of anyone that lived up to Emily's standards of Dex, the way she describes him in the book, as this JFK, Jr., perfect guy." And they were blown away when they saw the

All My Childrenalum's audition tape. "We were like, 'That's our Dex,'" recalled Swank.The one issue Greenfield remembered was his close resemblance to another film actor you may have heard of. "He's literally aTom Cruise headtopics.com

lookalike," noted the director. "And so that was one of the things that we were, I guess, concerned about. Like, 'Are people going to think this is just Tom Cruise playing this role?' He was the real find." The Chicago native had the necessary likability to play a guy cheating on his fiancée with her best friend. "You feel what he's going through," explained Greenfield. "So the audience hopefully is not, 'This guy's a f--king cheater. I hate this guy.'"

Warner Bros./Zuma Press5. Egglesfield actually credits Greenfield with helping him nail what he calls "one of the biggest jobs of my life." During his chemistry read with Goodwin, he knew he was competing against one other actor. And when they read through the scene in which Dex asks Rachel why she never mentioned her feelings for him before, it fell flat.

"To Luke's credit, he came up to me and he just kinda whispered in my ear and he said, 'Hey, do this scene the way the you would do it if it were your words and you were really saying these words to the woman of your dreams who you wanted to marry,'" Egglesfield recalled. "And once he gave me that little piece of direction, that piece of freedom to just say it how I would say it, all I had to do was turn and look at Ginny and look into her beautiful little eyes and we connected and we blew that scene out of the water."

Alcon Entertainment/Entertainment Pictures via ZUMA Press6. Naturally he got the part. "I remember I was sitting on my bed in Los Angeles in my apartment and I was watchingSportsCenter," he shared. "I got a call, I think it was probably 9:30 or 10 in the morning, and it was my agent. And he said, 'You want to go to New York and work with Kate Hudson?' I think everyone in Brentwood heard me scream because I was, like, jumping up and down in my bed." headtopics.com

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7. Reality set in soon after—"You're like, 'Oh, s--t. Now I gotta actually do this'"—but his first meeting with Hudson erased any traces of anxiety. "It was actually her birthday the day that we had met," he said of that April 2010 encounter. "And she invited me to her birthday dinner that night, with a bunch of her friends. So that was a great way to just kind of break the ice and get to know her."

Alcon Entertainment/Entertainment Pictures via ZUMA Press8. Hudson was thrilled not to be cast as the protagonist. Coming off filming 2009'sNineand 2011'sA Little Bit of Heaven, the star was initially reluctant to even consider the film. "I just was ready to be home," she explained to

Collider. But at Swank and Smith's urging, she started reading the book "and Darcy was just such a hilarious character to me because she's just so deeply self-centered. I'd never really played a part like that before, so I thought, 'Well, this is going to be fun.'"

Warner Bros./Zuma Press9. Goodwin didn't exactly think Rachel was the good girl, either. "I loved the challenge of finding sympathy for this character and trying to represent her in a way that the audience could find sympathy for her because I actually judge her harshly and think she makes piss-poor decisions, at every turn," she headtopics.com

the outlet. "I don't necessarily believe that she deserved to have true love in the first place, given her actions and her lack of responsibility taken."Warner Bros./Zuma Press10. Thankfully the dynamic between Hudson and Goodwin was more friendly than frenemy. "We got along immediately," Goodwin raved to Collider. "We become friends, the moment we met. We're both girl's girls. Neither one of us is competitive with other actresses. We have the same life priorities, so as different as we may be, we're exactly the same in the most important ways, so we became fast friends. That part wasn't difficult. We never had to work on representing the chemistry between us."

Warner Bros./Zuma Press11. Though they were definitely nervous to shoot one scene in the script. Ahead of filming the recreation of their childhood dance toSalt-N-PepaCollider, "It was one of those things where I thought, 'Okay, here comes that moment in the movie where we dance.' Ginny and I were like, 'If this is bad, can we please cut this out of the movie?'"

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But once they got into the choreography, "It brought back so many memories of doing dance routines as a little girl," she continued. "For me, it was's 'Rhythm Nation.' I specifically remember the routine that me and my friends would do to that. So, it did actually end up feeling right. It was easy and fun."

Jeff Vespa/WireImage12. As Egglesfield remembers it, the toughest scene actually involved his and Goodwin's romantic Fourth of July evening rendezvous. Filming on a rooftop, "they had trouble getting all of the camera equipment to the top of the building," he shared. "So by the time we started, we were already running out of time." It was close to 4 a.m. with the sun about to rise and lightning in the distance when it came time for his take.

"The production assistant said that we had about 10 minutes before it was going to start raining," he continued. "So here we are, like, 'All right, we've got to get going! Hurry up!' And we've got to shoot this incredibly romantic, amazing moment where Rachel and Dex are connecting and bonding over this weekend. And we're doing it with lightning in the background and I could start to feel raindrops. I think we maybe had two or three takes with my coverage and then it literally started raining and the sun came up."

Bobby Bank/WireImage13. For Greenfield, though, the toughest hurdle had nothing to do with the script or the actors. "I think our biggest challenge at the time, which was massive, was keeping the f--king paparazzi away from Kate Hudson," he admitted. With the Golden Globe winner in a new romance with Bellamy, she was a top target that summer, photographers following them from Manhattan to the Hamptons and adding delays to their film schedule. "I mean, literally, we had to hide her until she joined the shoot," Greenfield shared. "Shoot with her and put her in hiding again. It was a whole ordeal."

Warner Bros./Zuma Press14. And they shotallllllover the city. Locations included Madison Square Park's Shake Shack, streets in the West Village and even the "super exclusive" Gramercy Park, said Greenfield. Getting their hands on one of the private spot's infamous keys "was a nightmare," he recalled. "

Ellen Schwartz, she's an incredible producer and knows New York so well, had to finagle this."Egglesfield also remembers how surreal it felt riding up and down Sixth and Seventh Avenue in the early morning hours and filming near Union Square late into a Sunday night. "It was pretty dead," he said, "and you never really see New York City that quiet."

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