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Why the Richest Country on Earth Can’t Get You a Face Mask

A public-health disaster of this magnitude always has more than one cause, our columnist writes

4/1/2020 4:45:00 PM

A public-health disaster of this magnitude always has more than one cause, our columnist writes

The U.S. spends far more on health care than any other nation, but failure to adequately stockpile—and vulnerable global supply chain s—have left it without the medical equipment necessary to protect its citizens from the coronavirus.

The White House projects up to 240,000 coronavirus-related deaths, the pandemic throws global deal making into disarray and a poll shows widespread support for more aggressive measures to stop the virus. WSJ’s Shelby Holliday has the latest. Photo: Tom Brenner/Reuters

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because chy-na Because it's a terrorist attack within 50% tariff on any imported good deemed essential to national security, health, etc. Make in America for Americans. Denial of all tax breaks to any corporation that outsources manufacture of such items. USA used China as mfg base to contain pollution.realDonaldTrump realised USA’s too much dependence on China & announced trade war/Make in America, but it was late & pandemic is too fast,USA should understand life is Important than economy Money can’t buy anything only People can

Shameful! The Wall Street Journal, do you still remember that article? What is your (or author's) criteria to be a sick man. Is America a real sick man now? The only way to prevent the spread of the virus is to wear masks, stupid americans, why don't you wear masks! I don't understand!if you need N95 please contact me

because of $$$ FULL STOP , was much cheep to make in china and the American companies, cutting cost, and that industry changed in a years time heard I trust your reporting about as much as I would trust Hannibal Lecter to prepare a 5 course meal. And you only have yourselves to blame for that. Because I'm in the majority of Americans who feel the exact same way. YouAreFakeNews

heard In our greed, low costs, and desire for easy solutions, we created a single source of failure by relying too much on one or two countries. Will we learn from this? heard So will WSJ editorial ever come out and say that every misstep by Potus and his admin cost lives or are you going to artfully dodge any conclusions because he represents the party?

heard Trump in his briefing today, was asked if they were stopping shipments of masks from companies in the US to other countries. He said no, they were honoring commitments to other countries. No government control while our (your) nurses are forced to work without the masks they need heard It's scary that we have outsourced so much work to other countries that our life's are now in their hands. Who's controlling who?

heard 1 reason:Biden/Obama didn’t replenish the supply but still had $1.5B in the Ebola virus slush fund unspent. heard Let's not forget the biggest players on the planet, China & India. Imagine being in a boxing ring & it's U vs 3 people? We Americans think it's all about & only us. To think SKorea scientist are baffled at us not wearing masks & contradict our stance. And they're winning. SMH

heard serpentza KerrySzymanski heard WHY DO YOU THINK YR THE RICHEST COUNTRY? . IS IT BECAUSE YOUR IN OUTERSPACE IN DEBT, & YOU THINK PAPA SAM CAN WRITE BLANK CHECK OUT OF THIN AIR FOREVER, WITH NO CONSQUENCES?. BETTER THINK AGAIN heard Because everything is made in China. heard Please explain the masks Trump sent to China and Taiwan (2/7 and 3/9). US already had cases. Did Trump and/or Ivanka get a quid pro quo in exchange?

heard Need to bring back made in America... heard Bernie has an idea on how we could save money on health care. Then we could reinvest that money to manufacture critical supplies on our home turf. heard The Covid-19 pandemic shows just how woefully unprepared we are for *any* emergent event. Stocking up on everything should be the first thing we all think about once this is over. A few months food/water and first-aid supplies would probably be wise.

heard You may not believe that millions of masks are lying in my warehouse。Please contact me if you need. heard One word: Republicans heard COVID19 drags realDonaldTrump with a Bond themed GIF. An whitehouse source: “Trump’s weave would do a better job leading the response to the epidemic.”

People have been told no need to wear a mask in your country! They Stop importing from the China but others countries can't afford it Don't worry-they don't help anyway. Bc we have incompetents running the CDC and the NIH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Negative trash news. NO WHERE on this planet exists capabilities to produce hundred of millions of face masks or other health care supplies overnight No mention of Obama's team not replacing 93 million masks after Ebola! IVORY TOWER jounalists! TrumpWarRoom TeamTrump

Really it not because of who wear face-mask will be attack by American? In this case, cause was solely one - China COVID19 list of causes: NBC, CBS, ABC, BBC, NPR, NY Times... Sec Pompeo, which is hated by some group in China, has donated PPE and medical supplies. I think we have one BIG cause sitting in the WH right now. I don’t blame him for the virus itself, but his mismanagement of this entire situation will go down in history as one of the great mis-steps.

One of those causes is fake news like yours.

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