The Little Mermaid

The Little Mermaid

Why 'The Little Mermaid' Still Matters 30 Years Later

Three decades after the Disney classic splashed into theaters, the story's central themes still resonate.


Imperfections and all, The Little Mermaid 's significance over the past 30 years can't be denied — and Disney’s upcoming live-action remake brings a necessary update.

Three decades after the Disney classic splashed into theaters, the story's central themes still resonate.

, along with other Disney Princess films, have come under fire for what’s seen as sexist themes. These critiques are all extremely valid, and it’s important to point out that some of Disney’s older messages are reductive and harmful towards women. But there’s plenty of other magic in the classic Disney movies that can have a positive impact on kids and young girls in their formative years. That’s why 30 years later,

Ask Ariel herself. Jodi Benson voiced Ariel in the original film as well as animated TV series, games, video shorts, and even reprised the role in other Disney films like the recent

and more Broadway musicals. So despite the criticisms of the film, Benson has always been "proud" of Ariel for "her strength, her integrity, and her tenacity," because the character inspired not only her but also countless others to shoot for the stars.

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