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Steph Korey, Away

Why Steph Korey’s Return To Away As Co-CEO Is Doomed To Fail

Is Steph Korey's return to Away as Co-CEO doomed to failure?


Is Steph Korey 's return to Away as Co-CEO doomed to failure?

She breaks all three key tenets of effective leadership communication: Be - Do - Say .

Korey got caught. She stepped aside and is now stepping back. But who she is has not changed. Her underlying beliefs have not changed. This cannot end well.

Yet, that success has come at a cost. As described in the

As Zoe Shiffer put it in the Verge article, “The result is a brand consumers love, a company culture people fear, and a cadre of former employees who feel burned out and coerced into silence.” Not sustainable.

She said “her behavior and comments were 'wrong, plain and simple'” That reads like she believes the Verge article’s allegations and needed to step away to change the culture. But now she’s back. Actually, she never left. She just changed her title temporarily. She’s always been running the company. She is still running the company. Expect the culture to stay toxic as she still believes that everyone should share her fanatical work ethic.

employees did whatever it took to make consumers happy, even if it came at the cost of their own well-being.”

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Why Steph Korey’s Return To Away As Co-CEO Is Doomed To FailShe breaks all three key tenets of effective leadership communication: Be - Do - Say . I feel otherwise. Oh well we'll see what happens. lmfao damn Forbes. 👍

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