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Why Sophia Bush Keeps Her Personal Life So Quiet (Exclusive)

Bush talked to ET ahead of her new movie about her personal and private life and why she keeps that out of the spotlight.

6/23/2021 5:44:00 AM

'It's hard to have nothing that's yours. And when you are a person who lives in the public eye, everybody wants to pick over everything and that can be really tricky.'

Bush talked to ET ahead of her new movie about her personal and private life and why she keeps that out of the spotlight.

"There's so much societally that we really put on women when it comes to pregnancy. We really pressurize it. We judge women who do get pregnant. We judge women who don't get pregnant. We judge women for when they get pregnant, we judge women if they don't want to be pregnant. There's so much of other people's opinions in the way," Bush explained."And, I think so much culturing that makes us kind of do this really squeaky clean version of a reality that is incredible, but also life-threatening and intensely disruptive to a person's life. Not that you aren't thrilled about it [pregnancy], but your entire life is going to change. Your identity is going to change. And we act like it's like an Instagram moment. And I think that that sort of disempowerment that so many women are put through is a really interesting thing to explore."

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The movie follows Lucy (Glazer) and Adrian (Theroux), as they find their dream fertility doctor in the illustrious Dr. Hindle. But after becoming pregnant, Lucy begins to notice something sinister behind Hindle's charm, and she sets out to uncover the unsettling truth about him. 

Without giving too much away about the film, Bush touched on the real desperation some families face when conceiving and the scary side of giving up your power to make that dream a reality."So many people...Who are so desperate to figure out how to start their families and have kids and figure out how to begin that journey really can lean in to giving up their power," she said of the film.

False Positivepremieres Friday, June 25 on Hulu.  Read more: Entertainment Tonight »

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