Why skippers aren’t scuppered

Supply chains are adapting, not failing | Leaders

9/17/2021 10:48:00 AM

You may think the disruptions to global supply chains over the past few months represent the beginning of the end of globalisation. Not so fast

Supply chains are adapting, not failing | Leaders

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Ex-Secretary Of State Colin Powell Dies At 84 Of Covid-19 Complications

The retired four-star general and former secretary of state was fully vaccinated, according to his family. He suffered from blood cancer and was immunocompromised.

horrible Post 2025-30, 10% of global supply chains of well selected commodities and services will survive the deliberate wrecking of the system because deindustrialisation, switch to renewable and clean energies, and depopulation are the themes given top priority by the elites these days. this is terrible news

Just the start of something globally awesome for trade. Still putting the foundations in till approx mid 2040s I would think . Global trade is the future

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Japan's hot exports growth cools as COVID-19 hits supply chainsJapan's exports extended double-digit gains in August, led by strong shipments of chip manufacturing equipment, although the pace of growth weakened as COVID-19 hit key Asian supply chains and slowed factory production. Qasim never claimed that he is the Imam Mahdi. He just said that he got dreams from Allah then ordered to spread those dreams. Many of Muhammad Qasim's dreams have already come true and there are more till end of times (Qiyamah).

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