Why Silicon Valley Investors Are Injecting Millions Into San Francisco’s DA Recall Election

Why Silicon Valley Investors Are Injecting Millions Into San Francisco’s DA Recall Election

Chesa Boudin, David Sacks

1/28/2022 11:12:00 PM

Why Silicon Valley Investors Are Injecting Millions Into San Francisco ’s DA Recall Election

In June 2022, voters will decide: Should “progressive” District Attorney Chesa Boudin stay or go?

Sacks’ conservative politics aren’t new. Decades ago, Sacks succeeded Peter Thiel as the editor-in-chief ofCalifornia state records show that within the last year, Sacks has upped his donations to local and state and local-level causes, primarily the recent failed recall efforts of Gov. Gavin Newsom and the upcoming recall election of members of the San Francisco school board. 

In 2021, Sacks donated a total of $75,000 towards the cause of recalling Boudin, one of the highest collective political donations to a specific campaign he has ever made, second only to his donations to recall Newsom. To date, according to the latest financial disclosures for the period ending in June 2021, published by the San Francisco Ethics Commission, the anti-recall side has raised over $728,000, while the pro-recall camp has raised nearly $1.8 million, nearly all of which has come from a political action committee known as Neighbors for a Better San Francisco Advocacy. 

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