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Why scientists are changing their minds and disagreeing during the coronavirus pandemic

Why scientists are changing their minds and disagreeing during the coronavirus pandemic

5/23/2020 4:15:00 PM

Why scientists are changing their minds and disagreeing during the coronavirus pandemic

In our culture, we often hold politicians, corporate executives and other leaders accountable for the consistency of their positions. But in the scientific world, thinking is expected to evolve based on new evidence — and that's happened during Covid-19.

by other scientists on Twitter and other social media platforms and picked apart for the problematic methodologies."These discussions used to take place over email or by phone," Bergstrom said. "Sometimes there are just different groups working on the same problem, but with a different hypothesis or a different theoretical framework," he added. "So if you see scientists arguing, it doesn't necessarily mean that anyone is a bad actor."

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Prasad believes that scientists are right to point out flaws in data or methodology, particularly if the paper has been published in a preprint server or the conclusions that the public are jumping to might be dangerous. But he takes exception with the personal attacks he's seen on social media.

For consumers without scientific training, he notes, it can be extremely challenging to determine the true experts in a field, especially when a person's credentials appear to be solid. He suggests looking a researcher's publication history, but recognizes that not everyone has time to do that.

If you spot scientists disagreeing, he notes, recognize that it's somewhat normal — especially given that the stakes are so high right now."The more eyeballs on the paper, the more likely it is to get critiqued," he said. "Because of Covid-19, someone has turned up speed on factory line and it's not pretty sometimes."

"Science is under pressure and you're seeing how the sausage is made," agreed Bergstrom.Mistakes madeWhen the worst of the crisis is over, there will certainly be an opportunity to look back and reflect on some of the mistakes that were made along the way.

Dr. Prasad said that the scientific community will likely engage in a process of its own to do just that."When the dust settles and we're a couple of years out, I think it will be a useful exercise to evaluate what we got right. Were they the best policy decisions for the evidence that was available at the time? I don't think you get off the hook for views that are totally wrong," he said.

Timothy Caulfield, the Canadian professor of law at the University of Alberta, differentiates between cases where a scientist changes their mind based on new data, and circumstances where someone misrepresented their work, or falsified data.If it's an inadvertent error, he explained, the research should be

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retractedwith an explanation of the issue, and that should be recirculated to the public. "With so much pressure to move quickly, mistakes seem likely to happen — particularly in preprints. So the scientific community and the media need to take great care in how all of this is reported," he said.

Caulfield notes that policy-decisions are changing, but that doesn't mean that public health shouldn't be trusted.He describes the the policy around masks specifically as a "profound communication challenge.""Public health sometimes need to adopt positions, even if the evidence isn't robust," he said. "And from a policy perspective, those positions need to be championed."

"But that doesn't mean that the scientific community should stop talking about the evidence," he added. "You don't want to discourage open, honest debate." Read more: CNBC »

When the facts change I change my opinion, what do you do? This article contains factually inaccurate information which it is saying it is correcting. 'Now, both organizations encourage all people in public to wear masks' The WHO as of right now.. Next Breaking News: wearing a face mask promotes the spread of the virus. Here's why; the mask will collect virus and people wearing it touch it over and over again. FALSE HOPE!!

Scientists never agree on anything or there would be no funding A bidding war between the Chicoms and their conscience? WHO’s April 6 guidance remains current & in effect. If you had read it, you’d know that your “reporting” on WHO’s policy on the wide usage of masks is the exact opposite of what you’re leading the public to believe. WHO’s guidance exists for good reasons. Learn them. Coronavirus

No one cares about what the cdc thinks or says bc they failed .... too little too late This is l true...interesting how I'd never seen an article written about this when it comes to climate change. Some science is more equal than other science. Exactly what else is true science? Phony ass science is the left’s religion- a collection of teachings with which one cannot disagree.

Scientists disagreeing? Does this make scientists science deniers? It just gets better with time period You need to do better research . The World Health Organization has consistently maintained that masks should only be worn by healthy people if they are caring for one who is sick. They also indicate casual use of masks may do more harm than good.

I don't really care what talking heads say. I've known all the info 6 weeks before it's published in the mainstream and I'm far better off than most. Wear a mask people! Honey badger virus doesn't give a fuck. chicagosmayor and GovPritzker assert they are following 'science' in their draconian lockdowns. Which science? Whose science? Color me skeptical.

There's a reason for the term practicing medicine! It isn't nor is now an exact science! Too many constantly changing variables!! Science Scientists are not changing their minds, rather they are giving you the best information possible by that time. Politics fear of being wrong of impafting fundjng for private research take your pick. Viral loads R number time frames for transmission migration and populations known. Their models should tell us more than what they have

Because good science is about questioning, researching, discernment, and differing conclusion based on the evidence presented or uncovered. What we have had for far too long in 'public' science is politicized for the benefit of politicians seeking more power and control. Lol “listen to the scientist” “do this, no do that” “this works, no that doesn’t work”

For the same reason they change their stance on how healthy it unhealthy eggs are from year to year. The more they waffle on this, the more everyone has tuned out.

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