Why magician Penn Jillette fasts 23 hours a day to maintain his 100-pound weight loss

Why magician Penn Jillette fasts 23 hours a day to maintain his 100-pound weight loss


Why magician Penn Jillette fasts 23 hours a day to maintain his 100-pound weight loss

Penn Jillette didn't listen to the experts who told him to get his stomach stapled. But he did radically change his diet, and tries to fast 23 hours a day.

My first tip is this: “If you take health advice from a Las Vegas magician, you are an idiot.” That said, my advice is … make it hard. Easy is your enemy. Don’t believe those articles that say, “Just cut your portions down by 20%,” “Skip dessert” or “Cut out sodas.” Yeah, that seems logical. But it doesn’t work for me — I want to lose a pound a day. I want to see the scale go like this [points straight down]. So I went for a radical change in diet — whole-food plant-based, hardcore vegan, vegetables, no processed food, no sugar. And I limited my eating to just an hour a day, so I’m always fasting 23 hours.

I don’t consider myself special. For anybody, there’s no pride in doing things easy. No one brags about walking up the little grassy slope. They brag about climbing Everest. Decide it’s going to be hard and do it like the other things that are hard in your life.

Not at all. I love it. I’m so clear. Intermittent fasting — too few calories — was the norm for all of history until recently. Now, in this short blip of time, we have too many calories, and it overwhelms us, clogs our arteries, fogs our brains.

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He’s right about intermittent fasting, human beings (or any animal) are not designed to sit down to 3 meals a day, it makes no biological sense. I lost 40 using intermittent fasting. His views and diet and very extreme folks. It doesn’t have to be that way. Read “The Obesity Code.” It changed my life.

I'll pass. Meat, medium rare and three meals a day. Enjoy life. But then I didn't need to lose 100lbs. Oh and when it comes to things like moderation? Yes, when it comes to cheeseburgers moderation is a good thing. Oh. He needs help. Sounds like he might have swapped one ED for another... 🤷🏻‍♂️ Hard. Core. Vegan.

best diet i ever had, one meal per day, vegan, same time everyday. added benefit? u enjoy that meal more than any 3x/day diet. felt better, looked better. If a woman does this, it’s for sure criticized and called an eating disorder is this only Not Disordered Eating bc the ~fat guy~ is now ~normal weight~ or

This sounds really fucking dangerous.

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That all sounds awful. The real magic was the eating disorders we picked up along the way. He is so brilliantly funny Amazing just talk to DrNadolsky Intermittent fasting works! I personally find 23 hours extreme, but 12-16 hours is certainly doable for me, especially on weekends Fat has Memory, just like muscles 💪🏽 have memory. 🤔 The former comes with indulgence, the latter comes with effort. Reseting his weight will take Penn Jillette years. Wishing him success 🍽

Wow, terrible advice. Don’t do that diet.

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