Why Jimmy Kimmel Is Right About the Oscars (Column)

2/12/2022 10:28:00 PM

Why Jimmy Kimmel Is Right About the Oscars (Column)

Why Jimmy Kimmel Is Right About the Oscars (Column)

Let’s start with something most of us can agree on: Jimmy Kimmel, who I’m a fan of, is probably not the ideal messenger for how to fix the Oscars, if indeed they need fixing. Kimmel hosted the Acad…

Kevin Smith ), and won’t belabor it here, but the thing that Kimmel was getting at is: Why are the Oscars increasingly severed from the populist side of moviegoing? If you scrutinize the 10 nominations for best picture this year, you can’t point to any one of them and say, “That absolutely doesn’t belong there.to Niners fans and media after the 49ers lost to the Los Angeles Rams in the NFC title game.As part of an alliance with Samsung Electronics, Fallon will star in a 60-second post-game commercial, paying homage to movies as part of a tie in to the Super Bowl taking place this year in Los Angeles.necklace will be donated to the organization, which provides free childcare support to these mothers as well as tools to help their children navigate the difficult journey.

” For the record, the most cutting-edge-of-art-cinema nomination on the entire roster, “Drive My Car,” was the #4 movie on , so it’s not like I’m saying, “Lose the art and bring on the blockbusters.” But how about one blockbuster? Or, as Kimmel suggested, a movie that’s simply fun for its own sake and that has no higher meaning? Every one of the 10 films nominated for best picture this year stakes its own claim on “importance.But 49ers legend Joe Montana doesn't sound very enthused about the now-rookie, soon-to-be second-year quarterback.” “The Power of the Dog” deconstructs the frontier myth of American masculinity (my problem with it is that it’s a better deconstruction than it is a story), “Don’t Look Up” wags its finger about climate change, “Belfast” is rooted in the Troubles, “West Side Story” presents itself as a timely pointed allegory of our racial divisions, “Drive My Car” is a tale of death and rebirth, and “Dune,” the one certified box office hit on the list, may be the most austere sci-fi parable since “Solaris.S.” The Oscars used to be flashy and bracing in their middle-of-the-road vulgarity."I think they should keep Jimmy until they find somebody that helps," Montana said.At the Oscars today, austerity is the new vulgarity, and any movie that connects with the popcorn audience, in a popcorn way, now looks a little too declassé.Adidas x Ivy Park welcomes the Ivy Heart collection Photography courtesy of Ivy Park Adidas and Ivy Park have caught the love bug.

The media reinforces this logic.As myself and after talking to some of the players, it's one of those things that if you can keep Jimmy healthy, he plays well enough to get you here.Advertisers like to appear alongside late-night hosts because they are laser focused on the day’s events and news, giving the sponsors added relevance to consumers watching at home.If you had just arrived from Mars and were looking to discover the best movies of 2021, the collective wisdom would tell you that “Belfast” is a rich and accomplished memory film, a feel-good reminiscence of growing up in a thicket of political strife, whereas “ House of Gucci ,” though you might find it entertaining in a camp way, is a flamboyant soap opera that no one sane would take seriously.But seriously: Which of those two is actually a better film? I talk to all kinds of people about movies and I have yet to meet anyone who loved “Belfast.” Most people feel the same way about it that I do: that it was “fine,” but that it was missing something — a greater grit or authenticity, or just a more vibrant emotional core.On ABC, Jimmy Kimmel has long done in-show segments for various advertisers.So many things about it feel quietly off, from Jamie Dornan’s salon hair to the fact that the brick housing area feels like a set, which it in fact was..

(“West Side Story” could have been shot there.) “House of Gucci,” by contrast, is a movie some roll their eyes at but some (like me) love, and it’s the rare performance-driven awards-season film that actually became popular.“ It’s been a great collaboration, that puts the spotlight on Samsung’s new Galaxy S22 Ultra Device, and we’re excited to kick off the campaign with them.“Belfast” came charging out of the Telluride gate in September, won the audience award at Toronto a week or so later and has been on a downhill slide ever since — it’s made a total of $7.6 million.Whereas “House of Gucci” had a moment in the culture.In 2021, Fallon offered Samsung phone to mothers as part of a Mother’s Day celebration, and Samsung backed a “Tonight Show Film Festival” that used creations made using the Galaxy 21 Ultra.

Talk about buzz! Lady Gaga, snubbed for best actress, was the only contender, apart from Kristen Stewart, who people talk about like a true movie star.So why is “Belfast” still being talked about as one of the two likely best picture winners (along with “The Power of the Dog”), while “House of Gucci,” a rare pandemic hit for adults, couldn’t even get arrested at the Oscars? A lot of people — or, at least, the people on Film Twitter — would say: Because, dude, “House of Gucci” is a bad movie! I would say it’s because that spicy pinch of vulgarity in “House of Gucci” now renders it Oscar non grata.To gain a little perspective, I went back and looked up some of the movies, starting in 1970, that were once nominated for best picture, or that even won, and I was surprised to be reminded at times of what a low-to-middlebrow affair it used to be.The partnership also helps the shows, says Katie Hockmeyer, NBC Entertainment’s executive vice president for late night programming.Here are a few of those titles: “Airport” (1970).Yes, the original disaster movie was nominated for best picture.

Today that would be like nominating “Godzilla vs.“We are always looking around every corner to bring our viewers out-of-the-box engaging content that they connect with,” he adds.Kong.” “Love Story” (1970).The four-hankie weeper that was like a Hallmark card crossed with a cremation urn.“The Sting” (1973).

You must remember this! In spirit, it’s the sequel to “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid,” re-teaming Paul Newman and Robert Redford for a clockwork caper movie, and it actually won best picture.Today, that would be like giving the grand prize to “Ocean’s Eleven.” “The Towering Inferno” (1974).Makes “Airport” look like “Citizen Kane.” “Jaws” (1975).

Sure, we all know it’s a timeless work of cinema now.At the time, Steven Spielberg’s classic was the quintessential summer movie.“Rocky” (1976) A retro piece of Capra-corn that won best picture over “Taxi Driver,” “All the President’s Men,” and “Network.” “The Goodbye Girl” (1977).A corny boisterous Neil Simon comedy that filled the romantic-comedy void before the rom-com revolution.

“Star Wars” (1977).A long time ago, a movie like this was a shoo-in.Needless to say, it totally deserved to be there.“The Turning Point” (1977).It totally didn’t, but what a testament to how lowbrow the Oscars could go.

“Heaven Can Wait” (1978).A popular comedy — but really, it’s just a fluffy afterlife fantasy with Warren Beatty at his most meticulously abashed.“Breaking Away” (1979).Bike races, youth romance and a breezy sense of its own whimsicality.“Raiders of the Lost Ark ” (1981).

The essence of escapism.“Terms of Endearment” (1983).The essence of soap-opera sitcom comfort food, and of course it won.“Fatal Attraction” (1987).It captured a moment when women were saying, “We’re not going to take this anymore.

” But would a thriller this luridly sensational be nominated today? “Moonstruck” (1987).It’s awfully good, in a flip and absurdist romantic way (and check out Cher’s spicy-meatball accent).“Working Girl” (1989).A zeitgeisty corporate comedy: not bad, but probably best remembered for its Carly Simon theme song.“Ghost” (1990).

The last pre-ironic romantic movie? “GoodFellas” should have won that year, but I still would have favored this winning over “Dances with Wolves.” “The Fugitive” (1993).Incredibly well done… but really, just an elevated chase thriller.“Four Weddings and a Funeral” (1994).The sweet spot of the rom-com ’90s.

“Titanic” (1997).I think it’s one of the greatest films ever made — but the fact that people always qualify their love for it, placing themselves above it (“The script sucked!”), or that it now has more haters than ever, is an indication that it wouldn’t have been honored in the same way today.“The Full Monty” (1997).Yes.This was nominated.

Today that would be considered nakedly embarrassing.“The Sixth Sense” (1999).A good twist, a good movie.But not so.

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To those who have responded on this tweet, I am truly grateful for your replies. I questioned many of you. Not to make you feel less, but maybe a bit uncomfortable. I find that many of Sam's fans don't realize how mean or disruptive they can be, in their responses to 1/ SamHeughan Outlander deserves several Emmys.

Perplexed by the hoopla over some of the movies, and lack of appreciation for some other ones. SamHeughan Interesting article. Good points made about Oscars and movies in general. Movies are subjective to the movie goers. We all relate differently depending on our own lives and what matters. Not a fan of how decisions are made on Oscar noms.

SamHeughan You are so right ... top lifetime grosses SamHeughan What the hell is all this bullshit! Seriously you have nothing else to do but spit on people! If you're mean, at least be smart and read the article to the end! Your life must be pretty bleak!😳🙄🤬🤬 Raz le bol de ces nanas qui un jour encensent et le lendemain détruisent!! 😡

SamHeughan Interesting article 👍 Also, it used to be that anything about overcoming a disability was a shoo-in (My Left Foot, The King’s Speech), as was a movie about movies (The Artist and arguably Argo, and it’s why many of us were shocked that La La Land didn’t win). Super hero movies are almost all cgi green screen and not filmed like a film but more of a ride. It's not that artistic. So Schindlers list vs spiderman? Come on

The Real Power of Dog!!! Isn’t she cute!!! When I first saw the Power of Dog I said to myself what was that?

'Keep Jimmy': Joe Montana offers discouraging Trey Lance intelMontana doesn't sound very confident in Trey Lance — at least not yet. Let me explain some parralels between Cincinatti and San Francisco right now. They have 2 still pissed-off former employees creating selfish PR at the exact wrong time for the new guys. NEW GUYS: 1 FBS All-Time Best 1 FCS All-Time Best (single season)

SamHeughan Agree! Nobody cares about him. I'm fairly fecking sure if C had an issue she'd address it with him personally. She's spoken out numerous times about how she is disgusted by the abusive bullying behaviour shown towards him. If you're a fan of hers you'd have the respect to stand by her beliefs & not be a bully

Describing “Don’t Look Up” as “Wagging it’s finger at climate change” is extremely misleading. I AM surprised Jimmy didn’t bawl all over it like so many other Hollywood elites. Licorice Pizza isn’t “serious.” (Also isn’t worth its Oscar nods, but still… it isn’t serious. SamHeughan I'm assuming you didn't read the article in it's entirety before you retweeted. it bashes Belfast pretty hard and it's not a good show of support for a costar even it wasn't intentional.

SamHeughan Respectfully, I liked Belfast. Your costar and friend of nearly 10 years was fantastic in it! SamHeughan vei tu é muito bunda mole mesmo Some quite rude tweets in the thread. I really hope those who feel so anonymously empowered have now been muted. No one needs the vitriol, least of all Sam.

SamHeughan It seems that there are some unclear criteria that they have adopted in the Oscars, for example, I loved ( The French Dispatch) and felt sorry that it did not receive any nomination!🤷‍♀️ That does not mean I am not a fan of the nominees movies in this year 🙄

Jimmy Fallon’s Super Bowl Plans Include a Post-Game Pitch for SamsungNBC hasn’t scheduled a new edition of its venerable “Tonight Show” after the Super Bowl, but viewers who stick around are going to see some new late-night antics courtesy of Jimmy Fallon. As part o… Sohnzie Yay!👏 Nice

SamHeughan Understand the sentiment.Many popular films have won (Google them) and it seems more recently that only serious/arty films make to the awards. I liked Belfast, but several of my friends did not. They were “waiting for something to happen” rather than recognizing it as a snapshot SamHeughan Belfast was the best movie I’ve seen in years. I never pick the Oscar winners. 🤷🏻‍♀️ What do I know? Well, I know great acting, scripts, music scores when I see/hear them. Just because in years past winners weren’t funny doesn’t mean Belfast shouldn’t win now. Just MHO.

SamHeughan I’m in completely disagree with this gentleman. He slammed Belfast and comparing it with Spider-Man!.I saw It 2 times on cinemas and It’s a great and heartwarming movie and can tell there are many who think between other actors,journalists,etc., who think Belfast is wonderful. SamHeughan I like this one and think it potentually pleases the broadest spectrum of tastes and preferences. 🙂

SamHeughan cynplyme1 SamHeughan I don’t often agree with some nominations or what the best picture was. I loved Belfast & the only thing missing was that neither Caitriona Balfe or Jamie Dornan were not nominated. They both deserved to be. BTW Jamie’s hair was just fine. There's hardly a film from the same category nominated. We had a western, an uplifting sports movie, a coming of age comedy, a sci fi epic, a noir, a Spielberg musical from existing IP, a broad studio comedy with Leo,family dramedy, a foreign lang film, and a period piece. So nah

SamHeughan Can’t say I agree with this article and he really trashes Belfast which even my discriminating family admitted was very good. And they asked who is the actress that plays Ma and I smugly replied Caitríona Balfe from Outlander. SamHeughan Why retweet this Belfast slam? Everyone I know loves it. Not the best way to support your colleague…

SamHeughan Thanks Sam for sharing. The Oscars haven’t been fair for a long time. No disrespect like you for this years entrants but they’re missing the element of the people who watch the movies. We may not be professionals but numbers tell us what is good/best. Awards reflect that please!

Jimmy Choo and Mugler Collaborate + More Fashion NewsA new shoe collection dreamed up by Jimmy Choo and Mugler, an Ivy Park V-Day capsule, and Wuxly gifts parkas to Indigenous youth.

SamHeughan Mr Heughan, were you drunk when you made that RT or did you miss the context ? I think SamHeughan. Is close enough to caitrionambalfe to discuss her film and her critical acclaim. Let's not assume she will be offended or that he meant to offend. As for the article; opinions are like arseholes; everybody has one.

SamHeughan I agree. Nominations for the Oscar’s and, sadly, all awards are often not based on demonstrated talent. If they were Belfast would have more nominations and SamHeughan would have been nominated and won all tv acting awards for Outlander S1:E16. SamHeughan I actually LOVED Belfast. Every single performance in that film was stellar. Beautifully written story about family. And Owen, you sound pathetically jealous of Dornan’s hair.

SamHeughan I actually think he has a point. It's been years that I could work myself through Oscar nominated movies. A lot of them are SO boring! Belfast is the only one I'm actually interested to watch this year and I wouldn't if it wasn't for Caitriona being in it. SamHeughan Completely disagree with this article about Belfast. The acting is top notch, especially Jude Hill and Caitriona Balfe. It’s an emotional and uplifting film about family and difficult choices. Everyone *I* know loved it! Don’t you agree SamHeughan?

Sam rtw this article without the notion what will happen later😬🤣 SamHeughan WELL THE academy loved Wss , Power of the dog and belfast they have diverse taste from highbrow to populist picks SamHeughan Como assim? 😳 Que post infeliz!! 🙄 Why is Jimmy so damn hot?

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what the fuck does jimmy kimmel know about film SamHeughan Whether you agree with the article or not Sam retweeted an article that disses his co-star and supposed friends film. I’m shocked and disappointed. I’m supportive of both of them but this is not cool. Belfast Lost time If you give an Oscar then only for the promotion of the film - Branagh invested well in this masterpiece the overall impression of the film is a school production Balfa dance is the level of a kindergarten matinee I watched and felt Spanish shame for such a game

SamHeughan Sam, did you read the entire article?! 😳 it totally slams Belfast 💔 Belfast is such a beautiful and heart warming movie. It received a much deserved nomination for Best Picture 🙌❤️🌟🏆 SamHeughan This article slams Belfast pretty hard. I disagree with this guy (obviously) and wouldn’t say that most people feel like him that “it was missing something”. It’s been nominated for several awards and won TIFF “People’s Choice”’for a reason.. because people love it!

So is money and paying for the attention SamHeughan Yes yes yes…..You used to route excitedly for your choice, now you just well, meh.. SamHeughan ...and for the record, I loved Belfast, it was gauzy because it was a look-back through a child's eyes.. I disagree with the criticism in this article. There is no universe that I feel sorry for the producers of Spiderman, who are laughing their way to the bank

SamHeughan Marvel is a bankers movie. The hard-to-finance films should get Oscar attention or else they wouldn’t be made at all. non superhero quality popcorn movies are fewer and further between. Directors see streaming as a way to get serious films made. Power to them. Tick tick boom was robbed for best picture too

'I am astounded:' 'Belfast' star Ciarán Hinds on his Oscar nomination, working with Dame Judi DenchVeteran Irish actor Ciarán Hinds received the entertainment world's biggest honor, an Oscar nomination for his work in 'Belfast.' Following his best supporting actor nomination, Hinds said, 'Having worked in this industry for nearly 50 years, I thought there wasn't much that could surprise me...but I can honestly say, I am astounded.'

no he don’t 😭😭 I agree with jimmykimmel-I adore watching TheOscars2023 but find it harder to watch because of these nominations. (And I didn’t see Spider-Man) also I am one of thousands who loved BelfastMovie-I had to drive 3 hours just to see caitrionambalfe on the big screen. One of the best picture nominees ends with a spaceship of naked white people being gored by alien birds

SamHeughan The amount of shitty movies, shows and actors that gets awards nowadays is ridiculous. It’s like only modern cringey soap opera esc projects are the only things Americans watch.. which isn’t true. SamHeughan I loved Belfast and King Richard. They are both beautiful and entertaining and in that part I don’t agree with the article AT ALL (Sam, did you read it complete?) Power of the Dog was a snooze fest. Movies are entertainment and if the movie is boring than it is not a good movie🤷🏻‍♀️

…it always has been? SamHeughan Belfast, King Richard, Licorice Pizza are the feel good movies many people can relate too & well done all around. The 10 nominees are good mix that cater to different tastes - no one nominee is ever universally “loved”. Oscars need to do better on acting noms - too much politics.

Or just ignore the Oscar's. It's just a prize, who cares. Are you so insecure to need affirmation of what you like? Or need a sign to, 'like this and not that'? SamHeughan Interesting article, provides some food for thought. Of all the movies that were critically acclaimed the only one I enjoyed was Belfast. I tried to watch Power of the Dog 3 times because I respect Cumberbatch as a great actor. I couldn’t get through it.

It’s always been a prerequisite. I don’t see why this a just now a problem.

Seth Rogen Doesn’t Get Why Hollywood Is So Invested in Oscars Viewership: “Maybe People Just Don’t Care”'I don't care who wins the automobile awards. No other industry expects everyone to care about what awards they shower upon themselves,' the 'Pam & Tommy' star said. What a daft p Im guessing cuz he’s never gonna get one? Because money 💰 🤔🙄😔

Oscar’s are irrelevant. Another win for Trump. All I know is I have not watched any movie nominated. I only plan to watch a few, eventually. Don't look up is nominated, and it's a comedy. SamHeughan Interesting article. 'Airport' was nominated for best picture!? What? 'Rocky' beat out 'Taxi Driver' and 'Network'?! Crazy.

SamHeughan He is correct SamHeughan 🤔Don’t see this as anything new. The Oscars have always been about nominating and awarding “serious” films.🤷‍♀️ That’s why it’s nice that the Golden Globes👏🏻 have various categories and mediums to address all the different “visual art” that’s out there👍🏻😊 4 more IQ points would qualify Jimmy as an idiot.

SamHeughan Well, Belfast made me laugh as much as made me cry so isn’t this the definition of a good film? SamHeughan 👍👏 I think you should read this TendaiSibindi

No he doesn't Oscar is known for nominating serious films, how is this news-worthy? The French Dispatch is most overlooked film of the year. I'm not even the biggest Wes Anderson fan, but he's in peak form here, packing in more cultural, art social commentary than all the other films combined. SamHeughan What movie to nominate?The one you laugh at,cry or think about?Everything is possible,but if you forgot that this is a movie,and you were simply “carried away”, if it hurts somewhere in your chest, and you clearly understand that you have a soul, then this is the very art❤❤📽📽

SamHeughan … well then TheAcademy forgot „words on the bathroom walls“ SamHeughan Je ne le connais pas ..je viens de regarder sa filmographie ..je connais aucun de ses films ou séries.Pour se permettre de dire quel film doit être nomine ou non il faut une bonne connaissance cinématographique qu' il ne semble pas avoir à priori

SamHeughan What an article! I agree something has been lost and the films nominated now are way out of touch from the majority of filmgoers. It seems elitist now. Art appreciation has become very small. The films above that wouldn’t be nominated now - are the best of all time. No he doesn’t. He told on himself with the Power of the Dog joke.

SamHeughan Should it not just be about the actual performance? Not what genre it is, who you are, what you have done before and how big of a budget you have for press?

Stop it! House of Gucci and NWH did not deserve Oscar nominations. SamHeughan Sam, allow me to meet you!!!❤️❤️ SamHeughan Sam, allow me to meet you!!!🥰🥰 HOG and Spider-Man deserved nothing. Cope. What do you mean he has point? He probably didn't even write that monologue lol And why would we care Jimmy Kimmel said

did he start crying again while complaining? Guys like Jimmy only watch some of the most popular movies every year, and they are completely clueless about the existence of most of the movies premiered at festivals and such. And yet, they claim to know which movies deserve to be nominated. With this small knowledge

Kimmel? Who? We need more fun. The real world is already serious-overload.

Cmon no one was expecting no way home to get an oscar (or nomination for best picture). Think about it. If you did infact believe it you're delusional and projecting. People actually believe spider-man should get a nomination? WTF 😳 He is beyond cringe If you want what’s popular watch the MTV awards lol black Panther got nominated for best picture too so

House of Gucci should have been considered and there’s no chance that no way home make into the best film category. No one cares. I loved “Belfast.” 🤷‍♀️ Joker. Black Panther. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. Mad Max: Fury Road. Django Unchained. Toy Story 3. Avatar. The Lord of the Rings. The Oscars DO nominate these movies

xbeginagainx very right.

He is the worst Oscar Host in history Repeat with me: the Oscars are *not* the People's Choice Awards. It's about quality, not about box office. That's how it should be. Spider Man is garbage. House Of Gucci was mediocre. Gaga's acting was inconsistent and did not deserve a nomination. If anyone deserved a nomination from that film it would have been Pacino.

This quote is the dumbest thing ever. Dune is 100% a blockbuster He is not right. You want popcorn recognition, go to the people's choice Awards No he's not B*tch please Stunts are literally dying in their jobs to give us a decent movie and they still don't have a category that recognizes that Now out of the blue comic book nerds want an Oscar for a popcorn movie just because it's popular