Why it has to be Biden

Donald Trump has desecrated the values that make America a beacon to the world

10/29/2020 12:50:00 PM

Joe Biden will not end the bitter animosity that has been mounting for decades in America. But he could begin to lay out a path towards reconciliation. The former vice-president gets our endorsement

Donald Trump has desecrated the values that make America a beacon to the world

THE COUNTRY that elected Donald Trump in 2016 was unhappy and divided. The country he is asking to re-elect him is more unhappy and more divided. After almost four years of his leadership, politics is even angrier than it was and partisanship even less constrained. Daily life is consumed by a pandemic that has registered almost 230,000 deaths amid bickering, buck-passing and lies. Much of that is Mr Trump’s doing, and his victory on November 3rd would endorse it all.

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Joe Biden is not a miracle cure for what ails America. But he is a good man who would restore steadiness and civility to the White House. He is equipped to begin the long, difficult task of putting a fractured country back together again. That is why, if we had a vote, it would go to Joe.

King DonaldMr Trump has fallen short less in his role as the head of America’s government than as the head of state. He and his administration can claim their share of political wins and losses, just like administrations before them. But as the guardian of America’s values, the conscience of the nation and America’s voice in the world, he has dismally failed to measure up to the task.

Without covid-19, Mr Trump’s policies could well have won him a second term. His record at home includes tax cuts, deregulation and the appointment of benchloads of conservative judges. Before the pandemic, wages among the poorest quarter of workers were growing by 4.7% a year. Small-business confidence was near a 30-year peak. By restricting immigration, he gave his voters what they wanted. Abroad, his disruptive approach has brought some welcome change. America has hammered Islamic State and brokered peace deals between Israel and a trio of Muslim countries. Some allies in NATO are at last spending more on defence. China’s government knows that the White House now recognises it as a formidable adversary.

This tally contains plenty to object to. The tax cuts were regressive. Some of the deregulation was harmful, especially to the environment. The attempt at health-care reform has been a debacle. Immigration officials cruelly separated migrant children from their parents and limits on new entrants will drain America’s vitality. On the hard problems—on North Korea and Iran, and on bringing peace to the Middle East—Mr Trump has fared no better than the Washington establishment he loves to ridicule.

However, our bigger dispute with Mr Trump is over something more fundamental. In the past four years he has repeatedly desecrated the values, principles and practices that made America a haven for its own people and a beacon to the world. Those who accuse Mr Biden of the same or worse should stop and think. Those who breezily dismiss Mr Trump’s bullying and lies as so much tweeting are ignoring the harm he has wrought.

It starts with America’s democratic culture. Tribal politics predated Mr Trump. The host of “The Apprentice” exploited it to take himself from the green room to the White House. Yet, whereas most recent presidents have seen toxic partisanship as bad for America, Mr Trump made it central to his office. He has never sought to represent the majority of Americans who did not vote for him. Faced by an outpouring of peaceful protest after the killing of George Floyd, his instinct was not to heal, but to depict it as an orgy of looting and left-wing violence—part of a pattern of stoking racial tension. Today, 40% of the electorate believes the other side is not just misguided, but evil.

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The most head-spinning feature of the Trump presidency is his contempt for the truth. All politicians prevaricate, but his administration has given America “alternative facts”. Nothing Mr Trump says can be believed—including his claims that Mr Biden is corrupt. His cheerleaders in the Republican Party feel obliged to defend him regardless, as they did in an impeachment that, bar one vote, went along party lines.

Partisanship and lying undermine norms and institutions. That may sound fussy—Trump voters, after all, like his willingness to offend. But America’s system of checks and balances suffers. This president calls for his opponents to be locked up; he uses the Department of Justice to conduct vendettas; he commutes the sentences of supporters convicted of serious crimes; he gives his family plum jobs in the White House; and he offers foreign governments protection in exchange for dirt on a rival. When a president casts doubt on the integrity of an election just because it might help him win, he undermines the democracy he has sworn to defend.

Partisanship and lying also undermine policy. Look at covid-19. Mr Trump had a chance to unite his country around a well organised response—and win re-election on the back of it, as other leaders have. Instead he saw Democratic governors as rivals or scapegoats. He muzzled and belittled America’s world-class institutions, such as the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention. As so often, he sneered at science, including over masks. And, unable to see beyond his own re-election, he has continued to misrepresent the evident truth about the epidemic and its consequences. America has many of the world’s best scientists. It also has one of world’s highest covid-19 fatality rates.

Mr Trump has treated America’s allies with the same small-mindedness. Alliances magnify America’s influence in the world. The closest ones were forged during wars and, once unmade, cannot easily be put back together in peacetime. When countries that have fought alongside America look on his leadership, they struggle to recognise the place they admire.

That matters. Americans are liable both to over- and to underestimate the influence they have in the world. American military power alone cannot transform foreign countries, as the long wars in Afghanistan and Iraq proved. Yet American ideals really do serve as an example to other democracies, and to people who live in states that persecute their citizens. Mr Trump thinks ideals are for suckers. The governments of China and Russia have always seen American rhetoric about freedom as cynical cover for the belief that might is right. Tragically, under Mr Trump their suspicions have been confirmed.

Four more years of a historically bad president like Mr Trump would deepen all these harms—and more. In 2016 American voters did not know whom they were getting. Now they do. They would be voting for division and lying. They would be endorsing the trampling of norms and the shrinking of national institutions into personal fiefs. They would be ushering in climate change that threatens not only distant lands but Florida, California and America’s heartlands. They would be signalling that the champion of freedom and democracy for all should be just another big country throwing its weight around. Re-election would put a democratic seal on all the harm Mr Trump has done.

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President JoeThe bar to Mr Biden being an improvement is therefore not high. He clears it easily. Much of what the left wing of the Democratic Party disliked about him in the primaries—that he is a centrist, an institutionalist, a consensus-builder—makes him an anti-Trump well-suited to repair some of the damage of the past four years. Mr Biden will not be able to end the bitter animosity that has been mounting for decades in America. But he could begin to lay down a path towards reconciliation.

Although his policies are to the left of previous administrations’, he is no revolutionary. His pledge to “build back better” would be worth $2trn-3trn, part of a boost to annual spending of about 3% of GDP. His tax rises on firms and the wealthy would be significant, but not punitive. He would seek to rebuild America’s decrepit infrastructure, give more to health and education and allow more immigration. His climate-change policy would invest in research and job-boosting technology. He is a competent administrator and a believer in process. He listens to expert advice, even when it is inconvenient. He is a multilateralist: less confrontational than Mr Trump, but more purposeful.

Wavering Republicans worry that Mr Biden, old and weak, would be a Trojan horse for the hard left. It is true that his party’s radical wing is stirring, but he and Kamala Harris, his vice-presidential pick, have both shown in the campaign that they can keep it in check. Ordinarily, voters might be advised to constrain the left by ensuring that the Senate remained in Republican hands. Not this time. A big win for the Democrats there would add to the preponderance of moderate centrists over radicals in Congress by bringing in senators like Steve Bullock in Montana or Barbara Bollier in Kansas. You would not see a lurch to the left from either of them.

A resounding Democratic victory would also benefit the Republicans. That is because a close contest would tempt them into divisive, racially polarising tactics, a dead end in a country that is growing more diverse. As anti-Trump Republicans argue, Trumpism is morally bankrupt. Their party needs a renaissance. Mr Trump must be soundly rejected.

In this election America faces a fateful choice. At stake is the nature of its democracy. One path leads to a fractious, personalised rule, dominated by a head of state who scorns decency and truth. The other leads to something better—something truer to what this newspaper sees as the values that originally made America an inspiration around the world.

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He is not going to save anything, he is going to make me kindly return the country to the Chinese and let the cube status continue. Rubbish He will do. Lol what ails American is stupid written like your article 😂😂😂 You trying to poison the well for the uninformed and easily manipulated🧐 Such a idiotic view of how the world works, the only reasonable explanation is that this article must be written by the most over educated fool you could find🤦‍♂️😂😂😂

He's not going to restore anything. The media traitors will restore normalcy. I would like to see the entire media after Joe Biden and hostile to him like they were to Trump. Then we'll see how 'unifying' he is!!! 😒🙄🙄🙄 The dems and the media contributed to fractions in the US. You want a prove? We will no longer know about any black person arrested by violent cops, as this never happens any longer. Bet?

Trump divides Biden unites. 45divides46unites America needs a Lincoln. Biden is Lincoln. Divided States of America is once again the United States of America. His supporters have been calling half of the country monsters for 4 years. I don’t think they will forget it. I don’t know that there is any healing. Hopefully I’m wrong

You are mistaken the fracture started under the Obama administration. That is what made a Trump presidency possible. I want nothing to do with libtards who support election fraud and this orchestrated, media-driven coup. They're literally the enemy. Joe Biden 2021 nope this is war Biden will keep quiet whenever China threat and steal other countries lands. Spending six days with Xi Jinping when he was a Vice President had a lot of meaning for his bank account.

Another FALSE news from the far left terrorist press. WHO DESTROYS AMERICAN SOCIETY ARE BLM AND ANTIFAS TERRORISTS, AND THE SICK LEFT. The way the Dems have behaved over the past four years, they cannot even attempt healing and reconstruction. The Dems also behaved poorly while Reagan, George H W Bush, and George W Bush were in office. We’ve finally reached the point where Republicans won’t forgive and forget.

😂😂😂😂😂 Am I the only one not feeling fractured? Who laughs last laughs best. He Is Merely A Mask.Happy Halloween :) Americans Perfer Someone Bark HumanRights & Peace While USAF Terrorists & Marines Morons Kill Children & Women In Yemen,Syria,Iraq,Afghanistan,Venezuela,Korea Etc. Two Sides Of The Same Bloody Violence Corrupt zionist Coin

yes,make China great by restore Huawei business。 Stability and kindness perhaps a little bit? After just one term, it is probably not that bad. I don't think you have such a divided country, not in the times of such challenges. Inequalities, global warming ... I cannot imagine a world without values ​​that you profess.

Yep. Maybe he try to restore our reputation. Mid terms are going to be lit! Joe Biden, civility? He called President Trump a 'clown' during one of the presidential debates. If you call that 'civility,' the the Britts have lost the meaning of civility. In this hard moment, We expect he will do a good work and help to cure the USA and the World.

the flag is a bit dramatic Because democrats have been so civil over the last 4 years. America is 27 trillion in debt, quit giving our money away Democrats and pay down our debt. So our future children won’t end poverty. Kick Pelosi out. She gets rich, while poverty pimping the folks in her district. IsleofKal Joe Biden didn't start a fake university to bilk millions from gullible innocent people who looked up to him. We are already ahead of the game.

No, he isn't, but he is the first step to helping fix the mess Trump and his administration made these past 4 years. Change has to happen and it is going to take all of us to accomplish that. ProgressTakesTime GetOnBoard Joe Biden spent 40 plus years as a politician creating what ails America. Biden is the old school establishment. Y’all just put a KKK supporting segregationist back in power.

africaupdates Problém je inde ! Trumpovi stupenci sú velmi ozbrojený ! Ak Trump neodide v klude hrozí eskalacia napetia a obcianska vojna !Realne !V tom je problém ! Biden nemá šanci dat za 4 roky dokopy škody ktore urobil Trump na medzinarodnej scene !O USA ani nevravim ! Kludne predanie moci Je savais que en économie le rêve était un facteur fiable.

The media’s President We the people we correct that in 2024 What a joke😂😂😂🇺🇸 It should be more like 'Why it has not to be Trump' Um so to be clear, you think that the right is just going to pretend that the left didn’t just put their guy through hell and back, and then be civil? 😂 😂 😂 Continuo adorando a sacada da bandeira

I sincerely hope he sees the results alive because republicans wont become deranged and harass and make false allegations about him on a daily basis or start looting and burning down cities.. .. but keep falling for the illusion wont you .. your democrat overlords thank you for being so gullible .. ..

You sure? He is mentally exhausted 😩 We expected so much from Obama’s administration, which I’d didn’t deliver. We expect so little from Biden’s it can only improve from here on in. He could have tried to help reconnect a fractured country at any time; instead he sat by and allowed his party to drive the country further and further apart for 4 straight years. Everyone knows this is bullshit. Everyone.

LMAO He is not a president yet and he will not be one! He and the Democratic Party are the very tools of fracture. Washington doesn't like change and outsiders only small circle of people are allowed to pwr in Washington The country is already divided and will remain divided. Biden has no hope of bridging that gap. Remember, literally 50 million Americans supported Trump. Half the country. We are a divided nation for sure

I don’t think so Biden is not civil. He stole the vote. The math is clear. Your magazine is a joke. He sure isn't but he's gonna come across as a saint just by reversing some the stupid policies Trump had put in place. 4 more years of capitulating to moscow mitch senatemajldr Anything is better than Donald Trump.

He will stop the bleeding. Hahahahaha you guys are soooooooooooooo wrong. This country is fractured and done. We should start thinking of dividing the country into two halves. The socialist side and the pro american freedom and system side. See which one thrives. I've seen this before. 🤔 Korea? So Biden wins.... COVID is over?

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Propaganda! SamHeughan Hey, Heughan...please educate yourself and read the replies to this article you liked😂 TrumpLandslide Stop kneeling before China is to desecrated the values, principles and practices that made America a heaven? You need to quit journalism No it is the liberal elites and academics who have desecrated the values, principles and practices that have made America a haven...

Yes the world wants to see Trump reclaiming Presidenship of US much more than any one else I vehemently disagree. What makes America great is the individualism, the exceptionalism. Starting with Obama, the left has embraced a destruction of these truths. SamHeughan What do you call a foreign entity trying to influence the US election? Russia? No..Sam Heughan. Sad.

Missed it all man.Bogus article. No focus on anything positive. Just orange man bad, You’re a dolt for not seeing Biden is a Trojan horse. He’s flipped on every issue in 45 years and has an awful foreign policy record including his opposition to take down Bin Laden when Obama did fchollet How can people ever again think that this in unbiased news source?

So that’s your main point, vague references to values and subjectivity... Very disappointing. Unlike other comments here, i don’t mind if you follow a certain editorial line, but a prestigious economic magazine must deliver facts, and not hide them. This is ridiculous. The why would anyone pay for this magazine or subscription?

Ask yourself who do children want to be? Fireman, police men, Astronauts, doctors, veterinarians, farmers, and a president! Yes a president And look at the example and representation of this president for the United States! I've heard children say why is he a bully he's Not nice We were wise to cut you loose...

Subscription cancelled. Guys, you forgot the infamous laptop everyone is talking about, except the NYT. Socialism has destroyed south america. Don't commit that mistake. Biden is the personification of socialism. I don't like Trump, but Biden is much worse! don't you guys realize how one sided you guys sound, you call your self educated ? you are only appealing to your one sided reader bases, wait for fall in subscriptions from the other side... you are becoming an example of 'Left' moving away from common sense..

You are living in a democracy with two parties rigbt? He didnt even send u to war this time...but he is the worst? This is sooooo bias. TrumpCorruption went so far to make up a fake scandal to attack Biden. He deserves jailing after stepped down! That is the biggest lie you think Americans who are supporting him are stupid? This statement just implied that to me.

Here’s another: Justice Department’s handling of the accusations against Halkbank reveal how Turkey’s leader pressured the president. Ronald McDonald can be bought along with the AG and Justice Department. BarnsGreg False. That's how lamestream media tried to frame him like that for the last 4 years.

I can write you a article as to why it's not going to be and how every analyst is calling for a trump win... public bitcoin bet I put $1000 on trump as our president.. bet on your boy Biden, if you believe in your analysts what do you have to lose? I think you know FAKE media, FAKE news! We all know better, by now!

The Socialist The Economist an 'British' publication just needs to mind its own business report the news not spread its double horrible combination of emotion based journalism and faux science of economics (what do you want the answer to be science BS) Bullshit Look what happened in France, compared to Israel, we are more resolute to support realDonaldTrump

Maybe so, but at least he's not the sort of hypocritical liar you might prefer. Thanks for letting me know to unfollow Contain your fake regret. Your clients are still firmly in charge, strangling any hope of improvement even if Biden wins. American voters will decide wether or not to end up with a new Hitler. A second term might end up in another regime than Trumps first. Too many similarities between Trump campaign and what happened in 1933.

FakeNews President Trump has never failed, yesterday GDP 33.1% for 3rd Q 2020 clearly confirms this claim. If Biden is incapable that is another thing & it's nothing to do with President Trump's success. Joe Biden needs to learn a lot in order to compete with President Trump. For more cartoons subscribe to

Elitist drivel. 5% chance of Trump winning ? If Trump wins you will lose credibility for ever Last time i checked the President is the commander in chief not a guardian. Hahaha HawkinsWalker2020 Green✅ It does not HAVE to be Biden! Who’s the author of the article? It should be 'Why it has to be realDonaldTrump'

So you think Kamala Harris can do a better job, right ? ? Nailed it! What are American values, exactly? rothchild rag.... Who is funding the economist is the question? I am sure everyone is looking forward to a Trump Victory and a Theocratic State like Iran. Nothing has changed after 4 years 😒. President has almost no power in the USA.

Four days before the election after millions already voted, I wonder if this wasn’t about something other than a good faith endorsement He has sure done a great deal on behalf of the African American community despite not getting much of their vote in 2016. You guys are so corrupted with China What a shock!

Economist sounds like NAZI. Because If this time Harddrive Joe lose election, all the lefty media would be branded as FAKE FAKE NEWS. NO ONE WOULD TRUST THEM. What part of independent journalists did you miss in your super challenging communications class in school You are just another worthless arm of the DNC. Sad. You lost it.

nic dodać nic ująć LOL... coming from Rothschild, no surprise! That's absolutely wrong. journalism used to mean that when asserting anything, especially something as damning as that, you would also show evidence. Now, the economist just lies and can rest assured nobody will call them on the lies. Joe Biden told a drive-in rally in Tampa, Florida, on Thursday evening that Democrats were about to change America 'for generations to come. This does not unite the country... it only serves to separate us further. Economic prosperity unites a country. It’s the economy stupid!!

Why aren't you reporting on the now confirmed FBI investigation started in 2019 into Joe Biden's influence pedaling and connections to Chinese intelligence officials? I do not like Trump but people are forgetting why he was elected in the first place. Forgotten communities left behind. Frustration with being forgotten. I have heard nothing from Biden or the media on trying to rectify any of this. They haven't learned a thing.

Biden Mr 10 percent Mr Big Mr Basement is a liar he has dementia you fools LungMD01 Wow! Regardless of our political viewpoint's, this is cringe. We are gringing hard. Joe Biden legacy is past and imaginary. Platinum Legacy is real legacy for you and your family’s future Economist is anti Trump? In other news, water is wet.

we_love_mohammad_ﷺ_challenge StopIslamophobia ShameOnFrance BoycottFranceProducts 🤡🌍 Will you endorse his corruption? He is represent the majority of Americans. Crowded space have same sample result doesn't count unique aspect, in case you didn't know that. Where America is now, with its star on the wane, the cure might be worse than the problem.

Biden wouldn’t last 6 months. His mental decline is precipitous. jasonformiss I can agree to that. Joe is a bandaid for a gunshot wound where Trump is just another bullet. Are you kidding me, anyone can clearly see that Biden is in medical distress. This guy needs medical attention, he cannot even lead himself let alone a nation. Get real.

Except for the part about the money selling influence through Bidens brother and Biden’s son. Biden has been in Gov't for 47 years. He os part pf the reason why we are here. To expect for him to do things different is insanity! You’re not even wrong. What a rag said The Communist Maybe not. Too much stuff has been leaked from his son's laptop.

Well said! And that is what america needs to heal. We just took a good look under the hood of America and exposed more snakes than an Indiana Jones movie. Now, you think we all need to go back to sleep while the Justice Dems run rough shod. NO THANKS. YOU ARE THE PROBLEM. We don't want that crook. All he has done while in office is use his power for personal gain. FBI has had an open investigation since 2019 and it's all starting to come together. FakeNewsMedia TonyBobulinski BidenCrimeSyndicate

There's no 'steadiness' in laissez-faire economics. As long as you advocate for it, the problems that gave rise to Trump will continue to torment us. A special kind of stupid. Let’s hold our media more accountable Biden’s credit is shot just another lying politician Media is choosing side now? The Economist is China's mouth piece. Biden is weak. Everyone knows China will walk all over him.

Nice to see this endorsement. VoteBidenHarris2020 for a far, far better future. Hmm you are have not assessed the options by actual policies or you would’ve recommended and endorsed Trump. The road to hell is paved with steadiness and civility. The chaos and fire of liberty will never be snuffed out Read the record of this 'newspaper'!!!

The economist has been taken over by who It is eating its own at this point... A government of the people. And not of elitists. Like the editors at the Economist. Is the quintessence of America. You fools have no idea what's going on. And it shows. Principles aren't interests. I can eat a lot of shit for a pay raise.

thanks America was built on the blood of my ancestors, what values and principles are you talking about? hblodget Well that's a bullshit statement unless you think Joe Biden has principles. Joe Biden has sold his soul and the country to foreign enemies! Another re-worded retweet from the economist pumping the same article from earlier...

Surely this is a parody. Leaving aside the fact that Biden is the biggest liar in American politics and is senile, his agenda will ruin American economy very quickly and will make America a permanent one-party state by opening our borders and giving citizenship to illegals. Trump is selling big shit with a very good marketing campaign. Biden is selling tiny shit that actually is better than the big one, but with a very bad marketing campaign.

Why it has to be , sucking Lefties dry. So The Economist trusts Biden, the candidate who is against free market,oil industry and fracking.He is a kind of collectivist leftie do not the economist know this? such an economic wiz; joe biden just got praised...what a shame to the economist Fact check Yeah right u propagandist shit

Just another liberal rag supporting Biden! 😂 The last paragraph of this article says it best! We need to go from destructive to renewal! That's what is at stake! Trump says mean things while the Biden family gorges at the Chicom trough. Who to choose, who to choose... 🙄 OUTSTAND HEADLINE. THIS ONE IS THE ABSOLUTE BEST EVER.....THE BOSS IS ELATED

no u And big spending governments that in effect keep the masses in the controllable range for your world view perfectly. SocialismKills You know its bad for Trump when right-leaning media outlets decide against the Conservative candidate. Lol. You seem to forget that the country was just as divided before 2016 when Joe Biden was VP. I’m not blaming Biden or Obama for this either. No one politician deserves the blame. The biggest culprits are social media and the “news” outlets who aim to divide.

The. Economist. is 'LIT AF' DonaldJTrumpJr. I still get my hard copy issue via the still-exceptional USPS every week so I can read about actual news and economic trends. You get out of the fever-swamp of OANN BreitbartNews FoxNews & you get smarter & calmer. So long as he & his son dont push the US into the arms of China again

Who wrote this crap? Bwhahabhaaha....thats funny! That's pretty hilarious. He's senile I get that The Economist is supporting Biden. I just wished they did so using a more fact-based argumentation and refrained from childish, overblown arguments like this: When even The Economist knows that the only choice is Biden...

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Yes, the Economists recognizes that Trump has divided the country to highest levels. And that’s not good for America. Not for our economy, not for our society. Have you forgotten your history? We left your tyrannical government for a reason. Go concern yourself with your due date for Brexit. Tick tock tick tock 31 December coming up fast

Time for a name change: The Communist Biden the ageing bigoted hypocrite The brilliant one is always The Economist... Wow Biden time is coming, America will be healed again Lies. Your respected magazine has turned into a democrat/liberal/left/socialist propagandist toilet paper. Interesting propaganda machine this The Communist nwpr

The Economist has been a really big disappointment during this election. It has been as one-sided as CNN and has not given the Donald credit for anything. I must emphasise that I am neutral in this matter. Ew

Donald Trump Says Joe Biden Would Be A Terrible Fighter, Everyone's 'Dream Fight'President Trump says Joe Biden would get his ass kicked in a fight Trump wouldn’t be any better Get hippp tmZ battle rap artist 40 barrs on every platform let’s goooooo

Donald Trump, Sad Man, Thinks People Are Trying to Change Their Vote From Biden to HimThe president is laboring under the sad impression that people are scrambling to take back their votes for Biden He is pathetic. realDonaldTrump says a lot of stupid bullshit...(sound on) Well I sure needed that laugh! What a dope.

Donald Trump's college newspaper in Pennsylvania endorses Joe Biden for presidentThe University of Pennsylvania's student newspaper has endorsed Trump's Democratic opponent for the second time. How anyone could even consider supporting Trump after his irresponsibility caused him to become a Covid super spreader is beyond me. Did he really pass the exam? EricTrump Wow

Mark Hamill Shows Why Trump’s The 'Worst President Ever’ In New Biden VideoThe Star Wars star tries to fact-check some of Trump's biggest lies. 🤦‍♂️ Twitter users are laughing at how desperately left wing HuffPost has become.. trying to influence an American election. Lithium mouth You are not alone Mr Hamill. I'm guessing about 70 million voters agree with you

Why Black voters over 65 are at the core of a potential Joe Biden win'Black older voters are truly the stronghold the Democratic Party has in terms of consistency, reliability and turnout,' said political science professor Chryl Laird. In 2016 the GOP asked President Obama to wait on his Supreme Court nomination until AFTER the election. HE DID! A week before election the GOP is swearing in a very conservative judge. Civil rights and healthcare are on the ballot this year! Vote all blue! VoteThemOut Did u win at the bid 4 y ago? If not , shut the ××× up. A bigger story would be why young black people aren't likely to support Biden. Just saying.

Is Biden on the offense, Trump in 'state of panic'?“There’s no bright spot on the map right now” for President Trump, jheil says on new polling and campaign strategy one week from Election Day. “Donald Trump is on defense everywhere, and Joe Biden now is increasingly on offense.” jheil What will Supreme Court strategy be if Biden is ahead on November 3rd? More Hypocricy? Make your Vote Count, Vote in Person!!!! BIDENHARRIS2020 BLUEWAVE2020 BYDON2020 VOTEINPERSON2020 jheil jheil I really hope you are right.