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Oprahmeghanharry, $Alchemy_Keywords

Why Isn’t Oprah’s Bombshell Interview With Meghan and Harry on Paramount Plus?

#OprahMeghanHarry isn't available to stream on Paramount Plus. Why?

3/9/2021 5:30:00 AM

OprahMeghanHarry isn't available to stream on Paramount Plus. Why?

Oprah Winfrey’s explosive two-hour interview with Prince Harry and Meghan, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, drew massive ratings for CBS Sunday night, with an audience of more than 17 million viewer…

Representatives from Paramount Plus, CBS and Harpo did not respond toVariety’sBut on Twitter, people had alotParamount+ really messed up for not having the Oprah interview.— Ale🌺 (@21ale)Someone help me watch this interview! Not I even got the Paramount app trial and still can't find this Meg/Harry/Oprah interview.

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— AhYesYes_Yall (@MC_B00KS)Viacom not debuting the Oprah interview on Paramount+ the week of its launch might go down as one of the biggest blunders in TV history.— Andrew Ungvari (@DrewUnga)March 8, 2021 I literally downloaded paramount plus specifically because google said the Oprah interview would be on there and it’s not 😭 how can I watch it? Was it just on live and then gone forever???

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She isn’t being paid 👑👑🤣🤣 It aired on Paramount+ live, and is available free on for 30 days. After that, Harpo has the rights. Saved you the click. Is Oprah 500 lbs. She got all big. A family is in shambles. No fact checking. No one asked the royal family for statement. They have now been branded as racists for life. The only one who benefitted from all this horrific drama is Oprah. OprahMeghanHarry