Why Intentionally Building Empathy Is More Important Now Than Ever

One Stanford psychologist says empathy can be developed, like a muscle. He thinks that could affect the world positively not only at the individual level, but in things like school discipline and police training. (@MindShiftKQED)


One Stanford psychologist says empathy can be developed, like a muscle. He thinks that could affect the world positively not only at the individual level, but in things like school discipline and police training. (MindShiftKQED)

Empathy is eroding, says Stanford psychologist Jamil Zaki. The average American in 2009 was 30 percent less empathetic than their counterpart thirty years before. But there are ways to strengthen our empathy despite deep divisions in the world today.

Sixty to 70-percent of the seminary students in the “non-rush” condition stopped to help. Only 10-percent of those in the “rush” condition did so.

But it’s not all bad news. Empathy is contagious and establishing compassion and kindness as social norms can help spread it. Zaki and his graduate student, Erika Weisz, conducted a study with close to 1,000 seventh graders in the San Francisco Bay Area in which students wrote about why they think empathy is important and useful. Then students read one another’s responses, learning that their peers valued caring as much as they did. The data from this study is preliminary, but students told Weisz and her team that after learning about their peers’ empathy they were also more motivated to be empathetic.

, he taught teachers about “empathetic discipline.” They reflected on discipline strategies that would not only punish students, but help them grow. They heard stories of students who’d experienced empathetic discipline and how it helped them. And teachers wrote about strategies they could use in their classrooms. After the training, the empathetic attitudes teachers expressed in their writing seemed to show up in the classroom. Students reported feeling more respected, especially if they had previously been suspended.

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Poulin2012 MindShiftKQED Je conseille aussi l'excellent ouvrage du docteur Catherine Gueguen 'pour une enfance heureuse' pour bien commencer avec la nouvelle génération et changer nos mauvaises habitudes MindShiftKQED Theatre in our schools. MindShiftKQED Perhaps it’s a long term solution to end PoliceBrutality ? 🤔🤔🤔🤔

MindShiftKQED scottckendall You said it MindShiftKQED Not sure liberals are capable of empathy. Poulin2012 MindShiftKQED blablabla, l'empathie va sauver le monde. Moi ce que je vois c'est que ce garçon retient ses mains, ce qui empêche cette jeune fille de lui serrer la main. SigneDeRadicalisation évident. SignalonsABlanquer. jmblanquer

MindShiftKQED whyP2 kerrileewalsh JaBry20 ErwinRWB kariredmond FMposproject Poulin2012 MindShiftKQED Yes, empathy can be developed, without doubt (no need for Stanford psychologists to find that 😝) The first step is to realize that being good to others CAN be good for yourself. This is the very basis of, for example, all the Buddhist trainings, since quite a few centuries.

MindShiftKQED But if u r a sociopath, like trump, u are incapable of empathy. Don’t even get the *concept*. Sad MindShiftKQED Stanford psychologist 🙄😂😂😂😂😂 BrettKavanaugh MindShiftKQED So tRump's SOL (shit outta luck)? ImpeachAndRemove

Sarah Silverman On Why the World Needs More EmpathyThe comedian spoke at the New Yorker Festival about the dangers of cancel culture, why change is good, and the importance of finding common ground with those share different views. Her industry needs more empathy. Start there. Coming from Queen Crass? SarahKSilverman So, when she put on a blackface, that was her at her most emphatic?

MindShiftKQED Sadly, all the antidepressants that Americans have had shoved down their throats by drs over the last 30yrs removes all traces of empathy the longer 1 is on them. I’ve watched & seen this happen all around me. We no longer work out problems. We take a pill & hide from them. MindShiftKQED I'm not a Stanford psychologist (who would want to be?) but how about 'love thy neighbor as thyself' and 'do unto others as you would have them do unto you?'

MindShiftKQED I completely agree with this. I grew up in a household where empathy was non-existent. Had to learn it (sometimes the hard way) as an adult. We can all learn it, though. MindShiftKQED Teachers are now required to teach lessons in empathy along with other aspects within SEL (something most have done prior to the requirement). I’m really glad it’s being done, but it truly starts at home.

MindShiftKQED Lack of empathy can also be developed too. There are a lot of people who become cynical and callous over time. Examples: - Stanford Prison Experiment: - How Wealth Reduces Compassion: MindShiftKQED ]/]/]/][;/ MindShiftKQED Please train Stanford admin how to deal with sexual assault on campus, their dealing with Chanel Miller was a DISASTER! No empathy for her AT ALL!

MindShiftKQED America had 8 years of Obama proving that hate can be developed. Empathy is the same. We have a good start. MindShiftKQED isn't the consensus in psychology right now though that that's not true? Like in the case with ppl who have antisocial personality disorder? MindShiftKQED preach

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MindShiftKQED But there's probably zero hope this could happen to a human brain that has reached a certain age, right? MindShiftKQED Many people think empathy is weakness and “political correctness”. We need to strengthen its power. MindShiftKQED A Yale psychologist might disagree cc: paulbloomatyale

MindShiftKQED So encouraging. If we build empathy there will be less Republicans, bonus! MindShiftKQED Even in a psycopath? MindShiftKQED Right, how do we walk it back. MindShiftKQED Well gollly sarge?

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