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Why I ditched app folders and embraced phone chaos

Live in the mess.​

6/6/2021 2:37:00 AM

Live in the mess.​

Live in the

for the iPhone in 2010 and I've used them roughly ever since because iPhones are the sole smartphone I've owned. At first, folders felt super useful. There were only so many apps on my phone and it kept things look tidy. They allowed me to see my phone background clearly. But with time, every damn thing had an app. My laundry is now run by an app — I literally can't wash my clothes without it. Using folders to neatly organize my countless apps — many of which, granted, I hardly use — felt impossible. It felt more like a task than a useful tool, and finding the apps became more difficult, not easier.

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So, eventually, some combination of the pandemic and my natural state led me to the ethos offuck it. No folders, no semblance of order, nohere's where my food apps are, here's transportation, here's messaging.No wondering if Snapchat is social media or messaging. No worries over keeping my phone neatly organized. No gods, no masters.

Here, look upon my works and despair. (And, by the way, this is just three pages of many on my phone, all cluttered with apps.)My many apps, entirely unorganized.Image: Screenshot: iphone / Tim Marcin / mashableAnd you know what? This home screen chaos has made my life better. Peacock under my laundry app? Sure. TikTok and Zillow? Why not. Cheesesteak restaurant with package tracking? Makes sense.

As an unorganized person, it just works better for me. Instead of rambling through different folders trying to find the app I need, my brain goes into autopilot and swipes to the page and,bamYes, it's a mess, but it'smymess.You know that kid in school who had the binder stuffed with haggard-looking papers? Crumpled assignments sandwiched between rulers, open pens, and sheets from semesters ago. But then, somehow, they always turned up exactly the piece of paper they needed? That was me.

My phone's screen is just the latest version of that. Yes, it's a mess, but it'smymess. And running off muscle memory and a wide-open display works better for me thaneverything has a place and every place has its thing.I mean, if worst comes to worst, I just swipe down and search for what I need, which I suppose I could've done with my apps in folders — but then I would've had to have wasted time putting my apps in folders. Everything is chaos on my phone, and to me, that's beautiful. I have given up control and, in that act, found my own little form of organization.

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Yeah don’t bother organizing, just care about the home screen (maybe) and the if you need something that’s not there, just search… if you find yourself searching for the same app then move it to the home screen Hurts my OCD so much

Why I ditched app folders and embraced phone chaosLive in the I still miss live tiles No thanks. At least she doesn’t have thousands of unread notifications, I guess.

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