Why hasn't the Trump campaign paid all its police security bills?

Ten city governments from Arizona to Pennsylvania say the president’s political committee has yet to pay hundreds of thousands in security bills.


Ten city governments from Arizona to Pennsylvania say the president’s political committee has yet to pay hundreds of thousands in security bills.

Ten city governments from Arizona to Pennsylvania say the president’s political committee has yet to pay hundreds of thousands in security bills.

So why don't cash-strapped city governments protest by denying candidates such as Trump police protection?

"Most [police] chiefs will remind their officials how long it took Dallas to not be known as the place where the president was assassinated," said Myers of the Major Cities Chiefs Association.

from 23 different local governments and law enforcement agencies.

Sanders spokeswoman Arianna Jones told the Center for Public Integrity in October 2017 that the campaign would work with municipal government to"amicably resolve these matters" even if the campaign wasn't"legally responsible" for event security costs.

Now, as Sanders is running second or third behind former Vice President Joe Biden in most major

"We pay all costs for police support we ask for or agree to as a condition of the permit at a particular venue," Sanders spokeswoman Sarah Ford said.

associated with the event, city spokesman Gregg Schildberger confirmed.)

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Because he's notorious for weaseling out of paying his workers. Trump does not pay any bills he owes. Hasn't any one been listening to him. He takes but he never pays back. How many businesses have taken him to court to get the countries top welsher to pay them what he owes them? Did u expect anything less from a crook that never pays his contractors, that's one of the ways he got rich keeping the money he's a fraud.

Shouldn’t be surprised. Never trust this liar and narcissist. Pathetic. Then whichever states that aren’t being paid shouldn’t provide services going forward Sue. You are at the bottom of a very long list. What do they expect, Trump and associates are just a bunch of grifters Promises kept...realDonaldTrump is running it like his business 🙄 ImpeachDonaldTrumpNOW

They should insist on prepayment That's Trump's lifelong MO. Once a grifter, always a grifter.

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Trump has been stiffing contractors since the 70's. Wake up. WINNING!!!!!! This administration making the gop proud everyday ... because the name “Trump” is involved. And because Michael Cohen is in prison so the bagman isn’t coming around. How about that. Still stiffing the little guy. Dear Deadbeat Dads, Do you want *your* kids to end up looking like this? PAY. YOUR. BILLS.

Lets just tax the rich and make them pay for it TrumpIsACriminal ImpeachTrumpNow stayingonbrand good luck with that

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No pay do not pass go, no campaigning. realDonaldTrump is waiting to claim bankruptcy so he only has to pay those cities pennies on the dollar of what he owes them. Like he did to the contractors who used to do work for him. MAGA DonTheCon Please hold your breath. This should be a major campaign point.

Because prostitutes take money, they never pay. It's embarrassing that I need to keep explaining this. SURPRISE, SURPRISE,SURPRISE ! Maybe people should demand payment before they allow him in. Yet they will host his rallies over and over during this election cycle. How about cash up front? No cash, no security.

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Trump is above the law at less he is getting away with it. Thanks to the Senate. Trump will not pay any bill. He feels it comes free for him. Lock his ass up now. just send the bill to putin It is being run just like his business, they will not pay, lawsuits will start and then they will offer $.20 on the dollar.

Business as usual for this despicable person Do we even have to wonder at this one? Either they are too incompetent to manage to pay their bills on time or don’t intend to until forced. Because it's cheaper for him to drag it out in court like he does to contractors I assume the 'why' is rhetorical. That is his way. His whole life has been spent screwing people out of money.

sue them. that's the only thing they respect. I wouldn't hold my breath

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Democrats stir up the political craziness and want to be paid for it. Riiiight He’s literally done this his entire professional life. Hey OrlandoPolice ... get ready to get stiffed on your overtime when Trump comes to town!! Trump hasn't paid local and state fire departments for fighting fires and risking their lives on fires on federal land either. Trump doesn't pay his bills, he never has, never will for anything Crooked is the new GOP with trump at the helm.

trump doesn't pay his bills. Just ask the contractors he hired. They went bankrupt And we’re shocked by this The man has lost a billion dollars in bad investments. You guys tweeted this story already. Is it not garnering the attention you desired? Clown realDonaldTrump welching like he did on every building project he or Ivanka attempted. He even sued DeutscheBank after he guaranteed em $40M & couldn’t come up w $40M when Ivanka failed in Chicago & Trumps defaulted; then Kushners bought DB off to loan Trump $40M to pay DB $40M

Because he never pays his debts. Cummon guys. Catch up.

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Wow.... if only we had an indication of this prior to his being elected.... oh wait... we did.... many many times Delusional, dishonest, greedy, and un-trustworthy; Donald Trump. Why don't you just ask? why should he Well that’s a surprise. Shocking Maybe he’ll do that with his next pay ... he’s still donating it anyway 🙄

Blue lives matter, but paying them doesn’t? docrocktex26 Since when does a trump pay their bills? You been had by the greatest grifter on earth... And so has his base.

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And he NEVER WILL. Because trump never pays his bills. TrumpIsADisgrace I think he should not be allowed to campaign in any state until his security bills are paid up. Business wont continue service unless your account is up to date, what should campaign be any different? And why are they surprised? Yeah...newsflash! Trump doesn’t pay his bills.

Sad Color me entirely unsurprised at this point I have some news for them...

Sue them in court like he does He's a deadbeat. You know that. Frame this story so that it's clear what you're writing about is just the latest in his long history of conning people. … Why? Why? Because Trump never pays his fucking tab, that’s why. You really should know this by now. docrocktex26 didnt pay folk in atlantic city for building his stuff like inform your readers that he always cheats folks... like who lets ya just write this

Probably never will. He's a Low Life. Having Money and being White doesn't mean you have Class. It’s his MO. This is why the con has been sued thousands of times. Literally. Because he's a professional grifter and piece of garbage would be my best bet. Typical realDonaldTrump! He has stiffed so many individuals, groups, organizations, vendors, etc., in his lifetime; his father did it too. He may love law enforcement, but he loves cheating people more. Sad!

docrocktex26 Lmao, that’s Trump’s business model- stiff the workers. Does he EVER pay his bills, like the rest of Us have to? Don’t give the asshole any more security and see how many cities or states he would visit, I mean he is so loved everywhere why would he worry? Fake news? Each city, county, and state that provides DZjT protection that has not been paid should not provide future protection until the bills are paid. All future protection required should be provided under a large bank deposit before DJT’s arrival

realDonaldTrump why do I have to pay my bills and you don’t? Wow‼️ docrocktex26 Because Trump is and has ALWAYS been a Cheapskate moocher. docrocktex26 It's strange but I feel like we knew had a history of not paying his bills. How odd he'd continue doing something he has always done before... Consider it a 'student loan'...?

Family tradition docrocktex26 It’s his Modus Operandi. Same old story about Trump. The difference is that he can’t use bankruptcy laws to his benefit for these debts. That’s the history of Trump’s business methods.. a wake of unpaid bills in a sea of corruption. Staying in his lane though! Brand fidelity.

This is not new. realDonaldTrump has done this for years and years. That’s always been Donny’s MO. naturally Its so you must ReadPastTheHeadline Local police routinely provide protection for political and other such events. They rarely ask for money, and there are no agreements. Its their job. Some cities took it upon themselves to send bills.

I hope that they don't actually expect to get paid. Just look at the history of this guy. I can't get over how people just keep trusting him.....worshiping him. Wow. LockHimUp

Surprise!!! I’d just say the next city that allows this will be run by a republican gov or mayor that will not mind expending his taxpayers money as a donation to the Trump campaign ITS CALLED STALLING I think Palm Beach County finally got one check of the millions owed to the local taxpayers..maybe we should take a couple 1985 Crown Vics out of mothballs and park them in front of Maralago till we get paid..or bring another plane load of D.C. Protection.

Hahaha Need to stop giving security he probably doesn’t need it anyway Trump is known for not paying his Bill's and cheating others. Lying and cheating are how he makes money. realDonaldTrump Dictators don't pay, you obey He does not pay his bills he is a cheat Because that's what he does. He stiffed contractors when he was in real estate! He's now stiffing city governments!

CROOKED POTUS LOCK HIM UP ! Wow. Fake news working overtime to try to take down a President they don't like. If you are Trump University alumnus, you will know not paying your creditors is a pillar to creating false wealth. Duh! His entire life he has stiffed contractors. He cares about no one but himself.

Trump chant: 'America first!' Trump contractor chant: 'Payment first!' thegrifterthatkeepsgrifting Anyone surprised The invoices were written 'net impeachment'. Why would you believe anything trump says ? Ahhhh, now, have you been paying attention? the real question is: why aren’t cities denying the President paid security? there is no law that says they must. and this President’s credit rating is subzero. maddow Lawrence billmaher

The money is gone? That’s his MO. Oh, this is so shocking! Who would have ever guessed this was a possibility based on Trump’s past conduct? Because this crook never pay his bills. Have y'all been living under a rock TrumpNeverPaysHisBills StillDoesnt TrumpianWay It's good to be the king! He never paid anyone willingly unless it was a porn star he had an affair with.

Do they? realDonaldTrump how’s about you criminal? Because trump never pays his bills!

Patricemdevine Because they are grifters. Decency and honor escape them. deadbeatdonald 😱. I’m shocked. why would anyone find this a surprise? here's an idea: if you want to be paid for your services do NOT work for anyone in the trump criminal universe. ever. he NEVER pays, people! he enjoys stiffing the 'little people' who can't afford to sue his fat ass.

Well, that's the way Donald rolls. He is a deadbeat. Here we go, we’re going to find out all kinds of things this Trump Administration didn’t do. Republicans for the sake of the country, vote with the Democrats to Impeach this President- DANGEROUS! Why? WHY! Seriously? realDonaldTrump has made an art out of conning contractors, retailers, nearly every service provider,into fronting goods &services &then stiffing them for the bill. Orlando better ask for C.O.D. b4 they let even MAGA advance man set foot in their arena

He’s been this way historically. What do you people do? He defaults on everyone so your no exception. Why should they? Nothing will happen. Trump could murder someone on camera and nothing will happen but a bunch of investigations and inquiries and shit.

Trump has consistently defaulted on payments to contractors during his personal business life; why is anyone surprised? I'M still astonished that anyone could VOTE for someone this unethical! He never pay his bills and now that is president he expects the American people to pay it same thing when he goes in foreign trips he takes his whole family at taxpayers expenses he is a Shameless

More Fake News taffyfantasia Up to his old tricks again stiffing the people he owes money. Paid your bills like everyone in America does. I hope the states charge interest. They need to cut off his tab (not a euphemism). No more services until his bills are paid and they receive a deposit on future services. He's a deadbeat and a cheat. notmypresident IllegitimatePOTUS

Shocking, I tell you, just shocking!! Tak i Polska stała się z automatu poligonem Dealing with this 🤡, they should always demand payment up front. He has a history of stiffing contractors. Classic example of how Trump runs his businesses ! Why, because he’s a thief always has been always will be!

same as how he handled his businesses...next he will bankrupt us, then maybe his work is done here?!😒 Maybe he is waiting for Mexico to send a check or his tax cuts for the rich to pay for themselves. Orlando’s up next Don’t they know if they haven’t gotten the payment by now there never going to get! They should know from his record that he they want the money. Lesson learned:. Get the money in advance. When be was no give him a list of events across the state that will do ask for payment in advance

He's a cheating grifter, who has rarely paid his bills, ever, so 🙄 Just the same reasons banks in this country won’t lend him money anymore because he is a crook Perhaps cities should JUST SAY NO and make the committee pay the estimate up-front and then settle the actuals when over. Finally something you can probably prove

Well, got news for them ... join the queue. Oh, yes, and Presidents (and in Trump's case I use that term very loosely) are no immune from state or civil suits. Doesn’t really surprise me. Sue him Pretty sure Trump just passed gas, y'all better start investigating 😂 are we really supposed to believe msnbc is unbiased even though Rachel maddow has been on an anti Trump rant for 3 years and now is a moderator for the DNC 😂😂

Good Luck getting paid. He’s never paid anyone else. Does really come as a surprise? Cheat in Chief!!! I’m shocked . Shocker!!! He never paid his bills as a private citizen. Why start now when he can pass it on to his foolish followers

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