Why GOP secretary of state candidate Mark Finchem stayed true to a homophobic antisemite

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Opinion from ejmontini: What used to be a Republican Party trying to welcome everyone under a spacious big tent now seems more like a cult trying to welcome a select few under a pointy white hood.

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There is no need to wonder why on earth Mark Finchem, the Republican candidate for Arizona secretary of state, did not rescind his endorsement of the homophobic, antisemitic Republican state Senate candidate in Oklahoma, Jarrin Jackson.(before the media made a big stink about it) then rescinded it in a whisper.Finchem does not condemn racists, antisemites and homophobes like Jackson because … he needs them.The same is true, in general terms, for Lake.

Just look at who these Republican candidates associate with and the fellow candidates they support and endorse.Finchem and Lake, for example, are joined at the hip. They’re Donald Trump cultists and election deniers. They filed a lawsuit trying to ban ballot-counting machines, a “frivolous” legal maneuver for which Maricopa County supervisors want a judge toFinchem is also a member of the far-right extremist Oath Keepers.

Arizona state Sen. Wendy Rogers is also a proud member of the Oath Keepers. Both she and Finchem took campaign contributions from Jackson. Likewise, Rogers and Lake have exchanged endorsements of one another. Political allies, united by hate. Lake, Finchem, Rogers and other Trump sycophants have taken over the GOP on a state and national level. What used to be a Republican Party trying to welcome everyone under a spacious big tent now seems more like a cult trying to welcome a select few under a pointy white hood.They are what they are, and most of them are not trying to hide it.

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ejmontini Finchem's not alone.

ejmontini and he will win lol!

ejmontini Adrian Fontes corrupted our elections as county recorder. I’ll take the honest cowboy all day every day.

ejmontini Hey EJ, when can we expect your opinion piece on the effects of fentanyl coming across the border? Oh that’s the dog whistle piece.

ejmontini Cant believe you publish this trash

ejmontini a spacious big tent? a specious big tent! What does specious even mean? Now I have to look it up. It's not good whatever it means ...

ejmontini Yes but I can’t remember the part about the Republican Party welcoming everyone under a big tent? That has not happened in my lifetime and I am old.

ejmontini ej is a partisan hack - no one cares what he says- if u want open borders,crime,inflation,corruption keep voting democrats

ejmontini Good try. Lived in the south and southwest for 40 years. Never saw or met a Nazi or a KKK. It was the Democratic party that formed the KKK when they were a thing. You should present true history if you’ve any decency left.

ejmontini More proof that liberals are having the truth HIDEN from them by big tech and the media. I know it is hard to admit you were fooled but now is the time to change the channel and get intelligent info: not Trump hatred lies.

ejmontini The marxist creators of the group identity, the vaxxis, the wokis, the MAPs the whotes, the blacks the identitarians. The true segregationist then racist. Fake news. The ignorant That's you az central that's you.

ejmontini Trumplicans

ejmontini 🤡

ejmontini I heard he even wears white hoods after Labor Day. Someone pull his police office complaint records!

ejmontini He wears the hat to hide the Nazi tat on his pate.



ejmontini Trump and maga is the most diverse gop yet. Dems shook

ejmontini Are you a liberal?


ejmontini Have you SEEN some of the people on the left? Democrats/progressives/liberals aren't any better. Y'all put labels on people faster than a Fry's grocery stocker on a Wednesday morning.


ejmontini Yep, you know the answer!!

ejmontini Here’s your cult Montini

ejmontini RememberInNovember VoteBetterAz the AZGOP is TooExtreme

ejmontini Montini supports a guy who took showers with his young daughter.

ejmontini I think your assuming a lot!

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