Why getting outside for a walk in the cold is worth the effort

Why getting outside for a walk in the cold is worth the effort


11/27/2021 3:04:00 AM

Why getting outside for a walk in the cold is worth the effort

Making walking a daily habit comes with some impressive health benefits — for your mind and your body.

, to get in touch with your thoughts, to understand what’s important and to relax.”Bryant is also a fan of getting outdoors for your walk: “There are so many wonderful benefits in terms of being able to have that positive distraction, a change in scenery, and getting sunlight and fresh air,” he said.

Taking a walk with a family member or friend, if you stay safely apart, gives you adose of socializingthat is also good for your mental health.A walk can also help clear your mind and enhance your creativity. “I use walking on a personal level when I’m writing an article or editing a book — when I get stuck, I go out and walk,” Bryant said.

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I bet it is healthy, but so many people live in areas where walking is a death wish...the midwest.

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