Why Does a Hug Feel So Good?

Why hugs have such a profoundly positive effect on our mood and mental health


Why hugs have such a profoundly positive effect on our mood and mental health

Research suggests touch has a positive impact on mental health and development.

Read more: Psychology Today

Depends who MeekMill Only if done appropriately... Touch is a powerful means of communication. Never had that reaction for me. I don't like them. dvannanda your justification card Please not any hug , some people do it as a habit in thier work for example. And do horrible things 😄

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Another theory on why stocks are under pressure lately: The 'Warren correction'Some Wall Street analysts are saying that Elizabeth Warren's recent surge in the polls is hurting stocks. Liz Warren is a parasite, she will destroy the US economy. Running on the platform of destroying our retirement accounts? Why do you guys do Trumpster's bidding? No Tarriffs killing farmers and manufacturing? No general instability and insanity in the White House? (the markets like stabiliyt, no?)

8 reasons why people are so obsessed with Wegmans, according to the store's super fansFrom products to store atmosphere, here are eight reasons people can't get enough of Wegmans, one of America's most loved grocery stores. andrwlane chris_anklin 'They have a whole team of 'helping hands' that will help you load your car or push your cart, if you're unable to do so' ...genuine care for the customer always wins. And that's why this brand is stepping over larger ones cx CustomerServiceWeek

Why Oracle is hiring 2000 for cloud division after big layoffsOracle is hiring 2,000 people for its cloud business after laying off untold thousands earlier this year, and an insider explains why it's a smart strategy Don't even need to read the article to know it's only about 'costs'. Fire the old employees, hire new ones at lower wages. Corporate cronyism 101

Why Can’t Banks Get Digital Account Opening Right?Seriously now, how hard could opening a bank account through digital channels be? Seriously

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