Why Disney+ Is Right to Charge Extra for ‘Raya’

Why Disney+ Is Right to Charge Extra for ‘Raya’

3/2/2021 6:22:00 PM

Why Disney+ Is Right to Charge Extra for ‘Raya’

The release of “Raya and the Last Dragon” on March 5 will be Disney’s first try at a simultaneous theatrical and streaming debut in the U.S. and selected territories where Disney+ is available. Bu…

more studio films from Disney will get streaming releases alongsidetheatrical runs. CEO Bob Chapekduring yesterday’s Morgan Stanley Q&A that “Premier Access” on Disney+ is a tentative strategy in light of COVID and that the company doesn’t want to “cut the legs off” theatrical runs.

Continuing to send select studio titles to Disney+ with a surcharge may be the necessary compromise needed to keep revenue up without completely tarnishing box office performance at a time when the box office could finally be making a slow return to normal.

Disney+ Has Marvel Might to Flex in 2021 Thanks toSeries, Not FilmsThere are currently three Marvel Cinematic Universe films scheduled to hit theaters in 2021, noted in red in the chart below.While having the ability to stream new MCU films for free would be a headtopics.com

major selling point for potential Disney+ subscribers, long-anticipated MCU original series  Read more: Variety »

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Interesting that Mulan and Raya are extra charge, but Soul wasn’t. They're not you fucking heathens They can charge an extra if they want to, and all of us that already pay the Disney + service also have the right to wait some weeks or months and watch it with no extra charge. How much they can get with this approach, will define how right or wrong business wise the move was

Namoradahentai i don't know the right or wrong comes into it. It's what the market will bear. It's probably easier to ask a lot if it's an existing franchise people are already invested in. We paid it, it worked out cheaper than the 4 of us going to the cinema. Would do it again for the right movies. Can't read the article. Paid. ;/

I hope Disney prices itself into obscurity I love Raya but it’s too expensive. And unavailable to most South East Asia. I think it’s fine they charge as now you have the option to watch a feature release from the comfort of your own home. Not sure what the big deal is. If you don’t want to pay, don’t watch. Simple.

Why people are torrenting Raya. 😂 Here in Brazil it's charging R$70,00... that is like 3 movie tickets. I don't see a problem charging a small fee for premium content, but really, It's completly off budget, mainly in a country with an economical crises. by Bob Iger Y’all posting articles like this because the movie bombed. You gotta be a damn sucker to pay Disney 35 damn dollars for a movie. People learned from the Mulan debacle. People rather wait for the movie to be free then pay for a potentially bad film. No thanks.

Let's wait and see if they change their tune when someone else does this.. Say something dumb Hide explanation behind a paywall Guess it's not just dumb, but also getting the Disney money falling on their account, and the subs money too. I don’t know basic math, you’re wrong WhatsOnHBOMax you ain’t slick

Oh now I see why Dr. Seuss can not share a page of endorsements with this new blockbuster coming out How many times do you need to repost this garbage? No they were not right but I care not as I downloaded it for free 🤷‍♂️ Is it the same reason you are charging extra to read the article? Stop tweeting this already

As a single person im not paying 30 bucks for a rental. They’re not, stop validating it. So... why didn’t I have to pay for Soul? Either they have to accept that these unprecedented times ™ will skew numbers and release for free, or they can hold their content for when theatres are open. This half in-half out nonsense isn’t doing anyone or any films any favours.

I wonder who owns Variety. Disney’s content is primarily targeting children, parents will also watch along as a family. In theatres majority of the Disney / Pixar box office is from families, for them it would usually cost around $100 per family. It’s show business, how else would they break even... But for USD 30? I don’t think so. I love Raya and The Last Dragon so much but for so many it’s still too expensive. Not to mention that Disney+ isn’t available in most South Ead Asia where the movie was inspired by.

fuck the right🤮 Didn't a Dr. Seuss book get cancelled for depicting a Chinese boy in a traditional hat,eating w.[brace yourselves-]chopsticks?'Woke'equation: traditional=stereotyping=RACIST!In woke world,traditions are not to be celebrated but are shameful to depict = WOKE BIGOTRY/DISRESPECT why should i sign up to read articles

I’m an ATT employee and I love telling people they can stream our blockbuster wbpictures films at no additional cost on hbomax Right or wrong business-wise the reality is that is just too steep a price. Raya was amazing, but $35 here in Canada for the opportunity to rent it at $6/month? Thats just too much to ask while people are poorer than they've been in decades and struggling to make ends meet

Nah. consume product then wait for other product you’re chewing on the boot, variety They are not right no matter how you try and justify it! They can charge whatever they want. Doesn’t mean we have to pay it. Pathetic. I didn’t mind paying for Mulan but after HBO MAX came out with free releases I feel I am getting ripped by Disney+ paying extra for Raya. So moving forward I won’t be paying the extra for releases unless it’s something like Black Widow

Let me guess, cause disney owns a piece of They aren't I thought HBO Max was wrong to release movies for free on their platform? But Disney can charge and they are right? I think consumers would prefer the 'no additional cost' PREMIERE Streaming model that hbomax offers And ironically, you have to pay an extra charge to read this article 🤣

But I thought it was about saving theaters (?) is it OK when Disney charges an extra fee on their streaming service but it's not when HBOMax does it without any additional charge? If WB Did this you would write 50 articles about it saying its wrong and how it should be free included with your Subscription for HBOMax . but for some reason Disney gets a free pass for this .

I dont mind paying for a movie I do mind paying Extra for a service I already pay monthly. If im going to pay extra for everything they release exclusive I might as well just cancel the subscription and pay exclusively for what I want Disney shills. If WB can put all their blockbusters on HBO Max for free, there's no excuse for any other streaming service to charge extra for their movies.

Why Lucas Is Right to Not Pay Extra for ‘Raya’ I don't mind paying extra to buy those movies. It's the fact that they're still tied to my D+ sub even after I pay $30 for them that's plain inexcusable tbh. Yes. Black Widow is next. I’d pay $50 or more to watch Black Widow in my home right now. disneyplus

Just wank them off next time no