Why democracy festivals, a staple in northern Europe, are spreading

Come for the beer—and stay for a chat with the president


The schedules have evolved to focus on audience participation, rather than endless policy announcements

Come for the beer—and stay for a chat with the president

The popularity of these events in northern Europe owes much to those countries’ political cultures, reckons Zakia Elvang, the Democracy Festival Association’s chairwoman, since “there is less distance between the regular citizens and the elite of society” than elsewhere. The organisers encourage attendees to see themselves as a crucial part of the political system. Admission is always free. The welcoming atmosphere, where you can “wear your sneakers and have a beer”, is designed to attract as wide a range of people as possible.

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Europe looks on with dismay as Brexit disarray deepensEuropean governments look on helplessly as Brexit chaos deepens Well. The disruption we hope is on their own this time.

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