Why Couples Might Be More Likely to Break Up on Valentine’s Day

2/12/2022 6:01:00 PM

The relational impact of romantic holidays.

Special occasions like Valentine's Day can put a lot of pressure on romantic partners, especially those who share these personality traits, writes WendyPatrickPhD

The relational impact of romantic holidays.

Key points For some couples, relational reminders on Valentine's Day enhance partner perception of relationship functioning.Future has dropped a new single just for you.Your California Privacy Rights.(Steve Rosenberg) Jules Burnotte of Team Canada reacts after competing during Men's Biathlon 10km Sprint at National Biathlon Centre on day 8 of 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics on Feb.

Partners high in attachment avoidance report lower relational satisfaction compared to individuals low in attachment avoidance.Partners in weakened relationships are more likely to break up within the two weeks surrounding Valentine’s Day than other couples.“Valentine’s Day, the worst day, got too many to please,” Future raps.Many couples eagerly look forward to Valentine’s Day, buying gifts and making reservations at swanky restaurants or hotspots, anticipating memorializing the celebration with Instagramable moments..Other couples are worried their Valentine’s Day dinner may be their last.” “Worst Day” follows.For relationships on the rocks, the romantic holiday may provide an opportunity, not for expensive dining, but expedient dissolution.12, 2022 in Zhangjiakou, China.

But do couples on shaky ground really have to worry about a day celebrating romance ruining their own? Research has some answers.Romantic Reminders attachment avoidance on relationship functioning on Valentine’s Day.[i] They begin by noting that many cultures celebrate designated holidays dedicated to a celebration of love and affection, Valentine’s Day representing one of those holidays originating in Western culture.They recognize that a holiday like Valentine’s Day would conceivably increase the experience of enjoying a romantic relationship.Accordingly, they found that relational reminders on Valentine's Day enhanced partner perception of relationship functioning.(Sarah Stier / Getty Images) Adam Vaclavik of Team Czech Republic warms up ahead of competing during Men's Biathlon 10km Sprint at National Biathlon Centre on day 8 of 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics on Feb.

But they also found that this perception was moderated by the attachment orientation of the individuals involved.Chopik et al.explain that individuals who are high in avoidance report a lower amount of satisfaction and investment as compared to individuals low in attachment avoidance—a result that was particularly relevant when the significance of their relationships was emphasized on Valentine’s Day.Specifically considering relationships on Valentine’s Day, as opposed to a different day of the year, yielded higher levels of investment and satisfaction only by individuals who were lower in attachment avoidance.Chopik et al.12, 2022 in Zhangjiakou, China.

note that their findings suggest that Valentine’s Day does indeed enhance relationships, but particularly for people who are thinking about their partner and are predisposed towards depending on their romantic partner.Chopik and colleagues note that in general, feelings, thoughts, and behaviors that enhance relationships also enhance partner perception of relationship functioning.They give the example of how people who consistently express admiration and affection for their partner, and remind their partners (and themselves) what they appreciate about the relationship, enjoy relationships that are happier and more satisfying.They also note that being reminded of having a high-quality relationship partner is linked with feelings of.

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