Why Congresswoman Sara Jacobs Is Sharing Her Egg Freezing Journey With the World

Why Congresswoman Sara Jacobs Is Sharing Her Egg Freezing Journey With the World

9/11/2021 11:24:00 AM

Why Congresswoman Sara Jacobs Is Sharing Her Egg Freezing Journey With the World

“There’s this idea that it’s a sad choice to make, whereas I think it’s incredibly empowering.”

Definitely. There’s a few of us young women in Congress, and I definitely talk to most of them about what I’m going through and, I don’t want to speak for them, but [there are] varying degrees of people considering or not considering [egg freezing]. But I’ve also been talking to older members of Congress for whom this wasn’t an option or who didn’t know that this existed. I was explaining to a lot of my colleagues about this process and why I decided to do it. I’m hoping that opens up some more policy advocates as well.

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Youtold CNNthat the hormonal pills you need to take for the procedure make you feel like you’re going through puberty. How has that affected your day-to-day life and, more specifically, your work life?I don’t ever want anyone to tell me that women are too emotional to be leaders ever again, because I’m quite literally as hormonal as a woman can ever be, and there are still many men I deal with who are acting from a much more emotional, irrational perspective than I am.

Obviously, there were some hard days, and now I have to do shots three times a day. My body definitely hurts. We had the National Defense Authorization Act markup this past week, which was 16 hours, I think. That was hard to try and sit there when I was feeling so uncomfortable in my body. But you find ways to do it. Just like anyone, from the outside, it looks really hard. Then when you’re doing it, you figure out a way, just like so many people who are in the workplace. headtopics.com

Related StoryI Never Thought I'd Freeze My Eggs at 24While going through this process, was there anything you learned about egg freezing that made you rethink some of the laws that are currently in place?There are so many different components. There’s the actual procedure to extract the eggs and freeze them, but then there’s the lead up to it with the shots and the medicine and all of the blood draws and ultrasounds. In some states that have laws that supposedly cover fertility treatments, when they say they cover egg freezing, what they mean is the actual yearly fee you pay to store your eggs, not all the medicine and everything that goes into being able to freeze your eggs. For instance, I was talking to someone who has all of her ultrasounds covered, but not the medicine. I think it’s figuring out how to write the language the right way so you’re actually including the full procedure and not just one part of it.

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— Sara Jacobs (@SaraJacobsCA)September 4, 2021How are you feeling now that you’ve made the decision and are in the thick of the process?There are definitely some days that are harder than others. The shots are not enjoyable for sure. But I feel really confident in my decision and really empowered and grateful that I’m able to make this choice. As a young woman, I remember having so much inadvertent or advertent messaging about like, “After you turn 36, you won’t be able to have a kid. So you’ve got to make sure you do everything before you’re 36.” This fixation on youth. I think this just helps me realize there’s life after 36. I’ll be able to make the choices I want to make. I don’t need to feel so time-pressured in a way I don’t feel like my male peers are. I’ve also learned a lot about reproduction from going through this process. It’s not true that all of a sudden you can’t have a kid anymore after 36. According to my doctor, every year is a little bit harder to have a kid than the year before, but there’s no cliff, there’s no magic number. That’s something I wish I’d known in my 20s when my friends and I would think about our careers and be so worried about being able to do everything we wanted.

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This rich white-skinned Congresswoman with no actual paid work experience, no life experience and a smarmy campaign history arrogantly tells us how oppressed she is. Eviction moratoriums & unemployment loss for poor people interferes w/her egg freezing & IVF. Selfies. Tone deaf.

Why Congresswoman Sara Jacobs Is Sharing Her Egg Freezing Journey With the World“There’s this idea that it’s a sad choice to make, whereas I think it’s incredibly empowering.”

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