Why climate is a winning issue for Democrats

Despite what Trump thinks, we are going to transition from oil whether Joe Biden says so or not.

10/24/2020 9:02:00 AM

“The polling landscape for climate, at this point, is that it is genuinely a popular and persuasive issue,” Charlotte Swasey says. “56% of voters say they they’re more likely to support a presidential candidate who pledges to achieve 100% clean energy.”

Despite what Trump thinks, we are going to transition from oil whether Joe Biden says so or not.

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The Paris Accord is a 99 year strategy to reduce earth's core by just a half degree. 99 years. Ponzi Scheme. Clean energy is our future. The transition is decades behind. While we make the leap we must strike the balance between the environment and jobs. We can do it if we work together e pluribus unum. We need leaders that will help save the planet and the lives of our children.

Trump says 'ah-ha' when Biden says we want to transition off of oil. Hell yeah, we do. What's wrong with getting rid of our dependency on foreign oil? What's wrong with using clean energy? Well, at least one of the candidates actually admit there is a reason for concern/change regarding global warming. The other says 'science doesn't even know' (fires in Calf.) which is and stupid, open end statement to protect himself. ~mpov

The price is right for Joe Biden...too do that for Americans... 90% of voters do not understand that every kilowatt decreased in fossil fuels is an automatic increase of their ELECTRIC BILL and each gallon of gas. I produce renewable energy. Someday we will power Earth. Not tomorrow nor by 2050. Well none of my friends in the oil industry have jobs. So yeah they need to retrain. It’s the future so better have a president who will prepare for it.

On the one hand, I live on the earth and therefore want it to survive. On the other hand, I reall think Hunter Biden should be put in jail. It’s a toughie this year 🤔 I wish it were true, but I’m afraid Tump will prevail. Only god knows how. Bu ifadeniz sadece California için geçerlidir. Desteksiz atmayınız por favor😅.

That’s right!! So at least half our country doesn't want to, essentially, commit slow suicide. Awesome. Hopefully more will decide to not end all life on Earth as we know it soon. Doubtful, but hopefully. 100% of both of my cats believe I should vote for Joe Biden. '56%of Democratic voters they mean.

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Why Does Trump Think Biden Wants To Shrink Everybody’s Windows?The president insisted during the presidential debate that his Democratic opponent wants to force buildings to install smaller windows. It’s unclear where Trump got this idea. Probably has to do with low IQ 😁 Just another grenade tossed into the room. He should not be creating distractions at this point. He needs to focus because he is the underdog. This creates another phony issue that takes him off whatever his key issue should be.

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