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Why Artificial Intelligence Isn’t Intelligent

The real problem with artificial intelligence, writes tech columnist @mims: It’s not actually intelligent.

7/31/2021 2:44:00 PM

The real problem with artificial intelligence, writes tech columnist mims: It’s not actually intelligent.

Some AI experts think that the name itself is fueling the kind of hype and confusion that have led to “AI winters” in the past.

July 31, 2021 12:00 am ETA funny thing happens among engineers and researchers who build artificial intelligence once they attain a deep level of expertise in their field. Some of them—especially those whounderstand what actual, biological intelligences are capable of

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—conclude that there’s nothing “intelligent” about AI at all.“In a certain sense I think that artificial intelligence is a bad name for what it is we’re doing here,” says Kevin Scott, chief technology officer of Microsoft. “As soon as you utter the words ‘artificial intelligence’ to an intelligent human being, they start making associations about their own intelligence, about what’s easy and hard for them, and they superimpose those expectations onto these software systems.”

This might seem like a purely academic debate. Whatever we call it, surely what matters most about “AI” is the way it is already transforming what can seem like almost every industry on earth? Not to mention the potential it has to displace millions of workers in trades ranging from white to blue collar, from the back office to trucking?

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mims Real problem of ai & digitalization & robotics: Must administer humanstupidity lack of true innovations. NOTABENE: ai is Not an innovation itself but a tool to enable disruptive innovations. Humans BigData termites behaviour. So,their innovations 'buildings' by bored ai mims Bring on all the artificial intelligent robots and replace Trump supporters, conservatives and Republicans.

mims Believe it or not. The US embassy in USEmbBaghdad iraq so far issued zero visa to DV2021 selectees TravelGov mims You watch The Black Hole lately? As a kid the scariest part was Maximilian killing Anthony Perkins. Watching it now, VINCENT is a robot who talks in metaphors. Metaphors!! What kind of crazy AI can communicate that way?

mims This is marketing hype getting out of hand. Machine Learning became viable when computers became powerful enough. ML companies increased spending exponentially to brute-force gains until it became impossible to scale. Once Moore's Law ended, ML hit a brick wall. mims this is terrible news mims AI doesn't take into consideration all the social prejudices artificially created present in🌏🌍🌎 societies.

mims aint it tho mims Awesome! Do have a peep at COVIDPunksNFT mims op-ed: no hat or scarf. so yes, not there yet. mims I always wondered how they approached creative thought. That's a big part of intelligence.

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mims Like the book that someone (not me) will write on Tesla cars: Unsafe at Any Speed mims 'The real problem with human intelligence is that there are no humans.' ~ Yogi Berra mims Like human intelligence is not actually intelligent... Why are all instruments in search of it pointing away from the planet? But it will no doubt surpass human intelligence and make it look like total shit... The 2 A.I that had to be shut down on facebook made a language...

mims As the saying goes, 'duh'. mims Garbage in, garbage out. We were told that years ago with calculators. mims good luck mims I think most people know that current 'A.I.' is not 'intelligence', just more 'intelligent' than non interactive tech of previous decades. Also depends on your definition of intelligence. If we mean consciousness/awareness + learning & problem solving then it's the 'singularity'

mims This text is generated by a fatty salty pudding of meat running on oxygen and rotting organic material, kept at a comfortable 37 degree celcius. It calls itself 'I' and thinks it has a clue about everything. If I was you I wouldn't trust it or any of it's like. mims Should have been called EA from the start - Enhanced Algorithims. People hear AI and think Skynet/Terminator. A computer may beat us in chess, but it doesn't CARE that it did.

mims A.I. is smart in its way; But, no, it can't rival human intelligence at the end of the day. The important thing is that we design technology and AI to serve and empower the liberated, searching human spirit. A.I. and tech should not be half-brained instruments of social control.

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mims Because it does not have artificial jugement. mims The issue with most AI systems being built today is that they are built in a problem-specific way, focused on a particular problem and built on pre-set rules, genuine computer intelligence is very much possible but comes with its risks. mims That's because intelligent a.i. is still a long ways off.

mims It's easy to find flaws in technical terms when you misuse and misunderstand them. mims feel like humans could have predicted this mims It’s all us, humans, doing the real work. The reality in a nutshell🌰 Machine Learning- Input AI- Output mims Yup. Just massive amounts of compute power. mims To put AI in perspective, read Kahneman’s recent book. Admittedly Noise Reduction has much less investable sizzle than Artificial Intelligence

mims Not just bad semantics, bad problem solving. Use “AUGMENTED Intelligence” - do the AI math to infer from and weigh HUMAN intelligence. Google PageRank won search, not “understanding” Web pages, but distilling human judgments (=which 'Webmasters' linked in to which Web pages). mims Define intelligence first?

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mims The issue with artificial intelligence today is that most AI system being built are problem-specific, they are built to solve a specific task while ignoring other factors, a Tesla car is an example, great real life application of AI, elonmusk and team of engineers are doing ... mims Good point but an unwillingness to understand the state of the art in a disruptive field of study because of an imperfect label is the opposite of intelligence.

mims Problem with you people mims TREAT YOUR SPOUSE TO A MAJOR FOODGASM THIS WEEKEND WITH THIS SENSUAL CHOCOLATE DESSERT! Click the LINK BELOW for full recipe Weekend YouTuber SmallYouTuber YouTube foodgasm foodie mims it's a marketing term and just used as cover for people making decisions, 'oh the algorithm made that choice'

mims Isn't that why it's called 'artificial'? mims I wish my robot vac had sentience so it would understand the insults I hurl at it while it doesn't do it's damn job. mims The reason it is not intelligent is because it does not recognize common sense mims It’s just fancy statistics, we’re light years away from sentience or sapience 🤖🌍

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