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Why are Turkey's Kurdish families camping outside HDP headquarters?

The protesting parents say the HDP helps the PKK terrorist organisation recruit their sons and daughters, using brainwashing tactics. And they want their kids back.


Over 20 Kurdish families are holding a sit-in protest outside the HDP headquarter in Turkey ’s Diyarbakir since August 22, blaming the party for recruiting their children into the PKK terror group and demanding the immediate release of their children

The protesting parents say the HDP helps the PKK terrorist organisation recruit their sons and daughters, using brainwashing tactics. And they want their kids back.

PKK's three-decade-long terror campaign against Turkey has led to the deaths of tens of thousands of people across the country. The group deploys various coercive tactics to recruit young men and women as foot soldiers, ripping apart their families.

for recruiting child soldiers to boost their lower ranks. The rights groups have also reported that PKK particularly targets poor and vulnerable families.

After a long, harrowing search for Vahid, Cur said she found her son somewhere in the nearby mountains. She pleaded the people living in the area to help her rescue her son, but they told her the PKK commanders bluntly refused to release him.

"I just want my kid back. It feels like my heart has been torn into pieces," Cur's husband Bedirhan told

a former PKK member, who wrote a book titled "They Were Only Children"

Most Kurdish families in the sit-in accuse the HDP of being the political front for the terror group, facilitating its recruitment of Kurdish young men and women.

Cur and her husband make a living from farming. Like her, almost every family at the protest site are facing immense financial strains. Many of them suffer from diabetes and

Sahap Cetinkaya, one of the fathers joining the sit-in protest in Diyarbakir, cries while expressing the loss of his 17 years old son. He was recruited by the PKK two weeks ago. His wife Fevziye sits next to him. (Hatice Mollaalioglu / TRTWorld)

that unemployment made his son vulnerable to the PKK trap.

"The arrival of offspring brings you major solace, which is worth the world," Sahap said, tears welling up in his eyes. Pointing at the families in the sit-in, he said "there is no rich family here."

"For the Kurds, it’s an internal rebellion. Families now openly raise their voice [against the PKK] saying that 'you kidnapped and killed our kids'," Yilmaz, who is also a member of the American-Turkish Business Development Council, told

Sevket Altintas speaks to TRT World about how his son, Muslum, was kidnapped by the PKK three years ago. His wife, Songul, stands next to him. (Hatice Mollaalioglu / TRTWorld)

"For years, we have been tantalised by believing lies. But those [empty promises] were exposed as lies at the end. Now I understand that I have to make my decision on my own terms," Altintas told

"We are here to support the cause of getting our kids back. They have been either kidnapped or deceived or brainwashed."

Read more: TRT World

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