Why are Russian athletes competing at the Tokyo Olympics despite the country’s ban?

Sporting authorities do not want to punish clean athletes, or cut off the money | The Economist explains

7/29/2021 4:41:00 AM

Officially, Russia is banned for previous doping offences. But a team of 335 athletes is competing under the name of the “ROC' and winning plenty of medals

Sporting authorities do not want to punish clean athletes, or cut off the money | The Economist explains

WHEN IS AN international Olympic team not an international Olympic team? When it’s the Russian Olympic Committee. Officially, Russia is banned from competing in Tokyo for previous doping offences. But viewers would be forgiven for thinking otherwise. A team of 335 athletes from Russia is competing under the name of the “ROC”, wearing white, blue and red uniforms, and winning plenty of medals. Russia has repeatedly violated anti-doping laws. Have the rules been tough enough?

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The Economist TodayHand-picked stories, in your inboxA daily email with the best of our journalismSign upAt the winter Olympics in Vancouver in 2010, Russia won 15 medals, putting it 11th in the table. Four years later, in the Russian resort of Sochi, it came first, with 30. Some of this improvement could be down to home advantage. Australia, China and Britain each improved their medal hauls when they hosted summer games in recent years. But Russian athletes received a more substantial leg-up, in the form of an extensive state-sponsored doping programme. In 2016 Grigory Rodchenkov, a whistleblowing chemist, who had been the director of the country’s anti-doping lab, revealed how

he and his team developed a highly effective cocktail of steroids, known as the Duchess, dissolved in Chivas Regal whisky.Over the course of several tournaments officials became experts atswapping out urine samplesfrom doping athletes for clean ones supplied by stooges. In Sochi the sports ministry and security-service agents used a hidden room within the Olympic village to make the switch. (Mr Rodchenkov, who now lives under protection in America, has published an headtopics.com

engaging memoirabout his involvement.)These details came out during preparations for the 2016 games in Rio de Janeiro. The International Olympic Committee (IOC) bungled its response by letting the governing bodies of each sport decide whether to ban Russians, rather than slamming down the hammer itself. Only two

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Why does the world hate Russians? They are good people. Don’t mix politics with humanity. READER DONT CLICK ON THAT LINK IT WILL HURT YOUR FEELINGS I WAS KING LEONIDAS IN NY PAST LIFE IM YOUR ENEMY Russia didn't violate anything, an athlete broke the rules.The rules are discrimination. Because these INDIVIDUAL people who have been training since childhood (And may NEVER get another chance to participate in an Olympics) SHOULDN'T have to pay for the SINS of their GOVERNMENT and OTHER ATHLETES. No Russian Flag or Anthem wI'll be seen/heard.

Funny how americans bash rusians meanwhyle whole world is being tested by olimpic comitee whyle americans test themselfs.. but yeah russians know how to tamper with results right 😂 BC the perp was the Russian Sports Authority not the individual athletes The rules seem to always be tough enough when they are applied to Black athletes.

No. No.

What Is the ROC and Why Is Russia Banned at the Tokyo Olympics?Russia isn’t officially competing in Tokyo as a country but rather as ROC, for Russian Olympic Committee. Here’s why Russia’s 2014 doping scandal has continuing consequences at the Tokyo Olympics, and what it means for its athletes. They should not be there under the ROC! They are supposed to be banned, just a way to get around their ban. This is wrong. So the Russians didn’t really take gold in women’s gymnastics 🥳 management of corruption

American’s didn’t ?hypocritical. It happens every where every day again. Хуй будете? Why is a guy allowed to compete as a woman? no, OG rules and penalties are a joke. Ask those girls. Is CIA still banning Facy bear website? lol, why there are so many asthma ' patients' in the team USA? god knows Have the rules been tough enough for all the countries? Could you please remind to everybody why these tough rules began? For Russia’ discrimination no matter what? Or for another reason? It seems you’ll use the narrative forever. Equal rights for all except Russia? Okeey.

Корёжит вас, блядей))) Отлично! NO! But then all the Olympics IOC is interest in is MONEY! Russia is a decrepit kleptocracy that cheats at everything they do.

Why Russian athletes are competing under the ROC at OlympicsEven though they're making a strong showing in Tokyo, dozens of Russian athletes aren't officially allowed to show off their national pride. good luck Why are they even there? 🤷‍♂️ Because they cheat

Geez, I don't know about this article. Your publication has printed lies before. I would pay top dollar to see WOF (world Olympic Federation) no holds barred PRO doping games. Lets just see far performance enhancing drugs can actually go. Athletes get paid $$$$$, the games make $$$$$ and the economy skyrockets. TakeTheGlovesOff

Идите на хуй вырожденцы!😂👎 бля Where would the top-ranking countries be w/o drugs? There's too much money in this Big Scam for IOC/WADA to do anything. Be realistic. Although these Russian boys are cute as fuck, they shouldn't be allowed to compete but damn they're cute. Would you like a list of US athletes who have failed doping tests No flag stripping there It was a ridiculous thing to strip the country's name, flag and anthem from the Olympics

If they win, it means they using doping again It must be a 'Claytons ban'. How else could one describe it. A bit like having your driver licence cancelled and then being issued with a special permit which allows you to drive in a particular city. For example, you live in London and permit allows you to drive in London.


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It's ridiculous. There is no ROC anymore. ROC gov, under the leadership of Chang kaishen, lost they faith and glory during the Anti-Japanese war. The only reason they can existence now, is that in 1951 the PLA is busy with kicking your Americans' ass. 2 dollars say at least one of them ROC boys is on the needle just you wait

I guess they did not want to ban everybody because somebody screwed up Russians are great athletes! Simple ans: It's not for the glory of sport... It's for the glory of Putin & a dacha by the Black Sea... Taiwan not allowed compete under its own name and flag, despite not having done anything wrong. Winning medals too! The IOC just making itself ridiculous

Because the IOC is afraid of Putin. Imagine that an entire criminal state, now they’ve produced Covid vaccines.

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Why Is It So Hard to Use NBC’s Peacock to Watch the Olympics?Issues range from confusing Olympics scheduling to minimal original content throughout Peacock’s coverage. I can’t even find Peacock!!! I find other peacock related things but not NBC.

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