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Why are Republicans hell-bent on exposing Trump whistleblower?

An aggressive push by President Donald Trump's Republican allies to unmask ...

11/8/2019 4:36:00 PM

As Democratic interest in the Trump - Ukraine whistleblower has waned, Republicans have ratcheted up their push to unmask the intelligence official

An aggressive push by President Donald Trump 's Republican allies to unmask ...

5 Min ReadWASHINGTON (Reuters) - An aggressive push by President Donald Trump’s Republican allies to unmask an anonymous whistleblower who ignited the impeachment inquiry could help shore up voter support for Trump, as Congress enters a critical new phase of televised hearings, party officials and strategists say.

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FILE PHOTO: U.S. President Donald Trump departs for travel to Louisiana from the South Lawn of the White House in Washington, U.S., November 6, 2019. REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst/File PhotoThe whistleblower, a U.S. intelligence official who complained about Trump’s July 25 telephone call with Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskiy, has in recent days increasingly become a target of noisy attacks by Trump, his allies in Congress and the conservative media, all of whom have pushed for the whistleblower to be named.

The whistleblower was initially considered a star witness of the impeachment inquiry. But the Democratic-led investigation, now in its sixth week, has heard from a parade of current and former U.S. officials who have largely corroborated the whistleblower’s account of the call in which Trump pressed Zelenskiy to open an investigation into former U.S. Vice President Joe Biden and his businessman son Hunter Biden.

Democratic lawmakers say they no longer need to hear from the whistleblower to make their case that Trump abused his office for personal political gain. The president has denied any wrongdoing and accused his opponents of a witch hunt.As Democratic interest in the whistleblower has waned, the Republican push to unmask the person has ratcheted up, raising questions about what Republicans hope to gain.

Trump’s allies want to try to counter potentially damaging testimony by U.S. diplomats during next week’s public hearings by presenting the whistleblower as a partisan figure who helped Democrats launch an impeachment inquiry that had long been considered, according to House of Representatives Republican aides and strategists.

“The Republican issue with the whistleblower is that there seems to be an inherently political motive behind what he said and did and presented,” said a Republican Party official, who spoke on condition of anonymity.“It fits in the larger narrative that this has been a partisan effort from the beginning,” the official said.

A spokesman for House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy did not immediately respond to a Reuters query about the Republican focus on the whistleblower.Conservative news articles purporting to identify the whistleblower have sought to link the person with Joe Biden and “deep state” conspirators within the Obama administration who some Republicans say were determined to undermine Trump’s candidacy when he was running for office and later his presidency.

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“They’re trying to define the impeachment hearings as political before they begin. It helps fire up the base and tries to tint the testimony before it actually takes place,” said Republican strategist Ron Bonjean.Republican Senator Rand Paul told reporters this week that he would view the whistleblower as “a material witness” who could support Trump’s allegations of corruption against Biden, should the House impeachment drive lead to a Senate trial. “They absolutely need to testify,” Paul said. “He could well have first-hand knowledge.”

DEFLECTIONAides and strategists say the aim of the push to unmask the whistleblower is to deflect voter attention away from impeachment testimony and cast doubt on the Democratic-led proceedings.“Republican voters want to stick with their tribe and defend the president, and they need something to go on. This gives strong Trump voters something to say when the actual request to Ukraine is indefensible,” said Republican strategist Rory Cooper, who was a top aide to former House Speaker Eric Cantor.

The Republican Party official said internal polling shows that large numbers of voters view the impeachment investigation as politically motivated.Representative Jim Jordan, a staunch Trump ally and leading Republican opponent of the inquiry, said on Thursday that Republicans intend to subpoena the whistleblower to testify in public. House Democrats have accused Republican lawmakers of using closed-door testimony to try to learn the whistleblower’s identity from witnesses.

The president’s son, Donald Trump Jr., posted on Twitter this week a link to an article containing the purported name of the whistleblower, while Senator Paul urged U.S. media to report on the whistleblower’s identity and said he could announce it himself.

Lawyers for the whistleblower have refused to disclose their client’s identity and have expressed fears for the person’s safety. Trump has suggested the whistleblower committed treason.“Any publication of a potential name for the whistleblower, especially in this hyper-partisan environment, increases the likelihood of harassment and even deadly harm to the individual and their family,” said Mark Zaid, one of the whistleblower’s attorneys.

“Those who fail to consider that to be a realistic possibility either have their head in the sand or do not care,” he added.Reporting by David Morgan and Mark Hosenball; Editing by Ross Colvin and Daniel Wallis Read more: Reuters Top News »

So... trying to get the truth publicized? Read his attorneys tweets and it isn't difficult to see that why anyone with a brain whould see that. The lib media and unhinged libs are in denial. The lib media does nothing but promote Democrate propaganda. they are done. He is Funny how every dem is so concerned with getting Trump out of a duly elected office and can’t see pass their nose to see corruption of The dems and especially Joe Biden ,Hillary,Obama etc

The real strategy is to convince Americans that all Democrats are not patriotic. Only Republicans truly love this country. That won't work as Trump sucks up to Putin every chance he gets. These republicans are really from the bottom of the barrel. They are so disgusting and an a embarrassment to the American people. Why do they insist on a dictatorship instead of a democracy? Do they love their country anymore and what we stood for before the Trump coup?

He is a 'partisan figure' and part of the attempted coup against Trump (his attorney started tweeting about a coup on Trump's inauguration day). ERIC CIARAMELLO IS A PARTISAN RAT. they used to say best line of defence is attack. wont wash now TRUMP What are you scared of POTUS ? Learn journalism, please; not stenography.

EricCiaramellaIsTheWhistleblower No need to present him as that it's pretty obvious to those looking in. Usual stitch up by Democrats. you mean ‘accurately describing’ not ‘trying to present’ 🤦‍♀️ US vs. the GOP. Pick a side. Because they are fools who can’t manage their time effectively. After that patisan impeachment vote I see this whole debacle as a farce. If you had any credible proof you would have gotten 1 republican to vote will you, instead 2 democrats voted against the stupid thing. How about voting on USMCA? Keep Building This Up, It’ll Be A Long Fall.

He is. No need to present anything. Facts are a problem for Reuter’s Why do these nimrods think they can nip something in the bud when it’s already fully grown? Ari Melber Every day a new attack. First the substance, then the process, then the substance, then Adam Schiff, and the Emperor wants his main leaker, Nunes, to deliver the real patriot to Don Donnie so one of his gun crazy followers can take him out

And the squirrels keep chasing the nut. I’m sure they can come up with a few more laws to break in this “defence”. Uh - that’s because he is a partisan figure and leaker. I thought Reuters was supposed to be better than this. Losers TrumpExtorted TrumpIsATraitor GOPComplicitTraitors The named leaker Eric Ciaramella is a highly biased political operative for the democrats, who coordinated his testimony with Schiff team before filing his claim. Eric Ciaramella needs to testify publicly now.

Is what the whistleblower reported true? Are the facts accurate and corroborated by follow up testimony? THAT’S the story, . realDonaldTrump is a RadicalRacistRepublican TrumpExtorted ImpeachTrumpPenceBarrPompeo TruthExposed DefendOurDemocracy Why publish this bullshit? Seriously. The whistleblower no longer matters, there are now public transcripts of witness testimony saying Trump knowingly extorted Ukraine to get them to attack his political rival. Trump & Rudy have also confirmed this happened and that it was to protect Trump, not the US. FactsMatter

Crap reporting being the name of the WB has been released already. And guess what he has known ties to plenty of Democrats. Geeh who would have thought it! Stop chasing rabbits down the rabbit hole 🙄 The truth usually doesn’t take much “trying” Don't give these fools a platform FFS. You KNOW the whistleblower is a moot point now. We have receipts.

Witness 1: I was shocked! Witness 2: I was really shocked! Witness 3: Me, too! Witness 4: You cannot believe how shocked I was! Witness 5: I was appalled which is worse than shocked! Witness 6: I was appalled AND shocked! Witness 7: Is it my turn? Yes? Shocked! The WB was correct. There is testimony from at least 6 people under oath that confirm his report. Too bad for Republicans the only person involved in this who they can attack based on their political views is the one person who didn't actually directly witness any of it.

He’s running the same play as he did with the Mueller investigation, fixating on the Steele Dossier. The whistleblower is no longer relevant. Hours of testimony, pages of transcripts, Trump’s own words, detail Trump’s abuse of power to extort Ukraine for his benefit. Because he is They can try that if they want but that thuggish clown Trump told on himself when he released the so called ✌🏻Transcript✌🏻it’s all there so the Democrats don’t have to necessarily use the whistleblower it’s pretty much irrelevant at this point

The usual spin strategy fools no one. The evidence is all that matters. Ad hominem attacks are their m.o. & they should be loyal to the laws and not demagogues. Let's just say the whistleblower is a repub, then what illegitimate excuse will they come up with in an attempt to destroy this person? Moot point. The whistleblower no longer matters.

GOP reckoning days are coming. People are getting fed up and are voting them out. Normalizing the “let’s blame the guy/gal who saw the building on fire and called 911” BS puts this whistleblower, his/her family, lawyers at profound risk. And, it puts our republic at risk by allowing criminal witness intimidation to succeed. Shame on you .

So he’s trying to repeat the exact same thing he did with Hilary, the Mueller report, Comey, Michael Steele and everybody else whose ever hurt his feelings? Well I guess if the okie doke works and keeps working 🤷🏾‍♀️ No. He literally is a partisan figure. That's how the Republicans are going to spin this, even if DJT confessed to everything he's accused of. They don't have any other option.

It's irrelevant, but so what if they were partisan? When my neighbor's dog craps in my front yard I don't ask for the neighbor's political affiliation before deciding whether to go after them with a rake. Great. What about all of the subsequent witnesses, with firsthand knowledge, who have already testified, and will do so again, under oath and in public? This is crap.

It's moot...the testimony already given has made the WB Complaint unimportant...the crime has been proven by multiple other sources...the GOP is looking for revenge... Yes, beginnings matter the most! The beginning of the impeachment process was the abuse of power by Trump, not the person who filed a complaint about the abuse.

It's the whistleblower's fault that president Trump committed impeachable offenses? They’ll make it all about the whistleblower even though the whistleblower is no longer relevant. Trump is, his own end. I dont care who set the fire....i want to know who called 911! who are they? making stuff up again ShameOnYou .. You should know better. Start again, please.

Let's just say the whistleblower is a rabid partisan who hates Trump. It is immaterial! NOTHING he or she said has been proven untrue. Why do Republicans think this will help Trump? So, if we do not know the identity of the person behind the Dead Sea Scrolls, the Dead Sea Scrolls do not exist...that it?

Way past the WB by now. Corroborated by multiple sources. Because with a lifelong criminal like Trump all you have to do is wait for the next crime. Chances are you won’t be waiting long 🤷‍♂️ Whistleblower doesn't matter anymore - the witnesses are testifying. exactly!! John Gotti was railroaded into the pen because of the extreme anti mafia bias of the FBI!! SAD

Trump has already publicly admitted to everything the whistleblower accused him of. Trying? Glenn Beck has done a great job of succeeding at that, the whistle blower is the key. Even if Joe Biden or Hillary Clinton were the whistleblower it would not matter given what we know now. The President tried to bribe a foreign country into helping him cheat in a presidential election and he needs to be held accountable.

This will blow up in Dems faces. Because we all can read. Democrat propagandists AKA the media are trying to paint the whistleblower as honest and trustworthy. I fixed it for you Even if he was a total partisan hack, WTH difference does it make now? lol Reuters is a joke The WhistleBlower did their job. End of story. Now, move on to what is being discovered in the Inquiry. The US is in a very sad place when people in public jobs ignore the Constitution & rule of Law.

Said differently, the quest to expose the so-called whistleblower’s identity, motivations, and co-conspirators is an effort to unearth a partisan hit job designed to take down a sitting President. Of course they're trying to deflect attention away from the impeachment. It's the only strategy the guilty have. First deny, then attack. If the news is bad, kill the messenger.

Are they Aides to Mitt Romney, Richard Burr or Lisa Murkowsky? The republicans said this? Wouldnt that be rooting for the other team? Why would they cast doubts on there own attempts to reveal the whistleblower? This is either a typo, from never trumpers, or they are confused about why reveal the whistleblower. Or im reading this wrong. 🤔

Where is the outrage for the real villain....Joe Biden. Who used the Ukraine's desperate straits to feather his own nest. What it is really about is intimidating others. This is Eric Ciaramella, the 'whistleblower's,' attorney: 🔹Nab:a 205 🔹Infographic 🔹Is:lamic State 📈 || Take Precautions (Part 2) - Precautions from Security Cameras MAٌGACHALLEِNGE 〽️ Donٌatello 〽️ ٠٠٠

Did they come up with this all by themselves⁉️ Hasn’t Trump and anyone who is listening throwing underlying threats by wanting them to reveal themself⁉️ All these mob moves, he’s got asshole senators living their childhood fantasies of being a tough guy🤮🖕🏻👌🏻 No 💩 Thanks for ‘splaining that 🙄 The Republicans in office currently really think the American people are stupid fools. I hope those that usually vote for R will vote them out soundly!

Da dar citesc vrea să facă Trump tot nu am înțeles ce vrea să facă el acolo are ceva la plan să pună 🔹🔻🔹 🔺 English Translation N:aba 206 🔻 📉 || Harvest of the Soldiers During the Week of the 25th of Safar Through the 2nd of Rabi' al-Awwal 1441 AH FridًayFeeliًng 📍 NatiًonalSTEMًDay 📍 ٫ Duh Well duh

This distraction like many others does not work with people who have a brain! The impeachment testimony is already riddled with doubt. So anonymous to House of Representatives Republican aides and strategists are telling you this in concern of an anonymous whistleblower? Bullshit. You know why the dems don’t want Eric’s name out. He’s not credible

🔹🔻🔹 🔺 English Translation N:aba 206 🔻 📉 || Harvest of the Soldiers During the Week of the 25th of Safar Through the 2nd of Rabi' al-Awwal 1441 AH FridًayFeeliًng 📍 NatiًonalSTEMًDay 📍 ٫ Huh. And they think outing the wrong dude is somehow helpful? Weird. Ya think? No. Really? Meant to undermine our democracy. Traitors. Trump ComplicitGOP Whistleblower

His name is eric ciaramella and he is a Joe Biden democrat Stooge Memo to Republican aides: It's not working. You don’t say. wel duh Of course it is. There is no other reason for it. Because the WH knows the president is a crook and they have no defense Hypocrites The only disgrace is Donald Trump!!! He is not a whistleblower. He is a leaker and a full blown Democrat participant in this attempt to overthrow a duly elected president. His name has already been reported by legitimate media, which Reuters is not. His name is ERIC CIARAMELLA. Any questions?

How the hell is that? Lmao....haven't they seen what happen in Virginia, and Kentucky ? No, it won't. Everybody knows who he is already. You should be ashamed of yourself for even printing this. What he’s doing is illegal and dangerous. Being ignorant to these facts is not news. Your complicit in this illegal behavior, propaganda

Because his voters are idiots Why not? if Julian Assange is going to be prosecuted for exposing war crimes, why shouldnt a CIA official be prosecuted for exposing the US president's private conversation ? Schiff dropped the persons name in a release but the press already had it from his leaks because he wasn't telling the Trump team! Get the order strait!

You're rewriting history. Trump confessed. Trump released memo of transcript confirming his confession was accurate. THEN the Whistleblower info came out confirming both the call memo and Trump's confession accurate. Trump ignited all this, not the Whistleblower. Correct this. How? The sh*t will hit the fan next week when the corruption is exposed to reveal the connections of this deep state 'political activist.' Let's hope the spineless Republicans do something about it. Get your popcorn, it's going to be a great show!

Since he didn't unmask the WB how is it going to help him? He just retweeted a press article that did. Harry Reid killed the filibuster in the Senate - a move that came back to hurt the Dems. GOP wants to unmask the whistleblower.... No one party stays in power forever. Eroding standards for short term gain will always backfire in the end.

All the way to prison Yes, it could. but, it damn sure won't help them gain support from anyone capable of objectivity and rational thought. FREE REALITY WINNER! PARDON EDWARD SNOWDEN! IMPRISON McCONNEL, GRAHAM, NUNES, BARR, JORDAN! Nice try Reuter’s. Lol, I know I know, lol. Trump has his base no matter what , I fail to see how outing a whistleblower is going to attract independent voters

Nope! Not swallowing! Ha hahaha. How is that!!? It could also get somebody charged with obstruction for intimidating a witness. We have got to rid ourselves of this madness and these cockroaches. Eric Ciaramella. Eric Ciaramella. Eric Ciaramella. Eric Ciaramella. Eric Ciaramella. Eric Ciaramella. Eric Ciaramella. Eric Ciaramella. Eric Ciaramella. Eric Ciaramella. Eric Ciaramella

Those voters are dumb. Trump isn't denying that he did the thing the whistleblower accuses him of. If they let Trump hang them up on the whistleblower's identity instead of whether what he is saying is true, they are dumb Shut up Eric Ciaramella 'whistleblower' Whistleblower EricCiaramella EricCiaramellaIsASpy

Why would this give trump more support? yet to present shred of evidence that whistleblower's identity is remotely relevant. mostly corroborated by sworn testimony, yet to find any inaccuracies. This is a sideshow to take attention away from the President's crimes. He isn’t a whistleblower. By law he can’t be since he wasn’t actually there

Rand Paul is one foot in hell. Lindsey Sham is already there. G-d knows, Mo-Fos The barrel needs a target Donny Boy wants to unveil the Whistleblower but won't show his taxes or his grade transcripts......I call bullshit. H. O. W? W. H. Y? Fuck that. Because they cannot refute the facts. Period. If the whistleblower made these things up.. let’s prosecute him.. it’s the law. But I’ll tell you what, if I were him, I would show up for a subpoena. Because fuck you.

Chicken shit Whistleblower is eric ciaramella fear factor, intimidation, all the things Whistle blower laws are supposed to protect against but don't because the implications of what he did wrong greatly outweigh the penalty that the GOP would get from revealing the whistle blower. Not difficult to guess why. It’s easier to attack, discredit and assassinate someone’s character when you know who it is who you are dealing with. But thank goodness whistleblowers, who report these kinds of suspected crimes, are protected.

The whistle blower anonymity is protected by law, ask Senator Grassley. They need a smoke screen to protect Trump. If they subpoena and it is ignored? Compelling the whistle blower to testify also compels their people to testify. Pure smoke and mirrors. IS this like Kavanagah all over again, false accusations paid for by the DNC. Isnt the 5th amendment designed for that reason, to face your accuser but then the DNC dont really like the constitution

Because he is a traitor To see what bias Eric Ciaramella actually has. To expose Spygate. It's not rocket science. And look what happens his claims have been substantiated and the TRAITOR will be impeached. So it does not matter who he worked with just some to get his base all railed up. And from this thread it worked. Trump is still guilty the whistleblower did not make that call. GTFO

WeAllAreWhistleblowersNow Intimidation. Just like the mob. The GOP is fucked by this, that’s why they want to know the indentity of the whistle blower. America had gone crazy under 45!! 🤮 You mean to expose the partisan TDS coup collaborator? UkranianWhistleblowerHoax TrumpIsGuiltyOfWinningIn2016 DeepState

GOP SenSasse SenatorCollins lisamurkowski JohnCornyn senrobportman A Mobster led Republican Party, trying to salvage their greed and corruption. 🇺🇸 VoteEveryRepublicanOut 🇺🇸 He's already been unmasked. The rat's name is eric ciaramella. Distraction. Nothing more. Bank robber complains when caught by police that whistleblower who witnessed robbery from across street and phoned police is wrong even though entire robbery was recorded by CCTV.

His name is unmasked it's ERIC CIARAMELLA. Well-connected to Biden, Brennan and Ukraine. This is a CIA-led coup and the American people will not forgive. No sane person would stand and let you tell lies about them No one whistle blower is lying the democrats know it. And can’t use him as a witness or he goes to Jail

Distraction Witness intimidation and tampering, simple. If they know who it is they can frame their attacks accordingly. They want one of Trump’s unstable cult members to murder him/her Probably because he's a CIA operative who colluded with the House Intel Committee leader to undermine a US election. The federal Whistleblower Protection Act of 1989 includes one section about protecting the anonymity of whistle-blowers--and it only applies to the (permanent) United States Office of Special Counsel. There's nothing in there about private citizens or anyone else.

CRIMINAL SPYING LEAKER 🤦🏼‍♀️ Not a whistle blower! Does not even come close to the definition of a WB. Only person it is illegal for exposing the name of a whistleblower would be the IG! Still NOT A Whistle blower This is why mofos! So they can focus Trump’s deranged followers on fabrications about the whistleblower’s motivations, rather than the actual - and obvious - crimes at hand.

Why not ask why CBS fired the whistleblower from ABC. Not only going after whistleblowers, but it’s apparent media is one team. EpsteinCoverup The answer is the whistle blower can be caught in many lies It’s called the 6th Amendment. GOP is hell bent along with DT to smear career servants who have told the truth, risked careers. Many have resigned They are Patriots He/GOP R not Party is more important 2 them than country They took an oath 2 honor the Constitution & R failing in their jobs Why R we paying them

Because he's a left wing weenie in bed with the swamp. The question should be, 'what's behind the Democrats being hell-bent on concealing the whistleblower's identity?' It's hard to brand someone a lefty if you can't show who they are. I just hope that when they finally do find who the person is, he turns out to be super Republican. Not that it will matter, Republicans went after Comey and Mueller like they were Democrats

Lol! The identity of the so-called ‘whistleblower’ has been known for weeks. It’s all over social media. Those hostile to the President are acting like the identity of this well known Dem political operative is still some sort of secret! What an absolute sham! I'd become dumber if I listen that phone call just as reading anything regarding Trump or his output in general.

Truth It was in The Washington Times this morning. The reason is you will see this guy was apart of a coup attempt, not a “whistleblower”. Witness tampering. That's the only point. If they can scare the original WB into silence, it's unlikely that others will speak up. expose a man committing treason and is part of a coup?

I wonder... It's a warning to any other staffers thinking of blowing their own whistle. Are you talking about Eric Ciaramella? don't think he needs to be unmasked. Everyone already knows who he is. They can attack their motives! A lack of other viable options for defense? Witness harassment for one thing. They want one of their lunatic base to hurt the person. Trump wants revenge not justice.

ERIC CIARAMELLA No need to unmask him, Adam Schiff already did! His name is Eric Ciaramella! Force him to testify there was a premeditated effort to undermine and impeach a duly elected president. Can't lie to congress. Because, Eric Ciamarella is a Deep State Criminal. Eric Ciamarella has and is, currently, participating in an attempted coup. Eric Ciamarella and his coup coconspirtors are Traitors .

Obama prosecuted more whistleblowers than all other Presidents combined.... but i guess it was cool because... ya know... its Obama Trump Crime Family is desperate to distract people from his ultimate downfall. He did this to himself. He is going down and powerless to stop it. I think it's more like Republicans have never met a scheme to hold on to power that they didn't like. If inviting foreign leaders despots to help complements their other suppression schemes then why not?

'It helps expose partisan political agendas.' ~edw Conservatives need a sacrificial lamb,someone to dump on in order to divert the negative attention away from Trump. And the Whistleblower should be put into a Witness Protection program or something like it, before it’s too late. Not 'fire up' Manipulate.

WHY NOT !!!! But if the call was “perfect” wouldn’t he want it to be exposed? Repubs are scared sh*tless of not getting re-elected. Because they are small minded. They don’t understand why there are protections. They only understand meth and bumping uglies with family members under the guise of religion.

Our mission at is to build the social news network that ends fake news. Follow us Overlooked_Inc Eric Ciaramella shouldn’t have anything to hide if he told the truth! Or maybe he’s staying hidden because he knows he’ll be asked if RepAdamSchiff authored the claim and he’ll either have to lie and say no or expose the real truth?

It’s because they are guilty and they know it. No other explanation Eric Ciaramella. Eric Ciaramella. Eric Ciaramella. Eric Ciaramella. Eric Ciaramella. Eric Ciaramella. Eric Ciaramella. Eric Ciaramella. Eric Ciaramella. Eric Ciaramella. Eric Ciaramella Whistleblowhard? Eric? We all know him. He is a POS.

Because he’s biased plant for dems. Oh your late. Everyone knows Trump's lame attempts to distract are getting painfully obvious and pathetic Ya he’s not testifying ever lol The GOP wants to blame the Whistleblower for Trump's crime. Check out my Gig on Fiverr: assist in nursing, healthcare, psychology, business articles or essays

Whistleblower is a hoax. It's AdamSchiff RepAdamSchiff . Because he ls a deep state partisan hack, put into his position by Brennan. This hoax will be the undoing of the democrat party. Book it. His 90% of Presidential time under conflict and discussion of his personal affairs is nothing compared to the real product of it, a total smoke screen just as the media redirects people to such distracting readings of him while he continues doing his fraud and getting away w/ it.

Eric Ciaramella Eric Ciaramella Eric Ciaramella Eric Ciaramella Eric Ciaramella Eric Ciaramella Eric Ciaramella Eric Ciaramella Eric Ciaramella Eric Ciaramella Eric Ciaramella Unmask? Eric Ciaramella (that is his name) is not a whistleblower. He is a Democrat deep state operative who has been part of this coup attempt against President Trump since it began in 2017 or earlier.

Trump is hell bent on exposing our patriot. His tantrums of being exposed shows his lack of ability to show maturity. Daily segments of his attacks is like watching a 5th grader getting revenge on the one who tattled on him. Walking the playground insulting his very being. Add: 'Not to physically harm anyone but to uncover the truth.' Which the Dems want to hide.

“Waned,” may not be the best description. The Whistleblower did his job. Eyewitnesses are now testifying and corroborating what whistleblower reported. If you or hear something suspicious, report it. Whistleblower Because Trumps real purpose is to stir up violence and dissent. He is a very dangerous man don't be fooled by his obvious lack of intelligence, he is still extremely dangerous.

Because it's a freaking set up and the entire world sees it... Democrats are their own worst enemy with a continuous political circus 🎪creation, since 2016 as their reaction, to lose the elections. Democrats don’t care it’s tax payers billions wasted in their jobs, the Muller investigation &all the actions that obstruct gov. Necessary Work

That's the SWAMP CORRUPTION of the Sharpie Party. Family Values 1. Hypocrisy and lying. 2. Favoritism for the super rich. 3. Bigotry, racism, sexism, disrespect foreigners. 4. Exploit & oppress workers, women, minorities, the poor. 5. Always more $$ for military. Etc. Every day the GOP has given me more cause to never vote for any GOP candidate for any office including dog catcher ! Your party does not respect the laws or citizens of this country ! I am a life long registered Independent who votes !

You mean the leaker and liar? Because based on public information for all to see- this is not someone who would be categorized as a whistleblower. Our mission at is to build the social news network that ends fake news. Follow us Overlooked_Inc Election interference cannot be tolerated!! The consequences must be high to prevent this from happening in the future

realDonaldTrump desperately needs a human enemy he can bully. RepAdamSchiff and SpeakerPelosi are too tough for him. If they can make it about the Whistleblower that can make it Not about the facts. They want to know who it is so trump and bill can give him the jeffery treatment. Any partisan hack and crook can hide behind anonymity and destroy people's lives with impunity - is that what you people want?

You mean LACK of intelligence official right Get serious. Literally everybody knows who it is and has for quite a while? A headline like this is just stupid. Haven't you seen this movie before, Reuters? This may be a GOP mistake. Why? Because Eric Ciaramella (that is his name) is not a whistleblower. He is part of a coordinated attempt by the deep state to overthrow a duly elected president.

They want the whistleblower’s name, because our system allows people in power to defend themselves by prosecuting the character of witnesses and victims. Ask any rape/sexual assault survivor. Why has Democrat interest waned is the real question!!? Interest hasn't waned. Because he and his cronies know that his rabid supporters will go on a personal attack and then he can just sit back and watch the resulting carnage while he claims innocence. We've seen it before - it wont change until people get smart and realize he's using them as puppets.

Intimidation and cooercion Why? You can’t shut up who you don’t know... That’s why. When the facts are on your side, argue the facts... Because they got nothin. They are COMPLICIT and can’t come up with a good defense for their Dear Leader’s corrupt acts. Hand wringing ensues. Yet another form of ‘whataboutism.’ Look over there....nothing to see here.

Hmmm I wonder why they are less interested in the whistleblower.... Isn't that intimidating a witness?! 🤔🤔 Because he's a politic hack who started an 'impeachment process'. Shouldn't we know his biases in full, but that would be your job wouldn't. Clearly to suppress truth, scare people The question is: why are we surprised, why do we even care what they try to do to shift public attention and why does the media take the bait?

Repeat after me; 'Eric 👏Ciaramella 👏is 👏not 👏a 👏whistle 👏 blower👏' bank robbery, someone called 911..Police also found video of the robbery..does anyone care about the 911 caller anymore? Well the fact Donnie Jr hasn't been arrested for breaking the Federal whistleblower laws empowers them to keep going.

Because they can't defend realDonaldTrump's actions A distraction from all the Trump crimes.

Fox News judge says Republicans' latest defense of 'bedfellow' Trump is 'legally absurd''Three years ago, they were shouting about law and order over Hillary Clinton's emails,' Andrew Napolitano wrote. 'Today, they are shouting to let Trump be Trump .' Naplitano worked for Peter Rodino in 1974 . He knows impeachment. Absurd? He is totally apeshit! Take him out for a walk Basically Republicans are against whatever Democrats do..., and allow whatever Republicans do! So they are really

Trump and Republicans have a suburban problem'As urban areas become more Democratic leaning and rural areas move to the right, the suburbs are likely going to be where the 2020 election is decided. Tuesday's elections suggest Trump and the Republicans have ground to make up,' writes ForecasterEnten ForecasterEnten So does CNN! ForecasterEnten The flag looks like France 🇫🇷 to me. I don't know why, but I REALY ❤love poisoned, robbado, ruined France. ForecasterEnten Jesus sorcery?

Republicans struggle to find some way to defend TrumpSen. Lindsey Graham is suggesting the Trump administration was too incompetent for a quid pro quo - and is refusing to even read the impeachment transcripts. Nothing to defend. The true American Patriots (WE THE PEOPLE) say that he is innocent. You are irrelevent MSNBC as well as the Democratic party. Only the people matter. The government was formed to serve the people and not the other way around. MSNBC exist because of the people! All that $ wasted on a fine Southern education...and this is the best you sir, could muster? Incompetence? Incompetence? LINDSETTE! Donald....incompetence? LMAO.... I’m surprised he’d diminish his master like this. I’ve always felt the occupant had something really bad on old Lindsey.

Republicans again shift their defense of Trump over impeachment inquiry barrageFacing damaging testimony from senior diplomats that President Donald Trump sought to condition the release of US military aid to Ukraine on the opening of investigations into his political rivals, Republicans are struggling to find a unified defense as they shift their ever-changing arguments about why the President's actions are not impeachable. There’s no defense. Only damage control. Viva SUA! Senator Graham chooses to call Trump foreign policy incoherent TrumpCorruption gopcorruption

Texting With Bill Weld: “100 Percent Democratic Rule” If Senate Republicans Listen To TrumpIn The Stakes 2020, BuzzFeed News' political newsletter, Bill Weld, who is challenging Donald Trump for the Republican nomination, says Republicans are abandoning their duty to the constitution and ex

Elections: Does a Trump endorsement help Republicans?As Rick Wilson wrote, 'Everything Trump touches Dies'. The rallies are for Trumps fragile ego. Not really.