Why Am I Still So Angry After All These Years?

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How you can let go of anger that is valid and justified, but that also prevents you from being happy

. Therefore, there are many reasons why you are still angry after all these years. The events that happened were and are terribly wrong, most likely were not handled well, and lack a fitting closure. Who wouldn’t be angry? It is absolutely justified.

Sexual trauma is an injustice, but so is persistent anger. Why should your past continue to rob you of your precious time, recalling negative events, feeling toxic emotions of anger, and knowing that it can take a toll on your health and relationships? It is unfair to think you are stuck holding a bag of consequences from anger that could be weighing you down, and zapping yourNow we have a puzzle. On the one hand, your anger is absolutely valid and justified.


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She sat down with anger once and realized anger's true name was sadness.

That being said, the opener of this article DEFINITELY resonates w/ me & more skills are always a good thing. I just don't believe in recovery. I think its bullshit. I think our only option is forward, broken and never the same until eventually we build new. Broken but new

A+ mazing. I was r8ped & my mom blamed me. It has caused anger my whole life. I'm in therapy. It never goes away. I find ways to make it easier on others, but there is no psych mechanism to stop my hurt, no use or choice in trauma loops. Lol U take my nightmares.GoodReadTho👃

Forgiving yourself for feeling this anger.

Best Wishes from a researcher who stops Anger in a few MINUTES... the technique works on PAST ANGER EPISODES AS WELL!!!!!! Check out my work.

If anyone is interested in the technique, I invite you to learn more about it on my blog: My Ebook of my 10 years of research teaches the technique: As does my paperback-

With the technique, you target the shock, and emotions in the incident, and they reduce, fade, and stop. This is observed results for over 11 years now. I am an emotional researcher. I discovered this technique in 2009....

I have PTSD. I stop all those emotions and more with this ONE technique. It stops emotional charge which is powering everything, and setting off the body, brain, and mind... even with 'justified anger', there is shock. Shock surrounds everything in the incident...

These are some things the technique works on... suicidal thoughts, flashbacks, panic attacks, Aggravation, Anger, Hate, Hostility, sadness, grief, guilt, worthlessness, hopelessness, Fears Stress, Intimidation, Shyness, Worry, Horror, Terror, Panic and MORE.

It is because the emotional CHARGE of the anger was never truly processed by the brain, mind, subconscious, or consciousness of the person...it takes a technique to do that, and I do it on MY OWN Anger...and it stops... THAT DAY... usually in MINUTES....Interested?

way better use of the money than that 500,000 mattress he bought

Resolution. Denouement. (No Justice, guess what.)

Nuts go see a psychiatrist

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