Why a group of suburban women in Ohio say they've turned against Trump

WATCH: @ChrisJansing talks to a group of suburban women in Ohio that have turned against President Trump.

10/26/2020 9:21:00 PM

WATCH: ChrisJansing talks to a group of suburban women in Ohio that have turned against President Trump.

Suburban women are one of the most crucial voting blocs. Chris Jansing joins Stephanie Ruhle with a group of these women in a key swing state to explain why they have turned against President Trump.

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ChrisJansing He thinks women are sitting around waiting for their husbands to go to work... because we don’t work or vote. VoteBidenHarris2020 and show him women work and VOTE. ChrisJansing I’m a suburban woman in Ohio and one of many voting for President Trump!! Who are they polling ChrisJansing realDonaldTrump is coming from a broken and divided family and trying to break and divide Americans

ChrisJansing Trump is sexist, racist, just plain evil under the sun. He's the world's greatest selfist. Neither a woman nor a human life interests him. One thing is important to him, his re-election! And nepotism under his power. He's just awesome. Please vote for Joe and Kamala ChrisJansing All women should rethink their vote. Trump sees women as an object he can manipulate. He doesn’t like American women. He only married immigrant women. How many ex-wives does he have? This should speak for itself!!!

ChrisJansing What happened? Did they realize it wasn’t 1950 anymore? ChrisJansing ChrisJansing Women are going to end his presidency ChrisJansing I will only believe these stepford women if Biden wins ChrisJansing ChrisJansing The evidence is there on the Biden family corruption but the radical left media are ignoring the facts. Creating a false narrative of lies and deception in an attempt to protect Joe Biden.


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