Whoopi Goldberg Reveals What It'd Take for Her to Leave The View

The actress has been the moderator on the talk show for over a decade.

4/22/2021 7:50:00 AM

She said her and Swayze would joke on set that 'Ghost' might be 'the dopiest thing we've ever done' (via toofab)

The actress has been the moderator on the talk show for over a decade.

"I looked really good," she said of the night she took home the Academy Award."My hair was cool. Dress was cute. I couldn't look glamorous like other people look glamorous. I wasn't thin and I wasn't a white lady, so I had to find my own style."

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"[I remember] just being happy to be there, get the speech out of the way and get off the stage."While the win was historical (Whoopi became the first Black woman to take home an Oscar in 50 years), it almost didn't happen as she had to prove she was the right actress for the job. With Tina Turner and Patti LaBelle auditioning, the competition was intense and Whoopi said it was co-star Patrick Swayze

who eventually lobbied for her to get the part."He and I just took to each other," she said of the late actor, who had flown with director Jerry Zucker to read lines with Whoopi while she was filming"The Long Walk Home" with Sissy Spacek in Alabama. headtopics.com

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TooFab Doesn’t she have a buddy cop movie with a dinosaur?