Who Should Win Video of the Year at the 2020 VMAs? Vote!

Who should win Video of the Year at the 2020 VMAs?

8/2/2020 3:00:00 PM

Who should win video of the year at the 2020 VMAs? Vote below!

Who should win Video of the Year at the 2020 VMAs?

's"Blinding Lights."Starting today, fans can vote across 15 categories including video of the year, artist of the year, best quarantine performance and moreat this linkuntil Aug. 23. Voting for the PUSH best new artist category will remain active into the show on Aug. 30.

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Since bts isn't here so I .. vote for Taylor swift THE MAN / VIDEO OF THE YEAR. The only video with SENSE. Effort in make-up transformation. Showcased male toxicity. Deserves VOTY None of them deserve anything because black lives matter and some of them are white!!! TAYLOR SWIFT Hey Billboard, you forgot BTS_twt

Bts epiphqnylore Taylor! proudoftaylor Since you didn't nominate bts,ill vote taylor duh RainOnMe by LADY GAGA and ARIANA GRANDE 💜⛈️ Cardígan !!!!Taylor Swift 👌🏻 Do you know BTS_twt 🙄 Anyways may the best wins 👐💜 Taylor swift J.i Spanglish BTS_twt ON CoChacYeuLaDay by SonTungMTP sontungmtp777 I'm just trying to figure out why Halsey is never even thought of at this event and others. 1 category is not enough halsey Ashley deserves more than this.

How do we vote tho? Taylor has my vote RAIN ON ME. RAIN ON ME. 🤩❤️☔️ justinbieber ArianaGrande BTS ladygaga definitely! Harry_Styles BTS_twt Taylor Song of the year, Selena Two queens 💖 Only BTS Nothing more, nothing less Bts and halsey bts_bighit BTS_twt Dababy❤️ BTS_twt deserves it. Y'all forgot bts. But anyways I think Taylor should.

Can the Harry and Dua stans shut the fuck up already? We get it, they were snubbed. Just ignore the VMAs instead of giving them more press and attention and making us have to watch ya'll bitch and whine constantly please. BTS_twt BELI FAK BOYFRIEND BOP Taylor!!!!! !!! Rain On Me and it's not up for debate.

Billie eilish obviously 👆👍'my future','bad guy','ilomilo','i love you','all the good girls go to hell'etc, BTS 💜 Btss I respect all artists but I just don't wanna pick anyone. For me, BTS deserved all nominations most of all. Their album, songs, mvs, broken records, concert... Why it's not praised? MTVHottest BTS_twt

Ready for a spin My Favorite Artist 🌹 Courtesy pnutsings 😉 Honestly Taylor Swift she did something the rest was just normal videos Billie Eilish of course How, HOW did you not put BTS? Black swan, on, stay gold are such masterpieces! I can't understand these people... MTVHottest BTS_twt We will talk when you nominate BTS.

Chris Brown I need agnezmo on your show VMAs taylorswift13 deserves it💗💗💗💗 You forget BTS_twt darling Anyway, let's vote taylor We’ll talk when you nominate Harry Styles BREAK MY HEART or PHYSICAL Ofcourse it's gonna be our queen Taylor♥️♥️ bts 💜 Bts bts bts bts 💜 The way it's should be Taylor Swift

Stay gold must be win vmas BTS BTS_twt ..stay gold deserves it ON Album must be win BTS vmas BTS_twt BTS Black swan VMAs must be win BTS_twt BTS i think ur forgetting someone🥴 Ariana grande Not her she’s gone crazy too! Should have stayed out of politics! Black Swan, On, or the epic mini movie Daechwita by BTS’ rapper Suga aka Agust D BTS_twt check it out turn on cc (closed captioning) for English lyrics on all their videos

Is there an “anyone but Taylor” option? pineabul Taylor Swift of course! ArianaGrande Taylor Swift ON must’ve been nominated. But I’ll place my bet with the queen of course. Taylor! MTVHottest BTS BTS_twt Bts made a whole movie and didn’t get nominated 🧍🏾‍♀️ uh- BTS_twt ❤ Where is bts🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️....BTS_twt ....voted to ladygaga 'rain on me'....

🌧 on👯‍♀️ Stray_Kids STRAY_KIDS StrayKids_GodsMenu BTS Taylor Swift DUA LIPA DESERVES MORE NOMINATIONS vmas Little mix Bts Taylor Swift! rom. Dua Lipa is a threat so vmas replaced her with Justin Bieber TXT TXT_members TXT_bighit TOMORROW_X_TOGETHER tomorrowxtogether 투모로우바이투게더 BTS_twt 💜💜💜💜 TAYLOR SWIFT

Taylor obviously BTS_twt BTS_twt ariana grande and harry styles You snubbed Harry and dua. WS or adore you or lights up should have been nominated. Highly disappointed Billie 💚 Nobody they dont show music anymore!!!! AXSTV shows music!! Bts Bts Katy perry BTS_twt 😶 BTS_twt Btssss

Vote Now – Nominees for 2020 MTV Video Music AwardsGet your votes in for 💖BEST COLLAB💖 at the VMAs! 💫 ArianaGrande & justinbieber 💫 Black Eyed Peas (bep) ft. JBALVIN 💫 edsheeran ft. thegreatkhalid 💫 1future ft. Drake 💫 karolg ft. NICKIMINAJ 💫 ladygaga with ArianaGrande Vote here: ✨ ArianaGrande justinbieber bep JBALVIN edsheeran thegreatkhalid 1future Drake karolg NICKIMINAJ ladygaga I vote for eminem feat juicewrld ArianaGrande justinbieber bep JBALVIN edsheeran thegreatkhalid 1future Drake karolg NICKIMINAJ ladygaga rain on me coming to claim it

Vote Now – Nominees for 2020 MTV Video Music AwardsGet comfy on the couch because it's time to vote for BEST MUSIC VIDEO FROM HOME! ✨ 🎥 5SOS 🎥 ArianaGrande & justinbieber 🎥 blink182 🎥 Drake 🎥 johnlegend 🎥 twentyonepilots Vote here at and watch the VMAs August 30th on MTV! 5SOS ArianaGrande justinbieber blink182 Drake johnlegend twentyonepilots Wildflower by 5SOS. 5SOS ArianaGrande justinbieber blink182 Drake johnlegend twentyonepilots MTVHottest 5 seconds of summer Tha5SOSFamily 5SOS ArianaGrande justinbieber blink182 Drake johnlegend twentyonepilots 5sos deserves to win come on

Beyoncé Surprises Fans with 'Already' Music Video Ahead of Black Is King ReleaseThe track is part of Beyoncé's Black Is King visual album, which dropped on Disney+ Friday Beyoncé just needs to sit down. I’m so over her and her one piece black leotard she wears in every video or concert. this is racist and satanic. I pass . on beyonce film: 'The film was shot in various cities across the globe including Los Angeles, New York, South Africa, West Africa, London, and Belgium.'. If you don't want to be racist, then stop referring to Africa as a region. 'West Africa' isn't even a country!

Couple accused of hate crimes after attack on vehicle in Torrance is caught on videoA married couple are arrested after allegedly yelling, 'White lives matter,' and smashing a car with a shovel on July 22 in Torrance. Real or staged by Democrats? DemocRATs..rioting looting burning down cities killing police officers killing Americans killing businesses ALLOWED If you're black and yell 'black lives matter' while smashing the car w/ a shovel (or bricks, etc) with the white people in it, this same media cheers you on.

Beyoncé’s Music Video for ‘Already’ Is Finally Here & the Meaning Behind It Is So Powerful.Beyonce’s music video for ‘Already’ is finally here & the meaning behind it is so powerful.

Beyoncé Just Released a New Music Video to Celebrate 'Black is King'The music video is just a mere portion of the stunning imagery that makes up the singer's new visual album.