'Who’s in charge?’ Biden criticizes Trump’s ‘slow’ coronavirus response

Democratic frontrunner Joe Biden joins MSNBC's Brian Williams and reacts to the delayed response to the coronavirus by the Trump administration.

4/1/2020 7:14:00 AM

Joe Biden on federal response to coronavirus crisis: 'This is a war, you need a general. Put somebody in charge every single day that's accountable. Let people know exactly what's happening.'

Democratic frontrunner Joe Biden joins MSNBC's Brian Williams and reacts to the delayed response to the coronavirus by the Trump administration.

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Sounds to me like you we wrote all of that! Biden’s dementia is over taking him. Belongs in a morgue Sending out the Bat signal..we are being led by the Joker..smh Trump way ahead of you Joe JoeBiden , you cannot climb that slippery slope Joe, you have no spikes in your shoes only in your voice are you damning yourself to torment others.

Joe reversed his his position on the travel ban that the president put on back in January saving thousands of lives and infections! 💥 TO LATE JOE!!!!😝😝😝💥💥 Meanwhile Joe Biden doesnt know what state he’s in. Crime family member Joe Biden doesn't even know the name of this virus much less the H1N1 virus that killed 80,000 Americans during his administration... He belongs in a home.. have a heart democrats..

Thank you Joe. Still with you!💪🏽💕💕 Yes we do need a general. I'm that guy. I'll make sure you don't realize there is no difference between Trump and Blue Trump. Uh... Isn't there a federal news conference every day. You know, the one that CNN and MSNBC keep saying they shouldn't broadcast They already have ther sleepy Joe... this mf’r is a clown and so is msnbc

Dear Joe keep fighting your mission save American from our present king of weakness and all mouth hustling gullible Americans only hearing what they want Relax, we have Jared in charge! Thanks Trump. Joe Biden is still trying to get attention from the news media? That depends on the day it seems. No,one is sure who’s in charge

He was late and no leadership.. Biden has dementia Instead of a General, Trump put a kindergarten line leader in charge of a catastrophic event that has all Americans' lives on the line. 'Na, na, na, na, boobie, I've got the ventilators, and you don't,' the President's son-in-law said at the recent press briefing.

The person in charge is the snot-nose son-in-law You were not around for over two weeks kerryfjacob That press conference yesterday, you couldn't tell who was in charge! Chaos! kerryfjacob He’s absolutely right. Pence is like tits on a bull - completely useless. This is propaganda by MS NBC. Look at the picture that shows of a strong in charge Biden, when the reality is when you look at him speaking on television in his room he looks frail and confused truly confused

kinda catchy that Luhan.... wash your Luhans for 20 seconds dammit, and get off my lawn! He has a hard time matching his socks. Senile as hell. JoeBiden is going to make a fine president. RememberInNovember He's 💯% correct! This Virus has shown the weak leadership from dt. dt thinks it's a Reality Show,whatever he says is dilutional.He is the cause for spreading/deaths of this Virus.If he can't protect the U.S. during a deadly illness,what would happen for a famine or War?

Joe Biden isn't a general, he's a credibly accused sexual assaulter hiding out in his 12,000 sf bunker mansion, unable to read a teleprompter or stop spitting out word salad. I didn't agree with much of what he did but Obama is smart, Joe isn't. Right now, no one is in charge. We are in free fall. I'll take General Biden over General DonaldBinLaden any day of the week.

Good to hear Joe calling for daily press briefings from the president. What a joke! KAG Ignore the guy his all mouth, for now, l wouldn’t listen to him the nation is better of with president Trump then this guy Biden. Joe Biden and his boss Barak Obama were a massive failure during the H1N1 Swine Flu Virus

Slow Joe, represents the Democrats, sounds so embarrassing and shameful. Need nonpartisan czar with medical emergency management skills not politican Thank doctors, nurses and hospitals haha lets put a dementia patient in charge LOL yeah that makes sense. Joe Biden is already wearing diapers because he 'forgets' how to go to the toilet

This from a man that's afraid to debate anyone. Who can't read from a script. Who can't put two thoughts together. The Dems would replace him in a second if they could find someone. How sad for the dems. yea, we need a general but biden belongs in the retirement center. Lmfao Pence leads the pandemic team They meet each day They hold a briefing for America each day Why don’t you ask this senile old man a real question & hold him to answers of substance instead of these bland generalities that have already been done? EnemyOfThePeople

malarkeyjoe what are you suggesting in leadership! Full press head on into chaos, disrupt society, panic? As information evolved, wise actions and positions taken! Covid-19 unity! You are unfit to lead! What have you offerred,misleading, division, politicizing! disunityjoe Speaking of accoutability, how come no one at MSNBC is asking Joe Biden about the latest sexual assault allegation against him? | IBelieveTaraReade

Hey Joe we have someone in charge -President Trump!! And he’s doing great! You can go back to sleep now! Sounds like Biden talking about himself and his campaign Joe, in this time of crisis, and the well documented way its been handled, I remind you of an excellent old proverb: When you get the chance to say nothing, take it.

The only thing slow is... well... his mind. Every time I see a Bigfoot Biden appearance, he looks so embarrassingly stupid. Old crazy Joe. He is old, sick, and pitiful. Please offer BernieSanders equal time. This boomerforbernie is far from conceding the nomination to Biden. Very far. He had a 2 hour conference with the press today, and made it very clear that the buck stops with him, he actually answers the questions that are asked, what a Novel idea, you should try it

Biden was never a leader, he's never been anything other than wall streets bitch. Don't take my word, listen to Joe: Joe Biden: I Tried to 'Prostitute Myself' to Big Donors, Was 'The Token ... via YouTube He is part of the Clinton team. The ones that have sold US industry to China for a few bucks. Mr. Sen. J. Bidden, the future president. Tell your people to use OSELTAMIVIR (TAMIFLU) for COVID19. You will win.

You don’t even try to hide the bias anymore. You’ve accepted the title of fake news and moved on. Shame. Imagine being a Democrat and have to pretend Joe Biden is competent, Hillary Clinton was innocent and Barack Hussein did a good job. Fix the link Joe is getting worse it seems! lotsofuss So pense is a buck private. I thought as much

yes this is correct it is war against man made pandemic with vested interests there is need of general to lead the war whereas in USA no such arrangements about appoint of general does USA lack of such general if so the soul of late Rujuvelt will go to hell from heaven IBelieveTaraReade Ok Private 🤮 Like .. THIS type of leadership or NA!?

We have that already Knowing exactly what's happening requires cognitive skills. MSNBC on Tara Reade's sexual assault allegations against Joe Biden: *crickets* He’s a murderer and a traitor. realDonaldTrump .... JoeBidenForPresident2020 Not being said loud enough realDonaldTrump POTUS needs support from everyone including JoeBiden . If the general in this war is undermined, we all lose.

You would be a disaster you failed Politician Goodness gracious 👊 He described exactly what trump is doing

Biden debuts podcast in his virtual campaign for presidentBiden took his virtual presidential campaign to the next level Monday when he launched a podcast as the coronavirus forces him to get creative in reaching voters. Creative. LoL Nimrod. Did you know he's a rapist?

2 Top Democratic Groups Form Alliance to Support Joe Biden2 top Democratic groups — Unite the Country and American Bridge — are partnering to help elect Joe Biden. The partnership will be co-chaired by Deval Patrick, who dropped out of the 2020 race in February, and former Gov. Jennifer Granholm of Michigan. stan bad gyal In other words....they support a sexual assault deviant. DevalPatrick found a new grift!

Trump: Gov. Cuomo would be a 'better candidate' than BidenPresident Trump said Monday that Gov. Andrew Cuomo would be a stronger Democratic opponent than Joe Biden Foghorn Leghorn would sow discord wherever he can. That is his only strategy realDonaldTrump isn't the worse POTUS, but he is the most ignorant person alive today. Resist VoteBlueNoMatterWho Election2020 It's all about TV ratings with Donny T.

Biden debuts podcast in his virtual campaign for president"Here&39;s the Deal" is another way for the campaign to try to connect with voters confined to their homes during the coronavirus pandemic. Trump broadcasts on live TV every friggen day. He gets really cranky when he can't play golf.

Biden: ‘Single payer will not solve’ system’s pressure under coronavirusIn an interview with MSNBC’s Yasmin Vossoughian, former Vice President Joe Biden said the buckling of the country’s health care system under the COVID-19 crisis has not changed his mind to adopt a single-payer health insurance system. Biden said the federal government would have to step up and provide more financing to hospitals. He's right. Look at Italy. Well at least he continues to prove he's a garbage candidate outside of the other things

What the polls say about a Donald Trump vs Joe Biden presidential matchupA poll by Harvard and Harris conducted from March 24 to 26 shows Biden beating Trump by 10 points, 55 percent to 45 percent. Aw the memories... IBelieveTara IBelieveTaraReade EL 'PODER NEGRO'MARTIN LUTHER KING, MALCOLM X GUÍAS ESPIRITUALES DE LA REVOLUCIÓN BOLIVARIANA, HOY ESE 'PODER NEGRO' ESTA DORMIDO THE 'BLACK POWER' MARTIN LUTHER KING, MALCOLM X SPIRITUAL GUIDES OF THE BOLIVARIAN REVOLUTION, TODAY THAT 'BLACK POWER' IS ASLEEP