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Our statistical model throws light on America’s vaccine hesitancy | United States

8/4/2021 5:39:00 AM

Instead of focusing on partisans, public-health policy could be designed to increase access for poor and rural Americans, and focus on outreach and information-dissemination for the uneducated

Our statistical model throws light on America’s vaccine hesitancy | United States

The Economisthas collaborated with YouGov, a pollster, to collect weekly surveys on Americans’ intent to get vaccinated for covid-19. Using the demographic profiles of some 24,000 Americans, we have built a statistical model to estimate how likely each respondent is to say they have received, or will get, their jab—and to reveal the biggest causes of hesitancy.

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According to our modelling, the single greatest predictor of whether an American has been vaccinated is whether they voted for Joe Biden or Donald Trump last November. Relative to the profile for the average American—a white, 49-year-old female with some college education who earns a middle-class income, lives in a Midwestern suburb and did not vote in 2020—the impact of voting for Mr Trump is a 13 percentage-point reduction in vaccine probability. Holding everything else equal, Mr Biden’s supporters were 18 points likelier to get their jabs. Whether someone was a self-proclaimed conservative or liberal ranked second.

But many other factors also matter. African-Americans were disproportionately less likely than other racial and ethnic groups to receive their shots; Hispanics and Hindus were more likely to do so. Geographic factors mostly cut along expected lines: people in blue-state cities were likelier to get a vaccine, those in rural, redder regions were disproportionately hesitant. headtopics.com

Prominent conservative television hosts, such as Fox News’s Sean Hannity, made a spectacle of endorsing the covid-19 vaccine last week. Yet according to YouGov’s most recent poll, conducted on July 24th-27th, the share of Republican adults who say they will not get the jab has held steady at 30%. The phase of the pandemic where Americans would listen to such messaging might well be over. After all, they have been seeing adverts about jabs for months. Instead of focusing on partisans, public-health policy could be designed to increase access for poor and rural Americans, and focus on outreach and information-dissemination for the uneducated.

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I have been told many times as a natural-born citizen of The USA that I should run for President and I am Catholic in my own special way. Once again thank you to The Economist for being my one true ally. Bravo! Barack Obama has all the qualities that his tribe always recognized. The US Government can not make it over!

I mean, they probably save lives but I still got covid and they don’t stop transmission, just severe disease. It’s probably better to have it, but vaccine passports don’t work. This will never happen as long as journalism like what The Economist writes, continues to exist. O Brasil inteiro só quer um coisa BarrosoNaCadeia 🇧🇷🇧🇷

helpfully points out that the poor and those living in rural regions are idiots. Thank you! Your bigotry and hubris are an inspiration. The aim of state to support its people to serve and to manufacture for public like Japan,Korea and China. The Left is already calling for the unvaccinated to forcibly vaccinated or imprisoned. I think it would be cheaper just to leave them alone.

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