Who really gives out the Golden Globes? A tiny group full of quirky characters — and no Black members

Who really gives out the Golden Globes? A tiny group full of quirky characters — and no Black members

2/21/2021 7:33:00 PM

Who really gives out the Golden Globes? A tiny group full of quirky characters — and no Black members

The organization said the perception that many members are not serious journalists is 'outdated and unfair' and that it is committed to addressing the lack of Black members.

A foreign journalist sued Golden Globes organizer Hollywood Foreign Press Association, alleging the group acted like a cartel. A federal judge disagreed and tossed the suit.Throughout its history, the HFPA has consistently maintained its small size. In October, the group admitted three new members, but the net gain was negligible, as two members died the same year.

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The HFPA has long claimed it keeps its membership small in order to manage its events and news conferences. However, in his 2014 memoir, former President Philip Berk acknowledged, “Our territorial protectionism was indeed carried to the extreme.”Advertisement

An HFPA spokesman said Berk’s views do not reflect those of the organization and that the group “welcomes any and all new members who share the mission of bringing cultural understanding through film and TV.”Rejected applicants and current members both claim that well-credentialed foreign journalists have been turned away from the group out of concern that they would encroach on members’ professional turf. headtopics.com

“Lots of members aren’t serious journalists,” one member said. “We admit people that are not real journalists because they are not a threat to anyone.”Former Hollywood Foreign Press Assn. President Philip Berk, left, and actress Milla Jovovich attend a 2011 party at the Beverly Hilton Hotel.

(Jeff Kravitz / FilmMagic)Foreign entertainment journalists who have attempted to join the HFPA, in some cases multiple times, described concerted efforts by existing members to block prospects who might compete with them, subjecting them, according to Flaa’s suit, to “character assassination attacks and dirty smear campaign[s].” HFPA said Flaa’s claims are “entirely false,” while acknowledging that the group has at times “undertaken disciplinary actions for such behaviors.”

Spanish journalist Rosa Gamazo, who has joined Flaa’s suit, said she tried multiple times to join the group in recent years.“There was this [member] — we got along really well and she was trying to help me find a sponsor,” Gamazo told The Times. “The other members warned her: ‘Do not talk to regular journalists. They’re not our kind. You need to stick to the group.’”

While working as the Hollywood correspondent for the leading French newspaper Le Monde in the 1990s, Claudine Mulard was rejected from the organization three times, with no reason given.“I was very qualified and actively working,” Mulard said. “At the time, I was the only foreign member of the Television Critics Assn. But that didn’t matter. After a while, I just didn’t insist. I thought they were ridiculous.” headtopics.com

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“I don’t understand why journalists outside the organization are treated as threats.”Danish journalist Sara Gerlach MadsenAdvertisementTwo years ago, British journalist Gillian Pringle and another foreign journalist sought to “end the tremendous competitive disadvantage non-HFPA members face” by establishing another foreign press association open to all entertainment reporters, according to her declaration in Flaa’s lawsuit.

However, Pringle said she was told “the HFPA would retaliate against any publicist who granted us access to interview talent and therefore no publicist would.”“I don’t understand why journalists outside the organization are treated as threats,” said Danish journalist Sara Gerlach Madsen, adding she has had no work since the pandemic began and is struggling to remain in L.A. as a single mother. “The studios, the publicists — everyone is just like, ‘This is how it is.’”

Twice rejected by the HFPA, longtime Austrian entertainment journalist Evie Sullivan said in a declaration to Flaa’s suit that she was subjected to threats and character assassination from a member of the group who accused her of trying to encroach on the HFPA’s turf. Sullivan ended up leaving journalism and has embarked on a new career as a hypnotherapist.

“Today I’d rather have my toenails pulled than join the organization,” Sullivan told The Times. “But it’s about justice and helping my former colleagues who had suffered from the actions of this group just like me.” Read more: Los Angeles Times »

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We’ve known this for some time. If we aren’t going to do anything about changing the Golden Globes landscape, we really need to stop reporting on it as if this is groundbreaking news. I, for one, would like to see an article confronting the membership on how they will change. Which implies the absence of a black personality automatically assumes a racist agenda.

Hollywood is racist. The ratings for the awards shows are plummeting. Soon, almost no one, except those who worked on those shows, will be watching. Jewish people. That’s who. Its about ability, not race or gender. Stop being racist. It’s not about having Black members exactly. It’s about global perspectives on film, TV, and Hollywood generally. Given the work in film being done in Lagos and Nairobi it seems like they could do some targeted recruitment.

I look to the day when every aspect of an issue is not defined by race. More good news please((( i am playing the rassist card. I want y’all you check out truforma and then go invest in stocker ticket $zom zomedica Good stuff latimes