Who Needs Cities When We All Work From Home?

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Heard on the Street: For decades people have predicted technology would level America's geographic playing field. It hasn't happened, but Covid-19 could change that.

For decades people have predicted technology would level America’s geographic playing field, allowing areas outside of knowledge-industry hubs such as the San Francisco Bay and New York metropolitan areas to attract more high earners. It hasn’t happened, but Covid-19 could change that.

Cities have historically been the drivers of commerce and innovation. When people and firms gathered near one another, they were able to quickly meet each other’s needs while sharing ideas. Technology seems like it should have eroded those...


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Once the Police are abolished who's going to live in the cities? Doomsday Road Warrior's.

It doesnt matte cuz employers dont trust employees nor should they

Do not misunderstand - the cities do not exist only for work(er).

There will probably be a trend - just don’t move to my rural area please!

Lolololololololo Big money Wall Street Journal you're just keeping it real lololol

Cuz not everybody pushes pencils, nor skims the cream off the top like Wall Street. Also as older population centers like Europe have found out. You do not eat if you pave over prime farmland into a massive suburbia.

The development of science and technology does not originate from the science and technology itself, but from the training of scientific and technological talents. How many scientific and technological talents has the United States produced in the past decade?

As if everyone has the best internet connection that never drops lines. As if everyone feels extremely confident in talking to a desktop device.

Want to be that real estate prices in cities don’t drop despite the drop in demand?

Who needs American workers when they all can work from Mumbai

I could see gravitation to smaller cities like Boise, where you have decent weather, good housing, healthcare, recreation, etc. I can also see more movement to suburbs and exurbs outside major metro areas. I don’t see people moving to rural America though.

Wow who needs cities when we all work from home, so well said!

Cities are not just for work.


Please look at this! Places are selling “blue lives matter” flags that are just re colors of the Confederate flag. look at this review that was left on one of the website selling them. disgusting!

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United States Latest News, United States Headlines

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