Who Is Your Favorite Gay Ally Icon? Vote!

Who is your favorite gay ally icon? Vote below.

6/30/2020 4:00:00 PM

Who is your favorite gay icon? 🏳️‍🌈 Vote in our poll below.

Who is your favorite gay ally icon? Vote below.

Billboardhighlighted in their latest feature.Beyond the ally queens on the list, a number of other superstars have loved and supported the LGBTQ+ community throughout their careers, including Madonna, Lady Gaga, Ariana Grande and Britney Spears (who recently

'Glee' actress Naya Rivera is missing after renting a boat with 4-year-old son in Lake Piru Naya Rivera Missing on SoCal Lake, Son Found Alive on Boat Endangered California condors in Sequoia National Park for the first time in 50 years

to wish her fans a happy Pride Month). Read more: billboard »

『なんだチミは♥』 Sam Smith💜 Madonna Madonna Lady Gaga for life 😚⚔️💓 Mother Monster ari. You guys have no idea the history people have done decades ago Someone who is gay. Kylie Minogue & Pet Shop Boys gayicons A member from India badly mocks LGBTQ community as well as BTS_twt . Please help us to get this person arrested.

iamLP - LP - we're tired MariahCarey What's wrong with billboard Nobody It would be great if gay icons were actually gay. Gaga oola la and also her new album is 🔥 Where is glaad Vanguard Awards recipient taylorswift13 🤔 What happen with lettertomysenator 🤣 Where is Pabllo Vittar? i’ve seen this everyday. when you gonna stop with this fg propaganda?

Gaga. She bought the mans house. She’s a fire whip. Why don’t you sharpen it then? I❤️ladygaga 🌈🌈🌈 Kim Petras duh Nicki Minaj Bisexual Legend Lady Gaga 👑 Gaga. ava max MiVoto40AvaMax The owner of billboard celinedion chile where’s lana

Polish president Duda faces tough run-off vote on July 12Poland's nationalist incumbent Andrzej Duda won the first round of a presidential election on Sunday but will have to face the centrist mayor of Warsaw in a run-off on July 12, in a race that could transform the nation's ties with the European Union. I sure hope they have hand sanitizer. Harrold, no one knows you're a lying troll. Keep up the good work. Why does western media ignore the progressive economic policies of PiS?

Confirmed virus cases hit 10 million as Poland, France voteWorldwide confirmed coronavirus infections have hit the 10 million mark as voters in Poland and France went to the polls for virus-delayed elections Thought it was racist to say China virus, media? Is your twitter headline writer just piss poor, or are you dog-whistling there with the 'China virus' bit? “China Virus”?! I’m sure just a slip up by your copy editor, but they should be overtly disciplined nonetheless

Poles stand in line for high-stakes presidential votePoles stood in long lines to vote on Sunday in a closely-fought presidential election, expected to see record turnout, that could reshape Poland's tense relationship with the European Union and the ruling nationalists' socially conservative agenda. This has to be from the Onion. I hope the Poles stay open long enough Who’s currently leading in the Poles?

Poles Don Masks and Gloves to Vote for PresidentPolish voters were set to choose a president, a test of anti-incumbent sentiment in the European Union’s first national election since the coronavirus pandemic swept the continent. Proving the move for massive mail in balloting is a scam. Nah mate, someone remind them using a mask infringes on their rights & Covid-19 is a hoax. MuricaBigBrain

Michelle Obama Urges People to Vote at Roots Picnic 2020Michelle Obama joined The Roots&39; Questlove and Black Thought before the 2020 virtual Roots Picnic to urge voter registration for the upcoming election in November.

Trump's attacks seen undercutting confidence in 2020 votePresident Trump is escalating his efforts to delegitimize the November election. It’s a well-worn tactic for Trump, who spent much of 2016 criticizing the very process that ultimately put him in the White House. Suburban moms & families, rural America that contributes to the bulk of our volunteer Military force will be hit hard to their core when they learn the Comm in Chief, realDonaldTrump, remained quiet knowing full well Russia paid bounties to kill US troops in Afghanistan! 4 state officials was just arrested in new Jersey for voter fraud. I live in New Jersey.