Who Is Olympic Gymnastics Star Jordan Chiles? Here's What You Need To Know

She's passionate about zoology.

7/25/2021 3:29:00 PM

She's passionate about zoology.

Olympic gymnast Jordan Chiles is going for gold in Tokyo this year. The athlete is also close friends with Simone Biles. Here's what you need to know.

Korin MillerJul 25, 2021Competition starts tomorrow for Olympic gymnastics(!), and there’s one name you’re about to hear more of: Jordan Chiles. The elite gymnast is at the Olympics for the first time and she also just so happens to be tight with her teammate, G.O.A.T. gymnast

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Simone Biles.The two are training buddies, and Simone played a huge role in getting Jordan to where she is today.But who is Jordan Chiles, exactly? (Hint: She's got big plans for after the Olympics end.)Here’s everything you need to know about this 20-year-old who is reaching for gold during the Tokyo Summer Games.

She nearly gave up on elite gymnastics.The world of elite gymnastics is no joke—your life is basically the sport. So, when Jordan finished 11that U.S. Nationals in 2017, she considered being done with elite gymnastics and going to UCLA, according toThe New York Times headtopics.com

. Apparently Simone stepped in and asked Jordan to come and train with her in Texas—and she did.This content is imported from Instagram. You may be able to find the same content in another format, or you may be able to find more information, at their web site.

A post shared by Jordan Chiles (@jordanchiles)She and Simone are training buddies.Jordan shares the same coaches as Simone—Cecile and Laurent Landi—and the two train together. It was kind of a big deal when they both made the Olympics team, given that it’s pretty rare for two people from the exact same gym to make the competing squad of four, out of the entire country.

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