Whitmer Says Trump 'İnciting' Domestic Terrorism As Campaign Adviser Dismisses President's Rhetoric

Whitmer Says Trump 'İnciting' Domestic Terrorism As Campaign Adviser Dismisses President's Rhetoric

Whitmer says Trump 'inciting' domestic terrorism as campaign adviser dismisses President's incendiary rhetoric as 'having fun' at rallies

Trump campaign senior adviser Lara Trump on if the President's rhetoric against Gov. Gretchen Whitmer should be toned down: 'He wasn't doing anything, I don't think, to provoke people to threaten this woman at all. He was having fun at a Trump rally'

10/18/2020 8:45:00 PM

Trump campaign senior adviser Lara Trump on if the President's rhetoric against Gov. Gretchen Whitmer should be toned down: 'He wasn't doing anything, I don't think, to provoke people to threaten this woman at all. He was having fun at a Trump rally'

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer called out President Donald Trump on Sunday for incendiary comments he made about her during a weekend campaign rally, saying the President's heightened rhetoric just days after authorities foiled a plot by extremists to kidnap her is 'inciting this kind of domestic terrorism.'

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Former top special operations commander who oversaw bin Laden raid says he voted for Biden

Retired Navy Adm. William McRaven, the former head of US Special Operations Command who oversaw the successful raid that killed Osama bin Laden, said he is voting for Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden.

Shame on LaraLeaTrump as a mom she should be taking a stand against these threats. Just like her father in law she brought it back to herself. Selfish, vapid, and embarrassing. Shame, shame, shame. Ha ha ha ha poor guys!! You MUST fired this shit!!! I though she was Sarah Palin I see a re-incarnated HITLER on stage chanting evil verses. The only place Trump and his die-hard Nazi followers belongs are in jail or a parallel universe where they can rot together. The world’s humanity and survival are at stake. Evil must not win on 11/3.

Yeah he didn’t do anything except incite more domestic terrorism. They’re not even trying to hide the fact they’re fascist anymore. She id blind and deaf and lacking any intellectual abilities. She is just as vile as he is! Look, the more we talk and politicize the issues, the less gets done and the more they hide behind their usual cluelessness they put up every time they're asked to defend Trump. Of course his rhetoric incites people because he knows those extremists form most of his base.

having more fun and kill more Having Fun, is she brain washed or what Let’s just have some fun target the trump family , how’s that ? Fun ? Are you bored posting on social media platforms? No idea what will you post? Then see my gig. To take my services Visit: so 'having fun' is encouraging people to kidnap and threathen people. got it.

She’s so stupid, it’s not gov. Gretchen fault that the pandemic is going on. It’s a world wide thing so people need to wear a mask so we all can go back to our lives again. Because when you’re the bullies it’s ok. But then you don’t like to have a cup of your own hot soup !!! Having Fun at Trump Rally .. is that her response ... where she came from.. this Trump family is bunch of thugs and goons and can do anything to win election

Trump knew and now that he's got it, he's spreading it and it isn't just the coronavirus, it's hatred too. Trump couldn't care less about YOU or anything else but himself. So, get up stand up and VOTE BLUE! Vote for JOE BIDEN for President! TRUMP's the Big Bad Wolf who'll huff & puff & blow your house down. PENCE is a wolf in sheep's clothing, a SVENGALI, who'll hypnotize & GASLIGHT you into a DYSTOPIA. WAKE UP! Trump/Pence will destroy AMERICA w/their lying. Any doubt, there's over 210,000 DEATHS as reminders!

IT'S TIME TO COME TO THE REALIZATION that Trump's only interest is his re-election & that Trump couldn't care less about anything or anyone else. 'TRUMP WILL SAY & DO ANYTHING' he thinks will secure his re-election, even endangering other people's lives. So chanting lock her up is having fun. Well, my dream is someday Trump will get locked up and it will be the most fun I have ever had just watching him go to jail. I hope my dream comes true sooner and not later.

FUN IS WHAT SHE CALLED IT. SHE IS AN IDIOT JUST LIKE TRUMP IS. THE MENTAL PROBLEM RUNS IN THEIR FAMILY AND BLED OVER TO HER. WHAT A JOKE! God, I can’t wait for when family bimbos are not considered legitimate advisers! She is a vapid mouthpiece. So - you're saying after almost 4 years - he' too stupid to figure out that the words of a President influences the behavior of his minions

STOP, STOP, STOP covering the Trump circus. It was a breath of fresh air to watch the Biden town hall without the chaos. Cover Biden & Harris and their plans. We don’t need to hear more trump lies. As long as he is having fun. Yes... trump is one big joke The only supporters at the White House Trump has left is family! 😂

Abuse is what Trump finds fun. Bias or nah? This is a typical bully response, “ It was just a joke; quit being so sensitive “. Aaaaaagh! Please vote him out! He represents every misogynistic man I ever worked with. So was H. Rap Brown and Stokeley Carmichael. Federal charges were lodged against them for crossing stateline to commit similar acts and incitement to commit crimes. Do they call it fun because it's potus this time?

CNN, the fake news champion FAKE NEWS Trump’s fun has been costly for America. Trump failed America. VoteTrumpOut VoteBidenHarris2020 They support his disrespect for others.😡😡😡😡 Well you were super snotty with her. Rude and condescending. You begged all the rest to come. When you finally got one you fucked that up too. God forbid we get to hear what they are saying so we can decide for our selves. You are really bad at your job.

Can’t stand Jake Tapper Despicable, what is wrong with people. I am wondering where cnn coverage of Hunter Biden emails that suggest Joe Biden was on the take when he was VP? Odd you have zero coverage of this. Could it be cnn is covering for Joe Biden and trying to hide evidence from the American people before an election?

Whitmere = poop 💩 When are you reporting about the confirmed laptop with confirmed emails and pictures. Biden Trump needs to go to have fun at Disneyland, as a president, he is a disaster. This B HAS LOST HER MIND TO THINK the President Words was A JOKE! No HE IS A JOKE! And he is causing VIOLENCE 😷🤥

Whitmer has created her own problems the court has even restricted her orders Trump has nothing to do with that more fake news and innuendos she’s the one that’s acting like a dictator and her citizens don’t like it Trumps daughter in law what else is there too know Oh ok...As long as Trump is having fun inciting hate and anger, it's ok. We will all forgive him.....cause he's having fun.😳

Obama has said get in their faces, Joe Biden said he would punch a guy. But sure keep pushing the agenda of republicans being the violent ones. Sorry they know how to have a fun time at a Rally. As usual,I’m appalled at yet another lie told by a member of the Trump crime family. No matter what the Orange Turd says, the crime family or his Republican enablers are there to defend him!

YOUR FATHER-IN-LAW CALLED SENATOR HARRIS A MONSTER NO DECENT PERSON, LET ALONE THE PRESIDENT THE WORDS HE USES THE NAME CALLING I wonder if your children are watching their grandfather SHAME I want to see Jake smile one time and not look like he wants to cry every single broadcast. That was one of the sickest comments she made. Plotting kidnapping and murder is not a joke.

Good ol boy fun = lynching shooting maiming kidnap & killing Sounds funny as hell Better off locked down, than dead.They can't run their business if they are dead. When did it become acceptable for political “leaders” (let’s use that word loosely) to denigrate and dehumanize their own citizens? And the base thinks they’ve drained the swamp? They have jumped into it and are wallowing in it on your tax dollars.

I hope on inauguration day when Biden is sworn in as president at the district attorney from New York and Wisconsin are there with cuffs to put on Trump and haul his ass away on national television Yea, it’s all been just fun and games for 5 years now! Not surprising to hear yet another enabler saying Trump did nothing wrong. What is wrong with people? To say he was having fun at his rally? Really? It is astounding to me how anyone can stand up for Trump. Disgusting and dangerous behaviour 😡

I am so happy. I got to vote today.! We are going to get everything right this time around. We promise!!!! Criminal conspiracy trump family idea of FUN and decent peoples idea of FUN differ greatly. Never ever answer a question - deflect, deflect , deflect. She just like her “family” are all a bunch of turds.

These nut jobs hated trump. Does CNN think they were taking orders from him Has the President of the United States condemned the action of these radicals or said one word of support for the Governor? You have your answer he condones violence he’s disgusting That women has more class then her and all the women in that Trump family.

Maybe CNN should town down their rhetoric. He's a hateful man. Enough said. Disgusting and unpresidential! Trump will be my choice no matter what. How stupid is she, she thinks it's a joke He is a complete failure when it comes to the virus, he is still spreading it in the last days of his presidency because he doesn't care who gets it.

Are her and Mcaneny sisters? Really? That about this you slugs!! He should be held accountable. This is uttering threats because he knows his demographic pick up on that messaging and act on it. As long has tRump makes these comments this Governor is not safe. Wow, Lara looks like she could take two at a time at least with the size of that mouth of hers!

The media is a huge problem. But to be honest it’s coming from left wing media. Let down ur democrat pride and let’s get real here. The narrative is complete bullshit it’s no worse than the flu That lassie is TRUMPITISED. Is there a criminal who don’t work at our White House must be nice they are using our house as a mob house

What i white bitch Lara the Liar! Why is it so hard for some to see that the Trump family only cares about themselves?!!! This was disturbing! If governor think her life was threaten very simple solution just resign people can have their life back to normal So she’s a sociopath too Jackass Of course she would lie and try and make it seem so innocent

Having fun? Yes, it’s all fun until...someone dies. Then, what? Is that what you are saying LaraLeaTrump? Show a little dignity and respect. Is that how you allow your children to behave? She calls that “fun” all fun and games till someone gets kidnapped I watched. Jake had a lot more patience than anyone I know has. The Family has mastered talking over people.

Another deluded insane Trump. Post 5 Nov all Trumps to be given boot out of US as traitors to be a US Patriot Fun,,, omg As a general rule, presidents of the United States don't make jokes about those kinds of things. Plots to abduct and execute a democratically elected politician should be condemned, not laughed about.

Stop this America has to get rid of orange 45 Otherwise it will definitely turn into a shithole country Yes. He was having fun inciting violence against a woman critical of him by people known to commit violence in his name. These are cruel people. Weird. Yea ask her. Joke vote Biden The potus pokes fun at a woman getting death threats and justifies it by saying that everyone else does it too. That's 2020 folks. Yeeehaaaa Guns, Babies, God.

Another example of “they don’t get it”. He incites anger and fear. Insanity runs in the family I guess... Justice will get all these assholes one day...it ALWAYS has and it ALWAYS will. Will someone PLEASE answer this question. When are the Sunday political shows going to create a forum that STOPS Republican pundits from just coming on and shouting over the interviewer? We NEED a political interview format that simply has a MUTE button to shut the GOP pundits up

Lara is clearly cut from the Trump cloth. Her contemptuous demeanor and mockery of all things decent is a reminder that her father-in-law is an abomination. jaketapper why do u interupt or speak over ur guests from realDonaldTrump campaign? Do u invite them for interviews or arguments? As a viewer it looks and sounds rude and unprofessional

It is absolutely ridiculous that every Republican pundit just comes on a show and will not EVER answer a damn question. If CNN would create a new show with a damn mute button for shouting pundits it would be the highest rated show EVER. I cannot be the only person that sees this! Yeah....trump's 'fun' at his rallies only killed a few thousands so far. So, what are we all getting so hyped up about?

Tyrannical Whitmer is her own worst enemy. Proven by the Supreme Court, they set aside all her covid edicts. CNN is fake lying news Right side of her mouth: We have bigger issues like the pandemic... Left side of her mouth: We need to get everyone back to work and kids in schools... So basically she's saying there's a fire but we need more fuel for it instead of water? SMH

Wow - so tRump’s idea of having fun is ensuring that Americans’ are harmed and even possibly murdered ? My God - is there no bigger MONSTER in America than realDonaldTrump right now.. A Trump... Is a Trump... Is a Trump! Haven't met one I like! Does she expect anyone to agree? What a stupid woman. Will somebody please tell her and everyone else in her idiotic family that none of these departments belong to president; these agencies belong to the American citizens, one and all! Unmitigated gall. That’s all right because we’re gonna send you people back to where you belong!

That's the level of ontelligence and empzthy kne has learned to expect of all the closest advisers of this President. That and their last name is invariably Trump. Trump once said, 'I could shoot someone on 5th Ave. & my voters will still love me!'. Well he did, only bot with a gun, he had the Russian mob kill his brother Fred Jr. w/poison spiked vodka to induce a heart attack to get even for convincing his parents to put him in the NYMA!

He already said he doesn’t joke. So, her idea of fun is to encourage people to attempt violent overthrows of government? This is her idea of fun? Maybe she knows who's getting Trumps drugs to him. Teach your children well: - Racism is wrong. - Sexism is wrong. - Lying, cheating, bullying is wrong. Don’t give up your dreams. Vote Biden-Harris.

Yeah but his type of fun is revving people up with his rhetoric that hurts other people. It’s still not okay. Remember John McCain stating Obama wasn’t a Muslim and shutting that shit down immediately? He has a choice and he won’t stop it. I don’t care what this Trumpite Leech thinks, and don’t get why anyone even gives her attention. Can we give attention to worthy commentors instead! Senator Whitehouse, Al Franken, Jane Fonda, Greta Thunberg, Rep Swawell, Senator Jeff Merkley, Senator Elizabeth Warren, Blumenthal

Trump is a one trick pony. He blames scapegoats. Muslims, Central Americans, scientists, journalists, liberals, blacks, women, and in this case an opposition governor He knows how well this worked for the other dictators that he admires Americans will see through this in 2020 Interpretation... “It’s no big deal.”

This from a parent of small children who could easily find her family in a similar situation reminds me that there is no bottom and that whatever goes in to lip fillers must erode the soul. “This woman”. Sick!!!! DON’S BODY COUNT of children, Moms & Dads AS OF TODAY 224,284 as he continues his plan of “IT IS WHAT IT IS” DON’S PLAN of Herd Immunity will take 80% of the citizens to become infected resulting in US 3,310,026 DEATHS! Instead of fighting his CDC & FDA, HE SHOULD JUST BE HONEST!

Trump is the unlawful and disorder president. Inciting people to anarchy is fun? What kind of people are they? LaraLeaTrump the crowd was yelling “lock her up” - that’s provoking! Her family, her children were in serious danger as well as all the innocent people who surround her. You think that’s funny? You’re family is sick!

Question? Will Lara & Eric Trump get locked up when their dealings with Russia’s Alpha Bank become known after Nov. 3rd? Or is Donald Trump planning to leave American soil with his entire family to avoid jail? TheLeadCNN CuomoPrimeTime FBI nytimes FoxNews WhiteHouse DNC Trump Whataboutisms & Spins

Malarkey. Yet any every turn you can pick on Trump and say libelous things and define his character? Poor poor little woman. Simpleton Dems, Simpleton Libs Starting shit is what Trump finds fun Serious question jaketapper . Why are you taking this woman seriously. 'He was having fun' Dictators have sick fun like this.

“It was just a neighborhood bonfire in the shape of a cross” 👇 So, he was having fun ha? Idiot CNN can only talk about Trump. The should be put out of business Trump was ambushed by Savannah and Biden was coddled by George! Nothing new though we REPs are used to it. Protect the DEMS and attack the REPS! Hunters laptop is the latest! Vote Trump and let the establishment know we’re not going to take the BS! After the DEMS! Lock them up!

Another total waste of time. Shame on the media for continuing to normalize these god damn propagandists. When is enough enough? One of the abiding mysteries of contemporary times is how a man described as “a morally louche adulterer” with scarcely a hint of faith, love or charity won the fealty of America’s evangelical Christians

Maybe her tyranny should be toned down a bit. That's fine that President Trump was having fun and everyone don’t get mad or blame the President for this Pandemic because When I was mad I said some rude comments and this so please everyone don’t get really angry What is he on? Dangerous guy Have fun, realDonaldTrump ! 😜🎧

Literally has the audacity to say this when she was already threatened by his supporters to capture Whitmer.....insane Bombing civilians starts to become a common practice for Armenia. Missiles hit the city of Ganja and killed at least 10 people and injured over 40 civilians. Targeting civilians is a crime. prayforganja ArmeniaKillsCivilians StopArmenianAggression KarabakhisAzerbaijan

Michigan Gov. Whitmer says Trump is inciting domestic terrorism after 'lock her up' chants at rallyGretchen Whitmer said that Donald Trump was fueling domestic terrorism a day after his criticisms of her during a rally in the state spurred supporters to chant 'lock her up!' Why would Biden supporters about what Trump says? Perhaps, the right honorable elected official from Michigan is suffering the negative effects of an ongoing Hormonal Imbalance.....? He said same thing at hillary in 2016. Its a repeat🤡

Michigan Governor Whitmer says Trump inciting domestic terrorism, endangering public servantsDemocratic Governor Gretchen Whitmer discussed Trump's most recent Michigan rally, during which crowd members chanted 'Lock her up!' in reference to the state leader, on Sunday morning. That would be RepMaxineWaters Nah dog. That’s Antifa She’s not wrong. Trump NEVER misses an opportunity to divide the country and enrage his base!

'Incredibly disturbing': Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer says Trump incites domestic terrorism'It is dangerous, not just for me and my family, but for public servants everywhere,' said Whitmer, calling on opinion leaders everywhere to 'call this out' and demand Trump tamp down his remarks. Election day is in 16 days! Polls say Biden is likely to win. Who will win in your opinion? Biden sold out America to our enemies Shes in love with Trump..

Michigan Gov. Whitmer Says Trump Incites Domestic TerrorismGov. Gretchen Whitmer: 'It's incredibly disturbing that the president of the United States, 10 days after a plot to kidnap, put me on trial, and execute me ... is at it again and inspiring and incentivizing and inciting this kind of domestic terrorism.' It is disturbing. Please MICHIGAN. How about you voters turn out so we don't have another debacle Get over yourself, Gretch! Whitmer’s problem is with her own constituents, whose rights she’s trampled.

Whitmer says Trump continues to encourage 'domestic terrorism' with rhetoricMichigan Gov. Whitmer says Pres. Trump is inciting “domestic terrorism” against public officials working to contain the coronavirus, a day after Trump encouraged supporters at a rally who were chanting “lock her up” as an attack on Whitmer. Please reasarch yourself in Quran Trump's second term chances fade The Democratic nominee has a lead in polls and the edge in all swing states. Republican voices of dissent, Sen. Mitt Romney and Ben Sasse are being raised against Trump, a sign of deepening concern about the party's fate. You could say the President encourages every bad behavior in the country. This is just dumb. People think for themselves. The plotters were not Trump supporters. That's why the story died.

Gretchen Whitmer Accuses Trump Of Further Endangerment After ‘Lock Her Up’ Rally ChantsTeam Trump says the president was just “having fun.” Fun? With a kidnapping attempt? Oh yeah. Hilarious. Should we talk about the OTHER kidnapping attempts? Washed up Whitmer President Trump saved her life.