Whitmer extends Michigan's stay-at-home order until June 12

5/23/2020 4:38:00 AM

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer extended her stay-at-home order Friday to June 12, her fifth extension of a mandate that has put her at odds with Republican lawmakers and has been the subject of mounting criticism and anti-lockdown protests.

Friday to June 12, her fifth extension of a mandate that has put her at odds with Republican lawmakers and has been the subject of mounting criticism and anti-lockdown protests.The order, called "Safer at Home," will extend temporary business closures and movement restrictions in an effort to combat the coronavirus pandemic. Whitmer also extended her state of emergency through June 19, WJBK-TV reported. In a statement, she said that while

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COVID-19cases and deaths are declining, "we are not out of the woods yet." Read more: Fox News »

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Never going back to that state June 12, but what year? Election coming soon, good bye Governor botox What is with her! USAO_MIE TheJusticeDept... you need to step in NOW and shut down GovWhitmer’s clear constitutional & civil liberties violations against Michigan citizens and their businesses! She is Satan’s child!

I love how the article says she 'allowed' you to look leave Your home, 'allowed' to open YOUR business. You all like socialism yet, if not we will keep doing this until you do If that isn’t an evil smile, I’m not sure what would be Keeping herself in the news helps name recognition for VP pick Recall Whitmer

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Hope she is practicing her walk.... She knows there is no way she will ever be elected in Michigan again right? Why not wait till after the November elections? At least the Michigan Governor is collecting a pay check! 4what it’s anyone’s guess! Good for her! You mean Miss Piggy Why! What a goof ball. Common sense was never part of her DNA

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All fake news. Fox time to get off the fake wagon and get on the real one. Seriously She is safe to ignore. safetoignorewhitmer ignorewhitmer Just because she can. 🙄 The governor simply doesn't have the authority to declare a protracted stay-at-home order! No person can make=up their own laws and then impose them on the will of the people! Immediate court action needed! TOTALITARIANISM isn't allowable in America!

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Good. Clean the water in Flint! The lockdown Democrat states just keep growing and growing and growing. Those lockdowns are really getting results. 😉🤡 Whatever. She gives no reasons why. Unconstitutional. Live your life. Hey - STOP POLITICIZING THE PANDEMIC! This is retaliation to the protesters. She’s a heartless human being!

That bitch crazy Doesn’t have a clue what to do Absurd! Even NYC is opening. Small business owners need to open without her ....she can’t throw you all in jail...take a stand ! She is ruining the state I love! Don’t listen to GovWhitmer she has her own agenda in mind. She is using the people of Michigan as a political weapon. Ignore her and open up your businesses and get back to work. Save Michigan Whitmer should resign!

I swear Gavin Newsome and this lady are 🦎 lizard people. They creep me out. realDonaldTrump be sure not to allocate federal tax dollars to help a state run by a complete moron. Well, never mind, GovWhitmer knows MI is a swing state, so MI will be bailed out. Pathetic, just pathetic. 🦇💩🤪 She’s out of control

Why not abuse people ! When they can do it . People will remember everything... You have lost touch with reality

Michigan governor extends safer-at-home order to June 12Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer today signed a new executive order that extends the state's safer-at-home order to June 12. The order also extends the temporary closure of certain places of public accommodation, such as theaters, gyms, and casinos. You Go! Kim Jung Un-Whitmer has spoken from Pyongyang, Michigan. Yeah, I’d be ignoring that goddamned tyrant. Haha. You get what you vote for

Judge dismisses Michigan Legislature's lawsuit over governor's use of emergency powersA Michigan judge on Thursday dismissed a lawsuit filed by the Republican leaders of the state's Legislature challenging Democratic Gov. Gretchen Whitmer's use of emergency powers to extend Michigan's state of emergency. The judge is correct, these are extenuating circumstances gee that's too bad Go bucks lmao

Anti-lockdown demonstrators trade guns for scissors at Michigan 'haircut' protestDemonstrators in Michigan gathered for "Operation Haircut," the latest in a string of protests against the state&39;s stay-at-home order. I've got all the scissors they could trade for!!!

Anti-lockdown demonstrators trade guns for scissors at Michigan 'haircut' protestDemonstrators rally outside the Michigan state Capitol in Lansing as part of 'Operation Haircut' — the latest in a string of protests against the state's stay-at-home order. Are these the same white people telling black folks to 'get over' 400 years of slavery, after 2 months without a haircut? I'm sure some of them would soon end up in Johns Hopkins COVID-19 death database. AKA Operation Goddamn Idiot.

Michigan governor wins legal fight with lawmakers over virusDETROIT (AP) — Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer prevailed Thursday in a high-stakes challenge by Republican lawmakers who sued over her authority to declare emergencies and order sweeping... corruption smh Great job, Governor. Don’t give in to the bullies. You know what is right to do. need to take these old laws off the books..indefinite my ass

Coronavirus lockdowns spark acts of resistance despite warnings of health consequencesFrom gyms to restaurants, proprietors reopen in defiance of stay-at-home orders. Lockdowns are sheer madness! People are getting sick of this house arrest .. time to open up the economy ! Starting to look like Venezuela Oh really? How about Governor Cuomo condemning the elderly to death? 🖕