White Supremacist Ideas Have Historical Roots In U.S. Christianity

In American history, Christianity was often used to justify slavery in the United States. The elements of racial ideology still persist in some churches today.

7/2/2020 11:59:00 PM

In American history, Christianity was often used to justify slavery in the United States. The elements of racial ideology still persist in some churches today.

Beginning in the days of slavery and Jim Crow segregation, elements of racist ideology have long existed in white churches. How Christians could promote such views is a point that upsets many people.

,"Slaves, obey your human masters, with fear and trembling and sincerity of heart." (Biblical scholars now discount the relevance of the passage to a consideration of chattel slavery.)Thornwell's reassurance was immensely important to all those who had a stake in the existing economic and political system in the South. In justifying slavery, he was speaking not just as a theologian but as a Southern patriot. In the First Presbyterian cemetery, Thornwell's name appears prominently on a monument to church members who served the Confederate cause in the Civil War.

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"Slavery, in the minds of many, was necessary for the South to thrive," said Bobby Donaldson, director of theCenter for Civil Rights History and Researchat the University of South Carolina."So Thornwell used his pulpit to defend the South against charges by the North, by abolitionists. ... He provided the intellectual defenses that many slaveholders needed."

Thornwell's First Presbyterian congregation included slave owners and businessmen and other members of the political and economic elite in Columbia, and as their pastor he represented their interests. A belief in white supremacy was a foundational part of Southern culture, which is one reason some otherwise devout Christians have failed to challenge it.

The Southern wayLyon's opening prayer before the white Citizens' Council meeting in Montgomery included words starkly reminiscent of the Civil War era."We stand on the sacred soil of Alabama in the cradle of the Confederacy of our beloved Southland," he said."Help us to realize with all of the fervency of our heart and mind that every inch of ground we stand on tonight is sacred and honorable."

A fear that their regional culture was at risk lay behind much of the opposition to the civil rights movement among Southern Christians. Cross, the Montgomery pastor who was dismayed by what he learned of the attack on the Freedom Riders, ultimately decided that the best explanation for the involvement of Christians was that they were acting on the basis of their perceived self-interest.

Jesus Was Divisive: A Black Pastor's Message To White Christians"People try to protect their way of life," he said."You know, 'What's best for me and my family?' You even begin to use God as a means to an end. It makes a lot of sense to people, and they're, like, 'Well, that's what everybody does.'"

A"don't-rock-the-boat" philosophy can have a powerful appeal among people who are unnerved by the prospect of social change, and church leaders may feel powerless to counter it.In 1965, Lyon's more moderate son, Henry Lyon III, was called to lead an all-white Baptist church in Selma, Ala. He arrived in the city two months after the"Bloody Sunday" confrontation on the Edmund Pettus Bridge, when more than 2,000 civil rights marchers were savagely attacked by Alabama state troopers and local law officers. The younger Lyon, who died in 2018, never adopted his father's bigoted rhetoric, and his wife, Sara Jane Lyon, said he was willing to open his church to African Americans. During the 21 years Lyon was the church's pastor, however, his congregation never accepted Black members, apparently because he did not feel free to press the issue.

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"Selma wasn't ready for it," Sara Jane Lyon told NPR in an interview."He knew it would accomplish nothing if he upset everybody and pushed, you know, to integrate the church."Sara Jane Lyon volunteers at the First Baptist Church in Montgomery. She says her late husband, who led an all-white church for 21 years in Selma, Ala., felt that pushing for integration would upset his congregation and"accomplish nothing."

Stephen Poff for NPRtoggle captionStephen Poff for NPRChurches operate within a cultural context. By challenging local customs and perspectives, pastors may alienate the white economic and political players who serve as their deacons, elders, Sunday School teachers and financial supporters.

In his sermons, Sara Jane Lyon recalled, her husband would tell his congregation,"I have not come here to change your heart. There's no way I can do that. ... Only the Lord can change your heart." Asked whether her husband ever discussed racial justice as a pastor, she said,"That was not his style of preaching. He didn't get up and talk about local issues. He preached the Word of God."

The church and the status quoAfter leaving Selma, the Lyons relocated to Montgomery and joined the First Baptist Church there. With about 5,000 members, the church has a central place in civic life. The congregation is almost entirely white, but it's not because of a deliberate policy. The pastor, Jay Wolf, said he welcomes everyone.

Enlarge this imagePastor Jay Wolf leads a prayer service at First Baptist Church in Montgomery in 2019. He says he has"no idea" how many African Americans are in his congregation."We are the body of Christ, and we need Jesus, and that's all I need to know," he says.

Stephen Poff for NPRtoggle captionStephen Poff for NPRPastor Jay Wolf leads a prayer service at First Baptist Church in Montgomery in 2019. He says he has"no idea" how many African Americans are in his congregation."We are the body of Christ, and we need Jesus, and that's all I need to know," he says.

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Stephen Poff for NPR"When I came to know the Lord, I became colorblind," Wolf said. When some visitors asked Wolf how many African Americans attended his church, he said he had"no idea.""I don't know how many white members we have," Wolf told NPR."Like, does it make any difference? I just know that we have people, crafted in the image of God. I am completely resistant to this idea of breaking things down on a demographic basis. We are the body of Christ, and we need Jesus, and that's all I need to know."

On the other side of Montgomery, where African Americans are concentrated, Pastor Terrence Jones also preaches about needing Jesus, though with a message attuned to a multiracial congregation. The son of a Black Southern Baptist preacher, Jones said he thinks the Christian church is partly to blame for America"dropping the ball," in his words, on race issues.

Terrence Jones, pastor at the Montgomery church Strong Tower at Washington Park, says Christians need to focus on racism more seriously.Brooke Glassfordtoggle captionBrooke Glassford"The message of Jesus is a unifying message," Jones said."According to Ephesians 2, he tears down 'every dividing wall of hostility' through his death on the cross. I think we've done a poor job of showing the world that, because we've been so segregated."

Jones argues that Christians need to focus on racism far more seriously."When people get shot, when our president says something racially charged, people get pushed into their corners, and they don't wrestle with what does this mean for me as a minority, what does this mean for me as a white person, but also, what does this mean for me as a follower of Jesus?"

At the time of the civil rights movement, King argued that church leaders needed to take a broad view of their mission and accept responsibility for addressing social inequity. In his 1963Letter From a Birmingham Jail, written in longhand from his jail cell, King lamented the failure of"white churchmen" to stand up for racial justice when it meant challenging the local power structure.

"So often the contemporary church is a weak, ineffectual voice with an uncertain sound," King wrote."So often it is an arch-defender of the status quo. Far from being disturbed by the presence of the church, the power structure of the average community is consoled by the church's silent — and often even vocal — sanction of things as they are."

A theology of inactionSome white Christian leaders have even provided moral and theological reasoning for their reluctance to challenge the existing system. Evangelicals in particular generally prioritize an individual's own salvation experience over social concerns. The primary mission of the church in this view is to win souls for Christ. Working for racial justice, in contrast, may be seen as a"political" issue.

"In that configuration, immorality only lives in the individual person," said Dupont, the religion historian who grew up in Texas."There's no conception of systemic injustice and systemic sin."Civil rights activists who cited the Bible in support of their cause were often dismissed as"a bunch of theological liberals," Dupont said."And then it becomes an argument about who really believes the Bible. If Christianity is really about individual salvation, and the mission of the church is to win the lost, then [it is said that] these people who are telling us we need to get involved in the civil rights movement are just trying to lead us astray."

The rejection of a"social gospel" remains popular among those conservative evangelicals today who see advocating for Black Lives Matter or immigrant rights as political activities. It is an argument with roots extending back to the theology of Thornwell and like-minded religion scholars of the 19th century.

"What, then, is the Church?" Thornwell asked in his 1851Report on Slavery."It is not, as we fear too many regard it, a moral institute of universal good whose business it is to wage war upon every form of human ill, whether social, civil, political or moral."

Such pronouncements have made Thornwell popular among"orthodox" Christian theologians who rebel against liberal interpretations of the church's mission in the modern world. Once his pronouncements on slavery and race are disregarded, Thornwell's theological views still resonate.

One of the buildings on the grounds of his former church in South Carolina is Thornwell Hall. Until it closed due to concerns over the coronavirus, the building was used for children's education. The First Presbyterian ministerial staff has not been overly concerned that by honoring Thornwell, it may be offending potential African American members.

"As far as I know, it has not kept people from our doors," said Gabe Fluhrer, an associate pastor at the church.Fluhrer has studied Thornwell's writings, many of which are highly sophisticated, and he is dismayed that the theologian's views on slavery and race have made it more difficult for people to appreciate his broader biblical insight.

"If it were an impediment [to someone]," Fluhrer said,"I would love to speak to that person and say, 'Look, we need to condemn what is wrong with him, and we need to celebrate what is good.' He got a lot right on the Scriptures and everything wrong when it comes to race."

Getting everything wrong with regard to race, however, can be an unforgivable failing for people whose life experience is shaped by racism.'Jesus And John Wayne' Explores Christian Manhood — And How Belief Can Bolster TrumpFor many years, African American worshippers were relegated to the First Presbyterian balcony. Church authorities later permitted them to have a church a few blocks away where they could worship separately under the supervision of the First Presbyterian elders. It became known as Ladson Presbyterian Church, after one of the church's early pastors.

The church has only a few dozen active members these days, but the congregation is close, and the Sunday services are intimate and joyful gatherings. There is no longer any connection to the original church."I don't know anyone who goes to First Presbyterian," said Rosena Lucas, 88, a longtime Ladson member."I've never had any interest [in attending]."

Nor has Hemphill Pride, an elder in the Ladson congregation."I see that church as a stranger, really," he said. For Pride and other Ladson members, the Thornwell connection still taints the parent church."It's an affront to me," Pride said."[To have] buildings named after people who interpreted the Bible in that manner is disrespectful to all Black people."

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Actually this was true in early nazi Germany, until Christian's realized Hitler was a lying murderer. The history of the exodus was GODS opinion of slavery. Just gross The left is going down Perhaps, you meant religion instead of Christianity. Religion is simple a duty to do whatever. Whereas Christianity is a way of life of the followers of Jesus Christ. Thus , it is wise for all to accept Christ and live the Christ like ( love ) life. forreal

So, all Christians are racists? You do realize that slavery was abolished mostly by churches and Christian communities because they knew it was wrong? MLK Jr. Was literally a preacher! It also wasn't christianity that was used to justify slavery it was social darwinism. VoteEarlyNow I read this article when it first appeared about Jim Zwerg who was beaten along with John Lewis on the Freedom Rides. Bless them both!

Charles_BSwans Hasn't it been their 'calling' all along? Suffer the slaves to stuff my own pockets KJV Bible was rewritten as propaganda to keep 'the people', including puritans, from, coming after the corrupt/venal/salacious/greedy Lords/King. Hence the whole 'obey your masters' bs or dominion vs stewardship switch. These became the settler-colonialists.

Speaking of racists . . . Like BLM is used to justify murder Wow...way to create more hate and divisiveness with this article when instead we all really need to be focusing on creating unity and peace. The misogyny in a lot of Christian denominations is still rabid as well, on par with Islam. I don't understand why anyone but especially women ever identify with any religion.

What? No wayyyy samME_10 If it was 'often used' to justify slavery, is it fair to say that it was 'often not used' to justify slavery? I realize that it would ruin the npr narrative, but honesty and truth matters too. Now it's Christianity that's the problem ! The notable exception, Baptist minister, civil libertarian who insisted on separation of church and religion of any form, and abolitionist to the core of his being, he was 22 years old in 1776.

Now do mosques. I'm a Christian. The FakeChristians who follow tRump must have their own Jesus, cause their Jesus and mine are completely different. It's ridiculous to talk about your faith while condoning the atrocities at the border, and what's been done to peaceful protesters. Resist harrygod Christianity is used and abused as cover for all manner sins, crimes and inhumane greedy policies. Nobody can stand before God and justify the bs they use to protect and glorify a vile leader like Trump.

Very true! Indeed they do. Odd that you forgot to mention that these Christians were Democrats. DefundPBS Do they realize there is no white people in the Bible? why white people can't coexist with other groups or the planet without seeking domination? THAT’S A VICIOUS, HORRIFIC LIE!!!! I'm pretty sure that one can find a passage in the Bible to justify anything.

Stay strong in the Lord and realize the attack on our faith is exactly what we were warned about. NPR should be ashamed... but they aren’t. That’s the problem here. The future is atheist Good article FakeChristians happyatheist EllenBarkin Yep. Religion is bullshit. It was, in fact, used to justify it but it did not mean the Bible commands it or supports it. The Bible does not say we are to own slaves. There are some now, like then, who twist anything- especially religion- for their own desires. Christianity Slavery

Please remember people! You CANNOT trust these news outlets right now!!! This is absolute garbage. LiberalismIsTheRealPandemic Hard to discount the truth. Christianity was the primary tool of colonialism and the enslavement and exploitation of numerous native peoples. Please read your history. Big shocker that DNC-run NPR is Christophobic. Let’s see how many NPR writers are registered DemocRats, now many have contributed $ to far leftists and marxists What are you hiding NPR

Don't you DARE try to lump my Christianity into this stupid ideology! Never been a racist and my religion teaches us NOT to be. Take that crap and move on! Didn’t know that. Thanks. Shows categorical thinking. It's not religion- it's the people. Ask Muslims. Ask Jews. Anyone can subvert a faith for their twisted gains. Religious subversion can be intra-racial or intra-ethnic. It can be intersectional Example: Sunnis vs Shia. npr - get a clue!

Sorry, Wrong again, dear. You need a do-over in History 101 &, this time, Pay Attention! America Did Not invent slavery! Nor did we build our Republic on it! Slavery has been a Legal & Socialy Acceptable way of life, World Wide 4 all of human history & it was Never about Color! EllenBarkin Yes, and......churches were also were on the frontline of assimilating us, Native American Indians. Black robes, Catholic priests.

NPR must never receive another tax dollar this post alone is total BS. Another attack by prejudiced NPR This thinking is and was misplaced and unbiblical. White supremacy, bigotry and racism is not Of God. bible EllenBarkin “Prosperity Gospel.” Funnier every day and sickening! NPR is the worst.. Such BS propaganda

Yet another attempt to turn Americans against one another! Since the demand outweighs the supply, they continue to dig for dirt on our ancestors. Is this what you really want... a divided nation? What is your aim? Go to one of these Churches & see for yourselves... Another LIE! Wow!!! When I thought you couldn’t sink any lower, you come up with this crap... You never dissapoint!!

Well NPR you've just lost my support, I'll never listen to you again because now I know what you are and there's no doubt you're marxists/communists to run a story like this Thanks for finally revealing your REAL target: Our Savior ✝️ Of course it will persist as long as the slaves are not of their own race.

Yet another reason people are fleeing from 'traditional' churches for those who aren't afraid to face the issues in our society head on. Step 1, is the church you attend affirming? Do they openly welcome EVERYONE? IF not, you need a new church. Christianity was also BY FAR the leading force in eradicating global slavery in the 1800s.

Time for to be defunded. I’m tired of their leftist propaganda like this! Christianity did not justify slavery. The bible did talk about how slaves were suppose to be treated and slave owners for the most part did not follow what the bible said. Good thing they don’t pay taxes. Oh wait. Lets crucify all those white Christians yay.

They can have that religion. It wad always meant to benefit them. The truth shall set you free. And that is why they keep it from you In world history , in world history. Christianity fucked with everyone, everywhere What motivates this type of statement? They’re ruining the world, organized religion Abolish religion per

I think about IngrahamAngle when I read this. She's a supposed devout jesus lover who adores a thing that puts children in cages. Imagine that same mentality existed for slavery. My white, southern Christian grandfather was 100% racists and used to preach that blacks were nothing more than mongrels that should be treated as such. He was also in the KKK (no surprise there) but said he left when the lynching started, though I seriously doubt it. 😒

White Christianity have deep roots in racism, but there are many ethnic groups that are Christians that are not like “white Christians “, and it’s important to distinguish between that, especially because white Christians are not the majority of them. Cannot believe my taxpayer dollars are funding this garbage.

You are fake news I'm a Christian and I don't care what color you are and neither does God we are supposed to love one another For more on that y'all should check out Jemar Tisby's 'The Color of Compromise.' How about black supremacy? The Nation of Islam believes all whites cannot be trusted. Do not believe in inter racial marriage. We have race baiters like TheRevAl , but white supremacy....never met one, and only know of Robert Byrd who was loved by Clintons, Pelosi and Schumer

What is remarkable, is the Bible told us you would do this. If the Bible is fiction, as many claim, how was it able to predict what we are seeing now? One day all will bow and confess that “Jesus Christ is Lord.” This is also prophesied. Don’t be too late. Happy Monday! Simply put, ignore all this hate speech online. Just block it out. Block out the negative. Surround yourself with the positive. My living motto. Have a great week everyone!

AntiRacism4Eva Not *some* churches, but many. While they espouse their own portion of racial hatred (especially anti-Black), and hatred of LGBTQ+ people, women, and poor people, groups like the Council for National Policy and FRCdc provide sufficient encouragement for their antipathies. What a crock or garbage. It was Mohammad and the Muslims that sold Africans into slavery to begin with. Even Malcom X knew that!

THAT is why I have decided to become an Atheist as of Today. This weekend, Donald Trump & his Christian faith followers made me realize that a God that would allow such Evil to continue... Is not worthy of my faith & praise. It's a religion forced on my people during slavery. DefundNPR Oh my gosh, really? This is what you do to try to help? BS

White supremacy Still has its roots in the Dem Party & the only reason it’s not front & center now is because they realized they needed the black vote to survive. They are the reason Black Americans have continued to struggle - without a dependent electorate they can’t win VivaRevolt ever heard of john brown

So we see, but it’s not the religion, it’s the people. Good history to know, though JemarTisby’s important book colorofcompromise implicates not just southern churches, but churches throughout the country Which is why I don't comprehend Black people that buy into the idea of religion and Christianity specifically. I see Blacks who rather tithe than pay for their kids' hobbies. They tried to brainwash me with that Jeebus garbage as a child and thankfully it never stuck.

Clarification: In the perversion of Christianity. Jesus gave three rules and white supremacy isn’t covered by them. “Churches” Yes they do! These are the Paulines... they genuflect before the false prophet, Paul (Rome’s good little puppet). Do not call them ‘christians’, as they do *not* follow the teachings of the one named ‘jesus’.

History is useful when it fits your narrative Well burning a cross is a hint for your ass Mr obvious Hey . you should look up the Muslim Slave Trade and do a comparison of which religion is worse concerning slavery, Christianity or Islam? Push that racist propaganda NPR ReginaldALawso1 Since the crusades Christians have always rather kill than admit others were equals. If a man preaches god at me, I hide my children. I was an altar boy, 2 out of the 4 priests in residence molested me. My grandmother beat me when I told her for blasphemy. I was made to apologize

OHBARF! DEFUNDNPR Pretty sure you mean White Supremists have long history of being Democrats. Don't leave out the real facts. Now do Muslims. DefundNPR Islam demands gays,infidels and adulterous women be killed. They also promote pedophilia. Mohammed had a 9yr old wife. They currently still have slaves. Are you seeing my point? Christianity should be pretty low on the list of religions to attack first you

DinaPomeranz Of course, it was also often used to attack slavery Maybe in southern churches but northern states ended slavery on their own. Democrats still own black votes? MDAITW In 2020 far left organizations like the NPR utilized emotionally manipulative tactics to encourage hatred and dissent in the country amongst the people. They often would point the finger and simultaneously be guilty of acts identical to their accused.

anyone else come here just to laugh at the sheep defending Christianity? Knowing full well half these clowns can't even spell Christianity It exists in the Progressive moment as well. We see it with intersectionality and the use of ethnicity or race as a signal for virtue. That is racist. But what about the harley bibble and the konsty bygod tooshin?

Christianity was also influential in the ending of the practice. Islam however, created, still endorses and profits from it to this day. DefundNPR FakeNewsMedia NPR Defund NPR Where are these white supremacists you’re talking about? Ppl act like they’re having kkk rallies every weekend or something. Bonnievee2017 One more reason to avoid the cults

In other news society was founded on racism.. oh not just America.. all of it. Lol the left is reaching Religion...the root of all evil? Certainly seems, regardless of what the religion/faith, it’s at the core of death, oppression, power and hypocrisy. Don’t need religion to know that if YOU DO UNTO OTHERS...you get the message. Register2Vote2020

This is an OLD STORY .....For sure ! I already knew DECADES AGO what explained the “TWISTED” thinking TODAY of many EVANGELICALS in this country! DefundNPR Now do radical Islamic and Muslim ideology and how many women and homosexuals have been murdered because of it. 🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃 TheAdvo46815945 And women were once chattel. It is not God’s instructions to humanity that are twisted = for it is some humans interpretations of it that is twisted.

Christianity is the biggest fraud in the history of the human race There is nothing wrong with Christianity, the problem is the people. The heart of man is waxed evil. A true encounter with Jesus, will change the heart. You can be a true follower of Jesus and hate others. The lesson here is that people can use any ideology to justify anything, especially when there is something to gain.

我们中华人民共和国感谢您在国家公共广播电台上的愚蠢的白魔鬼。 现在,中国人民解放军控制您的媒体。 闭嘴,准备死。 aishlingmara 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡 Now do subjugation & slavery under Islam. By the way don’t forget all the universities, hospitals, relief organizations, orphanages, etc ... founded under the name of Christ versus Mohammed PS You didn’t think this one through.

Taxpayers pay for this garbage? Remove tax free status Poor stupid writer, What is wrong with WHITE it's a great color This is ridiculous. It was Christians who decried slavery and worked to outlaw it. Christians used the bible to convert the savages! i.e. Native Americans, African Americans, Latino, any non-Christian. Vodun & Santeriã uses Christian saints to worship the pagan gods and goddess of their African tribes. Christianity had always been white mans religion.

Stop this! You are just looking for excuses to hate on my Savior. ALL have sinned bc we are in a FALLEN world. EVERYONE needs Jesus!! ✝️ In American history,the Democrat party fought a Civil War to protect slavery. They then supported white supremacist groups like the KKK and got KKK leaders elected to Senate seats. Their 2020 nominee for president,Biden, eulogized the longest serving KKK leader Senator, in '10.

In Lee’s letter to his wife, he said slavery was God’s will and thus abolitionists were going against God’s will. When the Civil Rights Act was passed people claimed religious freedom allowed them to discriminate. Curse of Ham ring a bell? Soooo why then do Chinese people still have Muslim slaves, Muslims throw gay people off of roofs, and I can buy a slave in Libya for $200? But yes explain all about the evils of christianity some more. Love to hear that from asshat atheists.

JewishWorker Hey just curious is there a synonym for “racial ideology”? Is this actually 'news', or is digging up sins of the past actually intended as some sort of public good? Very interesting read. HoffaLaurin23 This is asinine. I have never heard anyone in a church justify slavery DefundNPR now tells us about you think the Jews are bad. And Hindus. And Muslims. No seriously. We are very interested to hear your thoughts. Please educate us. PMOIndia narendramodi MWLOrg_en baptistpress

In world history, Christianity was and still is often used to justify all manner of retarded horseshit. The elements of utterly ridiculous rationalisations still persist in all churches today SBC has a historical foundation in religious segregation/racism. However this is not in line with the biblical standards: “no Greek, no Jew, no slave, no free man, but one new man”. Human falicy can never tarnish biblical/Christian standards. Don’t blame the Christian faith!

But let’s be fair, Christianity isn’t the most peaceful religion. It’s driven a lot of violence in this world by way of its followers. Pretty much any institution created more than 50 years ago will have some sort of basis in racism or classism. Nothing new here. Now let’s do how the role Islam played in slavery and how till today in the Middle East, Africans are referred to as Slaves

Is that perhaps maybe probably supposedly allegedly evangelicals support Trump? Including many BLACK evangelicals? Defund NPR! Christianity made Jesus to be GOD. They painted Jesus’ face white so the masses will submit to oppression to a white God! The lie has hurt so many, corrupted nations and created hate!

Now do Islam who have been slave owners since the 7th century to present. Jeffers. Graham. Falwell. Based on fraudulent translations&interpretations of The Bible by false Christians. YellowSalmon How many white people are in the Bible? ... To be fair, many religions contain the root of supremacy of some race. Grow out of it.

“Some churches”. Do you have any concrete evidence of these teachings in modern America? You are becoming one of the most intolerant “tolerant” outlets. Speculation is awful reporting. Stop preying on the weak minded. Religion vs a relationship with Christ, polar opposites. Weird take. Let's not forget slaves are a feature of Muslim faith.

reimerpaul_paul Here's the thing, this person assumes going to church is the same as being Christian and it isnt. There are ppl that dont get it or pretend I guess. 😠 Very misleading “history”. The main contribution of Christianity in U.S. and England in the 19th Century was in attacking slavery, inspiring and organizing the abolitionist movement. I would say do your homework, but in these times that is beside the point!

Oh come on! Slavery with black people ended years ago. Here you go again. Why don't you set foot in a church just once and see what you find. What a biased, leftest, hate spewing media sewer you are. Stop trying to tear our country apart. Racists exist in 'ALL' colors. Now you are looking for no religion

Why aren’t you going after the MONSTERS killing innocent babies in Chicago & Atlanta instead of trying to trash Christians? Maybe bc these monsters are the same race as most of those babies so their lives are of no value to the media or those more concerned w statues. No shame. Why does the government find people like this?

Finally someone points it out “Some” Defund the Communist Propaganda NPR. If you were or became a Christian you were freed. This is garbage I have 'born again' Christian relatives who are drinking Trump's vile koolaid. Disgusting The first society to outlaw slavery. Christian pilgrims 1624. The book of Galations: Neither man nor woman,jew nor greek, bond nor free, all are equal in the eyes of God. Decl Of Ind. Based on this: we are endowed by our Creator with God given rights....how we all became free.

Christianity has slaughtered more people in the name of their man-made God then all wars combined, tortured, enslaved, burned and even today they are trying to force their views on the world. Not all Christians are bad, but the core of its religion is evil Of course - and Mormons hate black people too - religion is the root of all evil

Woooooowwwwwww Yeah okay, now do Muslims. Read text version at I'm certainly not for slavery. But, de-segregation was one of the WORST decisions of the 20th Century. From the NAACP founded in 1909, United *Negro* College Fund in 1944, Civil Rights Act of 1964, Voting Rights 1965 now, demands being made by blacks that are destroying the US.

1401bonniek Yeah, this was very Christian....... Lutherans I'm sick of you. I'm a middle aged white Christian male. I am not racially or otherwise biased. The only privilege I has was the privilege to work my ass off for the last 35 years for all I have. You need to stop trying to make me a villian. Find something positive to say.

They hated Catholics You suck They were Protestants Do radical islam next....which one of your employed athiests wrote this? When it comes to attitudes on Christianity, NPR defines the word “Snide” There’s no such thing as Christianity Given the fact that the Abolitionist Movement, an enormous force in the first half of the nineteenth century, had its roots deep in Christian doctrine, your piece indicates a blistering ignorance and bias. If it’s Sunday, it’s Bash Christianity on NPR...

First they go after statues, now they go after scriptures and churches. Orwell here we come. Could you not apply white supremacy to anything, if you wanted to? And unfortunately, every country/society in the world had slavery (all races)... And no one talks about the Islamic North African slave trade; you know if the times during Mohammed and another religion...

Lol and Churches are next in the cross hairs. Typical Marxist tactics. All Marxists must be destroyed along with their philosophy. This is such a huge lie!!!! Mostly all Christians from the first 3 century were slaves! And they were the one that fought against slavery! NPR, the ignorance that you have about Christianity is huge!!

But it doesn't make all Christians the KKK or whitesupremists FakeNews purveyors is definitely the enemy of the people. How much is the Cinese Communist Party paying NPR for each propaganda piece and is it per article? I think FCC needs to audit NPR finances and see if they're getting paid like the University professors

I have been a Christian most of my life. I have never seen racism in any of the Churches I’ve attended or visited, and I’ve been to a lot. NPR used to justify bigotry and ignorance. DefundNPR DefundDemocrats EnemyOfThePeople LearnToStockShelves very brave of NPR to just admit a sensitized version of the obvious

Christians started the abolitionist movement Same as it ever was. Exodus 21 is wild, that’s for sure. It seems like a lot of the worst that humanity has done has been in the name of religion... Matt 7:21-23 Umm... Some? How many is Some- I’d assume some is close to Zero Yes and Jesus Christ was the occult devil that was the part of the American ideology that you left out in your article & how satan is the true prince and everyone should be gay (did I sum it up)🤔

Fact check: False Anyone out there that's RACIEST I believe are ignorant, I can't help but feel sorry (to some degree)these people will never know how to LOVE with all their HEARTS ❤️💔 SHAME SHAME! Now I guess that Christians are racist whatever! God is going to punish everyone who denounces him. He has wiped the earth of evil once and will do it again. Your time will come and you will regret your evilness.

The only people I see who are racist is those pointing the finger as an excuse to drain the system even more. Nothing is ever enough. Free housing, foodstamps,welfare, all black colleges. White people don't get anything for free. Look's like we're the slaves of black society. Boy you said it. Blacks are very prejudiced and a poor example of Christianity because they only have all black churches. White people however because they are good Christians invite people of all color.

Of course. The Unamerican national misery radio. It would be interesting to know how many people in recorded history did in the name of religion versus plain old territorial war. There were no white people in the Bible. This is an example of racists twisting Christianity to suit their own needs. They are doing the same thing as the the knights did during the crusades. Slavery and racisim are anti Christian.

Defund NPR Religion is the cause of all evil, the reason for all conflict. To hide behind religion to support your twisted actions is evil. If God exists, you all will burn in hell. Called Moses. mdp4202 All the way to ApartheidIsrael... know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come For men shall be lovers of their own selves covetous boasters proud blasphemers disobedient to parents lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God; Having a form of godliness, but denying the power then such turn away.

Which one. The Democrats ran church, cause today church is more of individual choice no one escorting you into church shackled. Trump 2020 🇺🇸 In American history, slavery was abolished in 1865. What is the point of that article? More propaganda by the left to somehow link Christianity to slavery? Slavery hasn't existed for literally 150 years. 'Elements of racial ideology'... WTH does that even mean? Stupid.

I wrote a book that examines the biblical ideas that embrace equality and justice: Off the RACE Track There are Christians of all skin colors. Stop with your lies, division, and hate. It’s 2020, and people see right through this crap. Some people are so blind to think churches are racist. If you knew what you where talking about you would understand that MOST Christians are the most excepting people on the planet. Gods greatest command says that we are to love God and others before ourselves. Spread love. BLM

Boy when you get it wrong. In other news, the sky remains blue while grass is still green. duh I’m Christian, but I’ve never understood how some who claim to be Christian don’t understand Christ’s teachings. He expects us to live in peace, love, and kindness, not bullying, harsh judgment, force or violence. “Love all” is the most important commandment.

Can someone voting for Trump or Biden please explain to me why you’d vote for a candidate with continued connections to white supremacists? Christainty polluted w/Man's Doctrine not Gods Doctrine,2 make the racist Rev. secure in his walk w/GodDoesn't realize he's walking himself in2 Hell.God says welcome the stranger&make him1 of your own.Every creed,color,nation&tongue has importance 2 Gods He calls them the Beloved

Now do Islam. What bullshit! NPR should now mean National Propaganda Radio. Why do our tax dollars keep paying these morons at NPR to purposely put out false information. Defund NPR. Slavery has existed in nearly every country on earth, any tie to Christians is consequential. Some cops, doctors, teachers, and reports suck too! Doesn’t make them all bad!

Don't forget to check out the black churches like Rev. Wright's in Chicago, the church Obama attended. Listen to the hateful racist anti American,anti Christian rhetoric they say n how churches like that plays a part into the racist mentality of black ppl today n BLM hate groups The religion is not at fault, it’s the stupid people that seem to be the prophets of the religion that are EVIL👎🏻

Religion in and of itself, as a organized belief in a spiritual power over physical manifestations leads to any true attempts at ascribing our ability to progress as not our own power, but some other thing. The religious always are content to wait for God. Waiting on when you tell the truth about Islam and Muhammad and how Islam encouraged enslavement n the prophet himself had slaves n a 12 yr old wife(pedophile) but yet we don't hear anyone criticizing Islam n the terror they wreaked in the world. Islam still believes in slavery.

Seriously? 🙄 you are on a roll NPR. A terrible one. In the name of God, amen. Also, a lot of Christian church’s need to change...I stopped going when I asked a pastor at my church why was the women’s studies taught by a man....he told me all people will follow a man but not a women...that was it for me...dumbest thing I ever heard!!!

And without consequences being learned in school, we have a huge population of 20 to 40 year olds that feel entitled and are without morals or respect for any other human! Horrible things happen in the name of religion....Majority of the people who lost there lives were in the name of Christianity...But again we are generalizing not all Christians are bad just like not all Muslims are bad. We have to stop putting things into small boxes!

Attacking Christmas, shame on you. What? That has to be the most twisted fake article I have seen, zero truth in it. Completely ignores the abolitionists a Christian Organization, most churches preached against slavery. Hard to believe in brotherhood and fellowship and support slavery. Did you know that in some areas of the pre/post civil war era the was NO slavery lol

Yea and I believe in a higher power tge Bible is questionable raehanbobby Odd, Jesus said to do unto others as you would have them to do unto you, he also said to love our neighbors . Not every one that calls themselves a Christian is a Christian. Thousands of Christians died to free the slaves in this country. Jesus died for all people , all races .

Easy to tell those churches too. All you have to do is look at the crucifix. Real Christians cannot tell a lie; Jesus wasn't white. Slavery existed for thousands of years, America ended it, greatest nation ever! Your bio should state atheistic and socialist based. At least be honest with your readers of your agenda.

It's amazing that the US has 'white churches' and 'black churches'. Almost as if there's still apartheid in the country. USPolitics culture segregation Associate Pastor Gabe Fluhrer is adisingenuous racist hypocrite, and hypocrites were the only people who made Jesus angry. Religion is a joke and it is used for power for money and sexual predators! U can have faith but stop forces ur shit on others! I dnt think we should have churches where u leave ur kids with so many perverts that dnt EVER GO TO JAIL. They move them around like chess piece.

Hell who didn't know this? I was raised mormon, and can tell you we were taught that whites were 'gifted of God', that people of color wore the mark of the curse of Cain, and could be made 'white and delightsome' if they were obedient to white masters. N = National P = Pride R = Ruined Is a Communist China Government propaganda machine

It’s funny cause the church and the state are supposed to be separated per the first clause of the bill of rights which says that yes, people are free to choose whatever religion they see fit but also says — Slavery was long in existence prior to Christianity being recognized as a religion. Ever hear of Egypt, Babylon just to name a couple?

Oh no, you're going to make little blonde white girls on tik tok have a sad! Now lets blame the non-existent systemic racism on the church. Screw the truth. NPR, CNN etc. are in a full scale war against Christianity and the American history. They're purpose is to confuse everyone as to what is good, true & rational. and replace it with lies, mistrust and hatred of our heritage.

True Christianity means we are all brothers and sisters, children of God, with potential to become gods ourselves someday. It does not matter where we were born or the color of our skin. My hope is how I treat my brothers and sisters will loudly proclaim that I am a Christian! And Muslims still have slaves today. They also kill gays. Toss them off buildings.

GFY . samswey Making Jesus into a supporter of the racists and the bankers, the ultimate desecration Religion, like racism, has no place in modern society! JoshuaHol “The rejection of a 'social gospel' remains popular among those conservative evangelicals today who see advocating for Black Lives Matter or immigrant rights as political activities.” But codifying marriage as btw a man and woman or denying bodily autonomy to women is all good.

Yes.... yes it is..... alanfriedmanit according to pew research survey the group most hostile to trump is the atheists. i'm an atheist. Then they came for the Christians... Christianity is a disease. I grew up very Southern Baptist and heard many times (never from the pulpit, but in social situations) that blacks were the Gibeonites cursed with being woodcutters and water carriers (Joshua 9). That made racism ok. 🙄😡

I'm 43 yrs old with a college degree and 25 yrs experience in the work force...and I've never heard anybody use Christianity as an excuse for slavery.... In a society dominated by slave owners and slave traders, the religion will be reinterpreted to suit their interests. The concept of race is a modern idea, only about 500 years old, one fourth the age of Christianity.

Oh yes. I have read a ton on that. Oddly enough, these fraud ungodly churches were progressive in their beliefs. Many worked with the 'elites' of society & pushed things like eugenics. Those ungodly places that worshipped the enemy & had nothing to do with The Most High. 4)...They were judged with the privilege their skin color gives them. They didn’t bring to mind poverty, assistance, or Link cards. This happens to all of us every day. Is racial bias giving you a pass or does it cause you to be guilty? What are you assuming?

3)... of government assistance, of Link cards? So, my daughter’s very identity changed in the hands of the White checker who has just judged her by the color of her skin. The White customers were judged too, but they were judged with PRIVILEGE. (See4)... 2) ...sandwiched between 2 White shoppers. The White cashier was training a new employee. As my daughter moved forward to have her order checked out the trainer said under her breath to the trainee, “oh ya, we take Link too”. Guess who’s skin color reminded the trainer of (see3)

1) My wife's friend Rainie Iocca’s daughters encounter! Wow! Think about it and start making a difference! Share this and make it go viral. We need more education in order to wake up white America.... One of my Black daughters was in the checkout line at Target yesterday,(see 2) Only some I feel like every Christian-based church I've ever heard is preaching something racist. Although lately a few Mormon churches,.Baptist Churches and even some Catholic churches are now getting involved Black Lives Matter. So... progress maybe?

Is your network run by BLM? This is a bunch of propaganda trash, and needs to be recognized as such. All bullshit fr Black Muslims in Northern Africa had white Europeans as slaves for a few hundred years. Are you denouncing that religion as well? chelseahandler I believe anything can be twisted to fit the mold of ones mind. I believe its called confirmatory bias

Yet another reason to be a pastaferrian Religion seems to be going out of style. Thank you. This piece is very good. samswey Duh...Trump the internet bully and racist enjoys wide support among 'white' evangelicals- they've had zero problem with all of the unchristian activities and attacks on other's he has engaged in.

samswey U.S. Christianity is a fake Christianity. “Christianity”. And why are we NOT surprised I’m sure all in the KKK were “good, god-fearing” people 😒 This is a complete conspiracy theory brought to you by the people that controlled the slave trade through the bank of England it costed $3, 000 for a slave the average American couldn't afford $5 to get out of the Civil War draft looks like private companies and the rich

What? Which made up history book is that from? There is nothing about/in Christianity the justifies slavery. In my South Georgia Southern Baptist church in 1972, I read the church’s constitution. It said if a black were to enter church, we would immediate leave the church without a word. My 12 y.o. mind was blown and I made a stink.

That's why I'm into Spiritualism. Religion just keeps the masses under control. JacquelineHine1 I believe it was either James Baldwin or MLK who said the most segregated hour in America was high noon on Sunday. Tell it to the Quakers. The same thing happened with the conquistadors when dealing with the natives...the church at the time decided that indigenous people didn’t have soul, and that minor detail justified, or allowed, all sort of atrocities...

Christianity Evangelicals MAGA2020 MAGA Most churches This was an excellent article. Systemic racism is a heart condition. Race is not a political or patriotic issue but a human issue. As Christians, we cannot say we love God and stay silent when one part of the body has been persecuted for centuries. (1 Corinthians 12).

Can you say which churches preaches white supremacist? Well, as long as we’re tearing down racist monuments..... This story is a lie. I grew up in church. I know better. In world history, Christianity was used to propel the genocides of Native American peoples, the slaughter of millions in the Crusades, & the suppression of science; to advance homophobia, slavery, misogyny, anti-Semitism & the Holocaust. Most criminal endeavor in human history

Christianity is used to justify all sorts of bad, disgusting behavior. Never heard this slant from any pulpit in any church I’ve ever been in. Neither Baptist, Disciples of Christ, nor interdenominational. Paul’s letter is about being a model slave, prisoner, or whatever you are so you can best win others to Christ. He was NOT advocating slavery.

OleCannonFoot You can't stop using the race card? Is this the only way to get ratings? No war no money? We've been having Holy Wars since the beginning of time, every Religion has been misinterpreted for evil, so don't just blame Christians. For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believe shall not perish but have everlasting life. As a Christian we are to love the sinner but hate the sin.

What a waste of taxpayer money. DefundNPR Christianity in America, is there such a thing anymore? The church has no credibility. The church's blind support of trump says it all. What about trump reflects the teachings of Christ? Mistreat women/the poor, tax returns, bankrupt, draft dodger, lies, hate

Kind of like Islam’s widespread support of Slavery in the Koran? for sure.. and so sad! And you're full of s*** only if you let it be your people that like to pray on the word racist it was an old past leave it alone let it go people are stupid you're not going to change that I've got an ex-wife that's stupid and you can't change stupid it has to change itself

Slavery in South Africa was justified by Calvinism Religion has always been a source of war and discrimination. False This is what I’ve been saying. Thank you. Use YOUR brains people, don’t let someone else use them in your place. Well, they certainly use religion as a prop. michaelkell55 All religion should be RATED R and taxed like tobacco. Let them run their old bullshit without my tax dollars and without trying to pervert my children.

Interestingly. I haven’t seen Darwin’s theory of racial hierarchies brought up throughout any of this. Haven’t heard his teachings on male superiority discussed in a while either. That prison white power sh*t can go back to prison. Get over it. We will all be the same color. Wait only if you were born on this earth . If you were born on a different planet your skin is probably allready grey.

Duh!!! Just keep going. Let’s divide the world. And when the fireworks go off? It's way of rationalizing bad behavior Is it possible that they could be missing something in Christianity?👇👇👇 MANY CHURCHES TODAY! scientificrealm This 👆 FAUX CHRISTIANS Jesus Weeps😢 Slavery is approved in the bible Everyday there attacking Christianity more and more . Won’t be long until BLM (B-burn L-loot M-murder) start attacking places of worship!!!!!

Since ancient times Judeo Christian religion has been a tool of imperialism. Interesting that divide is still used to serve imperial goals. If Garland had been approved-SCOTUS would’ve had 4 raised in Judaism & 5 in Catholicism-reps only 25% of US. 75% had none, no Protestants? NPR speaks as if it has knowledge of Christians. When, Im sure, nobody at NPR have ever darkened the door of a church. This is just another attack on the church. We've already been told this was going to happen.

777mhallockgma1 People have been abusing and distorting the Gospel since the church's beginning. Using the message for their own agenda because it's hard to argue with self appointed messengers from God. Duh! MiddleMolly You know, NPR, NYT, WaPo are always doing stories about slavery but why is the blame NEVER placed on the democrats.The party who defended slavery, started the KKK, Jim Crow, etc... Slavery was evil, we all can admit that. But stop trying to place the blame where it doesn't belong

Yeah, Christianity is the problem 🙄 defundnpr Yes, all those Christian slavery countries. Over 100 countries still have slavery, 6 countries have sig high numbers: India (18.4 million) China (3.4 million) Pakistan (2.1 million) Bangladesh (1.5 million) Uzbekistan (1.2 million) N. Korea (1.1 million) With Pope Francis, I’m finally hearing consistent attention to racial justice in my church.2020

Stop this nonsense!!!!! This just shows we need to keep whoever wrote this in prayer! This is 2020! 👍Somebody needs to hear this...that slave SHIP done sailed!!!😡NO MORE!! 👍BLACK LIVES MATTER!TODAY,tomorrow, and in the future!!😡 Typical NPR story. NPR racebaiting much? No shock npr authored this hit piece. Keep that division going, and stir up more anger. All you submissive fools remember one day, that you aided in your own destruction.

Christianity also abolished racism. Where do you think the consciousness of human dignity came from? *contains urge to respond accordingly by pointing out their ethnic background Do you have any documentary support for that claim, or is it entirely invented? I hope this article also points out that Christian ideals were also used to fight against slavery: See William Loyd Garrison.

Wise up and stop with the pablum. You don’t even mention the role of Muslim slave traders. Slavery is still ongoing in parts of the Arab world. Geez rosenfieldclar1 We need to take away the political influence of religion. I want seperation of church and state. I especially want freedom from religion.

The church has given immensely more freedom to ALL than any other institution including government. Thank you for this thoughtful piece, tgjelten & npratc! Thats what all gentiles said after and before the book of life! I watched Billy Graham and he taught us...Opps! Yep! I am, not surprised hypocrisy runs rampant in church. Whoop slaves all week, go to church Sunday, listen to the preacher talk about Moses, chanting 'Amen!' when he would quote 'Let my people go!'. Then preacher turns around tellin em God gave em the right to have slaves...

Christianity is a system of racism No...not really. How about in modern history? Where is the modern slave trade still booming today - in Christian countries? 🤔 Total garbage If you look up old issues of the fiery cross, indiana, you will see this is exactly true. The klan was adamant about the Bible being taught in school!

I think that 'Catholicism' was the issue. I think that they had a big influence in 'Christianity' with some of their ideologies. Baligubadle1 Well no shit Truth talk Does that mean they will be tearing down all the statues of Jesus? Ask them to name one WHITE person in the Old Testament..good luck‼️ Tax the living f*ck out of churches.

Time to do away with churches!! If is honest, let it do research and publish how other religions promoted slavery and racism also, otherwise, is exposing their hidden biases. Former First Lady Sarah Polk thought Africans were predestined by God to be slaves to serve their 'betters' just like she thought God created her and her husband to be First Couple and that made them superior to everyone else.

White supremacy hijacked Christianity, perverted its fundamental truths, created its own pseudo Christianity, and used it as a weapon of oppression and indoctrination. Christianity first expanded as a SLAVE REBELLION in ancient Roman territories. The fact that it was used to justify feudalism and slavery highlights that horrible people can corrupt ANY message. They gave the slaves edited Bible's without the true word of God

The good religion of Jesus Christ who came to make all people equals before God and who will manifest the MEEK to inherit the Earth is looking down from heaven at how some of his 'followers' have perverted his message The quickest way to lose the majority of blk support is to go after their church. We don’t care what you try to convince us about it,we won’t give up our faith for the likes of you. You do realize Christianity was what got blks through slavery, it is at the core of our foundation

Really? ... sex god is slave master of soul, love you, many passionate kisses... Wonderful article. Growing up I often wondered why Christians allowed slavery to happen. You get that answer when you sit in some certain churches. You just don't feel welcomed. Racist fake news Why are churches still largely segregated?

HollaFromDixie In ALL HISTORY Christianity was often used to justify terrible injustices. For example, Christianity and colonialism. The so called “White Man’s Burden” consisted of the “Three C’s of Colonialism: Civilization, Christianity, and Commerce.” NPR, YOU are the DEVIL. Go straight to hell. You will NOT take my faith. You can take syrup and rice if you want but leave my church out of your mouth.

It's very clear ask Graham! Christ is now racist...the left is blaming everyone from Jesus to Trump for oppressing people with hot running water, food in the fridge and smart phones. Maybe white privilege isn’t the problem our Nation is facing ? Trump is very flawed - you’re worse More big lies...but you're good at it.

Yep. But what we're NOT gonna do is act like white people introduced Black people to Christ. Like everything else that racists try and take over, the Bible is an eastern culture book that lasted LONG BEFORE whites *stole* America from the Native Americans. Whitewashing happened. So we’re not going to judge Muslims by when they behead people, throw gays off roofs, and strap bombs to mentally challenged people But we’re going to judge Christians by something people perverted Christianity into justifying 160 years ago Makes sense

You don’t think there’s a correlation (if not causation) between the decline of Christianity and how morally horrendous our society has become People who worship God seem in my experience to be happier, and more open and loving than those who don’t, What's wrong with NPR?! Seriously! “No one in the Bible was white, LeT dAt SiNk iN” “Christianity is WhITe sUprEmaCy” Make up your minds and why are you tax funded

Yes, sadly. jenjavajunky Nobody says it like God ! Slavery. Genocide against Native Americans. So forth and so on. DefundNPR That's why I no longer go to church. The hypocrisy is sickening. Fake news POS Democrats were the racists! They dont seem to know that 1/2 to 2/3rds of white people coming from Britain were indentured servants... many dying before they became free.... this happened for over 150 years. Do all the BLM people know that TONS of their white counterparts in the USA were essentially slaves?

Churches dont bring up rasim No my pastor dont talk about slavery ,I havent herd one church talk about it To think that I used to love to watch NPR! Now they tell more lies than a drunk hooked!! Tax the church. You think? This is so true .. the KKK believes they are a religious organization The Democrats are lying and slandering Christianity, CHRISTIANS, GOD & JESUS. Satan has taken over the DEMOCRAT PARTY. GODHELPUS

The Democrats are lying and slandering Christianity, CHRISTIANS, GOD & JESUS. Satan has taken over the DEMOCRAT PARTY. Why don’t we just all agree that everything is evil. Well, everything white at least. Before y'all lose your shit, please note that it says some. The ones who founded this land with crosses and bibles were just devils in disguise—not Christians. Unfortunately a lot of devils claim to be followers of God incarnate.

They claim to be 'Christians' and yet they hate Jews. This is why we need education standards that go beyond American history. Must be why so many super Christians in the south are so racist. Which is why so many evangelical Christians love Trump. The summary of 2020 will be: We measured everything the wrong way. This is why NPR should NOT receive my tax dollars. Complete rubbish.

This BS narrative is why NPR should not receive my tax dollars. Major abolishionists were christians ALL of them those who used thr bible to justify slavery used it incorrectly just STOP npr stick to what you know which obviously isnt christian doctrine JustWhatNowWhy Some? defundNPR omayasosa Uh, that's NOT Christianity in any way or form...

O the hate of the catholics and of course the pedophilia 'some' is carrying a lot of weight here And just for you democratic voters that don't know better, the Republican party was 3/4 black. Republicans voted for the 13, 14, and 15th amendments to abolish slavery. Democrats fought to keep slavery. The KKK was a Democratic movement just like black lives matter!

exactly Google and read “Rules for the society of Negroes, 1693,” by Spaniard, a slave of New England Puritan pastor Cotton Mather, it’ll put slavery and Christianity in proper perspective. Thank you. And what better way to trick poor people into accepting their role of indentured servitude than the promise of eternal happiness as long as you follow the rules that the invisible boss has laid down

So this means people will be cancelling church next? Sundays? Xmas? Ok now attack Christianity. we have seen self proclaimed Christians sinning as we have seen Muslims sinning.. there is real slavery in other countries etc....white supremists are a dying breed... they aren’t getting stronger but weaker! People are just dumb!

The catholic church assisted the nazi's in escaping justice when they were defeated if you're going after religion be sure to go after all of them and their sins equally. If you don't then you're biased and trying to promote one sided hate mongering. Another reason why I don’t believe in organized religion.

That argument itself as a headline doesn’t even make sense! TabathaRosproy Give me a break Yeah, Christianity is used like that, but that doesn't make Christianity bad--it makes people who abuse it bad--kind of like the way NPR picks out that little detail and ignores all the good that believers bring to the world. Those churches are VERY rare. Sick atheism though...

In 2017, Christianity was used to justify taking the children of asylum seekers and putting them in cages, where many were abused. This racist and immoral ideology still persists in the Trump administration today lawyers4goodgov ProjectCorazon This is utter bullshit. Christianity has all races and this article is race hustling propaganda.

Let me say it once more. You CANNOT be racist and Christian. Numbers 12. God gave Miriam full blown leprosy for making fun of Moses black wife and interracial marriage. Then GOD made her keep it 7 days in front of all 1 million Israelites to “humiliate” her. How about all the Muslim slaves even today. Or the slaves the American Indians had for centuries? Or the Irish slaves held by Protestants? Your bias is showing NPR. DefundNPR

Oh, that explains it And today - you know, current times - some use Islam to justify slavery (as well as many other abhorrent practices). Will we ever see that topic on NPR as often as we get pieces like this? Or ever? It’s time for us real true believers to change the image of who they think we are. God is love. If you don’t love your fellow man. No matter who he is, you cannot love God. Period.

That's why many are atheists now Everyone complains about Slavery. How do you think everything at Walmart and ChristmasTreeShops and Target is so cheap. June41989 TiananmenSquareMassacre FreeHongKong blm BlackVoicesForTrump BlackLivesMattters Early Christians were persecuted & enslaved. Later religious zealots hijacked & twisted the message and did evil acts in the name of Christianity. Very relatable to what has happened to the Muslim faith in some instances. If I kill in the name of Pandas are Pandas the problem?

Is it true that at NPR, New York Times, etc, that articles may no longer be published unless they’re about racism, slavery, white supremacy, and condemn western civilization and those who built it? We are truly in the endtimes religion has always cause world wide calamity now the right wing wants to re-write bible to support the GOP right wing bull shit--trump is 2nd coming -WOW - a fckng criminal stealing tax payer's money-spreading hate- doesn't say much for Christ-GOP says he is shit too !

Amen! Great let’s hate on Whites and let’s hate on Christians too, whose next?The progression of a lost society trying to heal racism using racism. All are equal under God in the Bible, and all received his love and grace, weither they choose to accept it or not in the Bible. Christianity as Jesus practiced it, had nothing to do with the churches. Sadly when people think of Christianity, they DO think of the churches, & then they think if this is Christianity then they don't want anything to do with it. Check this video out.

Boo Christianity! Genesis 9:27. Noah couldn’t proclaim a generational curse. Besides, Noah was nine removed from Africa born, Adam. Ham may have been darker, but they were all poc. I'm a Christian and I am for God my Lord Jesus and not nobody else And what about the Muslim slavery connection. Write about that, next.

Raised in a Christian household, I'll never forget the dark feeling coming home one night, seeing a pic of a black kid in the table, as my parents awaited my sister so she could explain her new boyfriend. Such a shame when love is so easy. Unsurprising And to eliminate slavery in this great country. Will NPR ever do a story about slavery in the Islamic world? 🤔 Does NPR need more donations, so that they can cover slavery in the non-white world? 🤔

What about the 75% of slave owners in the United States being Jewish? Well duh 🙄. Put it this way. If there was no religion (meaning people just didn’t follow it through their own choice) the majority of the world’s problems would vanish. Christians in Corinth says: 'Were you called [to be a follower of Christ] while a slave? Do not worry about it; but if you are able also to become free, do that. For he who was called in the Lord while a slave is the Lord's freed man;

I don't recall that Bible would advocate this. Democrats are racist, that's the fact you can't dispute. In the United States Christianity can be used to support satanism as well... 2 Corinthians 11:14.. NPR, next lets hear the story about racism from the black pulpit. You’d be hard pressed to find it in a white church, but check out a black church. Jeremiah Wright ring a bell? White devils mean anything?

Christians are the reason I’m no longer a Christian. After 25 years, their hypocrisy was too much. The “goodwill” and “family values” are just lip service. Their only goal is oppressing anyone they see as ‘the other’ and forcing their religious beliefs into law. freeyourmind The same way it did with: Segregation Interracial marriage Gay marriage Women's rights Civil rights, to name a few. Christianity, more of a problem than a peaceful loving institution...

I'm still waiting for that article about how socialism worked out in Venezuela.... since we are objectively criticizing institutions... I'm pretty sure the next article from NPR will be about the virtues of satanism. Bullshit lie If you lived in the South, you would know just how unchristian Evangelical Christians are. These churches are sources of evil. Wish I was wrong.

This is just a way for the demonic to try to eliminate God, and have us all on our knees worshipping moloch or ba'al. No thanks. Gods word -being that white people controlled the resources & were in authority. They controlled the language, learning, gov, etc. but Gods word was misused to justice horrible acts against blacks & other minorities

No shit The racism is in the people in some churches who interpret the religion, not in the religion itself pg118-120'What! preach, and kidnap men? Give thanks, and rob thy own afflicted poor' Talk of thy glorious liberty, and then Bolt hard the captive's door?' Grant Constitution foundedon faith, not Christianity. All we have is each other. Faith=public TRUST

EVANGELIKKKALS! THEY HELP THE WHITE ZIONISTS OPPRESS AND TORTURE THE PALESTINIANS T O D A Y I realized this at a really young age. When you learn that in America slavery and churches existed in the same time and space, try explaining that to a child. Shout to all the abolitionists from back in the day. I mean...damn.

The phrase, 'white supremacy' must only be used in a historical reference. There is no such thing as 'reverse' or 'privileged' racism. Skip the embroidery please. It's a racists group! Leave it at that! Trump put new wheels on an old bloody truck. Set humanity back 20 years! Truth. I grew up in an evangelical church. VERY RACIST. They just hide it behind their pictures of white Jesus.

Organized religion as a whole is the source of most of the world's conflicts. The whole American mindset, religious or not, rests on its uppity religious roots. Religion demands submission to maintain its existence, so ppl can't ever see outside of the religious framework Awesome article. Very enlightening it explains how disheartened I’ve become of certain pastors and their preaching. The church I now attend is multicultural. The pastor who is 88 preaches racism is a sin

Not shocked. I once knew a “Christian” man who said “Eve bore twins. One was Adam’s child, the other was the serpent’s child. One white, one black.” You take it from there. I’m sure he backs Trump 100% these days. More disgusting than ever to think humans believe this shit. There are many reasons why I left Christianity at age 15. Stuff like this reminds me why 30 years later.

NPR going off the rails... Not everyone holds that belief who is and was Christian. Cool. Now do Islam. Change needs to happen. It's how the Confederacy was 'enlightened.' Christianity and slavery are invoked numerous times in the articles of secession. The article is a nice one. Historically, the main reason some white Christians opposed integration was sex.Blacks were seen as oversexed and unrestrained in their appetites. Sexy talk was racy.Sexual jokes were off-color. Open sexuality was considered un-Christian, therefore black people were un-Christian.

now do abolition No matter how hard you try you can not change history, we must as humans learn from history and correct the wrongs to become a better world. Taking down anything is childish at best and the media puppets fanning this is very wrong. There’s almost always a rationale in justifying forms of evil in a good light. Modernising the natives which ultimately killing off their culture. Choice is never an option in acculturation.

Blame Christianity all you want. But it was still the Democrats who went to war to keep their slaves. Religion and slavery have quite a history, Mohammad was a slave trader, and owned slaves. Going to do that story NPR? With the left burning cities and promoting anarchy, who will you turn to should society implode? You mock God now but a time may come when you have no one but Him turn too. Eternity is a long time. Who do you want to spend it with?

NPR has been taken by the Satanists DefundNPR There is nothing inclusive or tolerant about most religions. It is secular appropriation if it ever appears to be. Christians still have a white jesus they worship even though the alleged birthplace is the middle east. What an inflammatory and biased statement and article! You do realize that the most ardent abolitionists were Christians. Yet, you present anecdotes as typical and enforce negative stereotypes. Come to my church. We look like the community we’re in, which is incredibly diverse.

Defund NPR Religion is not your enemy Right one. Speak the truth. magbean EmptyThePews This is so inappropriate. You’re just suggesting that Christianity is promoting slavery. You receive funds from the US Govmt. You are promoting hate and inciting violence on Christians. It's disgusting how some people use religion to try to justify their racial hierarchy.

So does abolition you ignorant hacks.. Wow npr not only are you full of manure on giving false narratives now your after religion. Shame on you. Seriously have fun with the hate on the side of religion Did Christians end slavery? In the history of Earth has a nation ever faught a war to end slavery despite slaves being part of all parts of human history?

End racism destroy christian ideology We are not human from different parts of the world/climates, we are somehow different because of our skin tone. How does that even make sense? Just one more reason to dislike organized religion. At the time, most cultures justified slavery. Worldwide, the largest religion that conducted, condoned and to this day still practices slavery is the Muslim faith. NPR is anti-Christian with this statement.

Looks like a lot of churches based on the Trump base This is racial aggrievement porn. Stop. Person is not a true Christian uless they follow Jesus's new commandment (John:34).' that you love one another. Just as I have loved you, you also should love one another. By this everyone will know that you are my disciples' and the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5:1 - 7.3)

Great read. We as the church must remove the skirt and make naked the historic “lie” that satan sold my white brothers and sisters in Christ that has passed down via the southern church culture. Sadly, it lives today. Just check the in-depth structures of church planting today. There is no god, Christians kill because they hate those that are not them and they done this for thousands of years

That's why I give those evangelical Church peddlers a middle finger every time they come knocking on my door. I know who they are and what they are. I can see past the facade of hypocritical piety and recognize the evil within! The original sin promoted by Christian's throughout our history. It's gonna take us a minute to get this sorted out folks. It's a marathon not a sprint. Make sure you pace yourself to avoid equality fatigue.

Come to Islam people. **white supremacist abused Christianity by use of congnative dissonance in order to fulfill their evil desires** Fixed it for y’all. Colonial Christianity is rooted in oppression of minority and indigenous people. This is not new news. It is well documented throughout history going as far back as the 11th century and continues today.

The northern churches were ahead of the government in the abolition movement. Yep. Christianity has killed more,started more wars,destroyed more civilizations than any one dictatorship. The jews are the exact same seemingly immune to their cruelty to others fuck em all Lets discuss very true lets get that out in the open!

plustssn It’s more like white supremacists use Christianity to justify their beliefs. The Bible and religion itself says nothing about race superiority. Christianity, Capitalism and Racism are identical triplets. They are genetically identical and rose out of the same power structures and feed off one another.

Bulls$hit news. Defund NPR Come on guys Democrats defended slavery and their party still persists today White supremacy is the root of this country.... As a child, I was specifically taught that Noah had this really bad son named Ham, who was the progenitor of black people, and that being dark-skinned was basically a curse or punishment from God. Needless to say, I no longer attend church, lolz.

To hell with Christianity Religion was invented to prevent poor people from killing rich people. Hatchet piece. Want to see slavery in 2020? Look to Islam. NPR, we know what you are. I was raised in a “Christian cult” it is so wrong and should be shut down. They are racist and judge mental of anting that is different than what they preach!

Yes. And see also The Bible AND the Koran do not prohibit slavery. White Supremacy? Meh...that's a stretch bayesiangirl The churches were used to justify the racism. The racism was used to justify the slavery. The slavery was used to feed the greed. It was ultimately all about the greed. It's 2020 and we still have divided churches, racism, and greed.

Just when I thought NPR couldn't go any lower. Only a morally depraved person would link Christians with racism. Civil rights movement would have been impossible without the support from christians. This is just another attempt to divide Americans & rob them of their identity. It was actually Christian abolitionists that were the main force behind ending slavery. We know where you are going leftists... Christianity is the next attack. And as always, you will never speak the truth.

blakeells My tax dollars fund this tripe? defundNPR we must insist that all financial aid to this extreme left wing Socialist media outlet stop at once. In addition there should be a full investigation into their outside funding from people like George Soros the ones responsible should be arrested and charged.

'in God we trust' will always be the key stone of racial ideology. Its the qualified immunity if the upper class. Even as an atheist I can read the thin veneer of anti-Christian bigotry at the conflation of these two concepts at this specific time. Do better. I think these problems are more about income disparity between the poor and the rich . More than race .

I’m so sick of this lie, myth the greatest lie ever created to keep woman and brown people submissive! Wake up! Think for yourselves! No god is gonna come out of the sky and save you!! Where is he now?! Yeah, you all have an excuse for that too...god has a plan lol some plan EpsteinIsland LiberalismIsAMentalDisorder pbs Abe Lincoln was a Christian HillaryForPrison is not.

All Democrats need to be removed for there racist past!! In world history, Christianity is a cancer which is often used to justify any number of hateful acts, laws, and beliefs toward anyone who isn't a heterosexual white male. Pay bills I was $6,000 in debt with credit cards I'm currently over $3,000 I have to walk around here with a garden cart to get groceries So my joints seriously hurt now I know all to well what people are capable of

😥😥😥😥😥true dat Into a payment situation with another one I only owed $6,000 left on a $13,000 loan on the wrecked one that ford lied to me about A few months after I got a replacement my rent tripled When the lease was up I turn it in Only owed $14,000 on it Cuz I had no money left over but to Needed the exercise The one place the one place I should not be judged I should be safe... I don't think most people could deal with the level of pain I deal with everyday of my life And and ford sold me a wrecked car I got out of it cuz I've been told I can't be in a wreck I get

Muhammad was WHITE Jesus was NOT Jesus did not own slaves Source: Hadith no.63, vol 1 It's amazing how ignorant people are to those facts. Thanks for this very thoughtful piece, tgjelten & npratc! Democrats So, Christians are your next target? Excellent article. Christianity was used to control slaves and then later to justify slavery. Honestly, I have no idea how black folk embraced Christianity with such conviction even to this day.

Looked me up & down like all she saw was trash Said what's wrong with you As I was washing tears from my eyes cuz my knees were killing me I said there was no parking spots I had to walk a ways to get here She looked me up & down again like I was nothing Saying looks like you Wouldn't be hurt in I wasn't just hurt It cut much deeper much deeper I am disabled I was very active when I was younger By 34 my joints were gone Plenty of people came up to me after mass & asked what's wrong with me they can hear my joints popping exploding But this woman

Greed, Religion and stupidity is destroying the world!!!!! ? Um no. Muhammad owned slaves. Islam has justified slavery that still persists to this day in regions in the Middle East and Africa 3 I've always felt like surely if anyone had control of their emotions it was these monks We are all capable of having our buttons pushed and malfunction It's the human condition So how can a human teach anyone to live a holy life I loved being Catholic The 1 place I felt I

OMG it's like maybe that's why realDonaldTrump is potus i mean 🇺🇸 What about Islam? Dare you to be honest there... In the Bible a slave was a person viewed by God as equal to the people who owned their contract anyone who’s trying to say American slavery was biblical is wrong 2 several times before bashing his head into a pillar His crime The 9 yr old was acting like a 9 yr old The monk felt his behavior was playful Disrespectful during prayer time

Crucify Christianity 1 Aug 25, 2018 · Monk Suphachai Suthiyano, 64, was disrupted during a prayer session when Wattanapol Sisawad, 9, reportedly demonstrated 'playful' behavior. Suthiyano flew into a rage and picked up a bamboo stick at a Kanchanaburi temple, striking him on the back of the head America's christianity has always been - and continues to be - an inherent framework for white supremacy because it mandates prioritizing beliefs over evidence

American Christianity and the bible has justified and encouraged slavery, segregation, bigotry, etc. As the say, the most segregated place in American on Sunday is a church. Now do one on Islam and slavery! (Because that actually still exists) It’s amazing to see the public radio paid by the taxpayers stash has become a race-baiting anti-American network for anarchist, DNC and marxists. It’s disgusting. AllBlackLivesMatter Unify!!!🤞🏽💖

1 of the reasons I don't go to any church One of life's lessons learned the hard way We are all flawed If you're looking to someone who appears to a Christian... They are very much human Very much so capable of error Just like this Maybe, but racism, isolationism, and hate need to stop wrapping themselves in the flag. takebacktheflag

The definition of bigotry is justifying the horrible treatment of others though religion. Unfortunately bigotry is alive and well in 2020. Im just gonna leave this here.......👀 Unbelievable. I read the article. Lots of history. But not much on today. Purposely misleading headline. Shameful Where? Those damn Quakers and their White Supremacist ways.

On CBC radio, 'Ideas' last night, they informed that slavery was big and vicious in Canada as it was in the USA. Who knew? Excellent program. WOW. NPR working hard for china. Don't you mean, in world history? Christianity has been used to justify racism, white exceptionalism and was a major part of how Europeans justified colonialism.

They said slavery was justified but the people new nothing about agriculture or government which was stolen from Africans Darwin's origin of species, the eugenicists playbook was the basis of Woodrow Wilson's Racist Revolution. Wilson erased black history. Woodrow Wilson and Charles Darwin are Racists. Stop blaming today's Christians. It is Hateful. Christians are a protected class. NPRBigots

Meanwhile 40 million people are currently in slavery worldwide. Who is justifying that? No . The first society to outlaw slavery was Christians, pilgrims in Mass. 1624. Such lies and propaganda from NPR. Disgusting. Galatians states, niether man nor woman, jew nor greek, bond nor free, all are equal in the eyes of God.

Christianity has been used to justify slavery, segregation, Jim Crow, colonialism, misogyny, monarchy and genocide. Christians who came to America for religious freedom were fleeing persecution from other Christians. In practice, it has little to do with morality and ethics. ok Satan High time they pay taxes. No excuses

I'm no fan of xianity but if you are going to blame ancient, primitive mythology you should go back further than the xians. Some of those Greek gods were almost as bad as the xian diety. Yup - saw this coming. JesseKellyDC here they go lining up an attack on Christianity Lol some. Yet today there are Muslim countries that still practice slavery. Yet black lives don’t matter there. And Trump cut their aid. But crickets. blacklivesmatterterrorist

ABOLISH CHRISTIANITY Stonewall Jackson built a Sunday school to teach slaves to read so they could become freemen. Left that story out Yikes. NPR YOU ARE SO FULL OF CHIT Duh? The article is well researched and great in providing information but I believe the title a bit misleading. I think its more accurate to say white supremacists appropriated Christianity as a means of justifying their abhorred actions in the United States.

This is why the sufficiency of scripture is important. Christ defines Christianity, anything that contradicts the teachings of Christ is not Christianity. By the way, slaves would have never been freed if not for Christianity. Slavery and femicide* WOW! What an idiot or just trying to stir up trouble? All of this started way before the U.S. was the U.S.

America destroyed slavery over 150 years ago. Meanwhile, it still flourishes in Africa & elsewhere throughout the world. You should redirect your anger. Not even trying to hide it anymore, are you? Christian are the original racists. Pope Vinny invented it in 1491. Yep. You can yield anything as a weapon, even the Bible. But I would point further back to the religion of African leaders like Augustine, Pelagius and Tertullian. Christianity was in Africa 1,000 years before the Camel.

Awww NPR...so predictable. Shall we talk about the Arab/Muslim slave trade in history and the Barbary pirates etc etc? Shall we talk about native americans owning black slaves? Shall we talk about free black americans owning slaves? But I was told Jesus was white. White supremacy wouldn't lie to me would it?

Cancel Christianity The abolitionists were staunch Christians & did what they did because of Christianity. Yes, it was. And it does. But actual Christianity is also part of how it was defeated and it is part of the current movement to stamp out the rest. What will they do when they find out racism is sin?

It is a fact, non religious people are easier to live with than religious people. It's bible based hatred. They love saying that blacks are the cursed descendants of Ham. atheismisunstoppable White Supremacist Ideas Have Historical Roots in Democrat Party Now do the Koran 😂 So now you’re going after religion? What will we be left with?

wow, what a revelation, Christianity was invented to keep slaves and poor at bay Absolute lies. This is horrible, NPR. Absolutely disgusting. You must think your job is to exacerbate racism You're doing a good job of it Imagine that. Religion and slavery goes back uh... pretty far don’t it. They have been killing people for centuries. What makes you think that they would really want to stop now? Read your history! I don’t think your Jesus really wanted you to be doing all that do you? If you say yes, then you are dead inside.

in some Churches?

YouTube bans white supremacist channels, sparks debate on free speechSocial medical platforms are trying to cancel far-right speakers - but some think they might be going too far.

White House struggles to understand the ACA case it supportsIf the White House is going to fight to take health care benefits from millions of families, it should at least try to get the details right. MaddowBlog MaddowBlog MaddowBlog This is normal!

White House learned of Russian bounty intelligence in early 2019The White House and top National Security Council officials learned about intelligence indicating Russia was offering bounties on U.S. and coalition troops in early 2019, a person with direct knowledge of the intelligence confirms to NBC News, well over a year before President Donald Trump claimed no one had briefed him about the matter. NBCNews Oh boy a source huh NBCNews Put a red ball in front of cat and this is what you get. BTW, military commanders in Afghanistan cannot confirm the claim. There is no facts. NBCNews Now, someone collect every speech he gave where he claimed to be FOR the troops, and every time he said about a democrat that they were weak on the military!

Austin schools suspend Black students nearly 5 times as often as white studentsNumbers from across Texas also show racial disparities – administrators suspended 20.7% of the state’s 685,775 Black students in the 2018-19 school year, data showed. Just behave. Well, we talk about income inequality, why is it so hard to understand behavior inequality? Hmmm, I wonder why.

White House was warned about potential Russian bounties for killing US troops in early 2019The White House was provided with intelligence in early 2019 indicating Russian actors were offering bounties to kill US soldiers in Afghanistan, more than a year before President Donald Trump claimed he was not briefed on the same threat, according to a source familiar with the situation. Wow Unvetted Intel..come on man. If we acted on all the Intel we received without verification we would be in big trouble as a country. If one bugger eater Taliban said this and has no concrete proof well then it probably wasn't marked high probability. BULL!!! CNN is has property for sale $100 an acre ocean front in Arizona ! Hurry must sale . fakenews theworldiswatching

'The President Does Read': White House Says Trump Now Briefed On Russian BountiesThe White House said that President Trump has been briefed on intelligence that found a Russian military unit offered and paid bounties to militants for killing United States soldiers in Afghanistan by MattRyanPerez MattRyanPerez 'Bout time. 😷😷😷😷😷 MattRyanPerez The new Sarah Sanders, except she’s younger, smarter and blonde. 😆 MattRyanPerez Duhhhhh but he been known that