White St. Louis couple point guns on protesters marching by their mansion to mayor's home

A white St. Louis couple pointed guns on protesters marching by their mansion to mayor's home.

6/29/2020 11:37:00 PM

St. Louis police investigating a confrontation caught on cellphone video of white neighbors of Mayor Lyda Krewson pointing guns at protesters marching by their mansion.

A white St. Louis couple pointed guns on protesters marching by their mansion to mayor's home.

ByJune 29, 2020, 8:23 PM10 min read0:31Couple points guns at protesters headed to St. Louis mayor’s homeThe couple was caught on video pointing guns toward the crowd as demonstrators marched to demand the mayor’s resignation.Lawrence Bryant/ReutersSt. Louis police confirmed on Monday that they are investigating a confrontation caught on cellphone video of some white neighbors of

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Mayor Lyda Krewsonpointing guns at protesters marching by their mansion on the way to the mayor's home.The episode occurred Sunday afternoon, when hundreds of demonstrators entered the gated Central West End neighborhood of St. Louis, banging drums and

chanting for Krewson to resignand"take your cops with you."Cellphone video that went viral on social media showed a white couple—a man armed with what appeared to be a semiautomatic rifle and a woman wielding a silver-plated pistol with her finger on the trigger—emerging from their five-story limestone home. They were pointing the weapons at the protesters and yelling at them that they were on a private street. Demonstrators are heard in the videos telling other protesters to keep moving toward Krewson's home and to ignore the couple.

The St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department [SLMPD] told ABC News on Monday that the couple, who police described as the victims, placed a"call for help" at 7:23 p.m. and that they are investigating the confrontation as a"trespassing/assault 4th intimidation" case.

A man and woman draw their firearms on protestors as they enter their neighborhood during a protest against St. Louis Mayor Lyda Krewson, in St. Louis, June 28, 2020.A man and woman draw their firearms on protestors as they enter their neighborhood during a protest against St. Louis Mayor Lyda Krewson, in St. Louis, June 28, 2020.

Lawrence Bryant/Reuters"The victims stated they were on their property when they heard a loud commotion coming from the street," according to an incident summary of the ongoing investigation provided to ABC News by the SLMPD."When the victims went to investigate the commotion, they observed a large group of subjects forcefully break an iron gate marked with 'No Trespassing' and 'Private Street' signs.

"Once through the gate, the victims advised the group that they were on a private street and trespassing and told them to leave," according to the couple's statement to the police included in the summary."The group began yelling obscenities and threats of harm to both victims. When the victims observed multiple subjects who were armed, they then armed themselves and contacted police."

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No one was injured in the incident.Videos of the encounter did not show any armed protesters and police officials told ABC News,"We do not have anything further to provide at this time."Hundreds of protesters march down Waterman Boulevard headed to St. Louis Mayor Lyda Krewson's home on June 28, 2020, in St. Louis.

Hundreds of protesters march down Waterman Boulevard headed to St. Louis Mayor Lyda Krewson's home on June 28, 2020, in St. Louis.Robert Cohen/St. Louis Post-Dispatch via APThe couple released a statement Monday afternoon identifying themselves as lawyers, Mark McCloskey, 63, and Patricia McCloskey, 61. They said they wanted to set the record straight that they support the Black Lives Matter movement and that the"actions of a few individuals who chose to exploit the otherwise peaceful protest" put them"in fear of imminent harm," according to the couple's statement.

"The peaceful protesters were not the subject of scorn or disdain by the McCloskeys," the statement reads."To the contrary, they were expecting and supportive of the message of the protesters. The actions of violence, destruction of property and acts of threatening aggression by a few individuals commingling with the peaceful protesters, gave rise to trepidation and fear of imminent and grave harm.

"Both Mr. and Mrs. McCloskey acted lawfully on their property which sits on a private gated lane in the City of St. Louis," the statement reads."Their actions were borne solely of fear and apprehension, the genesis of which was not race related. In fact, the agitators responsible for the trepidation were white."

The couple said they've held a"long-standing commitment to protecting the civil rights of clients victimized at the hands of law enforcement."Albert S. Watkins, a lawyer for the couple, added,"The McCloskeys want to make sure no one thinks less of BLM, its message and the means it is employing to get its message out because of the actions of a few white individuals who tarnished a peaceful protest.”

Several videos of the incident posted on social media by protestors and journalists who witnessed the standoff had been viewed millions of times by Monday morning.President Trump retweeted one of the videos on Monday shot by Daniel Shular, a graduate student at the University of Missouri School of Journalism, without explanation.

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The demonstrators continued on to Krewson's home, where they painted the word"resign" on the street outside her residence.Krewson, a first-term Democratic mayor, sparked an angry backlash from demonstrators last week when, during her regular public coronavirus briefing on Friday, she read aloud the names and addresses of protesters who sent her petitions calling for the city to defund the police department. The briefing was broadcast by the mayor's office on Facebook Live.

MORE: St. Louis police probe claim that officer called BLM 'domestic terrorists' in Facebook post"It is shocking and misguided for Mayor Lyda Krewson of St. Louis, to broadcast the addresses of those who dare to express a different viewpoint on an issue of public concern," the ACLU of Missouri said in a statement."It serves no apparent purpose beyond intimidation. We are stronger when we foster open dialogue. The chilling of debate should bother everyone, no matter whether they agree or disagree with the mayor on this particular issue."

A woman draws her firearm on protestors as they enter her neighborhood during a protest against St. Louis Mayor Lyda Krewson, in St. Louis, June 28, 2020.A woman draws her firearm on protestors as they enter her neighborhood during a protest against St. Louis Mayor Lyda Krewson, in St. Louis, June 28, 2020.

Lawrence Bryant/ReutersIn the Facebook Live video, which has been taken down, Krewson said the petitions were given to her when she met with protesters outside City Hall."The conversation really wasn't a conversation, I'll be honest with you, because there was a very loud response from the demonstrators. So they gave me some papers about how they thought," Krewson said in the Facebook Live video viewed by ABC News. She then went to her desk, got the petitions and proceeded to read some of them.

MORE: Small-town police chief killed as officers in 3 cities wounded during violence at George Floyd protestsAfter reading the petitions, Krewson said,"We're not going to take all the money away from the police. I think we need our police department."

The mayor responded to the criticism in a statement she tweeted on Friday, in which she apologized while explaining that the petitions and the names and addresses she read are public information.MORE: 'We are all at risk,' says St. Louis mayor as string of fatal child shootings climbs to 9

"I'd like to apologize for identifying individuals who presented letters to me at City Hall today," Krewson wrote."This was during one of my Facebook updates as I was answering routine questions. Never did I intend to harm anyone or cause distress. The update is removed and again, I apologize."

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Not their neighbors... no it became illegal to protect you live and house!? 🥺 I'd fucking walk right up... & sit down, cross my legs & pray 😑 what then MF U ppl 🤬disgusts me an mine.... U should of had cookies coffee or just SHUT UP AND LISTEN, then Walk W/ them😇... 🙄WHITE privileged PPL (yep I’m White, NOT Privilege) make All of us look bad....thks SHAMEFUL

CBCAdrianH How and why would any good person want to run for politics if this is what happens as a result of a broken system. A mayor in Canada is powerless. How we hire people based on grades is wrong. I believe in hiring a personality type based on facts not a grade. CBCAdrianH I do not believe that having a protest in front of a mayors house is one acceptable or any way to make long term changes of good. This can only escalate and distract the true issue. The police and policies implemented are the fault of the voters.

Stay off private property! I’m so embarrassed to have been raised in St. Louis. I moved out as soon as I was 18, mainly due to the racism that I did not agree with. This incident is in no way surprising. Seriously, ABC mentioning they are white. Does that really matter? These protesters have no right trespassing on private property.

ragnar1639 No fake news ABC, protesters were NOT “marching by” they were trespassing a private property and people still have the right to protect their homes. If life matters one should not target the white couple's property. Too bad someone didn't sneak up behind and beat the cowards bloody with their own guns.

Tell the entire store here. They were threatened by a mob on their own private property. The thugs had weapons and threatened this couple. They had every right to defend themselves. Taiwan's religious persecution event in Yunlin County India temple ,Xutong Tianzhu Temple 。 The government does not dare the tube please rescues(help) us early morning 06:30 strikes a gong every day and beats a drum lets the people's spirit be unusual

What police? Thought they were defunded. Good for them Its called 2 amendment people........ Prejudice people😂 Is the gun that man is holding legal?! My goodness Illinois Mayor Krewson needs to be IMPEACHED !!! And, VOTE KNEWSON & those like her, OUT OF OFFICE in November!! Was it a dummy gun I couldn't believe it to be real.. That's automatic rifle

What ugly privileged people. They should be arrested. This man acts like a gangster Let's hope she doesn't hold her husband's dick like that. Al Pacino’s next movie role “say hello to my little friend” Marching By? NO! On their property! Fake news Nothing will come out if this. It's on youtube... it was not peaceful, they were going to kill these people! destroy their house, they broke into a private community to destroy it... you liars in the media are crap... TELL THE TRUTH!!!

Take your 'pointing guns' crap out of here, Fake News! Not once did either of them take aim! They stood outside and Protected their own Property! I’ll do the same way with these kind of people. They not respect you so there is no reason to respect them back with the situation and moment 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

She holding that pistol like a cocktail at Happy Hour. Shame on those two. They aren't wearing masks....... How about arresting the trespassers? Wtf Fake ass news As the world watches.... A mayor of a city pointing guns at her citizens 😯 I think Walter from Fringe is a real scientist and he's caused us to transfer into a different universe... 🤫🤔😏 It is surreal what is going on in America right now.

Too much Walking Dead Ah...what the 32 seconds doesn’t show you...the “protesters” entered a gate thus entering private property! THEY HAD A RIGHT TO DO THAT These stupid MF’s don’t have rights in private property, they took out there guns cause they see what these protesters are capable of destroying property.... they broke into private gate.... report that.. this protesting is a SCAM....

She holds the gun like 007!! Why don't you tell the truth the protesters broke the gate to their house and they said they were going to kill them and their dog and burn their house down! But that's not on ABC agenda! They love their guns. It's the only part of the constitution that they don't absolutely despise.

“Karen and Ken” at their finest Gun owners have to feel powerful that is why brandishing weapons gets them off. Main reason 99% have one, because government had a ban on them. Ever need one, no, Unless you are a terrorist or threaten mass shootings. ABC News is racist against whites people. They hunt for stories to show how bad white people are every night and slant the story to make them look even worse. What about the daily rapes and murders committed by blacks? You are the reason that there will be a race war !

Tell the real truth, protesters at the beginning I am glad they are attorneys and can defend themselves against all this hate against any white that does well. You just going to keep reposting this every few hours? Why are they free? These two attorneys should be disbarred Do they have the right to protect their life and their property against a threat or not? It is the fundamental right of every Citizen.

The mob came through a no trespassing gate on a private street , they had already broken in, when the couple protected their property , the couple who did not fire a shot. If you wait until the mob gets right up on you it’s too late and you will be beaten and killed Jail time for the woman pointing a gun at anyone. She had her finger on the trigger. Isn't that assault with a deadly weapon? Don't scare the rich white folk some are mentally ill.

White Anxiety in a single image. Isn’t this couple Democrats ? White people can come in the street with machine guns n live! Black people sell cigarettes n die at the hands of police. Wtf is wrong wit this picture? Justice for who? American way is slavery, hate and divisiveness.🤷🏽‍♀️ Boy abc has fallen. Half stories shame

Well, bless their impoverished hearts. Don’t mind that the peaceful protestors destroyed the gate to enter. Naaaaa Of course WHITE neighbors. Why label people by their skin color. No longer a news organization. You are race baitors. “St. Louis police investigating a confrontation caught on cellphone video of neighbors of Mayor Lyda Krewson pointing guns at protesters marching by their mansion” there I fixed it for you

I’m sure they sent out their best men🙄 Come on. We all know nothing will come of this 'investigation '. At one point, that idiot turns to shout at the people on the sidewalk and inadvertently points his weapon at his wife. A real skilled marksman!🙄 ARRESTTHEM ABC report the whole story: 1.that was THEIR house 2. It was on a private road marked “PRIVATE” 3. It was GATED. 4.They were threatened verbally that their house would be burned so they got their guns. Reaction is in proportion to the threat of those “lovely, peaceful” protestors

How is this a Confrontation?, They are hiding behind they’re weapons!Black Lives have 1st Amendment Rights Too! WhiteFragility HOW are these Racist two even lawyers!! Why bring up the word white, doesn't make you racist I don't see them breaking out those windows or looting it. She should have pulled the trigger when she had pointed at her husband head👍🏼

They have the right to protect themselves and their property. ABC chooses not to show or tell the whole story!! More lying liberals Omg it's the Beverly Hills Billies in this case the Beverly Hills Bullies Just trying to understand the situation here...why is this neighbourhood private? It has sidewalks and roads within the city proper. So if my street built walls and gates would it be considered private? Is this a separate township? Does it have its own police force?

Private! Dont make the homeowners the criminals here .. That is assault, arrest them! Just a couple of Americans using their 2nd Amendment right to protect their property. Move on, nothing to see here. SecondAmendment What is more troubling than anything is the way the woman is holding the gun. Like a fucking cocktail.

Trespassing on someone's property! Not right! Lock 🔒 them up If their neighbour is the mayor why weer the black people not stopped. Sorry I would have been Annie get my gun too they protected their family and home. They broke into a gated community Is this truly what, 'Black Lives Matter', mean? They should be ashamed. If that was my home. I will have, no choice, to protect myself, the same way, as well.

Embarrassing. If this happen in South Asian and African countries then South Asian and African people would be called terrorists but in country like USA they are called defender. My good luck FakeNews they were on private property Why are protesters at the mayor's mansion? Where is the police protection. Are protesters suggesting something? Looting, torturing, or something worse? That's private property? Don't have to be indoors to defend. The protectors forced their way in.

White neighbors😂 abc you are the problem Scared Coward hiding behind his weapon! Betcha he never served in the Military judging from the way he's walking around with his weapon! Tell us when the haves push the have nots to a point where they have nothing 2 lose what happens? The Haves get Scared & Hopefully won't shoot!

You have to explicitly state they are white?!? Racist much ! Last night, Fox News and most likely every right wing media outlet used this clip to amplify fear and sound this story claiming these homeowners were protecting property from violence. THERE WAS NO THREAT. They plainly did not like black people walking in their neighborhood

Americans and their guns, sheesh! I am assuming they are investigating the protesters who broke a security gate to get there. Two Democrats WAKING up to the INSANITY of the Left wing Marxist cults BLM and ANTIFA This is gonna happen in any neighborhood these nasty destroyers try to overthrow... Our neighborhood is at the ready as well!! Bet

Why don’t you tell the whole story fake news? Why investigative these people they did nothing wrong but protect themselves and their property. Investigate the gangs that broke down a gate. What all of you are to scared to A bunch of chicken shits We always take off our shoes when guests arrive. I see your video doesn't show the weapons carried by the 'mostly peaceful' protesters.

She doesn't even know how to hold a gun. That's why we need gun regulation! Well, are those protestors lawfully allowed to walk in front of the personal property? Faceless ABC Reporter. When a mass of people come onto private property (lets use yours as an example) do you make them a mixed drink? Love that you only present part of the story.

Its an open a shut case. They was within their right to shoot then if they had chosen to do so. Can't break down gates with no trespassing signs lol The 'Mastah' protecting The Manor Mansion. You forgot to mention they were trespassing. Missouri has the Castle Law. What the home did was perfectly legal! The protesters ANTIFA BLM broke into a gated community. Verbally threatened to kill the home owners. Home owners called both community security and police who did not respond. As a last resort they protected

Are they wanted protesters to carry weapons next time They had time to grab their guns... but not their shoes. Pathetic. I feel sorry for these people. They must be really fragile and scared to feel threatened by people walking by their house. They trespassed their property, they broke a gate. So peaceful...

Nothing is going to happen to this couple. They are rich and white. And the state has a stand your ground law. But she had her finger on the trigger and that is unacceptable. I will do the same 😎 You say white neighbors but didn't say BLACK rioters Of trespassing individuals on thier property. This is why it is so important we pay attention who we are give our money too! From the lawyers you use, the stores you go to! The only thing that is going to affect these people are your dollars! SpendYourMoneyWisely close the doors on racism!

ABC news is vile. This is a distorted headline. Police should first arrest those thugs. Right? Meme of the year. Wtf! - great FAKENEWS journalism. Just leave out facts you don’t want people to know, like the breaking of the front gate. You didn't show the part of the video where the 'peaceful' protesters tore open a gate and trespassed onto private property. You also didn't show the protesters who were armed.

Good. Arrest those idiots & take away their firearms before they accidentally shoot each other. I’m glad he stood up to the mob. I’m also glad he didn’t have to shoot anyone. They look stupid holding the weapons and she can’t hold a handgun correct. The kickback from his will have him down Silly little cowards with guns.

thankfully no shots fired. This event is another reason why we should not allow these intimidation weapons. I can't imagine what would have happened if he opened fire with 30 clip rounds. banthem ARRESTTHEM confiscatethem Why are they feeling the need to defend their property? It doesn't look like any homes are even being touched, everyone is staying in the streets, like they shears have been! I bet these white people fantasize about getting a chance to use their guns lol wierdos

Sunny on your property you can defend your family. We can not let people think they can scare us. Shouldn’t one of the new response teams or an existing federal agency be investigating and instead of the police? Because the police and DA’s office are pathetic cowards looking to appease the violent mob by “investigating” the VICTIMS instead of the actual criminals. And the garbage media like are more than happy to perpetuate the false narrative abetting the obvious injustice.

Why is their race being highlighted? Is ABC gaslighting? Of course you are. If the Democrats/Marxist will not protect American citizens from the mob, the American citizen will protect themselves and others. Self protection is every American citizens right, it is The Second Amendment. Now is the time to use our God given rights.

Oh so now you want the police… LMAO 😂 nothing will come of this except maybe charges against who ever broke the gate, if they have video showing who did it. MO is Castle Doctrine state. Threatened by 2 guys who were carrying,they did what any citizen would do, they protected themselves, their family & their property.

Citizens exercise their rights as trespassing 'protestors' threaten them with violence...Fixed it for you... Stop covering the protests so they'll stop. We're in a pandemic. Take the ratings hit for the good of the nation unless COVID coverage was just ratings bait too 🙄🙄🙄 BLM is dividing races even more. They are not about black peoples rights. They are communist.

ABC is a propaganda outlet of the DNC It was their private property and had every right to overreact. Those protestors are domestic terrorists the way they're acting and beating up civilians The definition of white privilege. If the protesters were armed, they would have been shot. Did you show these thugs breaking thru the gate and tearing it down. ?

This is an example of why these weapons should not be in just anyone’s hands How are they not arrested for pointing a loaded weapon at people. I keep wondering what if that couple was black? I don't see protesters. The second they tore down that gate to a private community they became rioters. The couple were well within their right to do what they did.

if you are truly fearful for your life - do you really think that standing there pointing your guns at 500+ people is the most sensible thing to do? Do you think your guns can really save you from all of these people if they truly wanted to hurt you? gunlovingfolks This is what happens companies get million dollar bail outs with the treasury secretary keeping all the companies who got the cash secret. They’re so fucking dumb they think you can be buried with the money

Personal injury law is apparently where all the money is.... Protect your own shit! Nobody else is doing it! It’s called Trespassing and he has ever right to defend himself and his family Lock them up Really rich!!! Nice house Nope his shirt has the Brooks Brothers Golden Fleece logo. Hers is straight from the Neiman Marcus Hamburglar Collection.

Thanks for pointing out they’re white. Hey, Tell The Whole Story ABC. These protester broke thru their gate to gain access to these peoples property, at that point they are trespassing................Either tell the whole story or DON’T tell it all! Police? I heard we had those in the before times... they still exist?

Stop spinning Why don’t they investigate how those people made it onto private property? Who is tracking and investigating your FakeNews propaganda?! You’ve been lying about this one story amongst thousands throughout the day yesterday and into today. Unbelievable the lies you spin. st. louis police will probably just sweep it under the rug. can't trust the cops to do anything right. i bet they issue a statement that says this asshole was within his rights to 'defend' his property (although there was never any threat) this couple are just cowardly bullies.

Good, they both need to be arrested. No room for that behavior in this climate. Someone put your foot down to these wackos. Wow!!! Barefoot we've been inundated with videos of mayhem and violence for weeks. burning, beatings, etc... then a mob breaks through your iron gate and comes up your driveway. but these people, probably scared witless, are the problem? this isn't protesting. it's pure terrorism.

Protesters who broke down a gate at a private community. Not doing that would mean this goes away, which it should do anyway. Why is his shirt 👔 still in his pants?🤣 looks like he got off work hours ago. They abruptly left the dinner 🍽 table to participate in some racism...looking ass This couple was only trying to qualify their home for inclusion on the National Register of Hysteric Places.

ABC news is incredibly racists. They look to dividing our country at our expense. They throw a narrative that makes them lots of money, but throw the American people under the bus. This is incredibly irresponsible. you biased fake news, why you cut off the original video show those rioters get out of the gate of this private area? you're inciting violent.

Welcome to America 🇺🇸 She holds that pistol like I hold a cocktail. He holds that automatic rifle like I hold my toddler. It's... weird. You just don’t point guns at people unless you plan to use it. Hmmm I would stand on my property with my guns as well. You don’t know the intentions of others. My gun will prevent any harm on me or my property. 🇺🇸

Those “protesters” broke through a private gate and were harassing the residents. They threatened their dog! They were trespassing on private property- The “protesters” want all private property banned. The homeowners were well within their rights to defend their home & family! The same police department that DIDINT RESPONED when they called them after they broke into the neighborhood after they where threatening this couple that same police department?

Western law ! What a couple of nuts! Being threatened and protecting themselves and their property makes them crazy. Give me a break. You identify them as 'WHITE NEIGHBORS' but do not call the protesters 'BLACK PROTESTERS' is a RACIST ORGANIZATION!!! The protesters entered private property. Did we now lose our right to protect ourself, our family, and our property? This is America right?

Jerks! Nice reporting. “Protestors” broke through their gate. They have a right to defend their property. I would have done the same thing. Ps- they’re democrats 💯 There is NOTHING TO INVESTIGATE here. These people were invaded by an illegal mob of demonstrators. As leftist Democrats Defund POLICE departments our Country will see LOTS MORE citizens taking up arms in their defense.

What did these morons think was gonna happen? Every person has the right to protect their property and themselves. You want to get rid of police, you better be ready for more of this. Love it! Fight back to protect yourself and your property!!!!!!! Both Democrats 🤷🏾‍♂️😴 I’m a nurse and that terrible woman needs some Lasix stat

Best move of the cancel culture yet. More people should follow this couple's lead. Deep in story only the news reporters opinion is factual lol JokeStory “[White PPL] who police described as the victims, placed a 'call for help' at 7:23 p.m. and that they are investigating the confrontation as a 'trespassing/assault 4th intimidation'

Some fkn real ass shit going down. For one they are trespassing on private property & broke the damn fence down. Best believe if that was my place of residence I will be outside doing the same shit with some TerminatorFans Correction there’s no confrontation here, there is 2 people branding their guns at people walking down the street please correct this and call it what it is

Not breaking any laws Way to keep pushing the agenda, ABC Please investigate These two citizens have every right to defend themselves. I don’t care what any of You terrorist support protestors, terrorist/looters. I don’t support NRA but American civility has turn around one must port arm in self defense

There's nothing wrong with this in this climate. The left has suggested that police be defunded. The police aren't there. I'm taking care of my house and the people in it. THIS is the America that the left wants...except that they want YOU to NOT have a gun to protect yourself. What is here to investigate? The mob was trespassing. As long as they forced the entrance of a gated community, they can't be considered 'peaceful protesters'

Inside their mansion biased ABC news!!! Protection of all is important. Hey abc , do you understand private property? Did you turn your ears off for the videos that said they were going to steal her gun with many obscenities? Do you not understand how 2A works, especially given abolishing police movement? No. You don’t. 🤡

Not a chance in hell that either one of them have fired those weapons. ABC News if they are going to broadcast a news at least post the full video, since the alleged protesters entered private property and I understand that this fact is still a crime Heaven forbid they investigate the Pukes who trespassed and damaged community property to do so..... sick of this crap and spin

What’s to investigate? Protestors were trespassing and the homeowners showed them the way out. Bravo to them! We need more people to stand up against the mob. Where are all the guns that the “mob” (the good lawyers words not mine) was carrying? And I also didn’t see any riot gear? Hey selfish Ken and Karen, that is a mask not riot gear! Those are cell phones not assault riffles! You’re the terrorist, not us! Ambulancechasers

It will be a miracle if any type of charge or citation result. Law enforcement will believe the fear lie. What caused them to come outside as the marchers came by? Side note, not that it matters to ABC News. The protesters were on private property. This was a gated community. Secondly, like it or not, people have a right to protect themselves, their home and their property. And in conclusion, did you research MO law?

RickSchmull Don’t FactsMatter anymore ABC? Has your family ever been attacked at home by an angry crowd? Well? Lock him up. Stiff fines. Leave these people alone have right to protect their home no evidence to show they were racist most of the people were white BLM Talibans know only one language. Get ready. This is what defunding the police looks like . If, you support the second amendment.

Is that how you hold a gun Another disgusting and misleading ABC news headline. Do you have no shame? Also, why does color of owner matter? Racist much? First impression: the couple is crazy. After viewing other videos, I understand why President Trump always say fake news. By the way I support ALM (all lives matter), and condemn Police brutalities.

They are Democrats that support BLM ABC sucks! Owner Disney is clearly in league with socialist Democrats. Where are investigations of rioters, looters, and out of control mobs? Why does race matter abc? Are you trying to race bait nothing more than their gate was tore down... amazing how that worked How cool if they would have left their front door open. They come in, and these two have a field day - legally 2ndAmendment 🇺🇸❤️

'Marching by' please, change this to 'Marched INTO their private property' because that is exactly what happened. Don't twist the truth, especially being a news reporter and all. Imagine they 2 idiots just dropping those weapons and someone gets killed.....poops now it is an accident? Wow..... FUCK and their RACIAL profiling!!!!

Crazy Looks like he is pointing his gun at his wife at one point ... do they not realise how dangerous these things are!!! This is so shocking ... waving their guns at protesters. I wish they could see how wrong it is! x Yeah, the protestors totally had no intention of destroying their home, possibly doing a home invasion. Trump2020

ashishmalla sume3t Didn’t these protesters just violently break downs security gate and threaten the homeowners safety? Would be good to report the whole story. why didn't they shoot these mobs? Not the whole story...my daughter works for STL police department....do some real investigation!! Yeah for them they were just protecting themselves and their home, plus they threatened their dog's life. These were trespassing thugs who deserved to be shot.

Wow, what a show for the past four years. people say why videotape this is why because they are saying the protestors were armed that why they armed themselves white lies white fake fear guess who they will believe Now ABC news is lying. They have the right to protect their property when people illegally trespass.

“Marching by their mansion”? You DO realize that they entered private property through a gate unwelcome right? At that point, they become a threat and should be treated as such. Read the Constitution and see 2A. Like it or not, we have the right to defend ourselves. 🖕🏻 The Racist Duet Her hand on he hip🤯🤯

Do better with your headlines Because you know that no one is clicking on this article You don't protest at in neighborhoods, especially on private property. They weren't going to protest, they were going to physically hurt to gain access to their home 🏡 probably burn it. They acted within their rights and the law. ABC y'all are biased by 💰 and a joke, disgrace

Possibly prevented them from being assaulted. Good for the couple. What needs investigating is elected 'leaders' that are tax paid employees allowing mobs to disturb the peace of tax paying citizens. Allowing mobs to violate laws and cause destruction of private and/or public property. TheDemocrats are responsible. VOTE them out!

Less biased version: St. Louis police investigating a confrontation caught on cellphone video of homeowners pointing guns at protesters marching by their home It hurts to know the person responsible for writing this gibberish makes more than me 😭😆🙈 –Protestors destroyed 100yo gate –2 WHITE protestors threatened them –Both lawyers for “clients victimized at the hands of law enforcement” –You can’t protest gov’s house to begin with!

Show the investigators this video... and their job is done. Still investigating..?arrest already Its plains day there's nothing to look into when plan Stop such BS headlines!!! Sickening the way the media distorts & lies! journalismisdead These protests are taking a wrong turn. The hidden objective of the protesters is to establish 'Black Power' that historically means self-determination by the Blacks.

By the looks of their house these people have a lot (understatement) and their still assholes 🤷🏽‍♀️ They’re not marching by their home!! They damaged the front gate and are on their property offering to do them harm! And this is why no one believes in the FakeNews These two gun toting cooks should be locked up as a threat to society

Well, will ya look at that. Crazy I hope they arrest thoses animals, we dnt live in anarchy YET. Congratulations to the beautiful couple. Soldiers. Real Americans. The right to have rights. Buy guns. Buy ammo. “Um povo armado jamais será escravizado” Jair Bolsonaro President of Brazil MichellesDude They look like such idiots. Begging for confrontation is not too clever. The peaceful protesters acted responsibly, they did not.

👏👏 ABC, you must honest on the report, or if you get paid to defame someone, you prepare to apologize or get the law suit. These looters back out because they trespassing the private property. Their action cost thousand for the gate to repair. Don’t blame them The trespassers broke into the private gated community, threatened the residents and they defended themselves legally, but the lying MSM won't tell the truth.

By the looks of things they were protecting their property from looters.. Never trust the media to give the truth. I wonder what would have happened if that was a black person holding a gun like..... Their home. Their rights! I'm with the home owners...come on my property...u become target practice. skittle100415 If this was a black couple, the police would have been there within seconds. And most likely would have been shot dead. Double Standards. These protesters were not a threat.

They have every right. At least they have their hate in common. I like this America, maybe someday it will be like 'Cleansing Night'😎🇺🇸🤨 😂 you forgot to mention the 'protesters' were trespassing on private property (entire gated community, even street, is private). Karen Cankles My God, I would hate to live in a country where some people think that this is normal.🇮🇪🇮🇪🍀🇮🇪🇮🇪

That scared...ken & Karen... 🤦🏽‍♂️ You are fake news This is racism against whites. This is a direct assault against them as they defend their property. This is normal here in Texas. If I see them coming that's what I'd do. These people can't be trusted after all the damage they've caused. THOSE ARENT PROTESTERS! THAT IS AN ANGRY MOB BUSTING THROUGH A FENCE IN A GATED COMMUNITY! AND IT HAS NOTHING TO DO W RACE THEY CALLED THE POLICE AND NEIGHBORHOOD SECURITY AND NOBODY CAME! REPORT FACTS! I WOULDVE DONE EXACTLY WHAT THEY DID! WE HAVE A RIGHT TO PROTECT OURSELVES!

Not real / a political operation called “fear the mob”. Shoot 1, and use him as an example of what happens when you trespass in private property If the people were walking by on the side walk (yes people, human beings) and did not encroach onto private property then pointing guns at them would be a felony. I can walk on a public side walk to go protest. Amazing how parts of the constitution are forgotten.

Trespassing on a private road. If I lived in the States I would want a gun to protect myself. No wonder gun sales are on the rise with riots and craziness like this. Maniacs defunding the police. Rioters taking people's houses, bashing people, what do they expect, people need to protect themselves. Yikes.

Only in the USA would shooting people with assault rifles for stepping on your grass be considered a legitimate act. Crazy couple should be locked up ABC is disgustingly racist against white people who dare defend themselves and their property. Open carry is one thing but pointing your weapon and aiming it at others is another. I demand they be arrested.

y'all protestors should be aware. protest it's ok but don't damage property or doing vandalism. Ugly house. She’s rather reckless with the pistol. Not NRA trained. Meet with ht girls 👉 Investigation of intimidation b PROTESTERS!!! Look at those giant shits Well if you call for defunding the police, you are going to have to expect honest hardworking citizens to defend their private property. Wait till they hire ex-Military to be their security and see what happens next..

Serious problem, demonstrators entering a private residential area, illegal They broke a gate to enter private property. They were not peaceful. facts Scared for their lives! Meet force with force. How come this not a crime? Keep walking bitches! are they white though? They were defending themselves from a voilent and looting mob. Where was the Police? They are heroes!

Are they going to investigate the “protestors” that broke thru a gate & encroached on clearly marked private street & residence? No? Then don’t bother. I don’t blame them, MSM has portrayed the protestors as out of control rioters. I’d defend myself too. Your headline is trash. Fake! Is this the mayor Is this the mayor's residency Or is it just his residency well he's mayor

🤔 What's the point in tweeting out people's race in a news article based on this? I'd say you guys are fucking hacks who do it for clicks but I'm sure it's been said many times. It's intended to elicit a purely emotional response. Castle Law is a thing. You're not allowed in their house without their permission. This is a private gated community. When people are looting and and rioting and vandalising buildings. You have every right to defend your property.

Since those 'protesters' were inside the gate that clearly says 'private'...? Isn't that trespassing? And yet these same unlawful protesters broke through the gate of a private gated community. So peaceful our are. They were crimnals Those gun toating crazy republicans..oh wait they are Dems😂 Trump2020🇺🇸

This Ken and Karen are hilarious! Go USA HAHAHAHAHAHHA '...pointing guns at protesters' - fake news '...pointing guns at trespassers' - correct Gets your new right ABC. They were defending their home from protesters who broke through a gate and were trespassing on private property. Wannabes, 😂 This is Hollywood culture, this scene we saw a lot in movies.

rioters, if not stopped in time they will burn and loot, this is a necessary measure when using guns to deter and prevent criminals. You argue like a donkey Because that’s real important right now with everything else going on ABC said “Marching By” I’m dead 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 people opening their gates and coming into their property like they are invited. Show the full video 🤡🤣

POST THE GATE Fake news What skin color had the protesters? I need this relevant information. They are defending their property. They didn’t shoot anyone. They didn’t destroy any property, and they didn’t loot or burn any business. They’reletting the unhinged agitators know that if they trespass their property, they will regret it. Nothing to see here, just self-defense.

They were defending their property. Stop misrepresenting the situation Don’t enter on private property, the couple did well. Seems to me that this couple is trying to invite vandalism after hours. I mean, I certainly wouldn't bait angry people during a short time in the day and then feel good about going to sleep.

Why does it matter that they are white? Thanks for pointing out they were white ABC News otherwise I wouldn't have noticed. Love her Popeye meets 'I'm a little teapot' routine. By? Didn't they break through the gates and enter the grounds of their property? I love white neighbors, they did the right thing.

there you have it , born of a trump presidency . USA 2020 Forced entry. Trespassing. Private property. No problem ! Why? Are they going to arrest all of those trespassers? What's their skin color got to do with their protecting themselves and their home from a hoard of trespassers White neighbors😂 No wonder they kiss cop ass. They're just as trigger happy as the police are.

The way she’s holding her tiny gun 🤣. Surprised she didn’t shoot her husband These people don’t seem like they are the fucking problem. Maybe the trespassers? This is so wrong by the way , but someone broke into their home , and no one knows if that person might be among the protesters. So they prefer coming out to show people they have guns Incase such person try to invade into their property again . Let love lead it cost nothing

You gotta admit, Ken’s d Karen are made for each other. Is it important to note what colour / race they are ? Is this race baiting ? Nice Protecting their property from trespassing rioters. trespassing on their property* tiny tiny tiny penis energy right here! They’re investigating the PROTESTERS..... Sangfroid76 Wait.....the mayor living like this too?

Their fine in the STL area. Next state here we come with out bad reputation now Money might have been able to buy them that house, but it sure as shit didn’t buy them any class. So called democracy and so called media Too the Democraps that are saying the mayor and her husband were wrong? you obviously think that, THESE protesters should have what? been able to vandalize the Mayors home? Kill her family? you make no sense.

Couple of trump supporter no doubt. Better Homes and Garbage. They look like Trash! People broke into their home , that alone should trigger them in holding a gun for their own safety . I know it’s wrong but the person who broke into their home might be among the protesters so if the person sees them with gun , next time won’t be a good time

Local Hero’s defending themselves against criminals. Nothing is wrong with the video they didn't intend to shoot anyone except criminals who tries to trespass into their home. Actually protecting themselves. To prevent Private Property Violation ... So many left wing idiots posting on this one. Let me tell you something about 'peaceful protesters'. They all went home. They know that these mobs of rioters and trouble makers have stolen their voice. The way things are right now, you better be ready to protect yourself.

They are in the person's front garden after trespassing. The owners are protecting their property with legal firearms. No quite sure why being white is mentioned other than to cause further racial divide. Funny how you clearly see WHITE guys breaking down the gate. Not the actual peaceful protesters. Similar looking people are often caught on camera inciting violence amongst protests, yet the right wing would rather speak on only half the narrative and then reflect that outwards.

Notice no one walked on his property. Black white yellow. Who cares. All the same. This race debate should be long over. Gender equality. See above. All legal he has the right to bear arm. How the hell does a lawyer afford a place like that It's a PRIVATE gated community. Do some actual research. The protesters broke the law. Stop with the race bating. The color of the home owners had nothing to do with anything.

I guess I missed the part where a rational person would actually stop and analyze the situation, a busted gate constitutes brandishing a firearm at unarmed protesters because their mayor doxxed people on Facebook live and placed innocent people in danger. The fact that they live at in a mansion to begin with raises another societal ill of the 1% controlling all the wealth while rest eek out their existence. Unless that is dealt with proactively it will be the course of the yet another world revolution.

Si white neighbors is ok but saying black neighbors would be racist because the color, right? 2nd Amendment baby Defend Your Castle PLEASE tell me this is an SNL or Daily Show skit. Those people are whacked. Please stop with the outrage over nothing. Thank God no one got hurt and let that been the end of it. Everyone needs to calm down, media needs to stop stoking tension and anxiety. Apply some compassion and some forgiveness. Relax.

If the police do not stop the black supremacists, it seems logical to me that the neighbors take out their rifles and pistols to stop the looting and beatings. 🤔🤐 Why do you have to include 'white'? This is the problem with America. It doesnt matter of the color of your skin. Anyone that wanted to defend their family wouldve done the same whether they were white or black.

I like how you spoon feed the narrative by saying “white.” How about A couple used guns to protect their home after a group broke down a gate and marched forward. ( no color description just facts) incidentally police nowhere to be found so no choice! These 2 people clearly need mental help🙄 and now we have idiots like these two!

Break in private property and accuse of the home owners are bad ppl. You white leftists are garbage people. This is Propaganda BS from ABC! Dam fucking liars! These weren't peaceful walking by, they broke down a metal fence of a gated community. They were Mobs threatened to burn down thier house, kill the dog. 2A is our protection, I commend them 4 defending themselves! BRAVO 👍

Trespassers who threatened them. Get it right. That’s a real good look Mayor. They had every right to defend themselves and their property. Show the destroyed gate... I love you hunny bunny! GOTTA LOVE THE SECOND AMENDMENT!!!!!!!😎🇺🇸 Get out of here you ugly, no good hoodlums! Go earn your own money thru hard work! 😠

Its called trespassing. And they are definitely in the right to defend their property! Put on some shoes, you hillbillies! When you point guns at people who obviously have no intention invade your home, it’s just totally crazy. You’d think they would have dressed better. I just love how Karen’s holding that gun. 🤣

Good In addition to being dangerous idiots, they look like utter dorks. They have no idea how to handle those guns. They should be taken away. Irresponsible. Imagine if they were black people pointing guns at protestors? Just imagine. Seriously. Feels like we must all stand our ground and say. Do not contaminate me or get me or my family sick practicing your first amendment rights respect mans amendment rights to protect there families to not just when u think it’s right

😂 They look ridiculous. To think all they missed on Fox News while they were outside! These folks have lost it Shitty reporting. The bad guys are not the people scared to death defending their property. Tell the REAL story for once. Thank you for confirming they are white. I couldn’t tell. This couple are ready to shoot anyone who will go near their house.. They are extremely armed and dangerous. Such a dangerous scenario to watch.

Investigation completed. They were on private property. Case closed! fakenews Liberal Dem neighbors of the mayor. “White neighbors of....”? Not just “neighbors of....”? Stirring the pot? People have the right to defend their property! Keep our 2nd. amendment!!!🇺🇸💪🏼TRUMP 2020🇺🇸 They did nothing wrong.

Everyone's life is very precious, why only said Black People's life is expensive, is this not racism and discrimination? Black People has the right to be respected like all of us. But this can't be an excuse to participate in violent crimes. Fake news! Those 'protesters' were trespassers. Fighting against racism cannot be an excuse for arson, robbery, murder and other crimes.

Seriously WTH is wrong with people ... in thought out country was about voicing your opinion... why do people have to come out with weapons... this is ridiculous ... violence & lack of understanding & hatred is what’s created this craziness! It's actually called 'terrorism'. flaviaol só tristeza. 😳 Ironically they are big Democrat donors!!

They better be careful before they get hurt! These people should be in a mental hospital. TheView I don't blame them for being concerned about a mob of masked people marching to their home. AllGunNoDick The police ought to be keeping the peace instead letting these thugs rampage the neighborhoods. 👁👁 Socialists and Communists are undeserving of life.

castle doctrine, media only post what fits the narrative. They broke into a private community... Oh wait. The angry mob is never wrong and American's now have to 'tolerate' their pluralistic doctrine. Well done need more of this!! So glad you mention their race. After all, what could be more important?

TaraGranahan Marching by.......you spelled entering a gated community with a sign that says no trespassing wrong NoAntiBlackRacism Reparations tangibles JUNETEENTH2020 ogun 👋👋👋👋👋👀👀👀 Wrong house, Marxist looters...move along. Good for them, defending their property Most of the people trespassing were white too, but nice attempt at racebaiting. 🤡

'Marching by their mansion', or trespassing? Was he paid by Putin too? these guys were just marching too. TaraGranahan Khaki Cliff and Pistol Pam Quite literally muzzle flashed sever dozen people! E isso ai tem que respeitar o lar do cidadão gostaria que aqui no Brasil agente pudesse ter arma neste calibre pra proteger nossas famílias

I would of fired a few shots off. No right to be on private property. They had no idea their intentions He's like pointing that thing at his wife. What's there to investigate, he and his wife is on camera. If they were black it would be a lock up and a court date. There is nothing to investigate, people have a right to protect their property...

Correction, Home owners protecting property from tresspassers after Police are told to stand down. Beautiful!!! Looks like pink shirt pointed his gun at his wife a few times, lady looks like she’s gonna smack herself in the face from recoil, dude has his stock under his arm and not braces against his shoulder, and terrible trigger discipline. These people shouldn’t have guns.

They were on their property pretty much case closed Gate broken ? My property ? I would’ve done the same thing ..not a race thing people 🙄 Proof positive that guns only raise the expectation during confrontations. These people would have kept walking never looking twice at the massive eye sore of a home.

“White neighbors”. You people are disgusting People like this live in a mansion? Not the stereotypical image of mansion-dwellers in my mind. Sad and comical at the same time. Itching for a chance to use their guns. So crass. TheView Wow he points at her dummies with guns I can see the police investigating this laughing their asses off, simply put... these mobs and their media supporters are brain dead.

TechTernet That's really bad! 2 idiot freaks TheView They had every right to protect THEIR property that they paid for to not let these thugs where near White sewage showing their inability to understand other 'casts' outside their ill gained affluence, giving themselves the empty sense of superiority. Their first thought is to protect themselves and what they have....not to reach out and help others who are just as deserving!

Are those two in jail for doing this. it was not necessary that they come out with guns drawn. Police need to take them in and charge them. What in the actual fuck... Those two brandishing the guns clearly, broke the law. Good job! ABC = America's Biggest Communists Esto es lo que no dicen los fake news What hero's, Just know this there’s, millions more like them! Stop poking the sleeping giant you shitstains- be grateful for the rights you have bc WYPEEPL fought & died to free you.

Tiene derecho a defender su patrimonio y sobre todo su familia. TheView Really? F’n white power! Since 2016 there have been some real idiots uncovered. ABC should apologize. The video of the couple with guns protecting their home was not just black people. Look at video, it shows white people too! STOP LYING TO AMERICANS! YOU ARE THE PROBLEM FAKE NEWS!!!

What’s to investigate? Protecting his life and property from Thugs Why don’t you scumbags report the truth Broke through gate onto private property! I hope they are made to issue a public apology on behalf of all of the shootings and victims of in the United States! This is absolutely disgusting and and they should be charged with menacing!

This is horrible something needs to be done about these people pulling guns out on people Wtf This is a perfect example of TRUMP'S White Power! Trump is responsible for violence and riots in the streets of America. He's AmericaEnemyOne INSTIGATOR & CHIEF! They are holding generally at the ready. It just takes one rock thrown to screw it all up. Better not do it around that guy. He looks like hes killed before. Id leave his house alone.

Great Americans! Protect your property from rioters and agitators! They were on their property, they broke open the gate.......show the whole video! TheView Wow! Crazy ass racist! I’ve watched multiple times and still don’t see guns pointed at protestors. His is to his right & hers is pointed up. Yes its grandstanding a bit. However, given news ignored some in these protests do beat innocent people and destroy property it makes sense they’d be concerned.

Pitiful cowards with zero trigger discipline. Ken and Karen.... ARREST these gun welding criminals!!! Oh my God, she’s the mayor? Maybe he’s drunk Remember when a couple tried to defend their property against “peaceful protestors”? TheView Sick. There are many, many civilized countries- actually all but ours- that do NOT have gun violence. Schools I am out of here. It is now embarrassing to say I am an American.

So what were the protestors doing that required a gun? If a black man stood outside his home with a gun as a group of white protestors marched by, you know damn well he would run the risk of being killed or arrested. Beverly Hillbillies 2020 Stay away from their cement pond! I thought she was holding a cigarette at first 😂😂

TheView They should have stayed inside, drawn the shades n pretended they weren’t home. Is this for real? Why weren’t they arrested for pointing guns at people? I can’t imagine any sane person doing that here! TheView They are defending their home from assholes ABC as always, you sre inly telling half the story

If theyre rich enough to own that mansion, why do they dress so bad We need more of this American Gothic Gone Mad Have they been arrested yet? Not how I’d handle it, but if the protesters were trespassing, it’s not really worth investigating. but they have the right to defend their property. the protesters trespassing

You failed to mention the terrorists had broken into private property and were trespassing at that point!!! Why are they barefoot 🤒 If somebody shoot his ass for Brandishing a weapon at them are they wrong ? Cause if you point one at me ........not good ! Once again, the Enemy of the People (aka ABC) showing us they are race pimps and liars.

Again, abc YOU SHOULD BE Ashamed!!! Fake news!!! TheView Great Team Work! He’s coked up! Awesome. Their protecting their property. We need more people like this to control the animals. people of color would have been arrested before the last protester passed. Correction McMansion Good!!!!! They have that right to protect themselves!

Good for them! Nightline Good for them they can't allow these paid thugs to destroy their property. This is no black and white shit. These are paid by Democrats to destroy Americans and America.. This has Obama crime mind master all over it. This couples just wanted to be BBC Famous. Everyone has right to defend themselves from rioters and arsonists. There is nothing wrong with the guy/wife .. they just protected their lives/property. Good job.

So brave pointing guns at disarmed peaceful protesters. If this isn't a good advertisement for disbursing all the unnecessarily hoarded wealth in this world then I don't know what is. Why is their color relevant to this story? Ohhhh that’s right you have a divisive false narrative to push. THEY ARE NOT FUCKING PROTESTORS!!!!!!!!!!!

'White neighbors' TheView Who can blame them? blm and antifa protesters have been vandalizing properties and assaulting innocent people. It's their right to defend their home. never thought we'd ever see a defilement of our Presidency a four year stain on our great nation the end is near for an American aberration

They apparently can’t afford footwear. Good job. Protect yourself from the terrorists! Investigating? They should be issuing an arrest warrant by now. They should be arrested and thrown under the jail. Karma coming your way. Good for them! Good guys - 1 Thugs - zero Why do you even have guns in America 😔 Stop your Marxist whining and tears. Save them for the people that are really breaking the law. These people can protect their property form trespassers and property destroyers any time they like.

why mention their 'color'? What do you think will happen if you want the police to go away? Protect your own A sane and responsible gun owner would not have been waving their weapon around outside. This is why we need gun control. Too many of these kind of people have guns. Say hello to my little friend...

LOOKS LIKE AN ASSAULT TO ME That was a totally stupid show & yelling white power shows their ill intent. If they had shot someone, they likely would have taken a life, caused havoc & been arrested. Their Insanity shows. The Constitution enshrines the right to peacefully protest. What is there to investigate?! They broke the law and endangered the public! LydaKrewson GovParsonMO are you not arresting them because they’re white and your neighbors? We are watching what you do!

Why are those two guys so paranoid? This headline is exactly why the Media is public enemy number 1. Politics aside the media is a joke They need gun safety courses they are pointing the guns at each other not to mention protesters. I cant understand people like this What the hell does that entitled bitch think she's going to do with that pistol. Lol

I guess they’ll get to identify and arrest the trespassers. How many times did those two point their guns at each other? Good Lord. They need to...these two are a danger to each other! One finger slip and they would've shot one another. Smh... What is this world coming to? 😩 Listen to the protesters. I’m sure their property would’ve been destroyed if they would’ve done what they did!

The base has been taken over Fear filled white idiots Hudsonvalleykid Cops figuring out how to charge the protesters probably “Peaceful” protesters tore down a gate to enter their private gated community, before this encounter happened. Why won’t the media share that?!? Oh I know it doesn’t fit the narrative.

They should More piss poor reporting by abc. Is this private property or not!!! If it is, then please explain You assholes abc know that's not the story Wow how biased is this 'report': protesters? Trespassers it was a gated, private community. Marching? Yelling threats RightOfSelfDefense If these two were black they would already be in jail

Mr. and Mrs. GOP are all worked up! 🤣 That's their home pendejos Whacked in the wacko. KeithOlbermann All they need is a martini in the other hand. When she passes behind her husband Spanky, she points the pistol right at his head. smh.... Being a Republican should automatically bar you from owning a firearm. These fake tough guy, fake patriot, gunsexuals seem to never be capable of carrying a firearm responsibly, or be aware of proper use of deadly force.

EpsteinDidntKillHimself This is what's going to happen in every suburb in America, and it is what should happen. Go to the burbs, meet armed homeowners. On their property There should be no investigation...for what? Protecting their home from vandals? If you cannot even protect your home from that then this country is long gone!

Mustard stains and barefoot. She must be looking to become the nra spokesperson. At one point the moron is pointing the gun at his own wife 🙄

A White Couple Pointed Guns At Protesters Outside Their Home In St. LouisThe protesters were calling for the mayor to resign after she shared activists' names and addresses in a Facebook Live video. This is what white privilege looks like wakeup maga TrumpIsARacist And Trump loves it. Well the protesters were trespassing

Meet Ken & Karen: The Couple That Pointed An AR-15 At Protestors In St. LouisIn pictures and videos shared to Twitter, the McCloskeys can be seen indiscriminately brandishing their weapons at the crowd, although it’s unclear whether or not the guns were actually loaded at the time of the altercation. At one point, Mark McCloskey appears to accidentally point his AR-15 rifle at his wife as he locks eyes with protesters. Naturally you don't mention that the 'protesters' had broken down a gate and ignored signage marking that as private property. They were trespassing on private property. You also don't mention that the couple are lawyers, Democrats, BLM supporters and civil rights attorneys.

St. Louis Couple Points Guns at Protesters Marching Outside Their HomeA St. Louis couple pulled guns on protesters marching by their luxurious home. This isn’t even remotely close to what happened but ok.... Nope, this is a gated community the rioters broke down the gate and threatened them dsuave1911 see

Couple draw guns at crowd heading to St. Louis mayor's homeA white couple pointed guns at protesters in St. Louis as a group marched toward the mayor's home to demand her resignation after she read the names and addresses of several residents who supported defunding the police department during an online briefing whose this gun totting couple and what companies do they work for truly vile humans 2nd amendment in action. I like it. they weren't moving toward these people, they were moving past them. whether it is a gated community or not (people were going to city hall) doesn't matter. these people were not being menaced. they were menacing others.

Couple draw guns at crowd heading to St. Louis mayor's homeA video shows an unidentified couple in St. Louis pointing guns at protesters who were marching to demand the mayor's resignation after she read the names and addresses of some residents who supported defunding the police during an online briefing. protesters earlier in the evening... Ken & Karen 😜

Calls for resignation mount after St. Louis mayor releases names of individuals calling for police reformHundreds of protesters marched to the home of St. Louis Mayor Lyda Krewson Sunday night while chanting 'resign Lyda, take the cops with you,' according to CNN affiliate KMOV. I am a rapper i need $500 to launch my albums and songs Individualism no longer works in a large society interdependent for employment consumer trade health and security. Frontier self reliance days are over they ended with Fords first assemlly line The situation in Yemen has been dubbed the world’s worst humanitarian crisis by the U.N. Yemen SpeakingOut YemenCrisis YemeniLivesMatter