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White Mich. couple arrested after gun pulled on Black family

A white couple has been arrested after at least one handgun was pulled on a Black woman and her daughters during a videotaped confrontation in a restaurant parking lot in Michigan.

7/3/2020 12:01:00 PM

A white couple has been arrested after at least one handgun was pulled on a Black woman and her daughters during a videotaped confrontation in a restaurant parking lot in Michigan .

A white couple was arrested after at least one handgun was pulled on a Black woman and her daughters during a videotaped confrontation in a restaurant parking lot in Michigan , authorities said...

A white couple was arrested after at least one handgun was pulled on a Black woman and her daughters during a videotaped confrontation in a restaurant parking lot in Michigan, authorities said Thursday.Jillian Wuestenberg, 32, and Eric Wuestenberg, 42, were charged Thursday with felonious assault, Oakland County Prosecutor Jessica Cooper said in a release. It was not immediately clear when they would be arraigned or if they have attorneys who could comment on the allegations.

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Cellphone video captured the confrontation Wednesday outside a Chipotle in Orion Township, about 40 miles (64 kilometers) northwest of Detroit.ADVERTISEMENTJillian Wuestenberg can be seen outside her vehicle shouting, “Get the (expletive) away! Get away!” while pointing a handgun.

She eventually gets back in her vehicle which is driven away by her husband.Sheriff Michael Bouchard told reporters that the couple is from Independence Township and both have concealed pistol licenses. Deputies seized two handguns from the couple after they were detained Wednesday night following the encounter.

TheDetroit Newsfirst reported on the three-minute video posted online that shows part of the interaction. Takelia Hill, who is Black, told the newspaper that it happened after the white woman bumped into Hill’s teenage daughter as they were entering the fast food restaurant.

Thevideo footagestarts after that, in the parking lot. A woman since identified as Jillian Wuestenberg is heard arguing with Hill and her daughters. Wuestenberg climbs into the vehicle, rolls down the window and says, “White people aren’t racist,” and, “I care about you,” before the vehicle she was in starts to back away.

Her husband, who had led his wife to the vehicle, turns to the camera and asks, “Who ... do you think you guys are?” using an expletive.Then, as someone is standing behind the vehicle, Jillian Wuestenberg jumps out and points a handgun in the direction of a person who’s recording. She screams at people to get away from her and her vehicle. A woman shouts, “She’s got a gun on me!” and urges someone in the parking lot to call the police.

Wuestenberg then lowers the gun, climbs into the passenger seat and the vehicle drives off.ADVERTISEMENTCooper, the prosecutor, told The Associated Press that her office viewed the available video and looked at the facts before filing charges.“It is an unfortunate set of circumstances that tempers run high over, basically, not much of an incident,” she said of the initial alleged spark that caused the confrontation.

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Bouchard said people are “picking sides” and that threatening calls were made to the sheriff’s office dispatch center after the videos were posted online.“We don’t see sides. We see facts,” he said. “There’s a lot of tension in our society, a lot of tension among folks and people with each other. I would just say this, we are asking and expect our police — and rightfully so — to deescalate every situation they possibly can, and we should be doing that. But I would say that needs to happen with us individually in our own lives and situations, that we interact with each other and deescalate those moments.”

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In the full video, she was threatened with physical harm, she is pregnant, she was the grabbed at while getting into her car before she pulled a gun, that was assault. They then blocked them from leaving, what would you do! Guns down! Guns down! Put stupidity down You shoot me, then what? I sprout like grass. Rudel Simon-Poet

Mmmyeah. ... looking at the title story : at first sight racism, but when you look at the whole story (and the video!!!) it looks more like black people trying start a fight so they can show how much they are victims. This is where we are, like it or not. Certainly guns should not have been pulled, a window shouldn’t have been smacked when they were trying to leave... But does it really have to escalate to this point, seriously! Recognize the negative you (everyone) brought to the table...

Trumps America All parties involved should have had a spankin It doesn't matter who instigated what. If someone is that angry with you, deescalate the situation, try to understand the other person's position and if that doesn't work, move along. We don't hit, we don't threaten, that's being an adult. Very Good! They should B! WE DESPERATELY NEED SOME GUN LAWS! That's how it is here in Oklahoma,opencarry rednecks with 🔫 drinking 🍺🍻

Let’s put any implications of racism aside for a moment. Obtaining a license to carry a firearm doesn’t, and should NEVER, encourage anyone to settle non-violent disputes and arguments by threatening people with a gun. That’s not what the law is for. Is she a mother? Street fighting with daughters. Preventing the woman from getting into her car and then beating on their car? Alley behavior. No honor for our struggle.

The husband also lost his job working with veterans. I'd agree that that probably not where I'd want him working either. Nothing like skin color stories to divide. No coincidence that most people with guns are fucking cowards Is everyone gun crazy in America, or is it just a few deranged rednecks? Are we going to start to put everyone's race on the headlines

That's not the true story! Why don't you try telling the f****** truth for once! Woman went too far pulling a gun out but the other woman was racist (kick your white add) and a piece of shit. Noone comes out of this looking good. Domestic terrorism , The way you insert race into a story that has nothing to do with race is disgusting.

Good. White woman bumped into black mom (or daughter)?, they both start yelling, calling her racist & ignorant, white woman apologizes and wants to leave, Mom blocks her SUV, man intervenes, white woman gets in, continues being nice, then they get up to her SUV, still yelling till gun Does it matter they were white?

Absolutely trash reporting here... 🙄 If you wanna put color on it, I side with the “whites” on this one. The “blacks” were overly aggressive, pushy and got physically violent towards the end. The whites might have gotten beat down by the black mob had she not pulled a gun. Whites are afraid, this will continue.

So you arrested the white people after the black woman said she would beat the husbands white ass and hit his car? Also noticed you capitalized the word black but not white. Wonder why Now follow with a black person arrested for pointing a gun at a white person. The story is out there. Whenever there is a white and a black, it is ALWAYS the white’s fault now in US

The people of Michigan dont want cops tho.... Dig into the numbers, using 'white' and 'black' especially in the same headline, produces higher levels of clicks. AP is very smart. You are very dumb. Why was that woman and her daughter harasssing that husband wife trying to leave Man do we have some videos for you!

So who killed that Latina at fort hood ? A black guy , shocker!!! It’s just about who violates the law and order! It’s not about the race! Why media has to specifically lift it up to race issues! What’s the purpose! All races have good and bad guys! ❤😍 No one shot that's a shame. This gun pointing/threatening of imminent bodily injury or death might qualify for 2-20 years + $10k felony 2nd degree in TX. Very stupid. Owning & using requires a maturity they don’t possess.

You mean “Michigan couple arrested for pulling a gun on another family”. Stop identifying people for color and we can stop all this hate. Unless the media wants it to continue? Yet more 'responsible gun owners' who are not really that responsible. Here’s the video.. it’s a BS arrest, the racist black woman was looking for her 15 mins of FALSE race baiting video fame, stepped behind their car trying to prevent them from leaving & so she had every right to pull a gun.

This country is a powderkeg right now with racism. Very sad in the 21St century to still be dealing with this. The POTUS encouraged this type of behavior. If you are social distancing you would have to go out of your way to bump into someone, let alone a kid. This 'Karen' had an itchy trigger finger instigated by the one person that should be discouraging it the most.

I saw that entire video. That couple did nothing wrong. The mother/daughter thug team were verbally abusive, racist, and they were in the wrong. Those are the facts. That man should have never been fired from his job. Ya know, anyone who gets made over someone 'bumping into you' is clearly looking for something. They wanted to be famous, possibly a lawsuit from it. I'd suspect you see them in a another video. They should not have drawn guns but that was ridiculous from the Hills...

They wanted a fight, they got one. Congrats, Mr. and Mrs. Karen. How about watch the full video?!?! Ridiculous Style point question: is black now capitalized? At that point They should have never pointed the gun, should have called police and waited at a distance. The other family should have also been arrested or summonses as they were the aggressors and obviously were harrasing them in the video when they were just trying to leave.

POTUS states BLACK_LIVES_MATTER is a 'symbol of hate.' Don't sit this out, & be complicit in racism. Do something. Stop the systemicracism of American apartheid. Sign the petition to form a US Truth and Reconciliation Commission USTRC Prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law.. To many times now where whites seem to think they can “deputize” themselves and pull guys on innocent people... this is crazy, and being led by crazy

Arrested the wrong people. I saw the tape. You can’t pull a gun on someone simply because you disagree! Doesn’t matter who started it! The body count would be outrageous. This isn’t the Wild West people! She broke the law with brandishing a gun. She deserves to be arrested. Stop rationalizing violence!

Videotaped? These blue states! Travesty. So a black woman threatens a white couple and the white couple defend themselves then get arrested. What a screwed up world we live in Now white people are being treated like a black people. Saw that coming. Glad we know all the white and black She did nothing wrong, she defended herself.

They need to repeal these ridiculous open carry and concealed carry laws and the stand your ground laws. curious how you decide what headlines will state the race of individuals involved? Clearly to perpetuate division. Do you enjoy it? What did 5 fingers say to the face. I saw this vid on TikTok and it was appalling. The white woman was outta control and almost ready to shoot for no reason. Horrible

Disappoint in on this one. Very much a one-sided story. While I think the gun didn't need to come out it was the mom amping this all up. Automatic w/the racist accusations & threatened to kick their 'White ass'. No gun needed but neither were the threats. AP dong its daily spin and race baiting Those that were beating on her vehicle should face assault charges too.

AP, The above sentence is racially insensitive toward both Black and White individuals. You bent sentence should have read 'A couple has been arrested after at least one handgun was pulled on a woman and her daughters during a videotaped confrontation in a restaurant parking lot' If you watch the video the mom keeps going at her even when she has the gun the daughter eventually told her mother to stop walking towards the white chick. They weren’t letting them leave even after she apologized. It looks to me as if this could have all been avoided.

Stuff like this will get the vote out like no one can imagine, ensuring Trump’s victory in November. Sorry, no defending this one... I'm all about BLM but once the racial slurs start coming out, it's everyone's responsibility to walk away and go home. The story that lead prior to the recording is not very clear.

What's the point of open carry laws if you cant even pull your gun on people who piss you off? What if all of us were the same color? How would racists know who to target The bLM media never tells you the whole truth. Are we just posting random crimes now where the perpetrator is white and the victim is black?

Of course, Trump has made his White Supremacist racist base feel empowered yeah sorry the “race” card here is bs. total unnecessary escalation. this is why folks carry. FUCK YEAH END RACISM Of course of course. If they beat the daylights out of her it would of been ok. Talk about racism VelGise They'll be acquitted. It's clear they were assaulted.

we could fix this type of reporting if we deleted AP from our twitter account They shouldn't have been arrested. This is a false narrative. They were right to defend themselves. Any changes will be thrown out if it actually goes to court. Don't chase people down and threaten to beat them because they just may be carrying.

BLM has managed to make people scared enough to start protecting themselves. Congrats. Was the parking lot black top? Racist MAGAts getting what they deserve following trump's bs. Good! It was justified. The black family were aggressively after the white family. AP? Why are you capitalizing Black? Seems significant for you to answer that. “... Takelia Hill, who is Black, told the newspaper that it happened after the white woman bumped into Hill’s teenage...”

Confrontation you say? Were the blacks threatening or menacing the couple? There are details that matter. The lack of intelligence of the black mom and daughter represents the problem with America Honestly, It may be a cultural thing to rant & rave but there are cultures who have not been raised in that kind of environment.Most find it highly aggressive & an assault on the senses. It was obviously contrived race baiting. Phones cocked, Rapid fire assault of accusations.

This is another example of the media fueling division in our country...STOP putting colors on people!! You don’t report every confrontation between people, stop picking and choosing! racebaiting 😂😂😂I wonder why people always feel threatened by words only. Shallow minded, ignorant and racist folks just.

I watched the whole video. Don’t agree with this one. She was being calm. That mother and daughter were getting to an extreme threat level. Not this time. She and her husband were trying to leave. That mother was crazy. Anyone would have felt threatened. Drop the charges. That’s ridiculous! It was a self defence. All lives matter not only Black ones!! Omg that’s awful

How come when you reference a 'black' person you capitalize the 'b', but you don't do the same when you reference a 'white' person? Seems kind of biased Just curious. Why is it that white is written in lower case while Black is capitalized? Why not both lower case? “A white couple was arrested after at least one handgun was pulled on a Black woman and her daughters”

Lock her up, this needs to stop! How many you think they need to RELEASE THE CHIPOTLE PARKING LOT CAMERAS FOOTAGE AND THE CAMERAS FOOTAGE OF INSIDE THE RESTAURANT because they are not showing both sides of the story Anger and upset were more everyones problem untill a fire arm became a very real part of the day. There is a certain finality about such things and a quality of horrible banality in those who lead with to such ways.

Took them long enough. That was aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. Good thing this was a white on black event- otherwise the outcome would be different in more ways than one The hysteria that bellicose language, such as “the radical Antifa Democrat mob is destroying muh property,” is causing, is going to get someone innocent killed.

Over 5 months of Frustration thank you Governor's and Mayor's of America 🇺🇸 We Citizens Appreciate the Care in which you've shown American's the Dream Our Foundation Begin Your Elected Employment is on a Clock The symbols may be gone but the actions last Forever POTUS tedcruz But what color is the reporter?

Good. She was cray cray free them now I’m sure they are just racists who drew their weapon for no reason. 🙄 I’m sure they had more then two hand guns in the house. Let me guess, they demand the death penalty. Can you please do it correctly and write BLACK in the future? Capitalizing the first letter only is such a token effort.

ENOUGH WITH RACE!!!!!!! FUCK Black people we have to start arming ourselves and dispatching these lunatics on site of they are this overly aggressive and stand out ground. The mother and daughter had every right to engage this nutjob with a lead shower. The simple fact is, if the black couple had allowed them to go, they'd have gone.. And theres nothing any of you can say to change that fact.

You don’t need to put the races involved in the article. The fact that it’s a news story at all, we know that the person with the gun is white. If it’s the other way around, it’s not newsworthy. Also, I love how “white” isn’t capitalized, but “Black” is. Nobody is superior here Imagine still living around blacks

There was no videotape involved. Why don't the law arrests the black peoples that pulls guns on other black peoples? I’d love to shove that gun... so glad they were arrested. Fn’ bizarre behavior. Shows the white fragility rearing it’s ugly head- yes? Good And why is mentioning their race relevant? Humans inhumanity to other Humans. Nothing is just Black and White, there is months of frustration. Shooting or threatening does not settle anything. Prayer and forgiveness works

What about the two pointing guns at unarmed protesters Shame. While cities are being burned down by lunatics. It isn't assault to point a gun at someone. They have to shoot the person before an assault occurs. I used to have guns pointed at me almost everyday while weed whacking around a Federal Facility. They assaulted me? A bruised ego doesn't count as assault.

They are a complete and total embarrassment to our country, our state, our race and humanity. This is hate they have pre-loaded in their brain! Ready to pounce on anyone of color for anything. shameful After being threatened, and the family blocking their way toward leaving and beating on their vehicle, under stand your ground laws in Michigan they should have opened fire. There is 0 chance felony assault charges are going to hold up.

Guess nowadays you bring your keys, wallet, and gun to a restaurant. Everyone in the video was trash. Instigating a fight, hurling accusations, swinging firearms, and more. The full video shows everyone to be especially foolish. But if it was a black person with a gun, we all know it would have gone down way different.

Now.. Let's look at the full video and see how the Black pair harrassed them into a corner.. Why was it necessary for them to pull the gun ? They were picking a fight, found one, and got in over their heads. 'Defund the police!' I mean.... 'Call the cops!' 🗣 🤣 Good. Shameful and disgusting Styx666Official Can they get away with this

She'll just go on TV,cry,apologize & be forgiven Unbelievable. This started after accidentally bumping into the teenage daughter. Could have just said sorry and carried on. People have gone crazy. Did anyone ever consider that spicy Chipolte food may have made that woman lose her mind? Awesome!! Good. They were pure crazy.

You left out the “in self defense” part An absolute travesty. Self defense is clearly no longer allowed if you're White. Good Is this the same BlackLivesMatter advocate that calls for defunding of Police on her social media? F.... hypocrite Excellent. BLM booooooooo

Michigan woman draws handgun on Black family during confrontation in viral videoA video posted to Twitter shows a white woman pointing a handgun at the camera says, 'Get away,' while another woman asks someone to call the police. Jeffrey Epstein ex-girlfriend Ghislaine Maxwell arrested by FBI She must think she is in a Clint Eastwood movie. Hate crime! But if a black person does anything to a white person, it's usually ignored. Thus, the squalid racial relations we have today in America. Thanks, liberals!

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Gap in U.S. Black and white unemployment rates is widest in five yearsThe gap between the U.S. unemployment rates for Blacks and whites widened further in June, to its largest in five years, underscoring the uneven nature of the nascent recovery from historic job losses triggered by the coronavirus pandemic. Very unfortunate situation. We should all have to same rights Gap in employment/unemployment has a lot to do with actual numbers of each demographic group. More white peoples by real numbers both unemployed and employed has some bearing as does choices made relevant to jobs descriptions/types affected by pandemic. Truth wanting here?*bliss*

Black woman followed, confronted by white man in neighborhood; police investigatingPolice in Massachusetts are investigating an incident in which a Black woman was followed by a white man who accused her of “suspicious behavior” in her own neighborhood. “I had no idea what could have happened and what he was capable of doing.” Citizens on patrol seems you better get used to it 🤔 All the riots and looting has seemed to really improve race relations Why blur his face? I've seen it

Top Democrat urges White House to withdraw ambassador pick involved in racist ad targeting Black politicianSen. Robert Menendez is urging the WH to withdraw Pres. Trump's pick for US ambassador to Norway because of the nominee's involvement in the creation of a racist campaign flyer in the 1990s and failure to disclose subsequent legal action associated with it Another criminal in the administration. Considering senator that you were brought up on charges from Taking funds campaign funds and doing favors for friends and receiving payment I don’t think you have the credentials to criticize President Trump’s pick. Cronyism