White House Won’t Issue Economic Projections This Summer, Official Says

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The White House won’t issue updated economic projections this summer because of uncertainty caused by the coronavirus pandemic, according to a senior administration official

Projections wouldn’t provide a ‘meaningful snapshot’ of economy because of uncertainty caused by pandemic

The U.S. economy contracted 5% in the first quarter of 2020. With the coronavirus crisis continuing into the summer, economists are expecting an even steeper contraction in the second quarter. WSJ's Carter McCall explains how GDP is calculated and how the coronavirus is affecting the equation. Photo Illustration: Jacob Reynolds/WSJ


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In other words they don’t want you to know we are screwed bankrupt can’t borrow any more money cause we pissed of China

Yeah... Because the economic projections are probably grim... 🙄

In other words, the numbers are so horrible the WH/tRump doesn't want to disclose for fear of re-election consequences. Tell it like it is WSJ!! We all know your biased, but come on!!!!

hello. the big treatment of coronavirus . in 24 hours drink 3 Liters hot water . which got hotness from sun ray . in one week coronavirus patient will be healthy 100%. fill jug by water .then put jug to sun ray for 9 hours.

This is a most ridiculous proposition. 'uncertainty'? Seriously? Pucker Up Buttercups! THERE IS A GLOBAL RECESSION. Captain Obvious! WhiteHouse placing head in ass will not change the cold harsh fact of the world economy be FUBAR'ed!!!

And cause they are horrible

Reason one: they don’t have a clue. Reason two: if they predict bad numbers, Trump looks bad

If it was anything to project, then realDonaldTrump would be tweeting about it. Instead, Trump is tweeting conspiracy theories, lies, and racist things about shooting Americans. We have 183 days until we can vote him out!

Then why should our govt do? Is Fitch giving projections for USA? Then why is it giving for us? nsitharamanoffc CNBC CNBCTV18News latha_venkatesh RBI NOT FAIR FitchRatings


Translation: because the stock market

People arent going far from home until theres a Cure.

If the economic outlook was rosy, you can bet it would be an election talking point. But it’s not!

Because there is nothing to project, simple as it is.

Is that a Republican way of saying 'we can't pretty this up and the election is around the corner?'

shorter version: America is fucked and we won't admit it

wouldnt change anything. The stock market is in his own world anyways

They won’t issue an updated projection because the numbers are terrible and will make Trump look bad.

Wonderful how everyone has plans for a disaster but no response for the future projections when a disaster happens.. DisasterDiscount should be the term for hiding Numbers behind a pandemic. What's the difficulty in projections?

A projection is just that, a projection. It should take into account the pandemic and the clusterfuck of a response to it by realDonaldTrump

The WH will do whatever it wants. Whatever it wants to whoever it wants. It will withhold info or provide info, accurate or not. Remember realDonaldTrump has “absolute power” as President. And, he knows words. He has the best words. Just ask him. He and he alone can fix it.

It’s that bad?

WH projections are almost always wrong, so what's the point? Investors and the.public need to be better informed and stop believing POTUS (pontificator of the US)

Conclusion: reality does indeed seem to have a liberal bias.

That is the wrong WhiteHouse POTUS seal. Please use the correct one for Trump Administration.

Yet every Investment Bank, and every major asset management firm, still is able to produce economic projections, dispite these difficult times. Where as the WH says 'Nah...too hard'. Or perhaps the pending election has something to do with it....

Hide the numbers as elections get nearer

That translates into: 'If we don't know how to handle the pandemic, we also don't know how to handle the economy. But China still pays the Tariffs.'

Please tell me why I should give a shit. Better yet explain to me why 95% of the USA does not give a shit.

Wouldn't want an informed electorate.

Copying what China did 🤣🤣🤣 always doing what the dragon does first, should have followed the lead too against covid

I wouldn't believe the WH projections anyway. Do you have any?

We see the resultsof economic inequality everyday in anger bitter divisions between working poor over what they see as limited resources in a $20 trillion economy controlled by a few billionaires. A basic income essential to unifying society calming tensions

“Uncertainty “. They mean “disaster “

Ummmm......thats not why they wont issue the updated economic projections.

They are gonna need a bigger rug! (To sweep shit under)

BS Rupert Murdoch, they’re afraid of being honest about the economy like they’re afraid of being honest about anything.

Let me save everyone the time and summarize the arguments from each aisle: Left: TrUmP doesn't want to show bad economic conditions because it will hurt his election chances Right: The Whitehouse is responsibly withholding economic information to prevent market panic

If Trump can't be a cheerleader, he is worthless.

People die, that’s certain. Cut the coronacrap!

Or because they’re liars.

it's that bad eh? Obama issued it during the recession.

ROFL! Totally called it, just like the companies who pulled guidance - when things get tough, transparency disappears and the reality and projects are buried for more pump and dump. What an absolute joke.

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