White House tries to preempt criticism of vaccination-or-test policies

The White House attempted to neutralize criticism ahead of its anticipated vaccination rules for federal employees

7/30/2021 5:30:00 AM

The White House attempted to neutralize criticism ahead of its anticipated vaccination rules for federal employees

Deputy press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre noted that Fox employees have also been asked to report their vaccination status.

, who believe such matters should not be implemented without the say-so of their constituents and risks alienating some union members.Jean-Pierre, who said she did not want to get into specifics prior to Biden’s address, repeatedly emphasized that attestation policies still give workers the authority to make a decision for themselves.

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“What I laid out as a strong consideration is a choice,” she said. “It is a choice that employees will be able to make."Shortly before he took the podium, Bidendirected roughly 2 million federal employeesto attest to their vaccination status or submit to regular testing. The directive covers both federal workers and on-site contractors, and those who do not affirm they have been vaccinated will be required to wear masks while working and be tested once or twice a week for Covid-19.

Biden is also instructing the Pentagon to plan for adding coronavirus to the list of mandatory immunizations to serve in the military, and urging governments across the country to tap coronavirus relief aid to offer $100 rewards to those newly willing to get vaccinated. headtopics.com

Earlier this week, the Department of Veterans Affairs said it would require Covid vaccines of frontline health care workers, such as doctors nurses and physicians assistants. And elected leaders in places like California and New York also announced they were adopting similar plans for public-sector employees and certain private-sector health care workers.

Jean-Pierre said the Biden administration sees the federal government as a "model for other companies and other organizations" in charting a safe return to office life that has been upended by the pandemic."A key goal of ours is to ensure we have a sustainable model to keep employers across the country," she said.

The Department of Justice alsorecently released an opinionstating its Office of Legal Counsel does not believe that federal law bars businesses or public agencies from mandating coronavirus vaccinations, reassuring leaders considering such measures that they would be on defensible legal ground.

However the political debate surrounding vaccinations has only heightened as employers create distinctions between the vaccinated and unvaccinated and local governments in Washington, D.C., and elsewhere reimpose mask-wearing ordinances — regardless of vaccination status — at the behest of the CDC and public health officials. headtopics.com

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Only Federal Employees, not everyone that work in offices N public places?We will never get rid of this pandemic until Biden uses his executive powers!He needs 2 send federal employees 2 every home, ask 4 their vaccination cards!This is N emergency N Biden needs 2 take control!👏 Federal employees who have no health conditions which would preclude a vaccination must get vaccinated! Thank you, POTUS

Just use emergency powered to mandate vaccination. Thank You President Biden for Saving America 💙🇺🇸 Get those Q ppl out of government positions. Way to go Joe! Get the shot, get tested, or get a new job. Easy.

Masks Required Again In U.S. House And White House After Updated CDC GuidanceAs COVID-19 cases increase, the CDC has reversed guidance that allowed people who had been fully vaccinated to no longer wear face coverings. CDC focused on controlling landlords instead of studying and providing science based research about the virus. Biden’s Administration needs to hire medical professionals, and scientists. While the border is wide open 😳 Let's not forget the anti vaxxers this going backwards wouldn't have been possible without them

Masks Required Again In U.S. House And White House After Updated CDC GuidanceAs COVID-19 cases increase, the CDC has reversed guidance that allowed people who had been fully vaccinated to no longer wear face coverings.

White House unveils new strategy to address 'root causes' of migrationThe strategy resembles much of what the administration has already proposed and focuses on reducing poverty, combating corruption and addressing violence in El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala. How about addressing our own corruption? The Biden administration is doubling down on failure on all fronts. Failure at the border, failed at the Covid response, failing at meaningful infrastructure needs & pursuing a losing economic agenda. Coś kojarzysz?

The White House seems to be playing catch-up on coronavirus messagingThe Biden team has struggled to respond to the evolving pandemic dynamic, and to abrupt policy directives from public health officials within the administration itself. If Twitler didn't screw it up in the first place, we'd all be way ahead of the game and Biden wouldn't be picking up the pieces. It was a complete mess when he got in office and had to find his way though the muck that Jabba the Gut left scattered around the country. Catch up my ass. A pandemic is a thing in flux. Why are you so intent on stirring up crap that's not even there? It is simple! Mandate getting the vaccination and the use of masks until the virus is eradicated for public health. Americans have excepted mandates throughout history. Seat belts, texting or drinking while driving, yelling fire in a theater, cross walking, smoking indoors, etc.

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