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White House to Nominate Two Trump Border Critics to Immigration Posts

President Biden will nominate two critics of Trump's border policies for key immigration posts as his administration confronts a surge in illegal border crossings

4/12/2021 6:06:00 PM

President Biden will nominate two critics of Trump's border policies for key immigration posts as his administration confronts a surge in illegal border crossings

The White House will nominate two critics of the Trump administration’s border policies to lead key immigration agencies as a surge of migrants at the southern border has become a challenge for the Biden administration.

Meantime,Ur Jaddou, a longtime Democratic immigration-policy official, will be nominated to head U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, the primary agency in charge of legal immigration as well as refugee and asylum processing.The two are among a slate of six officials being nominated for posts in the Department of Homeland Security, including the administration’s choice to be deputy DHS secretary, John Tien, who worked at the National Security Council in the Obama White House, where he specialized in policy on Afghanistan and Pakistan.

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Smart move!!💙🇺🇸 Oh, thank you!! I have to tell it again: I underestimated Biden and the new administration. Hopefully the new nominates help to fix the border policies 🙏 Superb! Human trafficking operation to get blue votes when are the public going to demand harris and Biden do something.. still playing politics with the boarder disaster---

Joe is operating the worlds largest human trafficking operation to get more voters

The White House Will Nominate Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez To Run ICEGonzalez has been a vocal critic of the Trump administration’s immigration policies. Ed Gonzalez also ran a Harris County Jail that had bad overcrowding in the last year, and was 'so so' on bail reform related issues

Can we go somewhere today?

How Hunter Biden’s Memoir Played in the White HouseHunter Biden's wildly candid, gut-spilling memoir had the potential to derail a presidency. But Olivianuzzi reports that Hunter’s ballad of the black sheep landed quietly in Washington Olivianuzzi I like Hunter, he's done some living. I wish he were Secretary of Transportation instead of that slippery little scut from McKinsey Olivianuzzi Hunter seems cool. I think that has a lot to do with it. Olivianuzzi It's not a political memoir.

Facebook’s ongoing ban for Trump threatens to ‘hobble’ his potential 2024 White House run, analyst saysFacebook's continued ban on Donald Trump could end up hurting the former president's political career. Trump’s 2020 campaign spent an estimated $160 million on Facebook ads, and the social network provided a way to reach donors all over the country. Of course it will hurt him. We let facebook and twitter do whatever they want to control our country. Russian interference, take a seat over there. I guess it will come down to the fact if FB wants it’s next 160M or not. “Well campaigns are kind a not so ...well... you know what I mean , but what the hack. We are here to help, democracy and all and kind of things “ says Facebook Why is this a debate? Ban him, ban his families, ban his dog, anything Trump should be banned and removed from society. It’s toxic!

White House acknowledges mysterious health attacks occurred in US, reviewing intel on incidentsThe mysterious health incidents that have affected dozens of U.S. personnel around the globe have also occurred within the United States, the White House confirmed for the first time on Friday. The source of the illnesses, known as 'Havana syndrome' after the first cluster of cases at the U.S. Embassy in Cuba, is still unknown. 'At this point, at this moment, we don't know the cause of these incidents, which are both limited in nature and the vast majority of which have been reported overseas,' said White House press secretary Jen Psaki, acknowledging the newly reported cases in the U.S. If whatever this is ... is released throughout the US, we’re screwed. Yet MSM is sent on the subject. Watch out for Chinese!

Federal health channels will stop using J&J vaccine immediately, White House saysAll federal health channels will immediately stop administering the Johnson & Johnson Covid-19 vaccine after the CDC and FDA recommended the US pause its use 'out of an abundance of caution' over blood clot concerns. At least the CDC is consistent with it's shitty messaging and decision making. So glad I just got this vaccine yesterday... great timing. Well let’s see what EMA_News says.... in two weeks.... or three weeks.