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White House Threatens Turkey With Crippling Sanctions

The warning comes after Turkey launched military operations against the American military’s Kurdish allies in Syria.


The Trump administration threatened new sanctions against Turkey that officials said could cripple its economy if an offensive in Syria – precipitated by President Trump's move to withdraw troops from the region — targets ethnic and religious minorities

The warning comes after Turkey launched military operations against the American military’s Kurdish allies in Syria.

President Trump will sign an executive order giving the Treasury Department new powers to punish Turkish government officials if Turkey targets ethnic and religious minorities in its operations against the Kurds. The White House also warned that if any Islamic State fighters being held in prisons in the area were allowed by Turkey to escape, the United States would respond forcefully.

Mr. Trump’s decision to remove American forces from the region in advance of the Turkish offensive has been met with bipartisan condemnation in Congress. Lawmakers are moving forward with bipartisan sanctions legislation, which could have enough votes to override a presidential veto.

The executive order will give Treasury the authority to impose secondary sanctions against anyone engaging in “knowing and significant transactions” with designated individuals and entities of Turkey’s government.

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Watch and share please At least our troops are not getting killed. Let them sort out their own problems. It’s been that way for Thousands of years. Have at it! Not a good week for the administration. Impotent threats. Well many of us felt worse thing is to leave that Middle East now , you can’t trust none of the Middle East countries , they have no principles , no integrity and certainly no love of life!!

*£57¥€¥¥00₩) Trump is the one to be sanctioned. it’s not a war, it’s an operation. An operation which aims at the terrorist organisations DAESH (ISIS) and PKK. That’s all. Those two terror organisations say much more lies than the number of bullets they will use to protect themselves Absolute nonsense. When will these guys understand that not everyone is motivated by money? Just trying to cover up for terrible decisions taken which will ensure that America will have a very hard time finding allies in the area because now there's a spectacular reference point

Too late assholes. More chritians have been kicked out of turkey than ever before. Turkey is becoming an iran, but better equiped

The Latest: White House says Turkey could face new sanctionsBEIRUT (AP) — The Latest on Turkey's invasion of northeastern Syria in a military operation against Syrian Kurdish fighters there (all times local): 9:05 p.m. The White House is... Follow the money.... What a facade! Ewwwwwww, sanctions! Will they come with a tersely worded letter?

EsperDoD Is A DISGRACE‼️ EsperDoD Is A DISGRACE‼️ EsperDoD Is A DISGRACE‼️ EsperDoD Is A DISGRACE‼️ EsperDoD Is A DISGRACE‼️ EsperDoD Is A DISGRACE‼️ EsperDoD Is A DISGRACE‼️ EsperDoD Is A DISGRACE‼️ EsperDoD Is A DISGRACE‼️ KurdsBetrayed By EsperDoD KurdishGenocide WADR, WTHOLYF ❓❓❓❓ The CrimeSpreeInChief SIGNS UP & SIGNS OFF ON OUR USA KurdishAllies KurdishGenocide BUT EsperDoD IS SENDING KhashoggiMurder er saudiarabia MBS USA TROOPS TO PROTECT SaudiArabia OIL ⁉️ EsperDoD U R A DISGRACE ‼️

Why is he still president! Wimps of major proportions. This is hollow man propaganda. Turkey doesn't care about sanctions nearly as much as they care about wiping out the Kurds. Americans are NOT buying anything that the LYING realDonaldTrump Administration says, especially from CORRUPT stevenmnuchin1. LockTrumpUp

Another example of the Arsonist-in-Chief putting out, or r talking about dousing a fire he started, against the advice of everyone in his administration & even some GOP Senators, who momentarily found their spines. Why did Trump agree to the slaughter? A new hotel in Turkey? Turkey isn’t in Syria despite Trump but because of him! Trump is just as responsible for the fate of the Kurds as Erdogan. He purposely pulled back US troops so Turkey could move in.

The white house has zero credibility while a traitor is in it

Running the roadblock: House Democrats seeking way around White House on impeachmentFacing a White House vowing to block the House of Representatives’ impeachment inquiry, Democratic congressional leaders were plotting the next moves in their probe of President Donald Trump's dealings with Ukraine by DMorganReuters ReutersZengerle DMorganReuters Zengerle This framing is shit, guys. DMorganReuters Zengerle Focus Groups contend, 'Most effective political strategy by Dems would be ASAP Impeach, let Senate dismiss, watch riots break out in streets.' Nothing fires up base better than 'CORRUPTION ON FULL DISPLAY.' DMorganReuters Zengerle The Trump Saga continues.

If it 'targets ethnic and religious minorities.' You mean the Kurds, the target of the offensive? BlaBlaBla.. more lies falsehoods Don’t believe it. All smoke and mirrors to try to mitigate Trumps horrible decision to leave our allies hanging. In fact, it appears the attack by Turkey was coordinated with Trump

What do they mean if? They are literally doing your right now. These guys are pathetic. So killing everybody else is fine. Got it. Your mean the Trump administration put forth a lot of Bull Shit of putting sanctions against Turkey. Thinking the American people would believe this! Yeah your threats mean nothing. The damage is done and the worst is yet to come. What a monster he is

Who else is there to target but ethnic or religious minorities? There is enough chaos in the world without Little Donnie creating more. This President of United States of America, Donald Trump is a joker. This joker has also put USA in danger. Trump is incapable of thinking with clarity. He is a junkie!!

Turkey Begins Bombing U.S. Allies as Graham Threatens “Sanctions from Hell”Trump has defended his decision, which spurred Turkey's invasion of Syria Wednesday—but lawmakers are not even remotely on board with the president’s plan VF, I remember Turkey denied US Military northern advance into Iraq from Turkey in 2003. That allowed the expansion of Iraqi resistance and beginning of ISIS.

Bigger plans 4 global mass destruction/slavery. Destabilize Turkish area..1st wars start soon & spread. Trump always trying to make himself look like good guy, but not..sold out ppl of wrld to demons for profit. Saudi paid, that’s where Am troops go. All w/ Trump is Money dance

Trump threatens sanctions against Turkey amid Syria backlashHe allows it. Now he wants sanctions? This Mango Mussolini is NUTS.... Trump threatens, surely not. Trump’s successful break up of NATO. FOR PUTIN.

Trump Threatens Turkey if Kurds Get Wiped Out: Syria UpdateAsked by reporters Wednesday at the White House what he’d do if Erdogan wipes out the Kurds, Trump said: “I will wipe out his economy if that happens,” adding that he hopes the Turkish leader “will act rationally' Sure you will. Donnie Trump is all talk, no action. He should have left US troops there to protect our allies. Of course, Trump insults our allies and sucks up to our enemies, so the Kurds are screwed! At least seven civilians and one member of the Kurdish-led force known as the Syrian Democratic Forces were killed in the Turkish bombardment, Kurdish activists and a Syria war monitor said. .......again innocent souls lost.

Furious with Turkey, EU threatens sanctions, arms embargoEU governments threatened sanctions against Turkey on Friday over its offensive ... Let the Turks have it. They've gotten way too bold. Oh no the EU has made threats 😂🤣😅 Good. It's about time they stepped up instead of relying on the US.

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