Us Election 2020: Latest News On The Trump-Biden Transition

Us Election 2020: Latest News On The Trump-Biden Transition

White House signs off on Biden getting the President's Daily Briefing

The White House has given formal approval for President-elect Joe Biden to receive the President's Daily Briefing, according to a White House official

11/24/2020 11:57:00 PM

The White House has given formal approval for President-elect Joe Biden to receive the President's Daily Briefing, according to a White House official

President-elect Joe Biden continues to move ahead with his transition plans as President Trump refuses to concede and pursues legal challenges to the election results. Follow here for the latest.

Here are some key lines from the nominees' remarks in Delaware:Antony Blinken, Secretary of State nomineeBlinken said that the US needs to proceed"with equal measures of humility and confidence" in working with other countries because"we can't solve all of the world's problems alone."

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"We need to be working with other countries, we need their cooperation. We need their partnership," he said.Blinken said the US has a"greater ability than any other country on Earth to bring others together to meet challenges of our time."

Alejandro Mayorkas, Homeland Security Secretary nomineeMayorkas, who would become the first Latino to helm the department if confirmed, said that the Department of Homeland Security has"a noble mission, to help keep us safe and to advance our proud history as a country of welcome."

Avril Haines, Director of National Intelligence nomineeHaines, who would become the first woman to lead the US intelligence community, said that Biden knows she has"never shied away from speaking truth to power," adding,"that will be my charge as director of national intelligence."

"I worked for you for a long time and I accept this nomination knowing that you would never want me to do otherwise and that you value the perspective of the intelligence community and that you will do so even when what I have to say may be inconvenient or difficult, and I assure you, there will be those times."

Linda Thomas-Greenfield, UN Ambassador nomineeThomas-Greenfield, who has worked for 35 years in foreign service across four continents, said she likes to put a"cajun spin" on diplomacy."I called it gumbo diplomacy. Wherever I was posted around the world, I'd invite people of different backgrounds and beliefs to help me make a roux, chop onions for the holy trinity, and make homemade gumbo."

She added:"It was my way of breaking down barriers, connecting with people, and starting to see each other on a human level."Jake Sullivan, National Security Adviser nomineeSullivan noted that he served as Biden's national security adviser when he was vice president.

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"I learned a lot about a lot, about diplomacy, about strategy, about policy. Most importantly about human nature. I watched him pair strength and resolve with humanity and empathy."On Biden, he added,"That is the person America elected. That's also America at its best."

John Kerry, Climate Envoy nomineeKerry said that in the fight against climate change"failure is not an option.""Succeeding together means tapping into the best of American ingenuity, creativity, diplomacy, from brain power to alternative energy power, using every tool we have to get where we have to go," he said.

Kerry added:"No one should doubt the determination of this president and vice president, they shouldn't doubt the determination of the country that went to the moon, cured supposedly incurable diseases, and beat back global tyranny to win World War II."

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What good will that do he still has to talk occasionally...the daily briefings going 2 Joey B, is actually hilarious, u people who allowed this ill person to lead a country should be totally ashamed, he can't even speak unless it is written 4 him what kind of leader is that!!! About time. Boooo WHO THE HELLS THIS IDIOT

Ask Joe who built the cages. Lmao. Bruh Nice one for the new president elect America is back, and no one will stop the President elected, Biden. Mr Trump, you are not a King, rather you are a looser. Some decency and sanity coming back to United States after 4years of comedy in the White House 😂 😂 Does the GOP realize that by claiming ballot fraud in multiple states, they also discredit every win they made in every ticket. Why would they give up such a win for the sake of a delusional sociopath who cares nothing about them❓ electionresult2020 CommonSense JoeBiden

At least someone will be reading them now who doesn’t need someone else to explain them in much smaller words or struggle to keep the attention of the damn COMMANDER IN CHIEF! Why. He has won nothing yet, and the way it's looking, he probably won't either It doesn't make sense if it's formal or informal

Bout time Finally a mature and competent administration stepping in.Twitter will start being boring tho, since Trump won't be tweeting his rants as POTUS! Biden/Harris will actually be focusing on America!Let's get to work JoeBiden BidenTransition FightBackForAmerica KamalaHarrisVP That means all the masters that are not elected get to see whats up first hand. Good job

My President 👈🏽 Haha I saw it Coming! WooooooooW i co teraz xd Thank God we now have real president and real qualifiy cabin not kiss ass lap dogs Not true Another lie from CNN False A lie False In 2012 Obama won 689 of the 3,141 counties in the US. That is 22% of the counties for a total of 65 Million votes. In 2020 Biden won 477 of the 3,141 counties which would be 15% of all US counties for a total of 79 Million votes. 13M more votes but 212 less counties? FRAUD!

Is this before or after his Ensure smoothie Great news. This means someone will actually read the report and decide if any actions are necessary. Nice BidenHalo At least now someone will be reading the daily briefings Should’ve been happening 20 days ago ❤️❤️❤️👍👍 So.. what we are hearing that Pres-Elect Biden will be receiving daily briefings while Current Pres Trump ignores them.. as he has for the past 4 years? OK Got it.

How sad that this even became a “thing”. The very final nail in the coffin we will get unless we get trumps official succession At least now someone might actually read them. He’s not President elect, JoeBiden he’s result from rigged election. We should call him Fake elect after Fake Media. This can only be given officially on 6 January 2021 !!! If Biden wins 😀

And he will actually read it! In a world that is in turmoil thank goodness at least some sort of sanity might return to America when he's gone! How can the world believe in the US when a leader spews out false facts without first making sure it's true! Trump threatened the fundamentals of what USA stood for!

I think the People gave that permission on Nov 7. Long overdue Hey Joe. Make sure you don't push the wrong button. You know...the thing. Good! No somebody is going to actually read it!! Swamp is back to destroy American freedom You mean a guy that will actually read it, as opposed to a guy who wants pictures and colors.

Someone should read them. Definitely won’t be DT Finally someone will be reading it! I follow back immediately try me Blessed 🙏 keeptalkingGR 1st one in 4 years not to be in cartoon format. Stimulus now! That's the briefing The fact that Biden will be getting daily briefings makes me feel safer already. Biden is not yet acting president and the warmonger Right Wing of the Dem party has started its bloody preaching against China. So we had a choice between a quasi fascist Republican and a warmongering Right wing, where Ms Pelosi will loose her latest charm. And Biden ?