White House Rejects Democrats' Request For Documents İn Obstruction Probe - Cnnpolitics

White House Rejects Democrats' Request For Documents İn Obstruction Probe - Cnnpolitics

White House rejects Democrats' request for documents in obstruction probe

White House rejects House Judiciary Committee's request for documents in its investigation into possible obstruction by President Trump


White House rejects House Judiciary Committee's request for documents in its investigation into possible obstruction by President Trump

The White House has flatly rejected the House Judiciary Committee's request for documents in its sweeping investigation into possible obstruction of justice and abuses of power, accusing the Democratically-controlled committee of seeking to recreate the special counsel investigation to harass the President.

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Emilyst54104681 He’s been a walking obstruction his entire life... No obstruction!!! Wake up cnn the fake news of America! As he should, the investigation is over. Urge the democrats to do their job for the American people, and stop searching for crimes SOB Because the investigation is over. No obstruction!!! CNN. Are you people really this stupid?

Cant hide forever! Left is afraid, the coup attempt failed Rats are jumping ship🤣😎 House committee looking to create another diversion

White House rejects House Judiciary document requestJUST IN: White House rejects House Judiciary committee’s request to turn over documents on broad range of topics mainly focused on key figures in the 2016 presidential election. Tell TheDerangedFatMan to 'Go pound sand'! Time to subpoena Trump’s lawyers. The potus is rejecting congressional oversight in any form. He is operating as if there is no Congress. It’s past time to play hardball from all sides SpeakerPelosi.

Go pound sand No more Witch Hunt. Start solving: Immigration, National Debt, Opioid Crisis, Health Care, etc. Seems like laws don't apply to Trump and associates. Journalists must reach out to Democrats at Congress and Senate to inform the general population about this total obstruction of justice from the Republicans.

👅 Did they make public her emails? Because it's over. No Obstruction, No Collusion..! Nadler and the rest of the radical leftist Dims should do what they are paid to do.. Get on with U.S. Infrastructure..!! Can you tell me who is the best president of the United States, Donald Trump sure When you look up obstruction in the Urban Dictionary it now shows a picture of Raspberries.

White House Counsel Calls for House Committee to Halt InvestigationWhite House counsel Pat Cipollone rebuffed the House Judiciary Committee’s request for documents from dozens of current and former administration officials, accusing congressional Democrats of seeking a “do-over” of the Mueller investigation. Mueller did not finish, he never reached a any conclusions. Too bad. You will just have to suffer. Mueller just tried to bribe me

How is this possible under our system. This is so wrong. Shocker!!! chronicliar Oooh. The Dems took the house. Game changer. Look out trump. Uh, turns out, not so much. The do nothing Congress TermLimits But yet Trump says he's innocent. If that were true then he would have nothing to hide. When someone's actions completely contradict their words, they're lying.

LOCK HIM UP! That sounds like...obstructionist behavior. Isn't that obstruction in itself? Lock him up! What makes them think they’re above the law? If this was the Obama administration, the RepubliCONS would already have these folks in jail!

House Judiciary Committee votes to hold Attorney General Barr in contempt over Mueller reportThe vote on contempt will now head to the full House, where Democrats control a majority of seats. Thank Father God ! Now that is really a Toothless charge. Idiots

realDonaldTrump s Scotus No longer a Constitutional Republic. The judiciary & executive branches are the same. The only checks/balances thru House of Representatives are ignored and scoffed at by the vast criminal enterprise aka the GOP . SIC SEMPER EVELLO MORTEM TYRANNIS In other words, they committed more obstruction of justice...cool.

CNN sucks 🤮 Setting a precedent. Just put Trump in jail now and sort it out later WH can can & should keep telling that sham partisan committee to go pound sand. Dems will rue the day they concocted Russian collusion hoax in an attempt to sway an election & then use same hoax (aided by media) to try taking out an elected President. The truth from IG is coming.

This White house will live in infamy

House Judiciary Committee votes to hold Barr in contempt after Trump asserts executive privilegeBREAKING: House Judiciary Cmte. votes 24-16 along party lines to hold AG Barr in contempt in relation to the Mueller report; resolution will go to a vote in the full House. There just might be a santa clause. They should vote yes & make him resign, the American people is sick of AG Barr's cover ups & lies to protect Trump. The American people deserves to know the whole truth. Ater dems force AG Barr to resign, they should aim for impeaching trump on obstruction of Justice! Let me guess... the vote will go down party lines? I doubt we will see any GOP who has the guts to stand up for the rule of law and against Trump. Even after learning Trump is a tax evading fraudulent businessman.

Tell Trump to give them the Rhode Island salute ! (3rd finger of either hand) Why is it that if someone walks into Wallmart and cough´s the wrong way, they can end up in jail in .4 seconds for ' reason ', but someone in office that literally ruins first his own country, and all he touches...that takes an endless time of bickering and gets nothing done?

Americans elected a crooked con man who believes and acts like he is above the law Lock him up TrumpIsACrook This is like having the mafia running the DOJ Need a clean out before 2020 Obviously. it's called CONTEMPT and OBSTRUCTION BS

House Judiciary Committee votes to hold Barr in contempt of CongressThe House Judiciary Committee on Wednesday voted 24-16 along party lines to hold Attorney General William Barr in contempt of Congress for not releasing an... I have total contempt for Congress - rather than do the country's business they are acting like petulant children and bullying anyone who dares disagree with them. The antiquated mindless drones of the last century need to give way to a NEW congress... preferably by choice.

Isn't Democrats asking AG Barr to RESIGN a form of obstruction, should Congress be charged with obstruction.. Of course, the evidence is in white and black, they don’t want any one to see it. The coverup continues, when the Democrats win the presidency in 2020 then the real investigation can begin, in the meantime keep on gathering data

Because he is a douche and he knows he is untouchable. All the “cats” in the gop cover up for him. An entire bunch of douchebags. And dont start about the democrats because Im not a super fan there either. All congress people are a bunch of self-centered aholes. Well, almost all Why are they allowed to do it,aren't they public employees?

realDonaldTrump OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE Which part of the Mueller report is it that the Dem/Libs don't believe ? Mueller himself ? The FBI part ? The Democratic lawyers ? Or the messeger ? Or are they just that pissed that Hillary cheated and STILL didnt win ? Now what? I am so tired of the attacks on Trump from the Dems and CNN. Who cares if you like Trump or not. Don't care about his past. What I care about is the job he is doing for America and its people. Seems he is the only one working for the people.

House Judiciary Committee schedules hearing for Don McGahn, who may not showThe committee's Democratic chairman warned last week that the former White House lawyer could be held in contempt of Congress if he doesn’t appear. If he won't show it most likely be because Trump is so afraid of truth and facts coming to light that he will forbid him to. He needs to respect the law or go to jail. don't feel bad, they are holding everyone in contempt these days

Only a guilty person has something to hide. I wonder why? HJC or wild Kangaroos? I am upset that my tax dollars are being wasted. Time to impose term limits on ALL politicians in the country. 2 terms for Senate and 6 for house. After that they write books and get rich, which is ok. You’re a cheating crook trump! Mr 1 term

In other words, White House continues to obstruct justice Obstruction of a crime that was not committed? “Totally vindicated” 😂😂😂😭😭😭 The cover up for trump’s illegal unethical actions if not they would provide the documentation Can't obstruct a non crime by saying 'I didn't do anything'... Dems are idiots...

Reuters Top News @ReutersHouse Judiciary Committee continues to debate whether to cite Attorney General Barr for contempt of Congress they better do it for our countries sake ! that said, it's most likely to late ! Sit down and do something like indict fisa players. Y’all bore me Our country depends and deserves it

They can all just step off. Enough with the investigations. OF COURSE THEY DID..... THE WHITE HOUSE A JOKE Contempt of Congress! Say it with me!! 🙄 Muller Report is over, finished. No more Mueller Report. CASE CLOSED. After seeing how the House Judiciary Committee lacks any and all professionalism - I wouldn't go either. The Dems and Repubs are dividing the Country even further.

“We must find something to impeach Trump”! You won’t and he will win again in 2020! It looks like the principle of checks and balances of government and politics has been successfully killed in the US. WH is doing what it wants, congress committees became clubs of gutless 'TV-faces' and gray money-makers, international politics is simple betrayal of all allies.

Enough is enough! They need to get over their obsession and get something done! How surprising!

Nadler squeezed with calls for ‘inherent contempt’The House Judiciary Committee chairman faces pressure to get tougher with the Trump administration and threaten fines or jail. If a subpoena is sent, Congress must follow through with compliance or the tool is meaningless. MediocreConmanOnTheRopes Democrats have yet to come to grips on just how much credibility they lost when their great hope, the collusion hoax, fell apart.

200+ year conflict between Executive & Legislative Branches lives on. Our Founders wanted it that way. How the fuck is he still a “sitting” president at this point? US of A is beyond a constitutional crisis. We need a full blown revolution. I’m curious as to why our government has rushed to court. Stop asking a criminal for documents and go the legal way. Knowing him he is making sure it’s all changed. Just take and file everything you want with the courts and wait to see what happens.

Quit wasting the Public's $$$ Get down to working for America instead of Democrat pipe dreams. Obstructing continues. Shocker! Oh what else is new. He’s a flipping joke. Some needs to end his shit. Obstructing the investigation of an obstruction investigation that all started because you obstructed justice is a bold strategy.

Stay strong 💪 Mr. President Doesn’t matter, we’re about to investigate how corrupt the FBI was under Obama. Not looking good for Dems IT's OVER! Give it up. It's realDonaldTrump time.

Democrats demand documents on Justice Dept. police reform efforts under TrumpThe House Judiciary Committee wants to explore the curtailing of investigations of troubled police departments. No WP why don’t you switch to more serious thing like scammers. From emails to phone calls and now Twitter as well. Surprise , there is zero action on reform !

SenateDems HouseDemocrats Is that not obstruction of justice by staff? Start subpoena-ing staff, one by one and have them arrested for contempt if they don’t comply. Few hours in jail away from families may be good for them! Oh brother ...mass hysteria . Obstruction of what ..infants Impeachment is the only right thing to do, Trump should never have the privilege of carrying the title of President.

Looks like another witch hunt to me. Dems just refuse to accept the election and now refuse to accept the Muller report THAT is obstruction right there! King Don Con just deflecting to the inevitable. His GOP being complicit should tell us how Americans will vote in 2020. Blue crush. Possible? This man is guilty of not only obstruction, but the list is long and will take time to sort out his many and varied crimes.

realDonaldTrump he’s a crook and guilty as hell Good! Shred everything like Hillary did! Bleach bit hard drives and smash the cell phones. What all is Donnie realDonaldTrump hiding...

Nadler says open to talks with Justice Department on subpoena for Mueller reportU.S. House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler said in a letter to Attor... Nadler just wants the report so he can leak it to the media unredacted. Mueller and Burr cannot legally hand it over. Ffs just stop now.... don’t you have other business to attend to? 🇬🇧 This cuck knows its against federal law to release the full unredacted report. This is political theater and the Dems are trying to keep their lie alive.

So add another obstruction count and start sending subpoenas. The President cannot get away with this... Thought it was about Russia collusion all along... You guys keep focusing on your collusion and obstruction hoax without any evidence. Don't mind us, we will be watching them start putting the deep state in prison 1 by 1. Batting leadoff, John Brennan.

So much for democracy Yeah, people forget that the Democrats have subpoena power, They can reject all they want but they have to endure the consequences. Possible contempt charges that will only pile up. Regarding Messrs. Barr, Mnuchin, and TRUMP: Trump should not be free. He should be in prison. Bebe pop

Obstruction of obstruction

Nadler says Barr contempt citation will go to House floor 'rapidly'U.S. House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler, after his panel voted on... What a colossal waste of time. Nadler is a joke!

Red heroo n... trying fear on us... it's working! This is frightening! Really frightening!!! Not something an innocent person does Transparency! Obstruction! Worthless. Two years of investigations, yet they still want to continue. Time to legislate and do your jobs. Worthless Dems are the obstructionists whose focus is to take down the presidency. All one termers!!!

When Trump is finished with his Presidency, America is going to be UNRECOGNIZABLE....and not in a positive way!!! He’s daring Congress to impeach him. Accept the dare! Trump Stands ... An obstruction paradox! If the Report was made available to the committee in full maybe not need to ask for these materials. When I Vote in 18 months I hope this is still not unresolved, but fear it will be.

Well there’s a surprise. It appears they are obstructing the obstruction investigation. There was no obstruction. The Dems have a weak field of candidates and an agenda that has no chance of growing the economy. They failed miserably with the collusion hoax. The investigation has begun into Obama's politicized DOJ/FBI. The nitwit House Dems have 1 option harassment.

Better - WH defies lawful request for documents ! Its OVER!! the stench of filth, no transparency in crime ridden russian mobster. the darling of republican party HouseJudiciary Because Trump and his lackies know they are guilty. They are doing everything they can to stop the American people from seeing the documents.

'the most transparent president ever'.. Yes, if transparent meant vale of fog and pollution. Lock Him Up Witch-hunts aren't covered in the Constitution!

America fought great war but we are impotent against one German. Tap Dancing ... 😥🤔😫😲☹🙃🤐 How is this possible..? We know Trump is Obstructing Justice!...This Looser is screwing our Country Everyday!Why is this White Idiot Criminal still seated in the Oval Office! Out of all the True Republicans Left like Sen.Burr they face a daunting Task Being Castigated for Choosing Country over Party!

HouseJudiciary do something Innocent people are dying in this country at the hands of illegal immigrants because Nancy Pelosi & the socialist Democrats do not want to act to defend Americans. Get over it already...what a bunch of weirdos. more obstruction. Just stop the games and ImpeachTheBastard Trump has been OBSTRUCTING JUSTICE FOR PAST 2.5 yrs! ILLEGITIMATE POTUS...GTF outta our WH

Stop with the god damn “requests”! Subpoena the shit, then when they don’t comply start arresting mother fuckers! This pussyfooting by the dems has to stop. All talk no bite l. Beating. A. Dead. Horse. 🐎 Love this. The master at work. Like the wizard of oz—he says stop looking behind the curtain. Don’t look at the unexplained millions of $ in “Interest” received by the Trump with all those losses. Don’t look for money laundering. Why?

Un-frickin-believable..!!! Just tell them the documents were on Clinton's server If its ok for the president to not obey the laws of the land, then American people should disobey the ones that that they don’t want to. He shows us that it’s ok. The democrats in the congress are wimps. Grow some balls. Big ones.

Nothing was obstructed. Stop with the BS headlines

WH you may Think realDonaldTrump is the king of America but he is not. The only reason you are defying Congress is because your are trying to hide obstruction, laundering, collusion (ooh, I used the C word). Your base are dumb crackers but the rest of us will take you down. That’s just plain bullshit!👎🏻

Democrats have nothing on Trump. They look ridiculous. Impeach cockroach Don't request, demand, that is the only way this administration deals with things, get tough!! Doesn't Trump feel like he reinforces his stupidity every morning when he combs his hair from the back to the front? Perfect example of erosion of Democracy.

ICYMI: The main take away. There was no collusion

THE HOLE GETS DEEPER!!! THE FASCIST LEADER ABOVE THE LAW!!!😎 Buying time until they can get the war going? Right POTUS ? Yes the democrats want to keep beating the dead horse and wasting more taxpayer money!!!! Move along. So many important issue than this crap Next, abolish Congress! You said 'possible' obstruction? Like what hasn't he obstructed that he's laid hands on? Come on. He's broke and using American servants money (the Treasury) to 'sword' fight. He's bankrupting America. Look at him.

Good for him. All they are, is on a witch hunt. I call this obstruction You can't obstruct a hoax. That's not how any of this works. Dems set the stage. He’s not giving them shit after all the BS

Trump is making a mockery out of the oval office. This is a complete joke. Good for him.... move on.... IF all the dems have to do is this crap, why do we need them obstructing real business that the Government needs to address GOOD IT IS DONE 😎🇺🇸 so one more time there is obstruction Isn’t Rejection of House Judiciary Committee's request for documents in its investigation into possible Obstruction of Justice , is actual Obstruction of Justice ? 🤔

Obstructing the obstruction of the obstruction. A turducken of obstruction. Because he’s guilty as hell and everyone knows it Using Congressional power to do opposition research ought to be rejected. The Democrats are a kin to a belligerent ex-lover spray painting your car, harassing you at your workplace, etc. Worried that no one else will take them. It's a bizarre form of self mutilation.

Only a guilty man would resist like this Lmao what happened to draining the swamp

Obstruction of an investigation for obstruction? Administration of hypocrisy! Trump does whatever he wants and will continue to do so until he is held accountable. That doesn't appear to be happening any time soon. Must be awesome to be above the law👍 WMM_podcast Correction: White House OBSTRUCTS House Judiciary Committee's legal request for documents in its investigation into possible OBSTRUCTION by President Trump.

Let's consult the chart WTH? I’m not surprised. Time to go go... The dismantling of the respect for the branches of Gov’t. The courts are going to effect policies now. GOPCrimeSyndicate

Impeach him Counter obstruction with obstruction? Oh, so much for that 'most transparent administration in history' bs. Vote45out2020 We're denying all your requests for documents and subpoenas but no we arent obstructing anything 🤔 How is this acceptable? This is obstruction in plain sight. When is the GOP and Congress going to stand up to this moron and take back the government? He is NOT ABOVE THE LAW!!!!!!!

To the watchers of cnn ( communists news network ) you LOST, get over it. Hahaha Rejects rejecting Just arrest Trump already. Never experienced some things like this immunity evrywhere full green light 1personn over 400 millions peoples

Ah! Ah! derangedtrump is GUILTY! That doesn’t look good. Ha The only way to fight the lawless is to resolutely enforce the law. Nothing to hide...most transparent presidency White House rejects House Judiciary Committee's request for documents in its game of clue into possible obstruction by President orange man

Of course they did. I Thought All The Documents Were Post In TwitterMoments 😩.....breaking godblessthemotherland Hahaha you poor Democrat fools. You just cant catch a win these past few weeks... NO ONE SAW THIS COMING! Like when HillaryClinton smashed her iPhones w evidence on it? That kind of obstruction? or when she bleached her personal servers?

I have been completely vindicated by my corrupt Attorney General. Who else is surprised by this? •͡˘㇁•͡˘ If he is so innocent, what is he afraid of? Nancy Pelosi is doing a great job proving there is no difference between the Dems and the GOP controlling the house. Their techniques are different but in the end nothing will become law and Trump will not be held accountable.

Deja Vu? Is it obstruction, guilt or dementia? Or all three? Then it’s time for contempt citations! Enough! Obstruction of the obstruction investigation. It’s all smoke and mirrors trying to buy time. They know that by law they will have to turn over what’s been asked for. fatorange and thengang that couldn’t shoot straight

Case Closed. No collusion.

And Republicans bury their heads deeper into the sand.. Pound sand OVER REACH COMMITTEE🤣🤣😃😁😀😊😉 Did you have anything to do with the attack on the oil tankers to justify a war with iran, for polictical gain. At some point this has to be over with. Mueller had 2 years and 25 million to prove the allegations and failed to do so.

Trump might as well just spit on our Constitution & rules of law. Why can’t the Republicans in DC see anything wrong with this? The Democrats are weak AF these days! Grow a pair! whataretheyhiding For someone who has nothing to hide, he sure is hiding a lot. If you add up everything It is already too late. It is time to take a reality check our country is being overrun by a lawless right wing agenda, If trump wins in 2020 and we do not take back min of 4 Senate seats from the Gop The Democracy is game over!

Because he can do whatever he wants. Like he has been doing!

And Trumpers keep swallowing the “ nothing to hide” crap. Then why fight it? Just a matter of time. The President is into my love radar now so I am not worried about anything because he is a fully loving man. He can't harm anyone. They should! This has ALREADY been investigate. We have spent ENOUGH time and MONEY on this crap! IT IS OVER! MOVE ON!

Great news. Been going on for way too long. Move on already. Another outstanding example of transparency. 🙄 Well of course he will break the law regardless of our constitution. Every one on the White House is loyal to him that’s obstruction of justice. More obstruction Good Would you like some more obstruction in your obstruction

Nothing. To. Hide. Thus obstructing justice. Start the impeachment hearings already SpeakerPelosi Now what ? Impeachment time Always a good sign Isn’t that obstruction? LOCK THE WHITE HOUSE UP!! Like innocent people do!

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