George Floyd Protests Spread Nationwide: Live Updates

George Floyd Protests Spread Nationwide: Live Updates

White House on lockdown due to DC protests

The White House has been locked down as protesters arrive at Pennsylvania Avenue/Lafayette Park

5/30/2020 2:51:00 AM

The White House has been locked down as protesters arrive at Pennsylvania Avenue/Lafayette Park

Protests following the death of George Floyd, a black man who pleaded that he couldn't breathe while he was held down with a knee by a Minneapolis police officer, have spread nationwide. Follow here for the latest updates.

, have sparked outrage across the nation.In New York City, hundreds of people protesting peacefully wearing face masks could be seen gathering outside the Barclays Center in Brooklyn.In Kentucky, Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer asked for protesters to be peaceful in his city, following Taylor's death in March.

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"These protests certainly reflect the anger, the hurt, the frustration, and the exhaustion of so many in our community in our country, sick of seeing story after story of black lives ending at the hands of law enforcement," he said.“Protesting is a time honored American tradition and I honor, support, and will fight for the right to peacefully protest and demand change. Peaceful protests. Let's remember what Breonna's family said this morning about what Breonna would want at a time like this,” he added.

Fischer said Louisville would not tolerate violence and will protect the city and its residents from any attempts of violence or property damage.He also reminded protesters that the city remains in the middle of pandemic, urging people to be safe with their health and the health of others.

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Annoying Orange lowkey scared huh Think Mr Trump must make a large contribution and start a fund for this poor mans family. If it was my son I would be out there wanting recognition of my pain The world is far too interconnected and intertwined. It needs good leaders who have a sense of personal accountability who will help come up with solutions to complex problems by relying on compassion, science, and a sense of selflessness. Not corporate greed and corruption.

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White House on lockdown due to George Floyd protests outside gatesProtests over the death of George Floyd in Washington, D.C. on Friday caused Secret Service agents to place the White House under lockdown. TheHighNote Law and order must be maintained! Locking for Logo, Business Card, Flyer, Brochure, Brand Identity Designer? Contact :

Twitter flags Trump, White House for 'glorifying violence' in tweets about George Floyd protestsTwitter flagged a Pres. Trump tweet about ongoing unrest in Minneapolis following the death of George Floyd, saying it violated its rules about “glorifying violence.” 加油,喊加油,受压迫和歧视的美国民众们, 拿起你们手中的枪,射向那些畜生不如警察的胸膛。 But twitter doesn’t do anything about this from one of their check mark users... BanTrump

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White House says Trump will sign an executive order on social mediaPresident Trump will sign an executive order on social media on Thursday, the White House said. Trump campaign Hahahaha , okay Boomer 😂 Why the hullabaloo about social media? Every technology has been the vanguard of the information flow since the 1800’s... and regulated. Consider: The telegraph, radio, the telephone, and television. Each has been regulated. Social media must also be regulated. It’s their turn.

Trump’s draft executive order targeting social media companies sparks battle inside the White HouseWASHINGTON — The Trump White House has been embroiled in a vigorous internal debate over whether to issue an executive order aimed at punishing social media companies for perceived political bias, with opposition to the order coming from some of the most conservative parts of the administration. jonward11 realchriswilson hunterw Is anyone even disputing that Trump wants to be a dictator? Emphasis on the 'Dic' part jonward11 realchriswilson hunterw Didn't he at some point say he was the great unifier? jonward11 realchriswilson hunterw In a very angry mood! Can you see all these if he were to wear facemask?

White House won't explain retweeting policy for @POTUS and @realDonaldTrump - Business InsiderBusiness Insider is a fast-growing business site with deep financial, media, tech, and other industry verticals. Launched in 2007, the site is now the largest business news site on the web. That's easy, whom ever controls the potus account could be seen as supporting realDonaldTrump nonsense and hurt their political carrier after he is gone.